Product Overview
Revolutionizing access control with cutting-edge
iris identity authentication technology.
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9/19/14 10:09 AM
Product Overview
Revolutionary Iris Identification Stable from infancy and
throughout your life, your iris is second only to your DNA as your most
unique biometric identifier. EyeLock’s technology takes a video image of
your iris and maps its characteristics to a highly complex encrypted code,
after which our advanced technology matches your eye to the code to grant
access. Using video rather than static capture allows Nano HS to identify iris
characteristics quickly and accurately, even when you are in motion, at
a distance, or wearing glasses, contact lenses, or sunglasses.
Unparalleled Accuracy and Security Our video-based
image capture and code encryption are highly accurate—with a false
accept rate of only 1 in 1.5 million for a single eye. This accuracy, combined
with our innovative technology, makes Nano HS one of the most secure
access control solutions available. Since the system relies on personal
characteristics rather than external credentials, the potential for breach,
loss, or theft is significantly reduced when compared with other solutions.
EyeLock’s technology allows greater security than any other biometric
or standard access control solution without compromising efficiency or
Easy and Convenient Technology With EyeLock’s technology,
you don’t need a card, fob, or key for access—just look at the device as
you walk by. Our video-based authentication does not require people to
hold still or be at a certain angle for the system to work. Our technology
enables monitoring even in high traffic areas with no bottlenecks or backlog.
Managing the technology is simple, thanks to streamlined enrollment.
Moreover, with biometric technology you won’t need to track, upgrade, or
replace external credentials. EyeLock devices are network-compatible and
easy to install and integrate; putting superior technology in place has never
been simpler.
Product Suite
Nano HS
Nano HS adds dual authentication and
tamper-resistance to EyeLock technology.
For the highest volume applications,
HBOX easily manages crowd flow without
sacrificing accuracy.
• Power: PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) or 48 VDC
• Accurate identification of 20 people per
• Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ
• Capture distance of up to 12 inches
• Accurate identification of up to 50
people per minute
• Specialty OEM application
• Capture distance of up to 46 inches
• Dual authentication
• High speed access control
• Anti-tampering
• Anti-tailgating
Nano TS
SDK Software
Nano TS brings EyeLock technology to
turnstiles for even greater speed, accuracy,
and convenience.
Effectively coordinate EyeLock devices
and manage your iris template database
easily and securely.
• Power: PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) and 12 VDC
• Based on Microsoft .NET
• Accurate identification of 20 people per
• Captures iris images and creates
algorithmic templates for easy enrollment
• Capture distance of up to 12 inches
• Manages iris template database
• Integrated HID multi-technology reader
• Communicates with and between
multiple EyeLock devices
• Convenient for mid- to high-traffic
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Eyeswipe Nano HS
Eyeswipe Nano TS
9/19/14 10:09 AM
EyeLock iris identity authentication technology puts the future
of access control within your reach.
Visit us online at or call 855-EYE-LOCK (855-393-5625) to
learn more about EyeLock technology or how to become a certified dealer.
©2014 EyeLock, Inc.
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