record label portfolio 2015


record label portfolio 2015
Tambora Records is a recording studio and an independent record label from Bogotá, Colombia. It was created in
2011 with the goal to support musical projects of new
colombian music with the intention to help in their
development and consolidation of their work, to achieve
the internationalization of their music in different markets.
Since 2011 we have work with different musical groups that
rescue or reinterprets colombian music genres as
Tribu Baharú, Colectro, Banda Vocal Nvoz, Pura Sangre,
La Sabrosura Dura, Curupira, Martina Camargo, Afrotumbao, Paito and Radio Rebelde.
TRIBU BAHARÚ is an afro-champeta music crew from the Colombian
caribbean coast. Champeta music has been denigrated and damned,
boycotted and banned, but it can never be stopped: champeta, the ever
evolving, high-energy hybrid of Colombian, African and Afro-Caribbean
styles just keeps on coming. And leading a new charge are Tribu Baharú,
barrelling out of Bogotá, championing their version of champeta, inspired
by the legendary, street-shaking Picó sound-systems of Colombia's
Caribbean coast, but here played all-live-onstage with sparkling
Congolese guitar driven by high-speed bass and drums and the
all-animating upfront singers. Tribu Baharú is part of a wave of Nuevas
Músicas Colombianas based in the capital city that are reestablishing it as
a prime force and adding more ingredients to the recipe.
Nowadays Tribu Baharú transmits not only positive messages but also
wants to maintain alive the memory of their ancestors through singing
about their culture and implementing their street dialects and Palenquero
(Language Spoken in the First free Village of America, San Basilio de
Palenque, Colombia, Caribbean. Proclaimed Patrimony of the World by
Tribu Baharú Womex 2014:
Tribu Baharú EPK 2014:
COLECTRO is a musical and artistic collective; they are original creators of
a rhythm called “COLETERA”, “coleta´s” music with multiples influences
where Caribbean Colombian rhythms are fused together, among them are
“son de garabato”, “bullerengue”, “son de negro”, jalao and chalupa; mixing
world music among which stand up electronic and soukous, turning
Coletera into an explosive experience full of sound emotions that make
you lift your feet.
The live session presents 2 basses, electric guitar, keyboard, Caribbean
folklore percussion, drums and main voice. Colectro is Palenque, rock,
electronic, tambora and bullerengue. Colectro is sea, sand and flow.
On 2003 Colectro left from Barranquilla and came to Bogota, main city of
Colombia, searching for new sounds.
To conquer new festivals and stages they produced the first L.P, called
“Tambora Acida y Maquiavélica” that reinforce their musical proposal and
is a unique band between the new Colombian musical panoramas.
Colectro Live Shows and Videocplis Compilations:
La Sabrosura Dura is a project that starts in 2010 from the curiosity of the
band members to fuse different latin genres with influences such as rock,
funk and hip hop, amongst some others. Always maintaining a solid base
of salsa they have influences as diverse as Calle 13, La Fania Allstars,
Los Amigos Invisibles and even Jamiroquai. In every single one of their
compositions they leave an imprint of their modern and young style in a
conservative genre ensuring the enjoyment for young and old audiences
alike. No latin hips are required to be able to get lost in a frenzy of dancing
awakened by La Sabrosura Dura.
La Sabrosura Dura EPK 2015
Fiery Colombian rockers that blend heavy metal guitars, hip-hop rhythms
and latin percussion into a witty rap-infused hard rock sound, at times
playful, at times politically charged.
In 2011, busy working hard as a session and performing drummer Andrés
Meza (producer, composer, singer and band leader) travels to La Havana
to study percussion with one of the best musicians in Cuba: José Eladio
Amat Medina. After concluding his studies in Cuba, Andrés Meza returns
to Bogotá to finish his undergraduate career in musical production. With
the newly adquired knowledge in afro Latin rhythms he adquired in
La Havana he creates Pura Sangre as his dissertation project.
Years later Andrés decides to conceptualize this project into an intense
and fiery rap latin metal band, with some of the best musicians in the Latin
rock scene in Bogotá. Recording with them, in 2014, his first EP
“El Culebrero”.
After releasing “El Culebrero” in 2015 Pura Sangre has been playing
Bogota´s club circuit, where its well-known for its intensity and power
packed performance and also for their unique and ironic techniques of
selling and promoting the band.
Nvoz is a Colombian Vocal Band. The band includes vocal percussion and
combines it with imitations of melodic and harmonic instruments. Nvoz
recreates the richness of Colombian music, using only the 5 voices of its
Nvoz has matured its show for 12 years becoming an excellent live vocal
performance, allowing it to share the stage with internationally renowned
groups such as Swingle Singers from England, Vocal Sampling from Cuba,
Voz Veis from Venezuela and Totó la Momposina from Colombia.
Nvoz released its second album "ColombiaNvoz" in 2010. The album was
based in their successful tour in Canada and it includes one of the songs
with which they won the 42nd Joropo International Tournament in the
same year. Their first CD "Al natural" includes genres such as Cumbia,
Perillero, Champeta, Paseo Vallenato and reggae, among others.
Banda Vocal Nvoz EPK/ Video Clip: