XIII CCPG Presentation


XIII CCPG Presentation
December 1st- 4th, 2009
We have accomplished very satisfactory results in recent years, in our oil industry due to investor confidence, the proactive
involvement of industry and the guidance and support of Government Agencies that regulate the petroleum & gas activities.
Our main goal is to strengthen our business and furthermore, Colombia´s position in the international scenario. Therefore, we
cordially invite you to participate in the Colombia Petroleum Show to be held for the first time, in the country. This event is
being organized by the Colombian Association of Petroleum Engineers - ACIPET and CORFERIAS, with the National
Hydrocarbon Agency – ANH, as our main sponsor.
This fair will frame three events of great importance in the country's hydrocarbon sector as:
1. The Release of the Open-ANH-Round 2010, (block allocation for hydrocarbons’ exploration and production).
2. The XIII Colombian Congress of Petroleum and Gas, under the slogan 'Oil and Gas of Colombia: Facing the
world’s challenges.
3. Commercial and business show with an exhibition area of 4,100 m2.
1. To attract companies specialized in petroleum services and activities, displaying new technologies that would help to
increase the supply of goods and services currently available in the country.
2. To project Colombia’s image as a friendly country towards foreign investment, to position its outstanding performance
in the region and to enlighten the achievements of Colombia`s Petroleum & Gas Sector.
3. To show how the country adopts new technologies with the tripartite collaboration among Government, the Academy
and Industry in order to promote investment. This will be done through the XIII Colombian Congress of Petroleum and
Gas and the investor workshops developed by the ANH.
4. To place the event as one of the largest and most important in its field in Latin America, and to settle it as
point of reference for the industry.
We expect the participation of domestic and international investors interested in the Open-ANH- Round 2010 and
also interested in investing in our country. Likewise, we expect the contribution of State Agencies related to the
hydrocarbon sector, managers, institutions, national and international private companies involved in either branch of
the Petroleum Industry and the Energy Sector. Finally, national and foreign Associations, professionals and members
of Petroleum Engineering and Geology Programs.
ACIPET – Colombian Association of Petroleum Engineers
CORFERIAS – International Business and
Exhibitions Center
José Armando Zamora
General Director – Hydrocarbons’ National Agency – ANH
ACIPET Hernando Barrero Chaves, Jairo Ortiz García, Luz Helena Rodríguez C., Maria Paula Castro E.
CORFERIAS: Roberto Vergara, Marisol Suárez, Lilian Conde, Elizabeth Arias
Pedro J. Ruiz, Director; Guillermo Hoyos, Schlumberger; Alvaro Hernández, Winchester; Mauricio Gutiérrez,
Halliburton; Eduardo Lozano G., Ecopetrol S.A.; Carlos Arenas, Cyma Ltda.; Aarón Padrón, Halliburton; José María
Hydrocarbons’ National Agency - ANH
The schedule includes technical events and an attractive cultural agenda. As part of the technical events, it is important to mention that we
received 212 technical summaries in different subjects such as Exploration, Reservoir management, Drilling, Completions and Workovers,
Production and Hydrocarbon Transportation, Refining, and Business Environment; from which we chose 40 paper works to be displayed
during the Congress.
In addition, there will be several workshops carried out by the ANH – Hydrocarbons’ National Agency, forums and keynote speeches about
different issues of great impact not only for the Oil Industry, but for the Country.
One of the most relevant activities during the event will be the launching of the “Ronda Colombia 2010”, also presented by the ANH.
All the required information for registrations is situated in our web site www.acipet.com or you can request it to the following mail address:
[email protected]
Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia and is considered the main geographical, political, industrial, economic and
cultural center in the country.
It is located at a height of 2,630 meters over the sea level and has an area of 1,587 Km ², the largest city in
Colombia. 17% of the national population (about 7 million inhabitants) is concentrated in Bogotá.
The capital's average temperature is 14°C, but there may be unpredictable temperature changes during the day.
Bogotá is a city of contrasts. It combines
perfectly the history of our nation, by
preserving the colonial and republican
architecture of its churches, theaters,
museums and art galleries, with the
modernity of a city that is constantly looking
towards the future.
Despite of being a city in which important businesses and political meetings are celebrated, Bogotá is also one of the
major vacation destinations. From an estimated of 500 thousand foreigners entering the country, approximately 290
thousand, have chosen Bogotá as their main destination, captivated by the different leisure activities the city has to
Cultural Activities
Bogotá is the main artistic center of the country, where the most important cultural events take place. It is the perfect
platform for satisfying the preferences of residents and visitors, where they can find art exhibits, theater plays,
concerts of all musical trends, lyric, ballet, contemporary dance and popular outdoor events.
Main Theaters:
Teatro Colón.
Teatro Colsubsidio.
El Camarín del Carmen.
Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán
Auditorio León de Greiff, de la Universidad Nacional.
For academic or scientific interests you can find Bogotá’s Planetarium, the Interactive Center of Science and
Technology- Maloka, several libraries, Universities and specialized centers with the highest levels of quality.
More than 50 museums have permanent and temporary exhibitions. The most outstanding are: The Gold Museum,
National Museum, Archeological Museum, Colonial Arts Museum, Modern Arts Museum, the Botero’s Donation, the
Santa Clara’s Museum and the Quinta de Bolívar. In addition you can find in Bogotá 62 art galleries, several flea
markets, about 45 theaters, music and dance activities in different scenarios.
Bogotá also counts with 161 cultural goods, about 75 sport parks, 40 cinemas, 28 churches of interest, 132 national
monuments, 25 universities and 123 hotels.
There’s also a Center for Industrial and Commercial Development (Corferias), which have conducted some of the
most important national events such as:
International Book Fair
Agroexpo- Agricultural Fair
Beauty Fair
Expoartesanías – Colombian handicrafts’ Fair
Feria del Hogar – Home elements Fair
Expodiseño – Design Fair
Theme Parks
Jaime Duque
Salitre Mágico
Mundo Aventura
Jardín Botánico
Shopping Tourism
Bogotá has exclusive shopping centers where you can find all kinds of items like clothing, shoes, jewelry stores,
bookstores, restaurants, cafes, etc. The major shopping centers are:
El Retiro
Salitre Plaza
Gran Estación
Other Activities
Trips to Bogotá’s surroundings
Zipaquirá’s Salt Cathedral
Tour in Colombian typical buses called “Chivas”
Drive to the “Plaza de Bolívar” by carriage.
Night Life in Bogotá
Bogotá is internationally recognized by the magic of it nights. Although the cold temperature, it’s a cheerful city full of
life or quiet and romantic, depending on the chosen location. You can find nighttime activities throughout the city, but
the major restaurant and bar gathering is to be found in the historic neighborhood of La Candelaria, northern and
western areas and its surroundings.
Gastronomy: You can find several restaurants in Bogotá, depending on your taste. The city offers a great variety of
French, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese, Spanish, and of course, typical Colombian
The most important restaurants are located in the following areas:
La zona T
Zona rosa
Parque de la 93
Monserrate Sanctuary
Monserrate is one of the most famous catholic temples in Bogotá. Despite its high altitude of 3,152 meters over
the sea level (552 meters higher than Bogotá), Monserrate offers a great service of cable railway and funicular
that will transport you to the top of the hill in a short time. You can also find two exclusive restaurants which offer
the visitors, a memorable view of Bogotá.
“Seated in the peak of the hill, a beautiful Sanctuary presides and gazes
over the capital city and the green savannah.
And at the end of the temple, in a crystal case, the beautiful and
venerable image of the "Saint Christ Fallen by the whips and nailed into
the Cross", presides silently the gigantic and uninterrupted pilgrimage of its