Progress Comunication


Progress Comunication
Progress Report – Corferias
Progress Report – Corferias
Bogotá´s Business and Exhibition Center - CORFERIAS, - is a private company that
promotes industrial, social, cultural and commercial development in the Andean
region, Central America and the Caribbean. The main shareholder is the Bogotá
Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interests of the business sector and
society in general.
With more than 60 years of experience, CORFERIAS aims to form closer ties
cooperation between Colombia and the world community through the organization
of fairs, exhibitions, events and actions, through which it encourages the making
of worthwhile contacts between visitors and exhibitors, in a fairground which
is organized to meet international standards. It also promotes and organizes
Colombia’s participation in fairs and exhibitions outside Colombia and takes part as
a partner of businesses engaged in the same field, to promote Colombia´s industry
and trade.
• The CORFERIAS CEO is the first Latin
American to hold office as CEO of the
Global Association of the Exhibition
Industry – UFI.
• We are a founding member of the Latin
American Fairs Association – AFIDA.
• CORFERIAS is part of the Association Of
independent fair organizers.
On September 11, 2015 CORFERIAS
received the “IR Prize” from the Colombian
Securities Exchange BVC. This distinction
is awarded to businesses listed on the BVC
in the securities market, considered to be
outstanding for the commitment to good
practices in the matter of disclosure of
information and relations with investors.
The CORFERIAS modernization plan
places a strong emphasis on three essential
elements in business activity: physical
premises, the technological platform, and
continuous improvement processes.
The redesign and modernization of
current events, supported by the
outstanding record of international
buyers, with the sponsor of the Bogotá
Chamber of Commerce. This focus aims to
guarantee expectations business through
the Business Rounds. CORFERIAS is also
committed to structuring a business plan
to hold international congresses and
The objective of internationalization of
the activities entails the formulation of
strategies through alliances with public
and private agencies, multinational
organizations, international operators,
distribution networks abroad, and firm
support in campaigns for communication
and dissemination.
Professional Fair Operation
As a professional fair operator in
Colombia, and in the country´s interest in
the Latin American Pacific Rim, we design,
advise and execute innovative concepts.
We start from a deep knowledge of the
market, and a discipline of close relations
with clients, enabling us to satisfy needs
in (i) business contacts and interaction, (i)
access to knowledge and innovation, and
(iiI) marketing and communication.
Management of space and
We promote, develop and administer
our own space and infrastructure, and
concessions or delegations to arrange
fairs, events in Colombia and countries of
interest in the Latin American Pacific Rim,
seeking to consolidate functional platforms
and attractive, effective and sustainable
destinations, as world-class generators of
contacts, promoters of trade, and developers
of corporate and business tourism.
solution with excellence to hold any type of
event; and we guarantee that these will be
a unique and innovative experience, in the
context of continuous improvement.
The values of our organizational
culture are:
masters of our own actions, and to act with
rectitude, good faith and propriety, with
unblemished honesty and consistency in
all that we do and say.
Responsibility: This is an awareness
of the direct or indirect cause of our
actions, and in effect, our responsibility
for our conduct and the impact which it
may have on ourselves, Corferias and our
Arrangement of events and services
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of
services for holding fairs, events and
conventions, from initial conception
through to full execution.
We propose and execute novel ideas to meet
the client’s needs. The basic service platform
and added services make for a leading-edge
Integrity and ethics: This is the ability to
Excellence: This means that our work is
performed applying outstanding practices
and the highest quality, seeking to achieve
corporate objectives, and doing what we do
with pride. It means going one step further,
with commitment, holy dedicated to our
work, and with a clear vision of our actions.
Management of results:
• We guarantee the satisfaction of our
shareholders in terms of governance,
profitability, social protection and liquidity
of investment.
the rendering of services, and the
appropriate use of synergy.
• Consolidation of the public-private
alliance network, and deepening of
synergies with the Bogotá Chamber of
Commerce to strengthen the promise
of contacts, content and knowledge,
and the development of high-impact
projects in competitiveness.
Relations with clients:
• Satisfaction of client needs of a range
of business units
• We aim to be the best option in the
operation of fairs and events, spaces
and infrastructure, and value-added
Operating management:
• Consolidation
as a professional
and international fair
• Conception,
management of our own or delegated
infrastructure, securing platforms
for contacts, the promotion of
trade and investment and corporate
• Establishment and offer of a portfolio
of solutions and value-added services
for the successful holding of events
and conventions
Learning and knowledge:
• Consolidation of a results-based
innovative human team, global vision,
committed to service, responsibility for
its surroundings and stakeholders.
• Structuring of a platform which
provides comprehensive support to
knowledge management, development
of contacts, management of spaces,
Message from the Corferias CEO
CORFERIAS continues with its aims to support furtherance of the United Nations
10 principles for the Global Compact, an initiative to which we have adhered since
2007. This report records efforts and initiatives which have been set into motion
in the year since June 2015. These are practices that confirm our observance of
human rights, labour rights, the environment, and the fight against corruption.
CORFERIAS gives decisive support to processes of transparency and accountability,
and therefore we report the progress we have made to our stakeholders, and place
information at their disposal to ratify our commitment to continued economic,
social and environmental growth, at the same time as securing welfare for
community in our area of influence.
Andrés López Valderrama
CORFERIAS 2015 - 2016
Human Rights
Principle 1
The business must support and respect all fundamental universallyrecognized rights in its area of influence.
Principle 2
The business must ensure that it is not an accomplice of
impairments of human rights.
Our commitment
Corferias reiterates its commitment to respect for human rights in all its actions, and in
particular, to relations with our stakeholders. Therefore, we continue to work hard on
tour statement of policies and actions that support this purpose.
Our actions
During 2015, the Human Resources Area continue to projects for the welfare and
improvement of quality of life of our employees and their families.
Vehicle purchase, education and domestic calamity loans continue to form part of
corporate credit available. Financing for education loans covered up to 100% of the
semester fees for undergraduate study, and 50% for postgraduate study, interest free.
Loans for domestic calamity covered unforeseen needs affecting the family budget,
and therefore, facilitated solutions in matters such as the execution of rehabilitation
programs, recovery of stolen goods, acquisition of medicines not covered by the State
health schemes, and other activities which have a high impact on CORFERIAS.
In relation to the demand for vehicle purchase, there was a policy review to ensure that
more employees could have access to this benefit, regardless of their positions; and
further, the loan limit was increased for both vehicles and motorcycles.
Changes were made to the induction manual for new employees, and new issues were
introduced to promote good treatment and respect between employees. There was
also dissemination of the Code of Ethics and Good Government, the existence of the
Coexistence Committee, and the Health and Safety at Work Peer Committee.
Throughout 2015, there were sessions of formation for employees to develop skills
and competences addressing creativity and innovation, document management, risk
management, and other areas. This facilitated the administration and maintenance of
the quality management system, and amongst other things, led to our re--certification
under ISO 9001/2008, and Bureau Veritas standards.
During 2015, the programme for formation in English continued, addressed to those
whose responsibilities require a high degree of interaction with a second language.
Results and added value
During 2015, there were no reports, complaints or claims related to impairments of
human rights.
28 employees took education loans
12 employees were beneficiaries of the domestic calamity facility
1 employee took an immersion course in English abroad
40 quality leaders graduated, having contributed to the maintenance of the
corporate management system, and assisted the process of re-certification achieved
in September 2015
Employment standards
Principle 3
The company must support freedom of association and effective
recognition of the wrecked connective initiations.
Principle 4
The company must support the elimination of all forms of forcible
work, all work performed under coercion.
Principle 5
The company must support the abolition of child labour
Principle 6
The company must support the abolition of discriminatory practices
in employment and occupation.
Our commitment
CORFERIAS respects and fully complies with Colombian labour law, and
recognises the employment rights of its employees. This is a commitment
contained in our Code of Ethics and Good Government, in the internal working
regulations, and in the declaration of welfare policy.
Our actions
As a ratification of our position in compliance with principles of employment standards,
contracts signed with employees as of 2016 now contain a clause about respect for
human rights. This responsibility is thus extended to suppliers, exhibitors and fair
organizers in relation to the ban on forcible work or work performed under coercion,
the abolition of child labour, discrimination of any kind, through association, and a safe
working environment.
Puerta de Oro - Barranquilla
CORFERIAS has an interest in the Puerta de Oro Convention Center under
construction in 2015: We have formed contacts with a range of public and private
organizations there, giving us access to profiles for local positioning. Given the special
nature of fair activities, specific agendas had to be designed for induction and training
for new employees Puerta de Oro. These were arranged in CORFERIAS-Bogotá as
a way of providing knowledge of best practices and processes and ensure that the
business model will be a successful development.
During the same period, restroom facilities were built into the Parking Tower and the
Food Hall. There were facilities for the disabled, thus ratifying CORFERIAS´ decision
to become an inclusive business. At the same time, preferential attention procedure
were set up to provide dignified and inclusive treatment to all visitors; including the
loan of wheelchairs for the handicapped and other special cases.
The Intranet and the noticeboard system were updated, to keep closer and more
permanent relations with employees. These channels of communication were used to
publish news, not only in relation to fair activities but also on issues such as environment,
better service quality, matters relating to our social responsibility, in general, matters of
interest to employees with regards to our benefits, agreements, and welfare programs.
The CORFERIAS Fairs Division, and the Corporate Relations Office, provided support
to the worthy work of non-profit foundations and organizations working for the
elderly, children’s rights, the handicapped, for military and police personnel wounded
in combat and their families, patients with cancer and other diseases. Using the figure
of solidarity cessions, we again placed an emphasis on free participation in a number
of fairs, such Fundación Vitanova, Fundación Cardio Infantil, Fundación Portal Mágico,
Fundación Finacol, Fundación Plan, Fundación Simmon, Fundación Hematológica
Colombias, Coporación Matamoros, Fundacion Amese and others.
There was also support in some parts of the fairground for State agencies, to hold
the “Forum on the Right to Health”, “Workshop on Condominiums”, “Forum for
Employment Inclusion”, “Forum for Peace”, and others. Arrangements were made
for the participation of the family welfare agency ICBF, the unit for comprehensive
reparations for victims - (accountable to the Office of the President of the Republic),
and the Bogotá Ombudsman, at the Book Fair and the Household Fair.
CORFERIAS continued its connections with the Fundación Dividendo por Colombia,
an agency that works to generate opportunities for education and learning for boys
and girls who have for one reason or another left the school system. In 2015, we made
a contribution of COP 12,732, 000, contributed 50-50% between employees and the
CORFERIAS donated COP 44,724,000 to Fundación Social por Bogotá, for
administrative expenses of the school diners in Caracolí and Quibá- in the Ciudad
Bolivar district of Bogota.
Principle 7
The company must maintain a preventive focus to favour the.
Principle 8
The company must encourage initiatives that promote greater
environmental responsibility.
Principle 9
The company must favour the development and dissemination of
technologies that respect the environment.
Our commitment
Aware of the importance of contributing to the preservation of the environment, in
2015 we introduced measures to improve our environmental management, mitigate
the effects of fair and event activities.
Our actions
In 2015, CORFERIAS made a diagnosis to discover its situation in matters of health and
environment, and subsequently, drew up a basic health plan. This defined new controls
to be implemented in our general operations, in matters cleaning and disinfection, waste
management, provision and storage of water, and pest control. Similar consideration
has been govern to the management of hazardous and special waste, discharges and
atmospheric emissions.
Also, in the search for alternative means of transport, and improving quality of life of
employees, companies received an invitation from the Mayor of Bogota and his Environment
Secretary, take part in the project: “I’m on the move for a Sustainable Bogotá”. The project
seeks to recognize and promote strategies that can be implemented for sustainable
mobility, such as the use of bicycles, vehicles and shared routes; strengthening of the public
transport system (Transmilenio, SITP), and other means alternative transport to facilitate
mobility in Bogota. CORFERIAS joined in this program which covers the entire city, along
with 43 other companies.
In June, CORFERIAS won the distinction as a private business as “Leader in the search
for alternative sustainable mobility and movement of employees”, in the stage “Race
to Explore”, a result which ratified the various commitments to contribute to a positive
change in mobility in Bogotá and the quality of life of employees.
With the support of the Communications and Advertising Area, the campaign “I wear
the shirt too”, was launched to promote awareness of the efficient use of energy among
employees. The campaign lasted for six continuous months, during which time messages
of awareness, and good practices were sent, for implementation in the office and at
home; and 304 stickers were placed on office PCs and light-switches.
There were also three activities addressed to the neighboring community, aiming
at dissemination and promotion of issues focused on care for the environment
and risk management. In May, and with the support of the Colombian Red CrossCundinamarca and Bogotá Regional Unit -there was a training session “The new focus
on risk management, home planning for emergencies and drill planning”. In December,
there was an event “Protecting Life”, with the participation of the Deputy Mayor for
Teusaquillo, the Bogotá Water utility, Civil Defence, the power supplier CODENSA
and Aguas de Bogota, the Fire Brigade, and other metropolitan and local organizations,
to provide pleasant and practical instruction for community on risk management and
climate change. Greenpeace led an awareness talk in September, related to saving the
planet. Some 300 neighbors attended these three events.
The solid waste generated in the fairground has been the object of a three-stage
process of collection. Internal collection in each pavilion, and external collection, and
finally, transfer of all of this to the collection centre, where Fundación Codesarrollo a
non-profit organization, takes responsibility for the process of selection and recovery
of recyclable material.
In 2015, we recovered the following:
12,279 kg of file material
1,468 kg of newspaper
614 kg of plastic
8,369 kg of PET
45,556 kg of cardboard
14,654 and 54 kg of tin
9,177 kg of glass
3,105 kg scrap
52 kg of cable
This meant that 82,084 kg of material were saved from disposal at the Bogotá central
refuse facility.
Along with this, 518 ink and toner cartridges were delivered to Fundación Niños de
los Andes as support for the development of its activities and, as a additional benefit,
conserving the environment.
Fighting Corruption
The company must work against corruption in all its forms, including
Principle 10 extortion and bribery.
Our commitment
Bribery policy: This policy means that we refrain from and report any kind of practice
which is designed to promote bribes, illegitimate benefits or irregular or illegal conduct
both within CORFERIAS and in its dealings with third parties, in particular in its business
relations with the State.
In CORFERIAS, Corporate Government is the set of values, principles, policies, rules,
media, practices and processes by which the company is directed, operated and controlled,
seeking business efficiency, transparency and consistency in action, the respect of those
who invest in it, and observance of commitments to the whole range of its stakeholders.
The objective of the Code is to compile and structure practices of good government in the
company and which help to generate competitiveness, transparency and trust.
Our Actions
The CORFERIAS Code of Ethics and Good Government: is available to the public on our
webpage, and can be seen at:
To reiterate our commitment in this area, we complete our Country Code survey for the
Financial Superintendency every year, describing practices in corporate government
and the adoption of the recommendations of the Code of Best Corporate Practices.
Further, our Manual for Comprehensive Money Laundering Prevention (SIPLA) is a
tool which enables us to adopt and introduce methods and procedures to prevent and
control asset laundering and the financing of terrorism. Training is given every year to all
employees in this area, and they are reminded of the importance and urgency of checking
on those with whom we sign contracts, to ensure that they do not appear on any of the
“Restrictive Lists”. This is also included in the induction manual for new employees.
Internal regulations state that any involvement with corrupt actions is considered to
be a cause of dismissal, and procedures have been established to discover and suspect
situations that arise.
The Human Resources Management Area runs a check on the Restrictive Lists as part
of the selection process: this aims to ensure that candidates have no connections or
record of suspect of unusual activities, or history of operations in asset laundering or
the financing of terrorism.