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Ficha Tecnica - Intranet World Tours
Since its beginnings in 1992, Voyage Colombia has
been fully committed in offering the best tourism
services,with tailor-made excursions for each
individual who travels to Colombia,seeking a truly
unique experience.
Colombia’s magic can be experienced through a
range of distinctive features, of which its astonishing
natural sceneries, mind-blowing adventures extending
from the top of the Cocuy glacier in the Andes
Mountains, to the charming seven colored waters in the
Caribbean island San Andres, blend in perfectly with
the warm Latin culture,creating an unforgettable
journey designed just for you.
We invite you to explore and dive into each journey this
diverse catalogue has to offer, as you will surely find the
perfect adventure you have always dreamed of!
Bogotá Experience
As the capital of Colombia, Bogotá is the first destination
that welcomes all visitors, with its diverse and
multicultural charm. This metropolis is one of the highest
capital cities in South America with approximately 2,650
meters above sea level.
Optional Activities
Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá
Zipaquirá is the former center of salt
production of the Muisca Indians. Here you
will find one of Latin America's wonders: a
gigantic cathedral built inside a salt mine the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira.
It consists entirely of salt and belongs to the
largest religious buildings in the world. It
was opened in honor of the patron saint of
the miners. You will find a beautiful artistic
collection of salt and marble sculptures in a
calm religious environment.
Duration : 6 Horas
The Gold Museum
This World famous museum is a must see
while visiting Bogota. The museum displays
a selection of Pre Hispanic gold work and is
the biggest collection in the world. Together
with other pottery, shell, wood and
archaeological objects, it is a spectacular
exhibition that show the visitors the life
inhabited in Colombia before having
contact with the conquerors. Visit one of the
most beautiful museums of Colombia and
discover all the richness of the ancient
indigenous communities.
You will be amazed by this experience!
Duration : 1 ½ Hour
Coffee Baptism
After your visit to the gold Museum you will
wake up your senses with this coffee tasting
where you will become a “Coffee
Committed to educate the consumer and
convinced to be able to turn them into
apostles of gourmet coffee, San Alberto has
designed the Coffee Extravaganza. A coffee
immersion into Colombia's most awarded
single estate coffee. A delight for your
palate that will present a new array of
surprising new flavors.
Duration : 25 min
Usaquén-San Pelayo Market
Usaquen, was a small town that subsequently
engulfed by the growing city of Bogota, San
Pelayo is a flea up-scale market, where many
high quality handicrafts can be found for a
reasonable price. You can also find a great
variety of food options and prestigious
restaurants in the area.
ADDRESS: Carrera 7 119b-33
Duration 6 Hours
Usaquén still retains the air of the quiet town it
was before being absorbed as a suburb of
Bogotá in 1954. On the eastern side of the main
square stands the church of Santa Barbara
Usaquén, which dates back to the midseventeenth century. Walk through the narrow
streets around it, buy crafts, and visit local bars
and elegant restaurants serving traditional local
or international food.
Shopping Tour /Hacienda Santa Bárbara-Andino-El retiro
If you love fashion and are familiar with the
latest trends, then Bogotá is a destination
that offers the best options, with shops of
renowned local and international designers.
Voyage Colombia will bring you to the best
shopping malls with a variety of brands and
unique boutique stores. Your bilingual guide
will take you to the most famous shopping
malls, such as Andino, El Retiro and Atlantis.
You will also visit the beautiful Santa Bárbara
where you will be amazed by the unique
La Candelaria
Many buildings in the La Candelaria
neighborhood, were built in colonial and
Republican-era styles and have been
declared properties of historical and
cultural interest. There are around 500
artistic institutions, groups, museums,
research centers, theaters, libraries, and
universities in this area
Walk through
Duration : 3 Hours
Botero Museum
The Botero Museum is located in La
historical and cultural downtown of Bogota.
It hosts a large collection of works donated
to Colombia by the artist Fernando Botero.
This was done with the aspiration to support
art and culture in Colombia where he was
Duration : 2 Hours
Shopping Tour /Heritage
In the north of the capital, the place where fashion seems to breathe
on every corner, you will find a beautiful craft shop where
contemporary design and cultural heritage is combined through
handicrafts. You can find beautiful bags made by our artisans from the
Wayuu community, with a technique similar to crochet weave their
backpacks are unique in colors and designs.
This exquisite store works hand in hand with 4 artisan Colombian
communities: Wayuu community, Camsa community, Embera and
Wounaan community. Each has unique craft skills; the Wayuu
backpacks are beautifully made with amazing colors, the Wounaan
uses ancestral techniques to manufacture the Werregues vessels or
accesories that are made in cane, and Camsa and the Embera
community work from beads to make colorful bracelets and other
accessories for home.
It will be an unforgettable experience where not only you can
buy or appreciate these beautiful handmade pieces, but learn
first-hand a little more of these indigenous cultures and along
with it will be a lasting memory for the country of magical
Duration : 3- 6 Hours
Max 20 Participants /per session
Coffee Tour
Voyage will take you to the most outstanding
cafes of the capital, experts baristas at each
site will teach you the secrets of this ancient
beverage, a delicate tasting in a comfortable
living room with the aroma of a freshly
brewed cup of coffee will overwhelm your
senses, and will take you to coffee crops
Alternative places
• Café Cultor - Bio
• Café azahar . gourmet
• BOURBON./ Varietale
• Café la Abadia
Duration: 3 hours
The cost is assumed by each person
The Orchist World
• You will have a nice experience with nature. In
this park you will find more than 6 000 orchids
with 1 300 meters of path. You will also have
the chance to know basic facts about these
flowers called “queens of the air”:
background, how they grow, their relations
with birds and insects, what types exist, their
different names.
• You will besides discover an extended
collection of heliconias, bromelias and
ornamental plants.
• This visit will be an unforgettable experience
and an opportunity to get excited about
Duration : 6 Hours
Lunch /Plaza de Andres /Santa Bárbara
A fantastic colorful place to visit, where you will taste the typical Colombian cuisine. It is known for its traditional
Colombian decoration that takes you back to the small villages of the old times. Lots of different stands offering
different kinds of food under the same roof, creating an market atmosphere, that offers an unique dinner experience.
Lunch at Portico´s restaurant
In 1968, an old“ portico “ was used as
inspiration to found near Bogotá a village of
Iberian ancestors and create this iconic place. In
this rural environment, you will have an unique
experience, all in the outerskirts of the Capital of
With more than 36 years of experience, El Portico
is a well known restaurant and famous for its
traditional recipes of the savannah region.
The speciality " The Meat to La fragua " or Roasted
beef with a traditional cooking methods,
accompanied with potatoes or yucca
Lunch /Restaurante Club Colombia
• A grand and gorgeous former home in the Cabrera district houses one of the very
first establishments to offer cuisine from all Colombian regions. The décor is
contemporary and stylish and their heated terrace is also a great option for colder
days. This is an excellent restaurant for those seeking traditional dishes. Their
weekend brunch is famous for their varied and generous offer of tropical fruit juices,
arepas, tamales and empanadas.
Option 1. The Orchids Hotel
Location: Calle de los Amigos Carrera 5 No. 10 – 55
Option 2. Sofitel Bogotá Victoria Regia
Location: Carrera 13 # 85-80
Option 3 -Hotel Viaggio
Location: Carrera 9 # 113-07
Enjoy unique spaces and design , in the northern business center
of Bogotá: our new VIAGGIO Teleport. Boutique elegance in 1
and 2 bedroom apartments, Grand Loft apartments, gym,
restaurant. Discover the wonders of a decoration inspired in
Colombia's nature.
Villa de Leyva
• Discover the “Santo Ecce Homo Monastery”, a
ancient center of evangelization, the museum “El
Fosil” with its fascinating collection of pieces or “El
Infiernito”, an astronomical observatory in the middle
of a desert. All three are fascinating sites!
• You also visit the picturesque village “Villa de
Leyva”. It gives the impression of another world,
which is full of stories. You encounter big windows,
Moorish balconies and white facades. Get enchanted
by the magic of this special and unique town.
Option 1. Villa Posada San Antonio
Location: Carrera 8 No 11-80
Option 2. Hotel La Española
Location: Calle 12 # 11-06
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