- BC Stars


- BC Stars
July/August 2012
President’s Message:
On September 9th 2012 we are looking for our membership to come out to Waterfront Park in North Vancouver and
participate in our joint show ‘n shine with the Vancouver Mercedes-Benz dealer network. Mercedes-Benz has been
spending a considerable amount of time with us in the planning of this event. The director team has been very thankful
and grateful of Nestor Balce’s involvement and it would be wonderful to have a great showing of members who know so
much about the brand to come out and share in the enthusiasm.
What will you see and do? The dealers will be bringing out a selection of new cars for us to check out, plus some preowned cars if you might be interested in an addition or an upgrade. Also on hand will be some accessory items sold by
the parts guys. We will also be having a “fun” show’n shine, so no you don’t need to polish your paintwork to get the
mirror finish (you can if you like, but that’s a lot of work!), provided you participate and bring your car or cars up onto
the green.
There will be some great prizes, but I’m not going to tell you what they are, so you will need to come and see for
yourself. Details on where and when are included in this newsletter.
I haven’t heard yet about the RX Autoworks tour, so if you are thinking you missed it you haven’t. Since Pebble Beach is
now over I suspect either late September or October time frame for the tour.
There may also be a tour in the fall of the power cell cars Mercedes-Benz and Ballard are working on, more details to
follow and space might be limited.
Launch of the new B-Class and hopefully the A-Class will be coming in the fall, and with some luck we might be able to
get a sneak peak at these vehicles.
See you on September 9th!
MBCA BC Section Facebook Page
by Sean Clark
Sean continues to refine our Facebook page.
Click here: Mbcavancouver Facebook
Listing of Mercedes-Benz and Other Car Events in the Pacific Northwest
Sept 8, 2012
Langley Cruise In, downtown Langley, BC
This is usually the largest collector car event each year in BC
Sept 9, 2012
Mercedes-Benz in the Park, Waterfront Park, North Vancouver, BC
This is the main event of our Section, contact Louis Fourie e-mail [email protected]
Sept 26, 2012
“Mercedes-Fest” with MercedesSource, Bellingham, WA.
Contact Kent Bergsma email [email protected]
Sep 31-Oct 3, 2012
StarFest 2012, Phoenix, Arizona. See The Star for further details.
2012 Pebble Beach Best of Show before awards, 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S with Jay Leno inspecting
by Louis F. Fourie
It turns out that our section came in third out of all other MBCA sections in its ability to retain members. We were not
aware of this contest until Charles Godwin was informed of our success. The rewards included a trip to attend the
Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The consensus was that yours truly has been a contributor to this success so the
prize was allocated to me. At first Charles was due to join me but family needs prevented this from happening. Greg
Bedard with close to 25 years of membership was selected to replace Charles.
It truly was a most enjoyable weekend and I sincerely thank all you members who have continued to renew your
membership, thereby allowing our section to benefit from this contest organized by MBCA. My wife is still convinced
that I scheduled our first vacation together so as to coincide with the Pebble Beach Concours thirty five years ago. It
certainly has expanded in the interim. Monterey now has countless activities devoted to cars: auctions, shows, historic
races and all sorts of cars on the road.
As they say the cars were the stars but there was a 102-yearold lady who was Queen for the weekend. Margaret
Dunning from Plymouth Michigan brought her 1930 Packard Custom Eight Roadster and drove it right up to the
reviewing stand with Jay Leno there to congratulate her. For you young bucks, the Packard lacked power steering or
brakes and the non- synchronized gears required double-de-clutching. This spritely lady handled it all perfectly, even
threading this massive car though the crowd afterwards. Below are some e-links with more information about this
gallant lady.
Legends of the Autobahn attendees in Monterey: Greg Bedard, Elizabeth and friend, Janet and Alex Roethe
Top honours at Pebble Beach went to a 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S with a Saoutchik Torpedo body. There were two of
these models. David Cohen from West Vancouver was in the final run up for this prize with his striking 1933 Alfa Romeo
6C 1750 Gran Sport Figoni Coupe, just back from winning the European Villa d’Este Concours, after a restoration by RX
Autoworks. A few photos from the Concours and other events are scattered around this newsletter.
Greg Bedard either worshiping or examining.
1960 220S Cabriolet – is the steering wheel right?
Both cars at the Legends of the Autobahn in Monterey.
Here are the links to 102-yearold Margaret Dunning and her 1930 Packard.
For Sale 6.3 300SEL
Hector J Herbert has a large quantity of various parts, pieces, front grilles, bumpers, a few front fenders, trim pieces, etc
for 300SEL, 250SEL, and other models of this era (1966 to 1972).
He also has a Silver 300SEL6.3 and a White 300SEL6.3 for sale. Both need some TL&C as they have not been used for 10
years. Both would be very good and would need minor work by a knowledgeable collector. Both are very good body
wise and need air suspension work and misc. motor maintenance to be very good. The engine of the silver SEL has 25
kms. on the totally reconditioned engine. (by CARNARVON MOTORS) This alone would be worth a lot.
He no longer has the time nor the will to perform this work and does not want these two "world best sedans" of this era
to deteriorate. The interiors are in excellent condition and exterior paint is very good and would need little work to be
prime. Leather is in very good condition as are the wood trims.
Please contact Hector if interested in both or one of them.
His phone is 604-9438998 in Tsawwassen at 5431 - 8A Ave, V4M1V2
A Mercedes-Benz Concept above and an early 1953 Gullwing below, both at Pebble Beach

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