Fire Fighting PDF


Fire Fighting PDF
Mercedes-Benz Econic
The low-entry vehicle for fire-fighting
Prepared for any emergency:
The Econic at work with the fire service
Saving lives, putting out fires, providing rescue and protection services: with the
Mercedes-Benz Econic you are prepared for any difficult situation.
hether it’s a hydraulic platform or turntable ladder, a water tender or emergency
assistance tender that you need – the Econic is the convincing solution, thanks
to its low overall height of just three metres, including add-on equipment, and to
its safe, spacious and crash-tested crew cabs, powerful engines and excellent
­manoeuvrability. In an emergency that means one thing above all: the Econic will
take you to where your help is needed – quickly, reliably and safely.
When every second counts:
The Econic low-floor concept
Anyone who dials the emergency services expects to receive help. Now. The Mercedes-Benz Econic will
get you there fast. Every aspect of the Econic is designed to meet the needs of a fire service in action.
Fast, reliable, safe: rapid acceleration is ensured by the
Econic’s high-torque 6-cylinder engine, from series production, which delivers up to 240 kW (326 hp). This is coupled
with a standard, job-matched automatic gearbox to ensure
optimum transmission of power combined with a safe and
stress-free ride, even when the ­pressure is on. The full
pneumatic suspension that comes as standard, disc brakes
all round and precision power steering ­f urther enhance
driving safety to ensure that the ­economic handles safely,
even at speed on the way to deal with an emergency.
Extremely low: at just three metres or so in overall height,
the low-roof Econic offers the ideal configuration for
­reaching the scene of an incident quickly, even through
low underpasses or tunnels.
Clean performance: The demands on the engine powering a special truck like the Econic are severe – from
constant use in stop-and-go situations or the frequent
use of a power take-off, for example. Ever more stringent
­stipulations on environmental issues, rising fuel prices
and low-emission restricted access zones have created
a need for eco-friendly engines such as those found in the
Econic, with their low consumption, low noise levels and
low ­emissions.
Your advantages at a glance:
Low-entry cab in two roof heights (high/low)
Low overall height up to three metres
Economical EEV engines
Automatic transmission for stress-free ride
Full pneumatic suspension as standard
There is a choice of three 6-cylinder diesel engines, from
175 to 240 kW (from 238 to 326 hp). All meet the EEV emissions
standard and are based on innovative BlueTec® diesel
­technology. As an alternative, the Econic is also available
with an ­environmentally friendly gas engine. Natural
gas contains virtually no pollutant-forming elements and
gives ­significant reductions in fuel consumption.
Ergonomics and safety in every situation:
The Econic as a workplace
The Mercedes-Benz Econic is a particularly safe and ergonomic place to work. Its cabs, with up to
four seats, allow excellent freedom of movement and good visibility.
The deep, low-floor cabs of the Econic, with their ­generous
interior dimensions, have been crash-tested and meet
the European crash test standard ECE R 29/2. The interior
of the Econic is finished exclusively in non-flammable
­materials, while all corners and edges have been rounded
off. The low entry access, flat floor and height of the
­spacious crew cab ensure a high level of safety and
­comfort during hectic operational use: protective clothing
and breathing apparatus can be donned on the way to an
The deep panoramic windows of the Econic, its low
­instrument panel and full-height glass-panel folding
­passenger door ensure excellent visibility, whilst also
making precise vehicle manoeuvring possible.
Your advantages at a glance:
Cab crash-tested in accordance with ECE R 29/2
Panoramic windows for excellent visibility
620 mm-wide folding door for quick getting
in and out
Low instrument panel with optional integrated
grab handle for improved safety
Mirror system with wide-angle mirrors for
­maximum overview
Low noise levels in the cabin take pressure off the crew
by making it easier for them to communicate effectively
with the command centre and by making driving at
speed a more comfortable experience.
Even the crew area can be tailored to specific requirements: Every item
Low-entry-design: boarding the Econic involves only one step. It has rugged surface for optimum
Height of convenience: the level floor throughout and the standing height of 193 cm in the standard
has its own, designated place where it is quickly and easily accessible
grip and fast boarding/alighting
cab provide optimum accommodation for up to four occupants
Designed to meet your needs:
Equipment to suit every purpose
The vehicle concept of the Mercedes-Benz Econic is ideally suited to the very special requirements
of a fire engine. Different combinations of equipment are possible.
Variability: The low-floor concept of the Econic gives
maximum flexibility in terms of vehicle superstructure,
since this can be kept both more compact and lower.
Whether fitted with a turntable ladder or hydraulic
­platform, or used as a water, emergency assistance or
dry powder tender – the Mercedes-Benz Econic can be
­adapted to suit individual equipment needs. When it
comes to rescue vehicles with hydraulic platforms, the
Econic with low crew cab (2395 mm) has long been an
established part of many fire service fleets.
The Econic in the standard high-roof version (2845 mm)
is becoming more and more popular as an emergency
­assistance tender. Thanks to a rear axle load-bearing
capacity of 13 t, larger volumes of extinguishing agent
can be loaded without any problem.
Another essential advantage: the Econic’s short wheelbase, in conjunction with the electrohydraulic rear
­trailing axle and precision power steering, gives it the
manoeuvrability needed for negotiating tight spaces.
Road holding also benefits enormously from the low
frame structure and the resulting low centre of gravity.
Your advantages at a glance:
Chassis variants with two, three or four axles
Robust low frame with universal mounting hole
High load-bearing rear axle
Electro-hydraulically steered front or rear axle
Raising and lowering function as standard
At a glance:
The advantages of the Econic low-floor concept
The Econic is a true, special truck that provides all features that a fire service needs from it on a daily
basis: the quality of a Mercedes-Benz truck combined with comfort, economical running, environmental
compatibility and uncompromising operational reliability.
Low-floor concept
Ergonomic low-entry cab in two variants
Low frame with easy add-on capability
Electro-hydraulic, progressively steered front or rear axle
Flat cab floor throughout
Large panoramic windows
Wide-angle mirror system
Cab crash-tested in accordance with
ECE R 29/2 standard
Full-height glass-panelled folding door
Economic efficiency and the environment
Fuel-efficient BlueTec® EEV diesel engines or
eco-friendly NGT natural gas engine
Wear-resistant braking system
Fuel-saving Allison 6-speed automatic transmission
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