The New Zetros. - Mercedes-Benz


The New Zetros. - Mercedes-Benz
The New Zetros.
Mercedes-Benz Military Vehicles.
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13.05.2008 11:35:08 Uhr
Mercedes-Benz conventional-type trucks – Missions accomplished
worldwide for more than 50 years.
Since building the world’s first truck more than 100 years ago, Mercedes-Benz has repeatedly set the standards in
truck engineering. Today, the company is the world’s largest truck manufacturer. And continues to fly the flag with
the most modern conventional-type all-wheel-drive truck of today. Mercedes-Benz began producing light and
medium-weight conventional-type trucks in 1959. A design so successful that vehicles were exported to many
countries around the world. The new Zetros extends the legend of conventional-type trucks and Unimogs from
Time for the next generation. The former conventional-type trucks which are still successfully and
globally in action are famed for their extraordinary
robustness – no matter whether heat, dust or rough
roads, excess load, or constant use under the most
difficult of conditions. And a worthy successor is
finally in sight. The new Mercedes-Benz has been
produced step-by-step in almost eight years of development work and extensively testing: The Zetros.
The only conventional-type all-wheel-drive truck
ready to master all modern demands. Meeting the
uncompromising quality standards that MercedesBenz customers expect. Worldwide.
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Zetros. New generation all-wheel-drive conventional-type truck.
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Modern look – trusted quality.
Where safe roads are few and far between – on disaster relief assignments or military operations
such as peace-keeping missions – the Zetros is sure to have the answer.
The all-wheel-drive conventional-type truck to master
all missions. Demands on crew and vehicle have risen
continuously over recent years. The new Zetros from
Mercedes-Benz follows the path of conventional-type vehicles that enjoyed legendary status worldwide. It offers
all that is needed to meet today’s extreme operational conditions. Its traditionally low design height makes it ideal
for rail or air transport. And it gives the crew an unparalleled feeling of safety, whatever the situation may be.
With all the advantages of full-line design. The new
Zetros follows the full-line design concept developed for
the Mercedes-Benz family of special-purpose vehicles.
Whether 0.5 or 100.0 tonnes – parts, engines and control
element layouts for all payload categories come from our
standard production line. Our customers profit from the
technically-mature production line engineering that
Mercedes-Benz offers. And benefit from high quality standards and access to our fully-integrated, reliable service
network worldwide.
Supremacy in off-road terrain. The
conventional design reduces the
crew’s workload and delivers a
virtually ideal weight distribution,
plus payload reserves on the front
axle. Compared with cab-over-engine
designs, the standard production,
all-wheel chassis and drive train,
with cab behind engine, combines
a much smoother ride with extraordinary off-road capability, even
in extreme terrain.
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13.05.2008 11:35:48 Uhr
Loading Outline – Design Limits
Clearance Dimensions
Hercules C 130
International Loading
Gauge (GIC) – wagon
height 1300 mm identical
to load room dimensions
C 160 Transall
German Rail Gauge –
wagon height 1300 mm
Zetros: A perfect fit.
Intuitive handling and operation.
Full-line design commonalities: Carlike, standard production control elements help drivers master the Zetros
quickly and confidently. Its comfortable drive and excellent handling make
long assignments possible, without
tiredness or loss of coancentration.
Thanks to the outstandingly spacious
cap. So drivers can fully exploit all
the technical features that the Zetros
has to offer.
Transportable in every respect. The
new Zetros from Mercedes-Benz is
not only extremely mobile and designed for high payloads, but is also
fully compatible with Hercules C 130
transport or GIC International Loading Gauge parameters. A result of
the vehicle’s low height, which also
facilitates quick and safe boarding for
the crew.
Cab over engine
Conventional cab
Ready to meet every contingency.
On operations in crisis areas, being
able to rely on the vehicle whatever
the situation is key. The answer: the
new Zetros. The balanced axle load
distribution guarantees safe handling
regardless of load condition. The
spacious 3-man cab can be upgraded
with state-of-the-art ballistic and
mine protection. Enhancing crew
safety, without losing the outstanding
off-road driving characteristics.
Zetros: Easy loading all the way.
Won’t let you down in an emergency.
Like all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the
Zetros profits from a strong service
network, easy-to-repair technology,
and prompt spare-part availability in
every corner of the world. And minor
maintenance work? No problem. The
forward-tilting hood gives quick
access to engine and auxiliaries, without the crew having to leave the cab.
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13.05.2008 11:35:50 Uhr
Mercedes-Benz Zetros.
Technical Data.
OM 926 LA – 6 cyl. inline
OM 926 LA – 6 cyl. inline
Power (Euro 4) kw
Torque Nm/revs
240 (326)
240 (326)
1300/1200 –1600
1300/1200 –1600
Diaphragm GF 430
Diaphragm GF 430
Gear box (number of gears) 2)
9 gears (8 + Crawler)
9 gears (8 + Crawler)
Transfer box (modes)
MB VG 1700 – 3 W/1.6
MB VG 1700 – 3 W/1.6
Hub reduction axle
Hub reduction axle
1st front axle
AL 7/52 DS-9
AL 7/52 DS-9
1st rear axle
HL 7/52 DS-13
HL 7/52 DS-13
2nd rear axle
Further options
HL 7/52 DS-13
Fuel tank capacity
Leaf springs
Leaf springs
Wheel size (tire/rim) 4)
14.00 R20 (10.00 V 20) 4)
14.00 R20 (10.00 V 20) 4)
Drive configuration
4800 mm
4750 + 1450 mm
Unladen weight (without body)
Payload (mil) (without body)
4000 – 6000
7000 – 10,000
Gross vehicle weight
16,000 3)
23,000 3)
1) Euro 3 available
Max. wt on front axle
7500 (9000) 5)
7500 (9000) 5)
2) Automatic gearbox optional
Max. wt on rear axle
9000 6)
2 x 9000 6)
3) GVW (Gross vehicle weight)
Approach angle
4) Alternatives available
Turning circle
(Ø m)
Standard Platform
5100/2450/500 8)
6200/2450/500 8)
Fording depth
0.8 (1.2 – 1.5) 7)
0.8 (1.2 – 1.5) 7)
Speed at 75 % max. rpm
Retarder, CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation System), Automatic
Transmission, Winches, Torsion-free platforms
5) Optional
6) Depending on rim/tire
7) 1200/1500 mm available according to STANAG with
14.00 R20
8) Other dimensions on request
(length/width/side height)
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13.05.2008 11:35:58 Uhr
Mercedes-Benz has a lot more to offer.
• World’s Leading Truck Manufacturer
• Full Line Military Program (0.5 to > 100.0 t military payload)
• Advanced Vehicle Technologies (focusing on life cycle costs)
• Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)
• Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
• Logistics Field Service Proven Worldwide
• Established Supplier to Armed Forces Worldwide
• Financially Strong & Reliable Partner
• Financial Services (financing, leasing, fleet management and a great deal more)
For further information please contact your
Mercedes-Benz representative or:
Daimler AG
Special Trucks Division
Mercedes-Benz Military Vehicles
76742 Wörth, Germany
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13.05.2008 11:36:00 Uhr
We reserve the right to make modifications to the design and equipment. The data contained in this brochure should be regarded as approximate.
This brochure shows an excerpt of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle range, other specifications according to customer requirements are possible.
Please note that some models and services may not be available in certain countries due to local legislation.
Daimler AG · Special Trucks Division · 76742 Wörth, Germany · 6703.9110.02-00/0508 · Printed in Federal Republic of Germany · Imprimé en République fédérale d’Allemagne.
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