Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories


Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories
Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories
Personalization Highlights
Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories let you
add a personal touch to your vehicle, while
enhancing its style and functionality.
Our Accessories are not only made to fit your
vehicle, they are designed and tested as integral
components during its very inception. Built to
impeccable quality, Genuine Accessories are
backed by an additional 1 year/unlimited
mileage warranty.
These pages feature some of the most popular
accessories from across our model range. To
see the complete line of accessories for your
specific model, please visit the Accessories
pages at, or ask your
dealer for details.
Rear-mounted Bicycle Rack (European model shown)
01 Illuminated Door Sills
Light it up in eye-catching
style each time you open the
front door with luminous
Mercedes-Benz stainless steel
door sills.
02 Door Sills
Attractive stainless steel
door sills. AMG version shown.
03 Coat Hanger
An elegant and practical
chromed metal coat hanger
for uncreased clothes at the
end of your journey. Easy to
fit to the front head restraints.
04 AMG door pin
Add a performance accent to your interior
with AMG door pins, finished in high-quality
chromed aluminium. Rectangular version also
available (not shown).
05 Vario Bag Plenty of extra stowage space for the really
important things in life. Available in three
DaimlerSquare fabric and Angel & Driver fabric (child seat option - inset) shown;
Alcantara, java fabric not shown.
Cargo & Care
02 Roof Rack Storage Bag
Protect your Roof Rack Basic Carrier in this nylon bag when not
attached to your car.
03 Roof Box Bag Set
This set of four sporty and functional bags is designed to fit
inside our Small Roof Cargo Containers. The Luggage Set for the
Large Roof Cargo Container additionally includes two bags for
two pairs of skis. Made from durable, weather resistant
materials. Shoulder straps included.
04 Roof Boxes
01 Roof Rack Basic Carrier (Roof Box configuration
shown) Our basic carrier is an essential component for attaching
a wide assortment of items to the top of your vehicle.
After easy installation, you can securely attach bicycles,
ski and snowboard racks, or a cargo container.
Create additional space for sports equipment and luggage
with one of our aerodynamic, high-quality roof containers.
Constructed of lightweight, yet exceptionally durable, impacttested thermoplastic material. Boxes open on both sides.
Two sizes available: 450 litres (available in black metallic and
silver metallic); 330 litres (available in titanium metallic and
matte silver.)
Roof Rack Basic Carrier (Ski Holder configuration shown)
02 Ski Holder Small
This rack is made to tote up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards atop. Requires Roof
Rack Basic Carrier.
03 Ski Holder Large
This rack holds up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards and features a pull-out
function that makes it easier for loading and unloading without the need to reach
across the roof of the car. Requires Roof Rack Basic Carrier.
01 Bike Holder
Up to three bicycle racks can
be fitted per pair of basic
carrier bars. Each bicycle
rack can hold one bicycle
with a max. frame diameter
of 98 mm (circular frame
tubes) or 110 x 70 mm (oval
frame tubes). The support
frame folds down when not in
use, reducing drag when
travelling without bicycles.
Bicycles can either be
­attached to the rack once it
has been fitted to the roof or
before it is fitted.
04 Trunk Trays (Shallow and Deep)
Simple to clean. Non-slip thanks to PP-Flex material.
Suitable for transporting foodstuffs. Shallow version
pictured above.
06 Cage Partitions
Designed to protect the passenger compartment. With
opening for access.
07 Trunk Nets
05 Storage Box
Ideal for transporting items which are prone to tip
over or slide around. Adjustable partitioning elements
allow crate to be divided into four sections. Optimum
functionality only in conjunction with shallow trunk tray.
Versatile and convenient, strong and durable nylon nets
help you secure objects in the back of your vehicle.
Rear net may be attached to the loading sill. Each net
is sold separately.
08 Load Sill Folding Protector
Protects bumper and load sill from scratches. Shallow trunk
tray also shown.
01 Cleaning Products (Interior)
Keep the interior looking its best with the
superior, specially formulated products in
our ex­clusive Interior Car Care Kit. Includes
Cabin Care Spray, Glass Cleaner, Auto Glass
Sponge and a Car Care Cloth.
This UV-resistant 3-layer cover helps pro­tect the finish of
your Mercedes-Benz from the elements. Made from
breathable Noah® fabric, it combines an excellent fit with
durable construction. (Lock and cable available separately.)
02 Cleaning Products (Exterior)
Clean and protect with the superior, specially
formulated products in our exclusive Exterior
Car Care Kit. Includes Car Shampoo, LightAlloy Wheel Cleaner with brush, Car Sponge
and a Car Care Cloth.
Car Covers
03 Trickle Charger
For those extended periods when your
vehicle will not be used, this charging device
will help ensure that your battery is fully
energized when you need it.
04 Snow Brush
Clear snow and ice quickly with this quality
brush and scraper.
05 All Weather Floor Liners Designed specifically to match the contours on the floor, these flexible
plastic floor trays feature high sides to help contain dirt and liquids.
06 All Season Floor Mat Sets
These custom designed rubber floor mats are a great way to keep
the carpet in your vehicle in top condition. The grid design helps
trap water, mud, snow and salt. Easy to clean. Four mats per set.
Available in black.
01 Running Boards
Accentuate the off-road character of your
Mercedes-Benz with this particularly stylish
accessory.*Optional illumination kit
available for M-Class and GL-Class only.
02 High-sheen Chromed Door Handle Recesses
Round off your vehicle’s chrome finish and
protect the paintwork from scratches.
03 Fin Attachments
Eye-catching high-sheen chromed trim.
6-piece set for the air intakes in the hood.
04 Rear Spoilers
Rear spoilers provide a more athletic look for
your vehicle, and accentuate the trunk lines.
Tailor-made of high-quality material for quick
installation and a perfect fit.
06 Licence Frames
05 Roof Spoilers
Running Boards (shown with optional illumination kit*)
Roof spoilers extend the roofline of your
Mercedes-Benz, enhancing its sporty
appearance by giving the rear window a
more compact, sleek look.
Choose from several quality stainless steel
designs in an assortment of durable finishes
to enhance the ap­pear­ance of your licence
plates without blocking registration tags.
Design styles include: ­Mercedes-Benz frame,
Slim­line frame, AMG Logo frame, and Star
Marque solid plate. ­Mercedes-Benz (Polished,
Black Powder Coat) and AMG (Carbon Fiber)
frames shown.
Mercedes-Benz offers an array of multimedia accessories
that enable you to stay connected, informed and
entertained – no matter where the road takes you.
Here is a small sample of digital solutions available from
your Mercedes-Benz dealer. DVD and iPad systems help
to entertain your passengers during long journeys. iPhone
integration and navigation aids keep you in contact, in the
groove and on course.
Ask your Service or Parts Advisor about the latest
specifications and versions of multimedia accessories
for your model.
Rear Seat Entertainment (M-Class version shown)
This elegant DVD system allows the rear passengers to watch DVDs, look
at their favourite pictures and even play video games on two superb 7-inch
colour screens, without disturbing the driver or restricting the rear field of
vision. The system is available with separate DVD players, which means
that rear-seat passengers have the option of watching a different video
source on each screen. The AV-IN connection and USB and SD card
interfaces allow other storage media to be used too.
01 Rear Seat iPad Systems
The ergonomic, crashproof docking
station introduces the iPad and all
of its familiar functions to your
Mercedes-Benz. All connections
(e.g. for your headphones), remain
accessible. The mount can be tilted
and rotated around 90°. An integral
USB port means you can also charge
your iPad’s battery using your charging
cable. Available for iPad or iPad 2.
03 Accessory Navigation System
The Accessory Navigation System from
Mercedes-Benz allows the Standard Audio 20
Radio and 5.8-inch display in the vehicle to be
upgraded to an innovative, multifunction
navigation system.
04 The Navigation Map
DVD updates are available for purchase
from your authorized ­Mercedes-Benz dealer.
Annual map updates help keep you up to date
with local mapping and the many changes to
Points-of-Interests that occur every year. These
updates include information on highway and
road changes, ATMs, restaurants, hotels,
airports and museums. With up to 1.7 million
Points-of-Interest in 40 categories changing
year to year, these easy-to-install DVD map
updates are the most convenient way to keep
your Navigation System current.
02 iPod Integration
It’s easy to control your iPod via the multifunction steering
wheel: scroll through the menus, adjust the playback and
volume and display the artist/title of your choice in the
instrument cluster. Your iPod’s battery is charged while it is
connected. No factory-retrofitted optional extras required.
Mercedes-Benz Approved Tires.
Mercedes-Benz works closely with premium
manufacturers to develop tires suited to the
performance, safety and reliability requirements
set by our factory engineers.
Ask you Service or Parts Advisor about the wide
selection of Mercedes-Benz “Approved” Tires
that have passed stringent testing for traction,
noise and tread wear on wet and dry roads and
at Autobahn speeds.
Wheels can transform the
look of your vehicle – and
turn heads in the process.
Mercedes-Benz Genuine
Wheels are tested as an
integral part of the vehicle,
ensuring the correct fit,
handling and impact
absorption for your model’s
size, weight and power.
The five examples shown
here are just a sample of
the Mercedes-Benz and
AMG wheels available at
your authorized dealer.
Ask your Service or Parts
Advisor about the styles,
colours and sizes available
for your specific model.
01 2-Tone Wheel
07 Tire Pressure Gauge
Finish: black and polished
Compact design. Saves readings. Suitable for all
tire valves (including cycle tires). Keeping tires at
the optimum pressure saves fuel and reduces
tire wear. Supplied with leather pouch.
02 18“ 5-Twin Spoke Wheel
Finish: sterling silver
08 Wheel Locks
03 17” 5-Spoke Wheel
Finish: available in sterling silver
(shown) and titanium silver
04 Tomeko 10-Spoke Wheel
Wheel locks can provide a subtle yet effective security
touch to your C-Class, helping to protect your light-alloy
wheels and tires from theft. One set secures four wheels.
Includes coded key.
09 Hub Caps
Add an attractive finishing touch to your wheels with
these inserts. Various styles available. 10 Tire Tote
Protect your tires (and you cloths) when storing and
transporting your out-of-season tires. 09
ıncenıo designer wheel
Finish: two-tone
05 19” AMG Multi-Spoke Wheel - Style V
Finish: sterling silver
Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.
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Toronto, Ontario M4G 4C9
© 2012 Mercedes-Benz Canada
All illustrations and specifications contained in this brochure are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Actual product offerings may vary from those
shown or may be subject to availability delays or discontinuance. Mercedes-Benz reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, in colours, materials, equipment, specifications
and models. Any variations in colours shown are due to reproduction variations of the printing process. Illustrations may include test situations. Some vehicles may be shown with non-Canadian
equipment. Vehicles are shown with optional equipment.
Unsecured cargo can become hazardous in a collision. Always secure cargo using the floor-mounted tie-down hooks. Cargo nets and organizers are not intended to prevent objects of excessive
weight and bulk from sliding or rolling in the event of a collision or sudden stop. Always drive with caution when driving with cargo.
Certain accessories may require additional components to complete the installation in your vehicle. Please consult your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for specific information about
automotive accessories.
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