Heavy lifting made easy. - RoadStars - Mercedes-Benz


Heavy lifting made easy. - RoadStars - Mercedes-Benz
Heavy lifting made easy.
Mercedes-Benz genuine suspension parts
for construction-site vehicles.
Keep your trucks from becoming
a perpetual money pit.
Extreme road conditions and ever-changing loads –
heavy-duty transport and construction transport, in
particular, place high demands on your trucks.
To make sure you won’t get left behind by the competition, we have further improved the quality of three of
our high-quality Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts and have
tailored them to your needs – which more than pays off
especially on the hardest jobs (surface mining, mines, etc.).
The high quality of our Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts
furthermore plays a crucial role in better profitability,
because they deliver maximum performance for
a very long time.
Discover it for yourself!
The Mercedes-Benz genuine
tension strut, with replaceable rod
ends, saves time and money.
Under the most demanding operating conditions, the
rod ends of the tension strut wear out after about
40,000 to 50,000 km. However, both don’t usually wear
out at the same time, but rather at different times. Our new
After-Sales version of the tension strut now gives you the
option of replacing the rod ends individually. To that end,
we install the new tension strut the first time a repair is
needed – and from that point on you’ll enjoy lasting benefits!
The advantages of the new tension strut
from Mercedes-Benz:
Replacement of individual rod ends as needed
(rarely do both wear out at the same time)
Shortening of repair time by up to 50 %
(starting with the second repair)
Potential savings on parts of up to 70 %!
Only Mercedes-Benz currently offers individual
replacement of the rod ends
Your business just became even
more economically viable.
A good rubber pressure spring ensures a good riding
comfort and cushions impacts, which prevent resulting
damages. We have now improved some crucial features of
our rubber pressure spring – for example, we fitted it with a
new rubber seal that is even more effective ­in preventing dirt
and water deposits. This means you now reap the benefits
of this higher quality even longer.
The advantages of the new rubber
pressure spring:
Improved repelling of dirt and water as the result
of the additional sealing concept
Up to four times the service life
Reduced repair costs and downtimes, because the
new rubber pressure spring needs to be replaced
less frequently
Getting tough: this spring is
intended for the hardest jobs.
When push really comes to shove, you’ll be glad the
material can take the stress. Particularly for the hardest
jobs, such as surface mining or mining operations, we now
also offer a new 9-tonne heavy-duty spring (4‑leaf spring)
in addition to the standard spring (7.5 to 9.0 tonnes, 3-leaf
reinforced). It is extremely robust and masters even heavy
loads with ease.
The advantages of the 9-tonne
heavy-duty spring:
Up to three times the service life as the
strongest spring to date
Specifically suited for the hardest jobs in
construction transport
Less downtime
The operational areas
at a glance.
Tension strut
Mercedes-Benz construction vehicles: all 4-axle vehicles,
for the “small” 4-axle vehicle (32 tonnes) and the concrete
mixer: 8 x 4 / 8 x 6 / 8 x 8. Model series: BM 932.3xx *
and 933.3xx.
Rubber pressure spring
For all Actros trucks with steel suspension and BR7-HA
tandem axle.
9-tonne heavy-duty spring
Available for all Actros and new Actros trucks with
steel suspension for the hardest jobs in construction
* Exception: vehicle configurations with retarder (SA code 508717/05) or
retarder with power take-off unit (SA code 508717/06)
“Slightly more expensive
at first glance. But cheaper
in the long term.”
You can’t go wrong with
genuine parts from
Mercedes-Benz – even
though the slightly higher
acquisition cost sometimes
makes it tempting to look
elsewhere. But in all
honesty: When a part lasts
up to four times as long –­
that puts everything into
perspective. And, as an
operator, I have to think in
the long term. That’s why,
for me, Mercedes-Benz
GenuineParts are the only
ones worth considering.
Prathmesh N., Mumbai, India,
Fleet manager
You too can rely on the quality
of our Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts!
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