- Limelight Platform


- Limelight Platform
Launch of Mercedes-Benz all-new C-Class
and brand new GLA
Turn Brunch Events into Sales for Dealerships
To launch the all-new C-Class and brand new GLA, Mercedes-Benz Toronto Corporate Stores hosted Sunday brunches at
their eight (8) dealerships. Mercedes-Benz was looking for a solution to ensure the events ran smoothly and seamlessly
from the moment the first invite was sent, to the moment the dealer followed-up with the attendee post-event.
An all-in-one digital platform, Limelight, executed a turnkey solution for these events.
Email invites were sent to Mercedes-Benz’s existing database.
Recipients directed to a RSVP website which was designed, managed and hosted by Limelight.
Recipients chose which of the eight (8) events they wanted to attend and then registerd.
A triggered confirmation email was automatically sent with feature to add to calendar.
Reminder emails sent to those who RSVP’d.
During Event
Attendees checked-in on an iPad and were encouraged to opt-in for
further communication and contest entry.
Limelight Solution allowed for quick check-in – no waiting in line
while a CSR searched for the guests name on a spreadsheet.
Limelight provided test-drive registration on iPads, while capturing
a photo of their license and a digital signature on a mandated
Removed the traditional paper registrations and manual data entry.
Limelight provided a social photo sharing feature in which guests
had their photo sent to their email or uploaded directly to
A Mercedes-Benz branded overlay was built into the photo to
provide additional branding.
Thank you emails were sent to everyone who attended the event.
Data captured was securely provided to Mercedes-Benz to allow for
future follow-up and analysis of event success.
The event work flow was smoothly managed with all data captured in
one place.
All attendees were communicated with and placed in
Mercedes-Benz sales funnel.
Data was sorted by various categories to best fit dealers needs.
Customers were engaged and there was a 26% increase in sales
volume over similar events.
Multiple events
simultaneously each
of registrations
on the RSVP site
with triggered
confirmation emails
Over 1,500
of test-drive
captured digitally
of instant
Photo Shares
increase in open
rates on thank you
for attending email