A powerhouse of ideas for individuals


A powerhouse of ideas for individuals
Vehicles from Mercedes-Benz had and have a charm all their own,
and are instantly recognisable. At Mechatronik Engineering, this particular
flair of classic car styling is modified to suit the owner’s wishes and
requirements and, where required, combined with modern automotive
technology. Accordingly, every one of our converted vehicles expresses
the unique personality of its owner.
· Engineering design and development
· Technology conversions
· Prototype construction
· Racing car/custom car construction
· Custom installation work:
Alarm system with immobiliser
Electric windows
Safety features
… and much more
Working with the customer, we discuss all of the configuration work
in detail – whether this involves engineering, vehicle look and feel or
safety aspects.
From straightforward customisations to your Mercedes-Benz classic
car or complete conversions using modern vehicle systems and beyond, to
sophisticated prototypes and racing car construction – our staff combine
passion, creativity and artisanal expertise to achieve truly unique results.
This uniqueness of the vehicles we customise thus ensures they retain
their value.
Our services:
Innovative technology meet classic charm
The Spirit of Classic
Mechatronik Engineering
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A powerhouse of ideas
for individuals
Mechatronik Engineering
Central locking with remote
control plus immobiliser
and anti-theft system.
M-Coupé: W111 with a choice of four
engines up to a 5.5-litre, 349 BHP V8
with a 5-speed automatic gearbox.
Also available as M-Cabrio.
Mechatronik custom brake system
for M-SL and M-Coupé with
ventilated disk brakes, 4-channel
ABS and ASR.
Classic meets contemporary
Redefining the limits of technology
Increasing numbers of classic car enthusiasts are entertaining novel ideas
and seeking the perfect combination of original look and feel with day-today technical capabilities. We call our redefined Mercedes-Benz classic cars
the Mechatronik SL (M-SL) or Mechatronik Coupé (MCoupé), and they offer
very special levels of driving pleasure and safety, plus individual comfort,
specifically for the W111 and W113 Mercedes-Benz series.
One of our mechanics’ special areas of expertise is prototype and
racing car engineering. Here, we work closely with our customers to assess
their personal ideas and requirements before implementing them in
painstaking detail. The result: one-of-a-kind vehicles.
Modern Mercedes-Benz V6 and V8 engines plus corresponding 5-speed
automatic gearbox guarantee a truly unmatched driving experience.
A customised braking system featuring ABS and ASR ensures drivers can
handle the extra engine power while a custom suspension developed by
Mechatronik Engineering ensures truly unique vehicle handling. Externally,
no-one would suspect that the converted Mercedes-Benz offers the power
and safety features offered by modern automotive technology.
And one rule we never break: the systems are modified to fit the chassis
– not the other way around. Accordingly, all of the custom work we do can
be reversed if desired.
Our customers’ ideas and the practical implementation by our shop
are limited solely by the time and money available. As one example: for
an Asian customer, we made technical modifications to a W100 so that it
would be capable of housing a modern 5.5-litre supercharged V8 engine
with all of the necessary components. A conversion that made almost
exclusive use of original Mercedes-Benz parts.
Our specialists also cater to unusual customer requirements when
converting series models to racing car vehicles. Their challenge: how
can these vehicles be given a superstructure to match original models
so that they not only comply with FIA regulations – thus enabling them
to qualify for participation in historical motorsport events – but also
satisfy our customers’ requirements?
Modification of winder mechanics
in a Pagoda door to fit an electrical
system with auto raise/lower.
One-of-a-kind: a 600 model with
a 5.5-litre AMG supercharged
V8 engine. The original hydraulic
system was retained.
Racing car built to a historical
model: W109 “Behrmann” replica
superstructure, displaying
all typical motorsport features.