Dealing in value – a classic car dealer you can trust


Dealing in value – a classic car dealer you can trust
At Mechatronik Trade, it is all about the purchase and sale of MercedesBenz classic cars. For us, a classic car is much more than simply an older
vehicle. It represents a piece of automotive history. This passion we share
with our customers – namely a special appreciation of the value of the
classic cars produced by the Mercedes-Benz company.
· Vehicle purchase and sale
· Vehicle brokerage
· Consultation (also on-site)
· Vehicle valuation
· Pick-up and delivery service
Our services:
Noblesse oblige – and tradition even more so
Demand for modern classics and classic cars from Mercedes-Benz
continues to rise. For many enthusiasts, these cars mark a particular kind
of lifestyle, paired with the high esteem with which they are held by the
Accordingly, it is becoming more difficult to locate interesting vehicles
at a price reflecting their true value. In our business, it is not just the
classic cars that count, but the contacts we have nurtured during the
years – and at an international level.
Whether you are buying or selling, Mechatronik Trade is your partner
for classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
The Spirit of Classic
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Dealing in value –
a classic car dealer you can trust
Mechatronik Trade
W188 series: these vehicles were
available in coupé, convertible and
roadster models. A W188 is rarer
than the famous “gull wing” 300 SL.
W198 series: Under the model name
300 SL, Mercedes-Benz offered a
1.400 “gull-wing” and a 1.858 roadster.
W113 series: Known as the “Pagoda”,
a total of 48,912 cars were built in
the 230 SL, 250 SL and 280 SL versions.
W100 series: The 600, featuring the most
advanced automotive technology of its
time, was the politician and parade car of
the 1960s and 1970s.
Professionalism and experience
A one-stop shop
We pride ourselves on prioritising personal dialogue and professional
consultation. Only in this way can we learn about our customers’ individual
needs and ideas, so as to harmonise these with the options available. It is
how we have operated for years and forms the basis for many successful
and long-lasting business relationships. This is also one of the reasons why
we do not market our vehicle portfolio over the internet.
Whether it is a much-loved dream car or an investment, the selection
and purchase of a classic car is a highly personal undertaking. With our
extensive portfolio from a range of production series and vintages, also
extending into more recent Mercedes-benz history, we are happy to help
you track down your ideal classic car. In our showroom, prospective buyers
can also browse a selection from our portfolio, which we rotate regularly.
A comprehensive technical appraisal by our Mechatronik Classic experts
of the car being offered by sale ensures the condition of your vehicle is
properly and professionally assessed at a level far beyond its external
appearance. This bespoke service of ours offers our customers a degree of
transparency not always taken for granted on the market.
In choosing our vehicles, we are looking in particular for originality,
history, condition and technical safety. To expand our portfolio over the long
term, we are always on the lookout for quality modern classics and classic
cars. We also provide support to customers wishing to sell their vehicle –
from sales consultation, jointly establishing a fair market price, technical
appraisal and objective documentation of the vehicle’s condition, through
to its display in our showroom and at classic car shows and events.
We are also very happy to provide post-sales support. Our colleagues
at Mechatronik Classic, who will be familiar with your vehicle from the
appraisal stage, can provide advice and support on any issue related to
your classic car, including any future maintenance, repair or restoration
Thanks to our extensive database of prospective and existing customers,
we can rapidly locate or offer suitable vehicles for sale. In all of our business,
we are of course guided by both professionalism and discretion.
W108/109 series: from mid-1965
to autumn 1972, this was the
luxury saloon class from Mercedes-Benz
and is considered as the first “S Class”.
W111 series: the “fintail” was also
offered as a V8 “flat radiator” coupé and
convertible at the end of series production.
107 series: represented a new concept in
design, was offered as a roadster (R107)
and coupé (C107) and is the SL with
the longest series production history.
W116 series: this “S Class” represented
a technological quantum leap with
numerous technical innovations.