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Volume 4, Number 2
Summer 2009
PFFW State Honor Guard
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Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
President’s Column | p 4
PFFW / Summer 2009 / Department:
Another Page Turned
Mike Woodzicka
State PFFW President
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
s I sit down to write this article, having
just returned from the PFFW annual
convention, I am reminded of how
great an organization all of us are a part
of. This year’s convention had a lot of activity surrounding
it. There were several elections for PFFW Executive Board
Members and a contested President’s position. With all of
this going on and people getting caught up in the moment, there could have been a lot of negative campaigning and disrespectful banter. This was not the case. All of
the members running for various positions kept it clean.
They explained their positions and what they brought to
the table if elected. Once the votes were counted everyone rallied behind the winners and pledged to support and
work together moving forward. That is the sign of a great
organization, an organization were we can feel comfortable bringing up our ideas because we know we will be
respected for doing so, even when others may disagree.
And at the end of the day we can agree to disagree if that’s
where we are at.
Back in January of this year the PFFW began a journey.
With new leadership and a new Executive Board, we began
to chart the direction for change in the PFFW. I am pleased
to tell you today that all of those original members of your
Executive Board who began this journey will be able to continue the work that was started. I would like to take this
time to congratulate Executive Board Members Al Hefter,
Troy Haase, Mahlon Mitchell, & Mark Villalpando on their
re-election to the Executive Board. These members, and the
others on the PFFW Executive Board, work extremely hard
on your behalf. They are a group of extremely hard working
and dedicated union leaders, and none of our accomplishments are possible without their efforts.
Now that convention is over, we will continue the work
we have started. We continue to work on the state budget,
ensuring that vital services are protected and our communities given the resources they need to succeed. This budget was the toughest ever. With a 6.6 billion dollar deficit
facing Wisconsin many tough choices had to be made,
including cuts to shared revenue. Although significant,
these cuts could have been double had it not been for the
actions of many legislators who value the work that we do
and understand the need for the vital services we provide.
The budget also includes language to make sure that emergency services are not impacted by the state reductions.
Municipalities will be required to spend in 2010 and 2011
at least the amount they spent in 2009 on fire and law
enforcement. If a city cuts the fire and police budget they
will be in danger of losing some of their shared revenue.
One thing that was not included in this budget was any
change in the state’s interest arbitration law. The mayors
had proposed this as a fix for our current economic crisis.
Recognizing the impact this would have on all of our local
affiliates we quickly began our work to insure no change
to the current law would be proposed in this budget. With
the budget behind us, and so many legislators waiting to
support us, we can stop playing defense on so many issues and start crafting new legislative issues, new ideas, and
new programs to benefit all professional fire fighters in this
state. As a state organization we must continue to be vigilant against the anti-worker, anti-firefighter forces that we
know are waiting to oppose us. We must keep hammering
home the point that fire department spending isn’t just
about dollars and cents. It’s about life and death.
Mike Woodzicka, PFFW State President
PFFW Softball Tournament
August 15, 2009
Brookfield, WI
PFFW Golf Tournament
September 8-9, 2009
Oshkosh, WI
PFFW School for Workers
October 12-14, 2009
Madison, WI
PFFW / Summer 2009 / Department:
2009 Executive Board
Mike Drury
State Secretary/Treasurer
Brothers and Sisters,
I would like to thank Eau Claire Local #487 and its members and families for hosting
a great convention! The time, energy and work involved in hosting a convention is
tremendous. You should all be commended for a job well done.
Unfortunately, as of the close of the 74th Annual Convention just days ago, our state
budget in Madison remains unresolved. However, the PFFW Executive Board continues to work diligently on your behalf to minimize the shared revenue decreases that
are looming due to the economic downturn of our nation’s economy. Your PFFW
Executive Board is well aware of the state of the economy and has taken a hard look
at our own PFFW budget to see where our priorities are. We have and will continue
to make changes where we feel we need to in order to remain fiscally responsible. As
some of you already know, your Executive Board submitted a resolution at this year’s
convention (Resolution #1) to decrease each local’s per capita dues by 11 cents per
member, per month. Resolution #1 passed and will take effect July 1, 2009. Rest
assured that as an organization, we will continue to look at ways to operate more efficiently and effectively as we all struggle through these tough economic times.
As we continue to move forward, let us work diligently to stay united. This great
union can accomplish big things if we work together for it! Enjoy your summer.
John B. Kiel, a lawyer and a fire fighter.
As a Union Official you have enough to worry about. You
shouldn’t worry about whether you can afford a lawyer.
Under a retainer with The Law Office of John B. Kiel, LLC, you’ll
receive professional legal services at a reduced hourly rate.
Under the maximum attorney fee schedule your members will
know their maximum attorney fees before litigation begins.
Professional, Cost-Effective Legal Services for Professional Fire Fighters
The Law Office of John B. Kiel, LLC
3300-252nd Avenue • Salem, Wisconsin 53168
Phone: (262) 914-5435 • Fax: (262) 537-4855 • Email: [email protected]
“It’s not often that you find a lawyer who is also a fire
fighter. A lawyer who understands fire fighter issues.”
State President
Mike Woodzicka, Appleton Local 257
Home: 920-779-8804; Station: 920-832-5824
Fax: 920-779-8804; Cell: 920-915-0514
Email: [email protected]
State Vice-President
Robert Baird, Brookfield Local 2051
Station: 262-781-1375; Fax: 262-798-1541
Cell: 414-429-2590; Email: [email protected]
State Secretary/Treasurer
Mike Drury, Merrill Local 847
Station: 715-536-2522; Fax: 715-539-9190
Cell: 715-218-2962; Email: [email protected]
Board Members:
Leonard Orlando, Green Bay Local 141
Station: 920-391-3621; Fax: 920-469-4060
Cell: 414-429-2596; Email: [email protected]
State Liaison to Antigo, Green Bay, Marshfield, Merrill,
Rhinelander, Stevens Point, Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids
John Gee, Oshkosh Local 316
Station: 920-236-5294; Fax: 920-233-4418
Cell: 920-379-8822; Email: [email protected]
State Liaison to Appleton, Grand Chute, Kaukauna, Neenah/
Menasha, Oshkosh, Sheboygan, DePere
Lance Hanson, Eau Claire Local 487
Station: 715-839-7270; Fax: 715-874-4426
Cell: 715-829-2595; Email: [email protected]
State Liaison to Ashland, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire,
La Crosse, Menomonie, Onalaska, Rice Lake, & Superior
Alan Hefter, West Bend Local 2025
Station: 262-335-5054; Cell: 262-388-0297
Email: [email protected]
State Liaison to Cudahy, Franklin, Greendale, St. Francis,
South Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, West Bend, West Allis
Troy Haase, Fond du Lac Local 400
Station: 920-322-3800; Cell: 920-979-1235
Email: [email protected]
State Liaison to Allouez, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Marinette,
Oconto, Sturgeon Bay, Two Rivers
Steve Wilding, Oak Creek Local 1848
Station: 414-570-5630; Cell: 414-491-8148
Email: [email protected]
State Liaison to Brookfield, Greenfield, Menomonee
Falls, Milwaukee County Airport, North Shore, Oak Creek,
Mark Villalpando, Racine Local 321
Station: 262-634-8889; Cell: 262-488-3413
Email: [email protected]
State Liaison to Caledonia, Kenosha, South Shore,
Pleasant Prairie, Racine, Watertown
Mahlan Mitchell, Madison Local 311
Station: 608-266-4118; Cell: 608-698-2333
Email: [email protected]
State Liaison to Beaver Dam, Beloit, Town of Beloit,
Janesville, Madison, Portage
PFFW Lobbyist
Joe Strohl
Madison, WI
Cell: 414-429-2589; Phone: 608-251-0900
Fax: 608-251-8707; Email: [email protected]
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
State Secretary/
Treasurer Report
PFFW / Summer 2009 / Department:
PFFW Membership
Assistance Program
stablished in the mid 1990’s, the PFFW MAP
(Membership Assistance Program) is a program
designed to allow for our peers (firefighters) to
assist us (firefighters) in times of need.
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
To better understand the MAP program and its humble
beginnings, some understanding of the background and
history may be useful. In the early 1990’s the fire service
in WI and, in particular, the PFFW experienced a number
of suicides within our ranks. At that time, PFFW President Mark Zeier and PFFW legal counsel Howard Myers
believed that something needed to be done by the PFFW
to identify and help address the issues that were affecting
our members to the point of suicide. The PFFW Board,
behind the urging of President Zeier, established a committee to explore the issue and determine a path to follow. After much research through the IAFF, through various IAFF State Associations, and through private mental
health professionals the current model was developed.
Len Orlando
Executive Board Member
their EAP. Each year the Team gets together for a day-long
training session where discussion topics are thoroughly
vetted and analyzed. In addition, Team members confidentially discuss issues they may have encountered during
the past year. These discussions are used as an educational
tool that allows members to learn from the experiences of
other Team members. In the past, those discussions have
included such issues as alcohol and drug use and abuse,
depression, suicide, marital and family issues, teen and
adolescent concerns, and issues that may arise based upon
the work environment of firefighters.
The MAP Team has consistently, from its inception, relied on the support of other firefighters and the belief
that the greatest source of assistance to firefighters who
may be struggling with any number of issues come from
our peers. The PFFW MAP Team has not relied upon
forced debriefings or defusings to provide “assistance” to
firefighters and it has not relied upon structured models created by psychologists or psychiatrists. Instead we
are a group of peers who truly care about the total wellbeing of our fellow firefighters. We listen, we care, we
provide resources, and we provide referrals. And, most
importantly, it is all confidential. This concept has recently been shown to be much more effective than any
of the perceived professional models that most of us have
had training in.
Enjoying strong support from the Executive Board of the
Professional Fire Fighters of WI, the MAP team will continue to provide a valuable service to all firefighters, their
families and our retirees. With this continued support,
the Team is researching the feasibility of reaching out to
families of firefighters through a program modeled after
one started by IAFF
Local 2 in Chicago.
It is called “Family
Day”, where families
are invited to attend
a day-long event
MAP Training
covering such topics
as financial planning, fitness, health and diet, and many
others along with children’s activities. In addition, the
MAP Team is seeking the ability to become more visible to
PFFW members by attending another event, such as the
annual School for Workers. By doing so, firefighters would
have the opportunity to network with Team members and
the Team would become more familiar with some of the
issues firefighters deal with on a daily basis.
The PFFW MAP Team consists of 21 PFFW members
and retirees who are under the guidance and tutelage of
Dr. Vickie Wiese, PhD., with additional support coming
from Donald Wam, RN, CTS. Both Dr. Wiese and Mr.
Wam are mental health professionals experienced in trauma counseling and both came to our program after having been involved with IAFF Local 215 in Milwaukee and
The Membership Assistance Peer Team has been there for
you, Wisconsin’s firefighters, for firefighters in New York,
and for firefighters in the Gulf Coast. It is a group of outstanding firefighters who give selflessly their time and energies. As the program moves forward, please consider becoming part of something special. For more information, please
contact Len Orlando of the PFFW Executive Board.
PFFW / Summer 2009 / Department:
PFFW Lobbyist
Shared Revenue
hrough the Shared Revenue Program, Wisconsin distributes state tax revenues to municipal
and county governments for their discretionary use. Since 2004, municipal and county
governments received $859.7 million annually through
this program.
This ranks Shared Revenue as the third largest general
fund appropriation behind elementary and school aids and
medical assistance. The program is a fundamental element
of Wisconsin’s local finance structure and the state’s overall
program of property relief.
In recent years, Shared Revenue has been increasing, if at
all, at a very slow pace, so the PFFW is taking a lead role
in lobbying for either a significant or periodic increase in
Shared Revenue. In February 2008, a planning meeting
was held with AFSCME, and the Wisconsin Professional
Police Association (WPPA) to plot a strategy for the next
session to address the lack of growth in Shared Revenue.
A consensus was reached. It was decided that the best approach would be to fight to have Shared Revenue indexed,
so that every year there would be at least some growth. The
PFFW and its allies approached the Administration and
key legislative leaders about supporting this approach.
With the state facing a projected $5 billion deficit, which
grew to $6.6 billion in mid-May this year, there seems to
be a small probability that this approach will work in the
near future.
revenue and give municipalities some means to exceed the
levy limits without losing Shared Revenue or funds that
come by living within the requirements of the Expenditure
Restraint Program.
As of this writing, the budget is still a work in progress
with a projected 3.5% cut in shared revenue. The PFFW
and the WPPA have been working with the Governor and
key Democratic legislative leaders to find ways to lessen
the impact of Shared Revenue cuts on police, fire, and
emergency medical services. The source of funding is included in language and ensures that emergency services are
not impacted by the state reductions. One requirement is
that municipalities will be required to spend in 2010 and
2011 at least the amount they spent in 2009 on fire and
law enforcement. The PFFW will continue to approach
key legislators to limit the impact of Shared Revenue cuts
on your municipality.
Deserve On Your Side® Service.
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• Confidence we’ll deliver on our promises
Contact us to discuss
your retirement plan.
Governor Doyle introduced his bi-annual budget for the
fiscal years 2010-2011 in February. There was fear that the
huge deficit and the current lack of political will to raise
general taxes, a significant cut in Shared Revenue was possible. However, with Congress and President Obama providing the state with federal stimulus funds, the proposed
cut was only one percent.
The PFFW and its allies did not want to simply accept that
cut. A two pronged approach was developed: lobby to get
the Governor and State Legislature to find new sources of
Tom Sierakowski
[email protected]
Nationwide offers IAFF-FC members and their employers
competitive deferred compensation programs. Nationwide
pays a fee to IAFF-FC in exchange for the use of IAFF-FC’s
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Retirement Specialists are registered representatives of Nationwide Investment Services
Corporation, member FINRA. In MI only Nationwide Investment Svcs., Inc.
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
Joe Strohl
PFFW / Summer 2009
in Softball
n Saturday, May 30th, the PFFW played
its first of four scheduled softball games with
the Packers “Green Machine.” Wide receivers James Jones, Jordy Nelson, Ruvell Martin,
and Brett Swain led the Packers team into Madison to play
members of Madison Local 311. On a beautiful afternoon
with an enthusiastic crowd the teams battled and the Packers prevailed by a score of 8-4. After the game the Packers signed autographs for fans making this a great family
event. Thank you to Local 311 for representing the PFFW
and playing again this year.
The Packers “Green Machine” team traveled to Eau Claire’s
Carson Park on Sunday, May 31st, to play against Eau Claire
Local 487. With the Packers behind after 7 innings, the teams
played into the 12th inning where Local 487 scored the winning run to defeat the Packers by a score of 19-18. This game
treated the fans with a lot of offense and homeruns. After an
extra inning game the Packers stayed and signed autographs
for the fans. Thank you to Local 487 for their participation.
The Green Machine vs. Eau Claire Local 487
The Green Machine vs. Wausau Local 415 & Merrill Local 847
On to Milwaukee County’s Wilson Park with West Allis Local 1004 hosting the Packers in another evening game on
June 15th. Plenty of hard hit balls and several homeruns had
the crowd cheering for both teams. In the end, Local 1004
prevailed by a score of 19-18. Fans enjoyed the Packers comeback but they never led in the game. Thank you to Local
1004 for an entertaining game.
The PFFW hopes to schedule games again next year with
the Packers while they are in Green Bay prior to training
camp. Thank you to Center Stage Attractions (CSA) for
coordinating these games on behalf of the PFFW.
Photos courtesy of:
Genaw Photos,
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
Our next game had the Packers traveling to Wausau’s Athletic Field to play a team made up of Wausau Local 415
and Merrill Local 847 on June 13th. The Packers scored
9 runs in the second inning and that proved to be the difference as they defeated Local 415 and 847 by a score of
13-4. Another enthusiastic crowd cheered the two teams
under the lights on a beautiful summer evening. Thank
you to Local 415 and 847 for their participation and hospitality.
The Green Machine vs. Madison Local 311
The Green Machine vs.West Allis Local 1004
PFFW / Summer 2009
Line of Duty Death
Adam J. Van Rite
Adam J. Van Rite, 32, of Ash
• 
• 
waubenon, answered his last
• 
• 
• 
alarm on Monday morning,
• Immediate
Response • Emergency
• 
• 
Power • 
• 
May 18, 2009 at the home of
• 
to Victims Needs
• Roof Cover • 
• 
• 
• 
his mother, Diane, following
• 
• No
Call Backs 
•  • 
a courageous battle with
• 
or Waiting
• 
• 
• 
cer. The son of John Van
• 
• No Pagers or• 
• Board Up
• 
and Diane (Johnson) Van
Rite was born
• 
• August
• • 
• 
We Bill 
• 
• 
1976 in Green Bay. He•was
• Highly
Skilled• &
• 
• 
• 
De Pere High School, and was a graduate
of Fox
charge to
• 
• 
• 
• 
• • 
Valley Technical College in Fire Science.
 Victim
• 
a volunteer for Lawrence Fire Department
for fif• 
teen years and a full-time firefighter for• De
• 
• • 
and Rescue for the past ten years. He was a proud
• 
• 
member of the Brown County HAZ-MAT Team for
the past ten years. He was an avid outdoorsman,
and especially enjoyed hunting, fishing, 
 
ATVs and spending time with his family. Adam was
extremely family and community oriented, and will
be sadly missed by all 
who knew and loved him.
John, of Florence,
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
Survivors include his dad,
his mom, Diane, of De Pere, his brother, Matt
& Waukesha Counties 
(Monica) Van Rite, sister Michelle Van Rite, a spe
 (Mr. Boz)
cial friend, Angel Van Den Heuvel, as well as her
sons, Kyle and Dominic. He is further survived by
his grandmother, Elaine Johnson, Ashwaubenon,
aunts, uncles, and cousins. Adam is also survived
Tim Healy
by his Firefighting Family of De Pere and Lawrence.
Jim Hirsch
He was preceded in death by grandparents, Ray and
Green Bay Area
Gladys Van Rite, and Donald Johnson, and an unLen Orlando
cle, Jim Van Rite.
PFFW / Summer 2009
Troy Haase
Chairperson of the
WI EMS Advisory
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
The State EMS Advisory
Board is a working committee
intended to advise the EMS
Section Chief of the Bureau
of Local Public Health Practice & Emergency Medical
Services on statewide EMS
issues. The EMS Board is
appointed by the Governor
and is made of up eleven
members, one of which is
a PFFW member. PFFW
Executive Board Member
Troy Haase has served on
the Board since 2004 and
was recently elected to the
Chairperson. The remainder
of the board is made up of
active and retired fire based
EMS personnel, a doctor,
a nurse, and private and
volunteer EMS providers.
At this time there are three
open seats and the PFFW is
looking for members to get
If you are interested in an
opportunity to serve the
Board apply at www.wisgov., but if you don’t
have the time to commit
to the Board, you can get
involved on the committee
level. If you are interested
in serving on a committee
please submit a resume to
[email protected]
gov by Sept 15, 2009.
Grand Chute Local #3655
Filled Their Boots For MDA
The first fill-the-boot of 2009 took place
in Grand Chute. Grand Chute Fire Department Local # 3655 held their event
on May 20th – May 23rd at two locations.
Congratulations to Grand Chute for
surpassing their goal of $3,000. Their final total was $3,533.96. A special thank
you to Chad Martin and Robert Buettner for organizing the event.
Good luck to the following Locals
who have confirmed dates for upcoming FTB events:
Green Bay Local #141 – June 24th – 26th
Oshkosh Local #316 – June 25th – 27th
Rhinelander Local #1028 – July 9th – 11th
Franklin Local #2760 – July 23rd – 24th
Sturgeon Bay Local #2682 – July 30th – Aug 1st
Oconto Local # 2739 – July 31st – Aug 2nd
Stevens Point Local #484 – Aug 7th
St. Francis Local #2717 – Aug 7th
Sheboygan Local #483 – Aug 12th – 14th Fond du Lac Local # 400 – Aug 13th – 15th
Marinette Local #1021 – Aug 13th – 15th
Waukesha Local #407 – Aug 13th – 15th West Allis Local #1004 – Aug 20th – 22nd
Cudahy Local #1801 – Aug 20th – 22nd
Portage Local #2775 – Aug 28th – 29th, Sept 4th – 5th Racine Local #321 – Sept 5th
Wisconsin Rapids Local #425 – Sept 4th – 6th Milwaukee County Local #1072 – Sept 5th – 7th Pleasant Prairie Local #3785 – Sept 5th – 7th Caledonia Local #2740 – Sept 7th
South Shore Local #2939 – Sept 7th
*As a reminder, FTB T-shirt order forms
are due Friday, July 3rd. This is a firm
deadline and any orders received after
this date will not be honored. An order
form is available on the PFFW website.
Any questions please call your local
MDA representative or Heather Micoley, MDA Regional Coordinator at 920490-0478 or [email protected]
MDA Fire Fighter Appreciation
MDA Fire Fighter Appreciation/Boot Camp
There were 24 Locals represented at
this year’s MDA Fire Fighter Appreciation/Boot Camp Conference held
in Green Bay on March 23rd & 24th.
Fire fighters were educated on and
motivated by such topics as street
corner fill-the-boot, dealing with
city ordinances and administration
in regards to fill-the-boot and MDA
summer camp. Fire Fighters were
treated to a tailgate party and hockey game as well as had the opportunity to meet several present and
past MDA Goodwill Ambassador
families. Congratulations to Pleasant Prairie Local #3785 for receiving
the Fill-the-Boot Rookie award. This
award is given to the Local who has
the highest new FTB total.
On behalf of MDA thank you to
those Locals that were represented.
It’s a great opportunity for MDA to
say thank you for all you do to help
the families in your communities
living with a neuromuscular disease.
Keep up the good work. It’s appreciated!
PFFW / Summer 2009
APPLETON Fire Department
& IAFF Local 257
The City of Appleton is a community of 72,000
residents located in the northeast corner of the
state of Wisconsin. Appleton is the county seat of
Outagamie County and serves as the principal city
in the Appleton-Neenah-Oshkosh Metropolitan
Statistical Area, which in turn, represents a cluster
of 14 municipalities, commonly known as the Fox
Cities; named after the river that each of the communities share. Appleton is unique geographically;
the City itself sits in three counties and, due to
the proximity of our neighboring communities, the daily
workforce population we serve increases significantly due
to several prominent public and private sector employ-
June 1854- The city council passed an ordinance
intended to prevent fires and to regulate the fighting
of the same. The city was divided into two fire
districts, all east of Appleton St. being one and all
west the other. Fire Wardens were duly appointed
for each district, whose duty it was to seek out fires
in his ward, summon enough volunteers, get enough
water and hope that the fire wouldn’t spread too
much or get out of control too-fast. 1854- The
general store fire on the corner of college and Oneida
St. Bucket brigade attempted to extinguish.
Apr 1855- Jackson
Tibbits was chosen
chief fire engineer of
the fire department.
ers, including Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Appleton
Papers, Miller Electric, ThedaCare and Appleton Area
School District.
According to the 2000 census, Appleton has greater than
26,000 households, with a population density of 3,300
people per square mile. Our service area covers about
24.76 square miles.
The City of Appleton Fire Department is a full-time career fire department, with 101 members assigned to six
fire districts. We have 92 personnel who are directly involved in our operations division, which has the primary
task of fire suppression. Other remaining staff includes
Mar 1859- the most disastrous fire which ever occurred in
Appleton up to that date destroyed the Appleton paper mills, three
sawmills, the large rake factory, two turning mills, one bedstead
factory and other property and buildings. Nothing could be done
to save the property after the fire became well started. Hundreds
of citizens turned out and labored zealously for hours, but it was
impossible to subdue or even check the roaring flames. Total loss
was estimated at $16,000.
May 1862- An extensive fire
destroyed the building owned
by David Whitney. The total
damage was about $500. This
served to call attention to the
fact that Appleton was without
certain fire fighting apparatus.
1863- The water front fire which five more buildings were
1868- A fire tower
was built, a fire bell
added, and a $5
reward was offered to
the first volunteer to
get a team of horses
to the engine house.
reduced to ashes. Appleton was growing. Its major industries
were wooden buildings and by the time the Civil War started,
Appleton had suffered a conglomeration of serious fires which set
civil-minded individuals to 11 stirring up action for better fire
protection. So in June 1863, the common Council purchased a
hand-operated, horse drawn fire engine, the first in Appleton. It
was a month later that the Lawrence Engine Company met its first
test — and failed. A woolen mill caught fire and was not saved. An iron foundry burned to the ground,
soon after and it was determined that a single fire engine was not the answer. At the October session of the
city council, 1863, the following proceedings were had, to-wit: The special committee on finance made a
recommendation for the purchase of a building to be used as an engine house. The report was accepted.
The amount to be paid for the building was $350, which was appropriated from the general fund. At a
meeting of the firemen held in Firemen hall in April George Kreiss, was chosen as chief engineer.
1872- The 3 story
Levake Hotel was burned
to the ground after an oil
explosion caused when a
young boy lit a lamp in
the Manufacturers Bank
building. A dozen other
businesses were destroyed.
Apr 1873- A new
fire steamer, with two
hose carts and 1,000
feet of hose arrived from
Chicago. The steamer and
apparatus cost $5,775
1874- The
Masonic Block fire.
1871- The big fire on College Ave. between Oneida St. and
Appleton St. including thirteen business places burned to the
ground in what the Appleton Post called “the most extensive
conflagration that has ever occurred in Appleton.” The fire was
finally controlled by knocking down buildings in its path.
Photo taken by Appleton Post Crescent
a Fire Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, six Battalion Chiefs, a fire protection engineer, three
inspectors, three administrative positions
and one public education specialist. Our fire
department also offers many services related
to our mission, which is protecting the lives
and preserving the property of our residents
through prevention, education, rescue and
response. The Appleton Fire Department
also has nine mutual aid agreements in
place with our neighboring communities.
Appleton Fire Fighters, Local 257 represents
the members of the department under the
rank of Battalion Chief. Organized in 1923
by the International Association of Fire
Fighters, the Union is governed by their eight
member Executive Board. Under the leader-
Garage fire on Victoria Street in Appleton Wisconsin.
Continued on page 14
Nov 1894- The Fire Department became “full time” with a complement of 10 men
under organizer Chief John W. Ryan, a retired Milwaukee fire captain, who served only
during the reorganization. He was replaced by Chief E. L. Anderson who served until
he died in the line of duty at a fire on February 13, 1901. During Chief Anderson’s
time the personnel was increased to 21 men. Firemen were then on constant duty with
the exception of four hours off every other day. All apparatus was horse drawn.
1881- The Appleton
Chair and Bedstead
Factory/ Hutchinson
and Company Woolen
Mill fire. 1 man was
killed and 200 people
lost their jobs.
Mar 26, 1912- Inspection report by Wisconsin State
Fire Prevention Association stated that Appleton had 20
men fully paid, a La France auto truck for hose and ladders, and a Buick car for the Chief, kept at Station No.
1. Horse drawn hose carts kept at Stations 2 and 3.
Jan 26, 1928- Irving Zuelke Building, corner of S.
Oneida and W. College Ave. Mr. Zuelke discovered the fire
and telephoned the alarm to the Fire Department at 9:15
P.M. All apparatus and men responded and a call was put
in for the off shift. At 11 O’clock pm, Chief McGillan called
the following outside assistance. Menasha, Combined Locks,
and Little Chute. These outside companies each responded
with pumping engines. At 12 o’clock a call was sent to
Oshkosh and Hortonville who also responded with pumping
engines.Volunteers were asked for by the Chief and 23 young
men responded working all during the fire and each received
a check for $5 for their services.
1913- The Chiefs horse, “Colonel” died August 26.
Dec 7, 19071876- Another fire
engine was purchased; the
old hand engine was sold
to Holland, Michigan for
Pension started.
1886- The year of the big fire which resulted in a
series of fires, causing the greatest fire destruction in
Appleton’s history.
1923- Department
members organize union
and become Local 257.
1922- Two platoon system
started. 8:00 start time
changed to 7:00 A.M.
Mar 1883- The newspapers and citizens having sharply criticized the fire department, all members
including the chief resigned, but agreed to retain their places as citizens for two weeks. The council asked
all to withdraw their resignations until the department could be reorganized under the new water works
system. Water supplies in early Appleton were poor and inadequate and in 1883 the Appleton Water
Department was handed authority over the Fire Department Companies and water for fire fighting was
made available through the public water system. The water system, while still inadequate, was improved in
1884 and was placed at peak efficiency for their time by 1886.
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
Cont. on
page 14
Sep 9, 1926- Reo-Sport model
roadster purchased by the city from
Appleton Auto Co. for $1,985 was
delivered on this date.
Mar 28, 1933- Louis
McGillan, brother of Chief
McGillan, was killed in a
traffic accident.
Appleton FD & Local 257
Continued from page 13
Photo taken by Appleton Post Crescent
Aug 7, 1929- Second Assistant Chief
Michael Calnin was severely burned
Sep 19, 1928when a kettle of hot grease was spilled on
Changed to 24 hours him at the Service Bakery fire. He later
on and 24 hours off. died at St. Elizabeth’s hospital.
1949- Six additional men employed when
1942- Payroll for the entire year of 1942
$58,215.76. Jan 15, 1942- At 10:43
A.M. a fire broke out in the Peterson Press
Building, at 604 W. College Ave. A few
minutes after the fire started the front of
this building blew out, from accumulated
gases in the attic, injuring the following
Firefighters: Capt Deltgen, W. Mortenson,
E. Brockman, G. McGinnis, A. Arnold,
& H. Strelow. Also injured at this fire were
H. Kramer, & C. Guckenberger.
1955- The Appleton
1957- The Badger
Plug Company fire
Mar 18, 1957-
New Station -- No.
2 Company moved
from old station at
500 S. Lawe Street
to new station at
1024 S. Lawe Street.
Manufacturing Company fire, the Trudell
Music and Walsch
Drug Store fires.
1958- The Knorr’s
tavern fire.
department operates 24 on, 24 off schedule.
The department operates on a two platoon
system with each platoon on 24 hours and
off 24 hours. Members have been granted
every 5th working day off.
1950- Chemical Fire Fighting Equip-
ment: The department is equipped with a
foam generator, 1 ½ tons of foam powder,
and gas masks. The department is equipped
with one fresh air mask and ten Chemox
self generating oxygen masks.
Dec 1952- The new EMS station wagon
was delivered in December of 1952. It is
now being prepared for service and will carry
a pneolator with an auxiliary attachment so
two patients can be treated at one time. It
will also carry a stretcher and can be used as
an emergency ambulance. It will also carry
first-aid equipment in the form of blankets,
a first-aid kit and burn treatment. Fire apparatus equipped with two-way radios. They
had 55 Department personnel.
1961- A new Fire Station, No. 4, was
started and completed in the fall. It is located
at the corner of Meade and Greenfield Streets,
on the North-East section of the city.
1962- The Riverside
Paper Company fire.
1964- The Railroad Salvage
Company fire and the Car Wash
building fire. Dec 8, 1964The day we made our big move
from the old # 1 Station to our
new station at 700 N. Drew St.
We started at 7: AM and had
all rigs and equipment moved to
our new home in short order.
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
1985- Fire Department loses ambulance
service after a valiant
fight. The public vs.
private issue came to a
referendum - private
sector continues as the
sole provider.
Roland L. KuehnI appointed Chief.
Jan 7, 1963-
The main floor
at #1 station
weakened in the
area where Engine
#1 stood. It was reenforced with new
posts and timbers
by the men.
Dec 1965- Extensive fire and smoke loss
to business buildings in the 100 block on
West College Ave
1992- Two new stations are built.
1988- August
1st. First female
firefighter hired.
1994- The fire department celebrated its
centennial as a full-time, paid department.
May 1962-1974-
Appleton Fire Department’s hazardous
materials team signs agreement with
Outagamie County to become the
hazardous material response unit for
the entire county. Later in the year,
the team was contracted by the state
of Wisconsin as a regional Haz-Mat
team. The team responds to incidents
in seven counties.
2009- Born of necessity, strengthened by strife, Appleton’s Fire Department today stands
as a memorial to the men and women who have come and gone through over 100 years
of firefighting. Appleton is proud owner of six modern stations, all home to the latest
fire apparatus and equipment, and staffed by highly trained and dedicated personnel.
In addition to firefighting and first responder duties, the Department maintains special
teams in Haz-Mat, Swift Water Rescue, Confined Space and Collapse Rescue.
Van engulfed in garage fire in Appleton Wisconsin
ship of the principal officers President Mike
Woodzicka, Vice President Scott Pelkin, and
Secretary/Treasurer Steve Unruh, the local
continues progressively working to improve
the safety and security of its members.
Local 257 is also involved in the community
they serve, both politically and charitably.
Their Benevolence Association raises and donates money and resources to many groups in
the community. Their annual chili booth at
the City’s Oktoberfest celebration raises thousands of dollars to help with these efforts. In
an average year nearly one hundred gallons of
chili is made and served by the firefighters.
Local 257 have also worked with Rebuilding
Together, a non-profit group that preserves
and revitalizes houses in the community for
low-income and senior homeowners. MDA
continues to be one of the top priorities for
the firefighters. With a commitment over fifty years ago to find a cure for neuromuscular
disease, their “fill the boot” program continues to support this mission.
The Appleton Fire Fighters, Local 257 has
strived for ninety-six years to meet the needs
of the community and continue to find ways
to give back to those they serve.
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
PFFW / Summer 2009
Your PAC & Conduit contribution
allows the PFFW to educate
members of the State Legislature
about issues important to your
profession as fire fighters and
emergency medical personnel
and to help elect candidates to office
who support those issues. For those incumbents
or candidates who are supportive of the PFFW
legislative agenda, PAC or Conduit will make a
contribution to their campaign.
PFFW PAC & Conduit
Contribution Levels
GOLD LEVEL ($100 or more)
t PFFW Window Sticker
t Gold Level Pin
t PFFW Coaster Set
t Recognition in the PFFW Magazine
SILVER LEVEL ($50 - $99)
t PFFW Window Sticker
t Bronze Pin
t Brushed Nickel PFFW Coin
t Recognition in the PFFW Magazine
BRONZE LEVEL ($25 - $49)
t PFFW Window Sticker
t Bronze Pin
t Recognition in the PFFW Magazine
Please submit the following information:
Set of four wood
coasters with PFFW Logo
etched in Oak
Name _________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________
City, State, Zip __________________________________________
Front side of
brushed nickel
coin with
PFFW logo
PFFW Window Sticker
Back side of
brushed nickel
coin with IAFF
Home No. _____________________________________________
Cell No. _______________________________________________
Local Name & No. ______________________________________
Employer Name ________________________________________
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
Employer Address _______________________________________
Contributions of $100 or more will be accepted as a PFFW Conduit Contribution.
Contributions of less than $100 will be accepted as a PFFW PAC Contribution.
City, State, Zip _________________________________________
The PFFW can only accept personal checks, or money orders payable to the PFFW
PAC or PFFW Conduit. Please make checks or money orders payable to the appropriate fund based on the amount contributed. Federal election laws prohibit the
PFFW from accepting business or union dues (treasury) account checks. Contributions to the PFFW do not qualify as charitable for federal income tax purposes.
Gold Level
Silver Level
Bronze Level
Please return to: PFFW Office, 7 North Pinckney Street, Suite 200,
Madison, WI 53703-5805 Questions? Call Troy Haase at 920-979-1235
PFFW Convention
he Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin held their 74th Annual Convention June
7-10 in Eau Claire, WI. The convention was
opened by State President Mike Woodzicka,
State Vice-President Bob Baird, State Secretary-Treasurer Mike Drury, the PFFW Executive Board, U.S. Congressman Ron Kind, City Council
Vice-President Dave Duax, and Eau Claire IAFF Local 487
President Lance Hanson welcoming the delegates, alternates and guests to Eau Claire.
Mary Bouton, Ken Pizzurro, and Ted
Higgins honoring our deceased members
The opening ceremonies began with the memorial service
honoring the deceased members from the past year. The
PFFW Honor Guard honored the families with dignity
and professionalism and once
again showed the members of
the PFFW that they are dedicated to this organization.
President Woodzicka opened
with his state of the union address and continued with the
PFFW Executive Board committee reports and the business of the PFFW.
The business of the PFFW was highlighted with the passage of the following resolutions:
• RESOLUTION 1 was passed and the Constitution
and By-Laws will be changed to read; beginning on
July 1, 2009 and every year there after, the PFFW
Front Row: Brad Breuer, John Young, Mark Guehlstorf, Steve Wilding: Chair,
Lance Hanson: Co-Chair, Michael Gundersen, Larry Derosier Back Row:
Hank Wendt: Vice Chair, Travis Teesch, Glen McCoy, Paul Murphy
Budget will be increased by the consumer price index
(CPI), not to exceed 4% as determined by the Milwaukee Metro Area rate from the previous twelve-month
reporting period. As of July 1, 2009 this will result in
a decrease in per capita costs of .11 cents per member
per month for the remaining six months of 2009.
• RESOLUTION 2 was passed and asks the PFFW to
encourage local affiliates to pay the first years dues in
the RPFFW for retiring members of their local.
• RESOLUTION 3 passed and requires Locals who fail
to re-pay a loan received from the PFFW Aid/Grant
program to re-pay as agreed to in the contract or face
a financial penalty. This penalty is needed to ensure
timely compliance with signed repayment contracts to
ensure a viable Aid/Grant Program for other locals.
the PFFW at the Annual PFFW Convention sign the
seat belt pledge, review and promote the Everyone
Goes Home campaign to help meet the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s goal of reducing firefighters line-of-duty deaths.
• RESOLUTION 7 was passed and requires the PFFW
Front Row: Craig Ford, Pete Rohde: Vice-Chair, Ken Blaedow, John Gee:
Chair, Troy Haase: Co-Chair Back Row: Jeff Weidner, Jason Shikoski, Jeff
Nelessen, Joe Rondeau, Clay Christenson, Erick Gerritson
Board to form a committee to study, evaluate, and
research the current PFFW structure and alternate
structures to determine if the needs of the affiliates
can be better served.
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
• RESOLUTION 6 was amended, passed and requires
Continued on page 18
PFFW / Summer 2009
PFFW Convention
Continued from page 17
The convention provided five workshops Monday and Tuesday which
how we are all products of our life
experiences and how we need to
better understand diversity in the
• The New Delegation Orientation
Workshop allowed the new delegates and alternates to sit down
with PFFW President Woodzicka, Secretary/Treasurer Drury,
and Vice-President Baird to exchange information, ideas, and
assist them in maximizing their
convention experience.
• Attorney John B. Kiel reviewed
cases establishing the legal basis on
which firefighters can be disciplined
for off-duty conduct, and reviewed
cases of off-duty misconduct that
have had an on-the-job disciplinary consequence. The delegates
also learned how to prepare for and
represent bargaining unit members
during investigatory interviews of
alleged off-duty misconduct.
• Green Bay Firefighter Ann Peggs
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
and Racine Firefighter/Paramedic
Mark Villalpando provided an
understanding of the purpose of
a Human Relations Committee,
and how to develop one in your
local. This workshop focused on
Front Row: Steve Tippel, Mike Drury: Chair,
Robert Baird: Co-Chair, Derek Matykowski Back
Row: Chad Bronkhorst, Roger Running, Steve
Warn: Vice-Chair, Ted Taugtes
State Senator Pat Kreitlow addresses delegation
Front Row: Chris Marion, Mike Drury: Chair, Mark
Villiapando: Co-Chair Back Row: Greg Sikora,
Chuck Goettl, Ted Frank
• La Crosse Firefighter/EMT Steven
Cash provided a basic understanding of what autism is, as well as
tips and strategies in how to properly handle and individual with
autism to avoid negative encounters when responding to EMS and
fire incidents.
• Wisconsin
Employment Relations Commissioner Paul Gordon provided an overview of
the functions and organizational
make-up of the WERC, along with
the services offered by the agency.
He discussed impasse resolution services, grievance arbitration services,
and labor/management cooperation
Heather Micoley and a client family
discussed the benefits of MDA and
presented awards to the top fundraising locals. Attorney John Kiel discussed
the issues facing our membership and
thanked them for their support. AFLCIO President Dave Newby asked
the membership to join together with
their brothers and sisters from the
public, private and trade organizations
to work through the tough economic
times. Senator Pat Kreitlow also discussed the impact the economy is having on the State budget and thanked
the members for their support.
Emeritus Nancy Metcalf addressed
the attendees and thanked the PFFW
for their support. RPFFW President
Dave Bosanko informed the members
of the role of the RPFFW and its willingness to work with the members of
the PFFW.
Tim Hawks from the law firm of
Hawks, Quindel, Ehlke & Perry
S.C. discussed the legal battles locals
around the state are dealing with as
well as the impact the present economy is having on our members.
IAFF President Harold Schaitberger
and IAFF 5th District Vice-President
Paul Conway Shields helmet award drawn from the
members that contributed to the PFFW Conduit
PFFW / Summer 2009
President Woodzicka was re-elected
over Patrick Kilbane, Executive Board
Members Alan Hefter, Troy Haase,
Mahlon Mitchell, and Mark Villalpando were able to maintain their
seats in a highly competitive race with
Ann Peggs.
MDA top fundraising locals
Joe Conway Jr. updated the delegation
on the current issues affecting the IAFF
locally and abroad. They discussed the
impact of economy on the IAFF, the
opportunities with the added monies
to the SAFER Act, the future of EDF
Grants and the Guardian Policy, and
the issues the IAFF is having in very
tough economic times.
Governor Jim Doyle addressed the
membership and explained the economy and the impact it is having on the
State of Wisconsin. Although there are
some planned cuts in shared revenue
he assured the delegation that he would
do everything possible to protect the
vital services of our communities.
Sturgeon Bay, IAFF Local 2682 was
awarded the 77th PFFW Convention
in 2012.
Chad Bronkhorst wins Political Supporter Award
Bob Baird receiving his 25 year award
On behalf of the PFFW, Vice-President Bob Baird received an award for
his involvement and dedication to the
PFFW for the past 25 years. Executive
Board Member Len Orlando received
an award for his 20 years of commitment to the PFFW.
Front Row: Aaron Swaney, Len Orlando- Chair,
Lloyd Pickart Back Row: Jim Hintz, Al Hefter: CoChair, Pat Kilbane, Rich Gee: Vice-Chair
The PFFW Executive Board positions
were highly contested by all candidates with narrow margins of victory.
The Eau Claire Fire Fighters were
applauded for their dedication and
commitment to the convention as
they passed the red cap to the Superior Fire Fighters for the 2010 PFFW
Swearing in of PFFW Board: Executive Board
Member Mahlon Mitchell, State President Mike
Woodzicka, Executive Board Members Mark
Villalpando, Troy Haase, and Alan Hefter take the
oath of office from IAFF 5th District VP Conway
The PFFW Executive Board and members want to thank the Eau Claire Firefighters Local 487 for a well organized
and outstanding convention.
Front Row: Steve Wilding: Chair, Brian Winter,
Jeff Murphy, Garrett Cieczka Back Row: Norm
Nitz, Brian Goldschmidt, Jason Hempel, Mahlon
Mitchell: Co-Chair
Bob Baird: Chair, Len Orlando: Co-Chair, Steve
Tippel, James Hoepfner, Kevin Sherry, Juan
Gamez, Justin Pluess
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
Len Orlando receiving his 20 year award
d Data Management Se
e Billing, Collection, an
In 3 years, W
your Fire
The Best in EMS & Fir
What do you
Envision for your service?
Is it just enough cash coming in so you can make budget
and deal with rising costs? Or do you want more . . .
maybe a well-deserved raise for your staff, upgraded
equipment, new vehicles, or a new station?
Take a minute and really think
about it . . . what’s keeping you
from getting there?
As a Fire Chief or EMS Director, it’s a given
you’ve put a lot of hard work and extra hours
into building your service to the point it’s at now.
So if overcoming financial obstacles is “the last
missing piece,” call us, we can help you . . .
attain your vision!
Call LifeQuest today!
888 -777- 4911
We Found “The Key” to Increased Revenues .this. file. is called
All the logos new.eps
“Our service went from $60,000 a year in revenues to $170,000 a year since switching
Lifequest’s Lifeline Informational Newsletter
to LifeQuest! In the 5 years we’ve been with LifeQuest, the returns have been so great that
we have been able to pay wages, rising costs of medical equipment, and supplies without
increasing taxes to the municipalities that fund our service. It’s nice to have the money
to be able to pay all expenses and still set aside funds for new ambulances and defibrillators. Our service, commission, and community leaders have allYOUR
our reimbursements. This just wouldn’t have been possible without LifeQuest. Thanks!”
Diane Eberdt, Director of Lodi Ambulance
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
“Our ambulance service has been with LifeQuest since 2005 and for 4 years we have
continued to have our revenue grow every month. We have been able to upgrade
equipment, get an increase in our on-call
and finish
The free seminars and training are fantastic. The data management is priceless.
LifeQuest has the most outstanding staff ever. Most of the staff, having been or continue to be in EMS. They are the nicest, and definitely the most helpful, EMS family.
As a relatively new Ambulance Director, I can’t imagine running a service
without LifeQuest. Thank you so much; I couldn’t do
it without you. As I always say ‘I LOVE LIFEQUEST’”
Robyn Foster, Service Director for Osceola Area Ambulance
Call 888-777-4911
Using the newest technology in the industry to
stay on top of client service and contract.
n the state of Wisconsin there are over 65,000 insurance agents, thousands of agencies and hundreds of
different insurance companies, so how are consumers
supposed to make an informed decision when buying their home and auto insurance? When choosing
insurance you need to focus on certain very important attributes for the company, agency and individual agents.
Most people probably think insurance companies are
all the same and offer “apples to apples” coverage; this is
definitely not true. Many of the largest companies in the
country offer average coverage when compared to a local
company like West Bend Mutual. For instance, West Bend
automatically includes replacement cost for your home
and your personal possessions on their unique Home and
Highway Policy. In addition, your home is guaranteed to be
replaced by West Bend in the event of a loss where as most
policies only give an extra 20% above the coverage amount
on the policy. In Wisconsin, consumers are very lucky to
have companies like West Bend based in their home state
and only providing coverage throughout the Midwest. By
avoiding many of the coastal states, West Bend has been
able to avoid hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, and litigious environments which keep premiums very competitive. Their location along with their commitment to service
has allowed West Bend to maintain an A+ financial rating
since 1973. West Bend also
sets themselves apart with
such unique features as;
one policy for all of your
possessions, identity theft
coverage, 24 hour roadside
service, and a 5% cash-back
award for each year you don’t
have a claim. Yes, you read that
right, every year you go without a claim West Bend will send
you a check for 5% of your
total premium.
Owners Dan & Tom Gaumond
West Bend is one of
the many great companies represented by
G2 Insurance Services, Inc. G2 Insurance is a local independent insurance agency which represents 12 different
companies from large national companies to the best local
Wisconsin based companies. When G2 Insurance opened
in 2004, our goal was to make sure our clients got the best
deal for their insurance. This didn’t just mean offering cheap
rates, it meant working with clients to identify what they
needed and find a company that had the proper coverage
at the best price. The service provided by G2 Insurance is
what sets them apart as an agency. The owners have their
cell phones listed on their business cards so clients can get
a hold of them when they absolutely need to talk to their
agent. With West Bend, G2 Insurance has been able to offer
preferred pricing to the Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin. We love having the opportunity to give something back
to people who give so much to their local community and
firefighters definitely deserve preferred pricing.
The owners and agents at G2 Insurance all work together
as one team to make sure anytime a client contacts the
office the client gets the best service possible. The agency uses some of the newest technology in the industry to
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
G2 Insurance
Services, Inc.
PFFW / Summer 2009
Continued on page 22
PFFW / Summer 2009
G2 Insurance
Continued from page 21
Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin
stay on top of client
service and contact.
Aside from a brand
new website you will
find the agency located on Linkedin, Facebook, and a
blog to keep clients up to date on how
to help themselves when it comes to
insurance. Everyone at G2 Insurance
is licensed and takes more continuing education classes than the state requires, so they can stay on top of the
insurance industry and pass along new
information to their clients. The staff
and agents at G2 Insurance truly understand home and auto insurance, and all
of the other coverage’s people need for
boats, motorcycles, ATVs, umbrellas,
and more. Tom Gaumond is one of the
owners of G2 Insurance and has been
in the insurance industry for 10 years.
He was actually licensed while still in
high school. His father Dan Gaumond
is the other owner and has over 35 years
of experience in insurance.
The benefactor of the relationship
G2 Insurance and West Bend Mutual
have with the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin are its members. Every member is entitled to an automatic
10% discount with West Bend Mutual. This is already on top of the great
rates West Bend has to offer and all of
the discounts they can include such as
multicar discount, good student discount, preferred driver discounts, insurance scoring discounts, and many
more. The process for getting a quote
is free and easy and only takes a few
minutes. Not everyone will qualify for
West Bend’s program which is why
G2 Insurance has so many companies
to fit different individual needs. We
are proud to support the PFFW and
thank you for the great service you
provide throughout Wisconsin.
On behalf of our group and the
RPFFW Executive Board, congratulations to Eau Claire L-487 and
their wives for putting on a GREAT
CONVENTION. Also, to all the
newly elected and present Officers
and Board of the PFFW, oh what a
real nice feeling, being among friends
again and being treated like friends
and laughing over old times!!
Traditions are deeply cherished in the
fire service. The tradition of honoring of
our fellow brethren became a statewide
project in the fall of 1995 when approximately 15 members of the PFFW
founded the PFFW State Honor Guard.
Since their debut performance at the
PFFW Convention in June of 1996,
members of the PFFW State Honor
Guard have proudly served when called
upon to honor fellow firefighters. We
have been proud to conduct the memorial service of opening ceremonies at every PFFW convention since 1996.
Now that the PFFW leaders are
‘‘back on track’’, the RPFFW, will
be there whenever asked to support
the right causes! We were glad to see
so many new faces and liked the way
the officers listened to their needs.
On behalf of our group
and the RPFFW Executive Board, congratulations to Eau Claire
L-487 and their wives
for putting on a GREAT
And finally, WE hope ALL the Locals will give their retiring members the 1st year’s dues ($40) to
join us in supporting important
issues and providing some personal
contacts with fellow retirees. If you
have any questions on dues please
contact RPFFW State Sec-Treasurer Dave Wenzel.
And in closing some famous last
words: “Always remember not to
forget life doesn’t rewind; and if it’s
working well, leave it alone!”
Dave Bosanko,
RPFFW State President
The PFFWSHG has been called upon to
assist three PFFW locals (DePere, Green
Bay, and Marinette) with line of duty
death services. Many Departments have
called for our services for active member and retiree funerals. We have also
presented colors during the National
Anthem at several professional sporting
events. The PFFWSHG brochure lists
services provided by the Honor Guard
and was provided to all delegates at the
2009 PFFW Convention. Additional
copies are available upon request.
The Honor Guard is always looking for
dedicated individuals. If you want to
assist in honoring those that have dedicated their lives to the fire service, please
contact one of our principal officers. Do
not hesitate to call if you would like assistance with funeral or visitation services. We will do whatever we can to assist
the family and the Local. We will do so
with respect, dignity, and honor.
President: 715-498-4504
Vice President: 920-858-8536
Secretary: 715-498-4482
Treasurer: 608-289-4262
7 N. Pinckney Street, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53703
For an initial consultation, please call our offices:
MILWAUKEE (Tim Hawks) 1-800-236-3348 • MADISON (Bruce Ehlke) 1-608-347-9395
Hawks Quindel
Ehlke & Perry, S.C.
“When Experience Counts”
Our attorneys
are proud to be part
of Wisconsin’s dynamic labor
movement. Our philosophy is simple
— our clients come first!
Lawyers for the
Professional Fire Fighters
of Wisconsin
Whether protecting the rights of Wisconsin’s Fire Fighter
unions or individual members and their families, our
dedication, experience and commitment are unmatched.
In addition to assisting the PFFW with labor issues, we
also provide services at reduced fees for Fire Fighter union
members and their families in the following areas of law:

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