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Venue Profile - Argentina Concert Tours
Venue Profile
St. George’s School
Quilmes, Buenos Aires
St. George’s School Main Academic Building
St. George’s School is one of the two most prestigious schools in Argentina (the other being St.
Andrew’s Scots School). It was founded by Buenos Aires’ British community in the late 19th century
as one of many such institutions intended to promote and preserve British cultural traditions in the
“New World”. The school’s physical appearance resembles traditional British boarding schools and
students are required to wear uniforms. Additionally, most courses are taught in English giving St.
George’s a distinct bicultural feel.
St. George’s performance hall measures 50 feet deep by 80 feet wide and is 30 feet tall with seating
for approx. 450 concertgoers. Brick walls and the wooden floor and ceiling help absorb sound and
give the hall excellent acoustics.
Curtains on the side and rear of the performance hall keep out glaring light and help absorb sound.
View of the parquet wooden floor.
The stage is set some four feet off the ground and measures 14 ft. x 45 ft.
There is a director’s podium and music stand plus three sets of portable stairs with fours steps each
that can double as risers.
Four wooden boxes measuring 5 ft. by 7 ft. each can be used as additional risers for a total of seven
levels counting the floor, the stairs, the stage, and the boxes.
The Zeitter & Winkelmann piano is available for your use.