CA and Rehab Brochure


CA and Rehab Brochure
Pipeline Services - Pipeline condition assessment and rehabilitation
Support and
services for
Forterra Pressure Pipe
From the largest
to the smallest
pipe size, Forterra
Pressure Pipe
Pipeline Services
Group is ready to
Engineering Services
Document retrieval
In addition to our own historical records,
Forterra Pressure Pipe has access to past
project records from the following
Cretex Pressure Pipe
GHA Lock Joint
n Gifford-Hill American
n Hyprescon Pressure Pipe
n Interpace Corporation
n Lafarge Pressure Pipe
n Lock Joint Pipe Company
n Price Brothers Company
n Standard Pressure Pipe
A number of our engineers serve on industry
committees and participate in pipeline
conferences every year. Several are appointed
to the American Water Works Association
technical committees tasked with developing
and reviewing the standards used to
manufacture and design Prestressed
Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) and other
types of concrete pressure pipe. n
These records can be located, scanned and
provided to Owners for use on condition
assessment projects, emergency repairs,
relocations, cut-ins and other maintenance
tasks. These records can include Laying
Schedules, Layout Drawings and Detail
Engineering and design assistance
Our engineering staff has significant
experience with all aspects of concrete
pressure pipe including application, design,
installation and maintenance. Several of our
technical staff have over 30 years of
experience in the concrete pipe industry. Forterra Pressure Pipe
1003 N. MacArthur Blvd.
Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Materials Supply &
Forterra Pressure Pipe can be your one-stop
shop for the necessary materials to repair or
augment your active pipelines. We offer such
items as:
Emergency pipeline closures
Repair saddles, clamps & tendon
n Replacement pipe spools
n Steel linings for slip line or split cans
Should your repairs require special designs for
saddles, clamps, steel linings or tendons, our
staff can develop these items for you.
Pipeline Services
Forterra Pressure Pipe has a number of highly
trained and experienced pipeline service
representatives who are available to travel
to jobsites to assist Owners, Engineers and
Contractors with all aspects of PCCP
utilization. We maintain a segregated stock of materials in
each of our manufacturing plants that can
be used to repair or replace damaged lengths
of PCCP. We can usually have repair materials
on the site of a pipeline failure within hours of
notification, reducing the time of the service
Visual pipeline inspections
Performing in an advisory capacity, these
representatives can assist with pipeline
inspections for identification of pipe type,
joint type and gender, damage, and repair
options. Our pipeline service representatives can
inspect existing joints and remove / restore
exterior mortar on pipe sections to closely
examine prestressing wires. Samples can
be taken of coatings, linings, joints and steel
material as necessary for further study.
Building like nobody's business
Forterra Pressure Pipe
24/7 Pipeline Services Emergency

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