QUIET-RIOT - rocky mountain performance



QUIET-RIOT - rocky mountain performance
Installation Instructions:
US PATENT #7,896,128
REV 08/03/15
QUIET-RIOT is intended for installation in straight pipes or in stock pipes with the baffles removed. QUIET-RIOT performance
enhancing exhaust baffles are custom made for your pipe. We typically size the baffle .015” - .020” under the dimension you gave
us for your pipe. This is to insure that the baffles will fit, even if the pipe is a little out of round or there is some carbon buildup in
the pipe.
In order to install QUIET-RIOT, you will need a drill with a ¼” diameter drill bit, a center punch, and a set of Allen wrenches. If you
are not comfortable measuring locations and drilling holes in your pipes, your local dealer or motorcycle mechanic can easily
install these for you following these instructions.
QUIET-RIOT is designed to be installed with the mounting hole four to five inches from the end of your pipe. If you have pipe tips
or mounting bracket penetrations, etc. they can be installed up further, but we recommend no further up than 6” from the end of
the pipe.
To begin, verify that QUIET-RIOT will slip inside your pipe freely. Next, measure up your pipe on the outside up 5.0”, and place a
mark. The best place for the mounting bolt is on the bottom side of the pipe, where it is hidden. If you have to have it rotated
slightly to clear a bracket or get access to the hole for both drilling and access to the mounting bolt, that’s ok, as QUIET-RIOT
does not have a preference how it is rotated.
Be sure that you have carefully chosen the position for the mounting bolts (one in each pipe (or just one if this is a 2 into 1
system)), and marked your pipe. Get this step right, as you do not want to have more than one hole in your pipe, and once it is
drilled, it is drilled for good.
With a center punch, lightly punch the mark you made, just enough to get an indent so the drill won’t walk. Using the ¼” drill bit,
drill through the pipe, perpendicular to the pipe, then de-burr the hole with a screwdriver blade or something similar so that you
have a clean hole in each pipe.
Once the holes are drilled and deburred, slide QUIET-RIOT up your exhaust (as shown below), until the hole in the side of the
baffle matches up with the hole you have drilled. You can use a set of needle nose pliers to hold the end while you push it up the
QUIET-RIOT being slid up the pipe
Temperature, High Strength threadlocker to mount Quiet-Riot.
Next, using the included thread lock, coat the thread on the ¼” button head cap screw and lock washer provided with QUIETRIOT, insert it into the hole in the pipe that you drilled.
Next, using an Allen wrench, tighten the button head cap screw to between 35-40 inch pounds. With a small Allen wrench such
as what is shown in the above picture, you can tighten it sufficiently without damaging the threads on QUIET-RIOT.
Initial tightening of the QUIET-RIOT mounting bolt.
Once QUIET-RIOT has been installed, and the bolts tightened, and the thread lock has cured for 24 hours, you are ready to
ride! You should feel a substantial improvement in midrange over straight pipes, and the bike will be quieter with a throatier
Please call us if you have any questions during installation, we will be happy to assist you.
Enjoy your
Rocky Mountain Performance
217 Racquette, #5
Fort Collins, CO, 80524

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