The difference is in the details.


The difference is in the details.
Motivational Tubing’s entry into the Jr Comp/Mini Dragster ranks was designed from the ground up to be a
car capable of the 1/4 mile as well as the 1/8th mile. It features quality components - from the Anglia style
spindles and full size front tires/wheels to a 22” wide SFI 2.7C certifiable cage and a purpose-built 2” splined
rear end assembly - that are all designed to handle the horsepower and speed possible with one of these cars.
This dragster is quickly finding itself enthusiastically accepted in the Jr Comp class, the UMDRA style Mini
Dragster culture, and soon in the Super Comp ranks.
The crew at Motivational Tubing has approached this car with the same attention to detail and precision fit
that we are known for.
The difference is in the details.
The chassis is a 188” wheel base, modular 3 piece
The pre-loaded slip joint front clip gives the car more
front clip flex to aid in the smooth and consistent
transfer of weight to the rear tires while some
additional bracing preserves torsional stiffness to
minimize chassis roll. A safety stop is also build in to
prevent over travel.
The 22” wide drivers cage asm has been designed with taller
cage sides and is available in several roll bar heights for driver
comfort. It comes with a 1/8” aluminum deflector panel.
The rear clip has been engineered to fit most motorcycle and snowmobile
engines simply by bolting on the appropriate mounting plates and
brackets. If we do not already have the engine mounting components for
your engine designed, we will design them for you and mount your engine in
the chassis if you will send it to us. (At the date of this printing, we have
mounting components for the GSXR 1000, the Hayabusa”99” to “07”,
and the Yamaha RX1)
Interior features
• Aluminum floor and bulkhead panels
• Semi laydown or laydown seat (interchangeable)
The steering components are specified to
accepted 1/4 mile dragster standards
• Anglia style aluminum spindles
• Stiletto rack & pinion
• SFI certified quick release
• Full size steering wheel w/grips
Electrical components included
• Rear mount battery box w/shutoff mtg
• Dash asm w/cover
Standard Pedals group includes
• Brake pedal
• Throttle pedal w/pullback
• Adjustable mtg plate asm
Rear Axle group
• 2” OD 31 tooth splined aluminum tube axle
• Axle mtg plates for 26”/28” OD tires or 24” OD tires
• Bearings, cassettes and sleeves
• Heavy duty sprocket hub
• Axle spacer set for center pull or side pull assembly
• 15 bolt splined rear wheel hub
Brake group
• Dual Wilwood Dynapro calipers
• Wilwood master cylinder
• Dual 10” rotors and hubs
• Stainless braided brake line
Body group
• Aluminum body asm
• Fiberglass nose
• Clear or tinted Lexan windshield
• Pivoting body mtg arms to allow chassis to
flex without putting the body in a bind
Front wheels/tires
• Any 17” spindle mount full sized dragster
wheels and tires will fit
Rear wheels/tires
• 13”x9” to 15”x10” 15 bolt wheel
• 24/9-13 to 28.0/10.5-15 rear tires
These pictures show the rear clip being assembled for a snowmobile engine. This combination has the chain drive close to the
center of the car and the brake rotors mounted outboard.
This rear clip is being assembled for a Hayabusa engine. Here you can see the chain drive mounted outside of the rear chassis
and the brake rotors mounted between the chassis tubes.