RC18T Gear Cover Assembly instructions


RC18T Gear Cover Assembly instructions
RC18T Gear Cover
Assembly instructions
Required Tools:
4-way wrench
hex wrench, 1.5 mm, 3/32”
#1 Phillips screwdriver
Your RC18T Manual
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[email protected]
1. Remove the 3 motor screws and slide out the motor.
2. Using the hex wrench, unscrew the 4 shock tower ball studs: 2 in the front, 2 in the
3. Now unscrew the 4 upper arm ball studs from the chassis: 2 in the front, 2 in the rear.
4. Tilting the wheels away from the car body, pull out the dog bones and dog bone
springs and place them aside.
5. Use the screwdriver to remove the remaining 6 screws from the top plate and remove
6. Pull out the differentials and the drive shaft and set them aside.
7. Flip the car over to work from the bottom.
8. Remove the 5 screws from the rear end.
9. Lift out the chassis gear cover, pull out the rear arm mount. Set the rear suspension
10. Remove the rear gearbox.
Now you’re ready to install your new DP Gear Cover!
DP Gear Cover Installation
1. Place the DP Gear Cover in
position, pushing it gently into the
2. Press the hook feature (nearest the
motor mount holes) down. It will
snap into place.
3. Reassemble the chassis gear cover.
The 3rd, shorter screw goes into the
rear gearbox, so hold the gearbox in
place and screw it in.
(manual page 11, bag H, step 1)
4. Put the differentials back in, and
drop in the drive shaft.
(manual page 4, steps 3-6)
5. Take the DP Guillotine part and
press it into the Gear Cover until it
sits flush with the upper edge of the
Gear Cover. NOTE: This is a hard
press fit. You may want to chamfer
the edges of the Guillotine part for
easier installation.
6. Place the top plate in position and
reassemble it to the chassis using
the 6 previously removed screws
(manual page 5 step 12)
6. Use the remaining 2 screws from the
underside to reassemble the lower
rear arms to the chassis. (manual
page 5, step 5)
7. Push the dog bone springs back into
the differential out-drives, push in the
dog bones, and reassemble the 4
upper arm ball studs to the chassis.
8. Reassemble the 4 shock tower ball
studs, and you’re almost there!
9. Press the DP Motor Mount Adapter
over the existing motor mount.
10. Slide the motor back into position,
set the pinion gear mesh and put in
the last 3 screws.
Enjoy your new Gear Cover!
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