Issue Number Eighteen



Issue Number Eighteen
Published in
Fine Living Lancaster
Issue Number Eighteen
May, 2010
Reprinted with permission from
Fine Living Lancaster and
Virtual Media Group.
Open Hearts
Food FiGHt
Everybody, Duck!
in tHe pocket
Philly’s Best Songs – Reimagined
All contents of this issue of Fine Living Lancaster are
copyrighted by Fine Living Lancaster and Virtual Media
Group. All rights reserved.
Photography by David Schrott
Hair and Makeup by Kristen Green, owner,
and Susan Weik, stylist, of Tangles Salon
Fashion provided by Clemintines, Fillings,
Wearhouse Consignment, aZura, Creative
Elegance, Pappagallo, and Tiger’s Eye
Models: Sharon Hall and Caroline Rowley
Since living fashionably starts at home,
we thought the tremendously stylish
Northgate would be the perfect setting
for this fashion shoot. It is our firm
belief that your style of domesticity is
every bit as important as the sartorial
choices that you make every day when
you set forth into the world. This brings
up a difficult conundrum: when your
home is as grand as your fashion sense,
how do you choose when to stay in and
enjoy your surroundings, and when to
venture out in the world to show off
your impeccable taste?
Fashion provided by Clemintines:
Fun and flirty turquoise and lime green skirt by APU, white 3/4
length t-shirt by Casual Studio, turquoise knit wrap with large
button closure by LuLu B, wooden, beaded necklace by Ocean
Trading, handmade straw, stripped purse by Cappelli
Fashion provided by Fillings:
Animal print Alberto Makali open
weave asymetric hem cardy over
a black long length layering tank,
soft green pashmina, leggings by
Pappillion Blanc, pearl and chain
funky necklace highlighted with
assorted silver flowers, crystal
“flower” bracelet
Fashion provided by
Wearhouse Consignment:
Lux skinny crop jeans from
Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie
blue flowing cotton tank, Nine
West gladiator-style sandals,
and various accessories, all at a
significant savings over retail
Fashion provided by aZura:
LuLuMari Romper in Mustard
with Echo Naturals long strand
beaded necklace and cuff
Fashion provided by Creative Elegance:
Dress by Cartise paired with a colorful
beaded bracelet by Brighton
Fashion provided by Pappagallo:
The “Lorentina” dress by Eva Franco in red orchid
and accessories by John Wind
Fashion provided by Tiger’s Eye:
Origami all-weather poncho with storm-cuffs by
MAXJENNY. One size fits all with flare-leg ponte
knit pant by Lynn Ritchie

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