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June, 2009 – Issue 1
2A – Johnny Depp
Get to know everything about
his extravagant personality.
4B – Tomie Ohtake Open Doors
Learn all about this fantastic exhibition!
You can’t miss it!
“Pencils at work!”
It is hard to believe that we are closing in on the end of the
first semester of 2009. I want you all to know that we had a
really productive and positive semester at Day by Day. One
of our main focus for our teen students this semester was
to encourage student interest in writing. To do so, firstly all
the staff participated in several workshops to sharpen their
knowledge in teaching writing and then started developing
creative lessons and activities with focus on the writing
process. It is our privilege to share with you some of the
amazing writings our students have produced during this
time. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Lucita Rezende Vidigal
1A - Metropolis
Important Degas’ paintings stolen from
MASP Museum.
Fact File - São Paulo
A City to Visit
2A - People
Paul McCartney
Christopher Uckermann
Johnny Depp
3A - Life and Style
A real choice or a matter of luck?
3B - Life and Style
The Teenage New Generation
Gone With the Movies
4A - Arts and Entertainment
What our students have been reading…
Harry Potter
Black Coffee
The Man of the Brown Suit
A Madonna de Cedro
What our students have been doing...
4B - Arts and Entertainment
What we heard in the yard…
And what they have been writing…
Ticket to Paris
Tomie Ohtake Institute New Exhibition
True Love
5A - Travel
Looking forward to traveling in July?
We’ll try to inspire you…
Touristic Leaflet – Ouro Preto, Minas
When vacation turns into nightmare…
News from Rio
Important Degas’ paintings stolen from
MASP Museum
Fact File - São Paulo
By MARIANA CANHISARES – Pre Intermediate
From our head office in Pinheiros
There is more to this city than just traffic and pollution, she is
also known for its gastronomy and night life. If you come to São
Paulo you will be able to see another side of Brazil, the center of
the country’s economy is here. Some crowded places, like
Paulista Avenue, are filled with business buildings which makes
our city the perfect place for businessmen.
For those who aren’t here to work we recommend visiting some
parks like Ibirapuera or Villa Lobos, but if what you really want is
fun there are a lot of clubs with a diversity of entertaining things
to do.
Something you can’t miss is São Paulo’s famous restaurants and
for those who don’t want to spend too much money on food there
are also great little places to eat.
So come to São Paulo on this holiday. It’s spring time and the
sun is shinning.
A City to Visit
Last night, at around midnight, a group of thieves stole two
important works of art. These paintings were painted by
Degas, the main artist on exhibition at MASP.
The police told us that the thieves turned off the burglar alarm
and overpowered the security guards. Only an inside glass
door was broken by them making this robbery an unbelievable
Now the police is confused because the only clue they have is
a pink cell phone. They suspect that one of the thieves works
in the museum because it explains the careful way that the
thieves stole the paintings. If any information that is kept in the
cell phone connects to any worker then the police will have a
What we need to do is wait for more information. If you know
something call the police. We all want these paintings back to
a place where we can see them, at MASP!
Reporting from the scene of the crime
By VITOR HO DE CASTRO – Pre Intermediate
From Paulista Avenue for Day by Day News – S. Paulo, April 28th, 2009
We, from Day by Day News tried to talk to the museum
security manager, but he wouldn’t talk. The police gave some
information: they believe that one of the five thieves works at
the museum because of the way they turned off the alarm.
One clue was found, a pink cell phone, which made the police
think about a woman in the group.
The bank manager Alice Ramos didn’t come to work today.
Bank employees say that she has a pink cell phone!
If you’ve never visited São Paulo, it should be on your list of
“what to do before dying”. Some people say that São Paulo is
too big, and indeed, it is huge. You can think of it as a bad thing.
However, that contributes to make it really special and unique.
The size is only because a small town can’t hold as much culture
São Paulo does. Let me explain…
São Paulo has a diversity of cultures, religions and history that
no city in Brazil can show. Here we have Japanese, Chinese,
Italian, Portuguese and other cultures all mixed in one. Therefore
there are all kinds of restaurants, historical places and interesting
neighborhoods so that you never get bored. Let’s try to
summarize this enormous range of highlights and let’s pick up
some of the best places in São Paulo. The most gorgeous and
stunning park is Ibirapuera Park, which is the best place in São
Paulo to walk and to spend a bright morning in a healthy way.
Otherwise, if you want to go shopping, the best shops are on
Oscar Freire Street and surroundings not to mention the first
class Malls like Iguatemi, Cidade Jardim and Villa Lobos.
Looking for something more hipper? São Paulo has the best
museums such as MASP, MAM and Pinacoteca do Estado,
which is located next to the marvelous Estação da Luz, a
historical sight worth seeing. Another place that is a must is the
Municipal Theater. Well, as you are in São Paulo you can’t leave
the city without strolling along the famous Paulista Avenue,
where there are the most beautiful and modern architecture
But be careful with some wise guys that walk around trying to
fool everybody, mainly tourists. Sometimes, they try to get your
money and if they fail they will try it again, that’s why you’d better
be safe than sorry. Besides being alert to those cons, there is
nothing to worry about, just enjoy your visit in the city of lights
and try to absorb as much as you can of the culture of this
incredible place.
Paul McCartney
By LUIZA FRANCO- Upper Intermediate II
“Let it Be”, “Yesterday”, “Hey Jude”.
Do they sound any familiar to you?
Paul McCartney, the world famous
Beatle who didn’t get as much
attention as John, actually wrote the
most famous Beatle songs. He was
born on June 18 , 1942, at the Walton
Hospital in Liverpool. He first rose to
fame as the bassist, pianist, guitarist,
singer and songwriter for one of the
most famous bands in the history of
music, The Beatles. Besides all that,
he was also the face of the band, and
the most popular one with the ladies.
Ironically, he was also the last one to get married. In 1969 he
married Linda Eastman and adopted her daughter from her first
marriage. They went on to have three other children together.
After the scandalous break up of The Beatles, he immediately
began a solo career. On March 11 , 1977, Paul McCartney was
knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Nowadays he continues to write
songs, as well as campaign for the groups Greenpeace and
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and he continues
to tour throughout the USA and the rest of the world, and plans
to keep playing even after he is 64.
My parents are the reason why I
first began liking Paul, they are
huge fans of his (and of The
Beatles too, of course), and
therefore, I’ve been a fan too,
since I was a little child. I find his
songs really beautiful and his
lyrics absolutely wonderful and
carry a huge amount of beautiful
messages, and I really admire his
work, creativity and concerns
about important issues in the
Christopher Uckermann
By JOANA RAMOS - Upper Intermediate II
On October 26 , 1986, a star was born in Mexico City. Since
1999, when he played his first important role on television (in
the soap-opera El Diario de Daniela), Christopher Alexander
Luis Carrieras Von Uckermann has been a success around the
world, breaking idiom barriers and loads of prejudice. The door
to all his success was Rebelde (2004 / 2006) the most
successful and the longest Mexican soap opera. It was on the
soap opera that the band RBD (composed by Christopher,
Dulce, Anahi, Christian, Maite and Alfonso) had his origin. The
group became a phenomenon in the whole world and they
made tours in the five continents. In Brazil, RBD is so loved that
three people died stamped in a crowded show. During the four
years of RBD, Christopher also created a jewelry brand with a
friend. It’s called “Vonego” and half of the profit goes to cancer
children victims. Christopher also plays the drums and he’s a
professional skater. He writes his own songs too. On August
15 , RBD announced they were breaking apart and Christopher
wrote a book about the experience that will be released soon.
Now, he’s producing his first solo album: The Power of Now.
In the intent of composing the songs, he will travel to eleven cities
around the world. When it comes to his personal life, he’s really
the party kind of guy, always with a different woman although
someday he’ll marry Dulce! VONDY POR SUERTE, HASTA LA
MUERTE. He loves The Simpsons, playing soccer and video
games. His favorite color is black and his favorite musicians are
Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. His idol is James Dean. His
dream is to win an Oscar. I love him in every single way.
He’s simple, sweet to his
fans, funny, has the most
beautiful voice and dances
so well! I really admire his
professional ambitions too.
Christopher Uckermann is
gonna change the world
someday and I’m not sure he
even knows it. “Piensen lo
que piensen de mi; a mi me
dá igual: yo vivo por ti.”
Johnny Depp
There is more to him that just another hollywoodian star or a cute
actor. Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors in the world,
who has the power to fascinate people of all ages and from all
over the world with his job and his charm. Actually, there isn’t
much mystery about him. At first glance, he looks like a typical
“Don Juan” (not as a coincidence, he’s already played this role on
a movie): a square jaw, sparkling eyes and a perfect bone
structure. Besides that, the first thing you might notice about him
is his big smile, which makes all women get dizzy. However,
these wonderful features are nothing compared to his extravagant
personality. Deep is singular in the way he moves and speaks.
His gestures are the mixture of strength, charm and softness that
contribute to make him so desirable. There is certainly something
about him that captivates everyone around. What strikes me most
about his personality is that he knows exactly how to be funny
with subtlety in his words and gestures. Despite wearing casual
clothes, he isn’t a boring man in the way he dresses. He has a
very particular taste for fashion, which also makes him different
from others. After all, I think that in spite of being a well known
celebrity, he must be a simple person, not self-centered, nor
standoffish and, for sure, a gentleman.
Life and Style
The question that most parents ask these days is “Should I let
my children play the video-game?” There are two sides to this
story and not even specialists know which one is right or wrong.
Playing the video-game can have good consequences. It is an
unusual and fun way of developing motor coordination, by
learning how to push different sequences of buttons in each
game, as well as fast thinking, when you have just a few
seconds to decide what your next move will be. Furthermore it is
an excellent way of interacting with friends and getting to know
new people. For example, most people don’t like to play the
games by themselves, so they invite friends over or they go into
websites (fan clubs) and talk to some people who have the same
interests as them.
On the other hand, video-games can be dangerous. The
addiction for some people is inevitable and from the moment it is
not just a fun activity anymore, you could be at risk. Moreover,
violence is almost always present in these games and it could
easily influence a child’s mind. It might make them want to live in
the unreal world, where they would mix video-games with real
Children will be safe if the number of hours they play is
determined by the parents since the supervision is the most
important factor when we talk about addiction.
Nowadays, there are new types of games, as an example the
Nintendo Wii, in which you do real exercises, and therefore avoid
leading a sedentary lifestyle. Specialists say that nothing is
harmful if it is done with moderation. So, everyone can play and
have fun with their friends. Now, even older people that used to
say that video-games are not good to your health want to play a
tennis match or a box round now and then in these new healthier
but not less-addicted types of video-games.
Nowadays cell phones became something essential for us.
Some people work with them, others can’t leave home without
them. But we can’t forget that this is something new, so how
people survived before it?
As a recent thing it’s hard for us to imagine those times when we
couldn’t be found even at home, but it happened, and for a long
Cell phones allow us to talk when is necessary, you can be
walking on the street or in a restaurant. If you have a cell phone,
people will find you wherever you are.
This is something
now, when we are
used to spending less
time at home.
On the other hand, it
could be a problem as
we are able to find
and be found by
everyone, we have
because we became
available all the time.
In my personal opinion I think that cell
phones can make our lives so much
better, helping communication, work
and other areas.
But we need to take care and sometimes forget it at home or just
turn it off, otherwise we are going to become dependant on it!
A real choice or a matter of luck?
Just imagine: you’ve been waking up at 6 o’clock every morning
for the past 7 or 8 years, you’ve been studying so hard that
you’re already dreaming with numbers or Hitler chasing you. The
only thing that people talk to you about is university, and you
can’t hang out with your friends anymore because your parents
will say that you’re wasting precious time when you could be
sleeping or reading a book.
Does this sound like fun to you? Because that is the life that a 16
or 17 year old has to live if he wants to get into university.
Teenagers, nowadays, are torn between two choices. Either you
sit down, forget that you’re on the best age of your life and study
as hard as you can, or you won’t get into a decent university and
you will have to remember it for the rest of your life.
But let’s face it, does anybody truly believe that such young
people could choose what they want to do for the rest of their
useful years? Of course not!
Teenagers are going through the most confusing and scaring
period of a human existence. No one, I repeat, no one can make
a decision in this stage with 100% certainty that it is right. To me,
life is a game of luck, and this choice is not different from
another, we all have a 50% - 50% chance that it will work or not.
So, what for all the studying and pressure? A 50% - 50% chance
is not enough to make someone waste the greatest time of his
life. A new way of getting people into university has to be thought
and quickly. In that case, we’ll be able to think more about what
we really want for us and therefore increase the probability of
making the right choice instead of memorizing the quadratic
formula or organic chemistry. A revolution has to be made!
Teenagers have to put their heads together and change society
The Teenage New Generation
Dear Sir or Madam,
The purpose of this letter is to express my opinions about a
reader’s letter published in your magazine’s last week edition,
which certainly drew my attention. The letter was written by
Henry Reid-Streebling, and its theme was the changing of family
values since his teenage years. I feel the need to speak my
mind, as I have already said, mainly because not only do I not
agree with some points of view expressed in that letter, but I also
feel personally offended, since I am sixteen years old.
Firstly I would like to say that if the general thought is that
nowadays the teenage generation has time to laze around, it
must be rethought. The number of obligations teenage have,
have multiplied over the years. School tasks such as doing
homework, studying for daily exams, reading novels in short
periods of time, accomplishing group works and weekly essays
are absolutely necessary to prepare the student for the
competitive market outside. Moreover, there are extracurricular
activities such as language classes – absolutely necessary in a
globalized world – sports training, music classes and social work
Of course, not all of us are
concerned about our future
and what and advantage it
would be to accomplish all
these tasks that we are
assigned, and this brings us
to the topic of family values. I
feel it’s the teenager’s
parent’s task to teach them
responsibility, to be close to
them at all times and help
them whenever they feel lost
in such an important period of
transition in their lives.
On the other hand, it is the teenager’s task to recognize that their
parents support is something priceless. In addition to that, I must
say that by “being close” I don’t mean not letting their teenagers
do anything, otherwise they will never grow up, or even worse,
will rebel! Parents who trust their children will have a healthier
relationship even in the teenager adult years. Otherwise it might
happen that their children will end up avoiding them.
I believe the reader that wrote that letter was generalizing. In that
case, I just suggest he should be more careful before expressing
his opinions.
Yours faithfully, Laura Blanco
Gone With The Movies
“Think of something that makes you happy, that you can see
yourself doing it twenty years from now and still enjoying it” –
that is what we are told by the optimistic ones, while trying to
figure out which career to choose. “Forget about money. Think
about what moves you, what touches your souls.” That’s when I
think about movies. Movies are not only people and objects
moving around in a big screen. They are not just a hobby, or
something to spend the time with. At least, not for me. As far as I
can see it, movies are another way to tell the truth about life, to
cheat misery, a way to lose control over our emotions. Above all,
movies are an attempt to achieve perfection.
A little girl goes to the movies.
She sees romance, she sees a
big white wedding, the gorgeous
boyfriend and girlfriend, happilyever-after stories, and those are
her wishes. The boy sees cops,
bad guys, flying cars, action and
he also wants those adventures.
These storylines are all pieces of
a huge puzzle inside our minds
that holds a certain image of
what our lives could be like.
When we laugh, cry or get afraid,
right in our living room, staring at
our television, we are trying to
bring some of that perfection and
excitement into our own beings.
The film industry might not be very kind to all, but to think that I
can be the one that makes the little girl dream about her future;
the little boy wish he was in another country, another planet, the
one to remove the working man from his place of conformity; to
represent the minorities; to show the people the poverty and the
injustice in the world; these are the reasons why I am going with
movies as my career of choice.
Arts and Entertainment
What our students have been
Harry Potter
By ERICA MATULIS – Upper Intermediate I
In Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Askaban, written by J. K.
Rowling, Harry is in his third year of Hogward, the magic
school. Ronald’s father tells Harry some information about
Sirius, a man who has escaped from Askaban, the safest
prison of the region and who’s said to be looking for Harry.
At the magic school, Harry, Ron and Hermione have a new
“Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher”, professor Lupin,
who, after a while, is said to be a werewolf. All the school is
looking for Sirius Black and there are dementors all around the
school looking for the wanted prisoner. Professor Lupin
teaches some spells for Harry to fight the dementors, who are
terrible creatures.
Sirius is said to have killed Peter Pettigrue, who, with a magic
map (“The Marander’s Map”), is discovered to be alive and
walking all around the school. After a lot of suspense and
action, Harry discovers that Sirius Black is his godfather and
that Ron’s rat is Peter Pettigrue.
The book is really interesting and also a fast read. You will
really get into it. Once you start reading, you can’t put it down.
Black Coffee
By CLARA BLANCO – Upper Intermediate I
Black Cofee is another amazing book written by one of the
most famous mystery books writer, Agatha Christie. The story
is about a theft of a formula for a powerful new explosive, and
a murder. Hercule Poirot, his assistant Cap. Hastings and
Inspector Japp have to solve the case by discovering who
stole the formula and who killed Mr. Claud (the inventor of the
formula). The story takes place at the library of Mr. Claud’s
big house, where all suspects were gathered, and where Mr.
Claud is killed during a blackout. The book is recommended
to teenagers because you have to pay attention to all facts
and clues. While you read the book you can try to solve the
case with your own theories. It’s a real page turner.
A Madonna de Cedro
By FELIPE PIROLLA – Upper Intermediate I
A Madonna de Cedro is a fantastic adventure book about
José, a very happy and honest guy who lives in Congonhas
do Campo, a modest and small historic city in Minas Gerais.
José is a poor guy and he wants to marry Maria, a rich girl
whose parents don’t agree with the marriage because of his
poor life and ridiculous job of selling small prophets of
soapstone near the church built by Aleijadinho, a very famous
architect in colonial Brazil. The adventure starts when he has
an opportunity of making a lot of money, but to get this
money, he has to steal a very famous work by Aleijadinho
called Madonna de Cedro. Antonio Allado surprises us
another time in this awesome book. You should try it!
The Man of the Brown Suit
By LUISA BLANCO – Upper Intermediate I
The Man of the Brown Suit is a real page turner written by
Agatha Christie, one of the best mystery story writers nowadays.
Imagine if you were accused of committing a crime. And what if
you fell in love with someone who might be a murderer? Well,
this is what this amazing book talks about.
Going to London, a man mysteriously falls off a subway platform
and that’s when the story really starts. The rest of the story takes
place on a ship on the way to Africa, and detective Poirot has to
discover where the stolen diamonds are and figure out how the
theft is related to that man’s death.
What our students have been
By ALINE ARAI – Teen 5
– Hello, Maria.
– Yes?
– It’s Aline. What are you going to do on the weekend?
– I don’t know. And you?
– I’m going to the movies. Do you want to come with me?
– Yes!
– So, what are we going to see?
– I don’t know, I haven’t seen any movies lately.
– What about “Presságio”? People say it’s good.
– I don’t know… I don’t like this kind of movie. I’d rather see a
comedy. What about “Monstros vs. Alienígenas”?
– No, this one is really weird and I’ve already seen it.
– Hmmmm… OK. So, I think we’d better see “Anjos e
Demônios”. My friends said it’s really good.
– That’s OK with me.
– So I’ll meet you in front of the cinema at 7 o’clock, OK?
– See you then.
– See you.
What we heard in the yard…
By EDUARDO SÁ – Teen 5
– So, Eduardo, what movie do you want to see?
– I don’t know. What do you think about “The Simpsons”?
– Don’t you think that “The Simpsons” is very silly?
– I don’t know, my brother said it is funny.
– My cousin said that it is terrible, too silly!
– Ok, let’s se another one…
– Have you seen any good movies lately?
– No, I didn’t have time for anything.
– Let me see… do you want to see “Tropa de Elite”?
– Are you crazy? If I see “Tropa de Elite” I won’t sleep tonight!
– Yes, that’s true. We’d better not see this movie, it’s too violent.
– So let’s see “Star Wars”.
– I’m sorry Eduardo, but I’ve already seen this film.
– What do you think about “One Night at the Museum”?
– Oh, my cousin said that it’s a very good comedy and that’s
pretty funny!
And what they have been
Ticket to Paris
By ERICA MATULIS – Upper Intermediate I
Sara was a woman who
had always dreamed of
going to Paris and
meeting a special guy to
be her husband. She
wanted that because her
favorite movie happened
in Paris and it was a very
romantic story. In that
story there was a guy who
fell in love with a girl and
they were all happy ever
described Paris as the
right place to find the man
of your dreams. So Sara
wanted the story to
happen with her.
One day her parents decided to give Sara the best gift ever. She
was very excited to know what the present was. So, after a
couple of days, her parents gave her the present that was going
to change her life forever. She got so happy to receive a ticket to
Paris as a birthday present!
A month before the trip, she was already planning all the things
for it. And, on the day of the trip, everything was already
arranged. She woke up a little late, but still before the flight. She
did all the things she had to do in her house. And then she got in
the lift at her apartment to leave the building. She was very
excited and happy smiling to everyone, but then the lift broke
down. She got stuck in the lift. She started to feel nervous. Inside
the lift there were two young boys and an old lady. Oh, and there
was a very strong and handsome man too. “It is not going to be
so bad”, she thought. When someone came to fix the lift, many
hours had already passed and she was really late for the trip.
Anyway, she got a taxi as fast as she could and entered the
airport . When she got to the airport, her airplane had already left
and she felt very sad. The woman at the airport said that she
couldn’t change her flight for any other.
Now, Sara hasn’t even gone to Paris and still doesn’t have the
husband of her dreams. She has only a strong man who she had
met that day in the lift.
True Love
By CAROLINA MORONE – Upper Intermediate I
Beatriz was 20 years old. She
lived in New York and she
worked in a supermarket. She
supermarket was next to her
home. One day, leaving home,
Bia was carrying a lot of things
and when she entered the lift
she let her bag fall. Of course,
she had a lot of things with her,
but the real reason for letting
her bag fall was that she had
gotten surprised by the man
that was in the lift.
The man was very handsome. His name was Marcos and he
was her new neighbor. Marcos was 25 years old and he was a
lawyer. He worked next to his apartment, in the same street, at
Bank Boston. After that day, Bia always met Marcos in the lift,
but she thought that he would never notice her. Unexpectedly,
one day, he knocked on her door. He was trying to make some
juice, but he didn’t have any sugar. They started talking and after
that, every day Marcos and Bia had dinner together. Two months
had passed and Bia and Marcos started dating. Bia didn’t have
much money, and she always had a dream to visit Paris. She
always thought that it was the most beautiful place in the world.
Well, four years had passed and on March, 17 , Marcos and Bia
were getting married. Bia was late and Marcos was getting
nervous. When she finally entered the church, Marcos whispered
to her: “I have a surprise for you!”
After the ceremony he called Bia and said: “Now I’m your
husband. We will spend our honeymoon in Paris!”
Tomie Ohtake Institute Open Doors for
Latin American Artists
By MARIANA CANHISARES – Pre Intermediate
Tomie Ohtake Institute is having an exhibition about the Latin
American Culture on Faria Lima Avenue, 201, here in São
Paulo. Since February 12 , this exhibition has taken a lot of
people to see how our culture is represented by some artists,
like the Brazilians Arcangelo Ianelli and Iberê Camargo, and
other international artists, like Frida Kahlo and Alfredo Hilto.
With about 41 works of art, the Tomie Ohtake Institute has
gathered different kinds of works. Some paintings are really
colorful, others are dark. Some are simple, other are very
This interesting exhibition will end on April 5 . So rush! This is a
way for you to know the different places in our continent, with
their own thoughts and culture. To get more information, you can
call: (11) 3245-1900. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11
am to 8 pm.
Looking forward to
traveling in July? We’ll try
to inspire you…
Touristic Leaflet – Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais
When talking about Brazil, the majority of people think about Rio
de Janeiro, São Paulo or even the Amazon Forest. However,
there is more to Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, than is actually
known, and it is worth taking a closer look.
Ouro Preto has great importance to Brazil’s history, mainly due
to the gold exploitation that took place in the area in the 18
century, when there were still slaves working in the country.
Because of that, the city boosts some of the most important
historic monuments in Brazil, including the work of Aleijadinho, a
famous Brazilian sculptor, and many old churches that are
specially worth seeing.
In spite of its hills, which can be exhaustive to walk up for the
ones who aren’t used to doing it, the view is breathtaking,
because the city is surrounded by mountains. If that doesn’t turn
you on, then trying the typical food is a must. Visitors from
everywhere get fascinated by the variety of Mina’s culinary.
If you do visit Brazil, Ouro Preto deserves to be high on the list of
places to visit.
When vacation turns into nightmare…
Dear Sir,
I’m writing to complain
about my last trip organized
by you. I regret to inform
that it was the last vacation
remember asking you about
the hotel and you said it
was close to the beach. I’m
sorry to tell you that a
three-mile walk down steep
steps is not really close!
When you said that it was
all-inclusive I started to
imagine some nice food,
not “uneatable”!
If I’m not crazy I remember
that you told me not to take
much money because it
wouldn’t be necessary. I
followed your advice and I
couldn’t buy anything.
Under the circumstances I really think that you should refund at
least half of the cost of this wonderful trip.
Sincerely yours,
Renata Rocha.
News from Rio
Hey, Tati, it’s Ju. I’m here in Rio de Janeiro and today I have
already been to the beach and been to a park. Yesterday I went
shopping and I met new people at the hotel. I was really tired.
Now I’m having lunch at a beautiful place in Copacabana.
I miss you. Next time you come with me. I wish you could be
Oh, I learned surfing today, it was so cool, like, the best thing in
this trip. I have bought a bikini for you in a little shop next to my
hotel. People here are really friendly. I’m having so much fun! I
got to go but I’ll e-mail you tomorrow.

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