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Invite AW.indd
You will have the opportunity to attend up to four `mini-symposia’ sessions. A selection
of the mini-symposia available is provided below. A full list of available sessions and
information on how to pre-register will be provided.
Len Calabrese
Managing Comorbidities in Rheumatologic Diseases
Tom Huizinga
Predicting Clinical Response – Biomarkers and Genetics
Georgy Nagy
Clinical Cases – Management of the Difficult RA patient
Claire Bombardier
Quality Indicators in RA
Roy Fleischmann
Oral Therapies – Clinical Data
Walter Grassi
Fred Joshua
To Be or Not to Be in Remission: Can Ultrasound Guide Us?
Annelies Boonen
Laure Gossec
Patient Reported Outcomes: Can Patients Tell Us More?
Maxime Dougados
Filip Van den Bosch
Update in Spondyloarthropathies
Robert Landewé
Xenofon Baraliakos
AxSpA: Interpretation of Imaging (X-ray, MRI)
Astrid van Tubergen
Epidemiology of Axial SpA
Fred Houssiau
Updates in the Management of Renal Disease in SLE
Speaker TBC
Cardiovascular Risk Management in SLE
Speaker TBC
Family Planning in SLE
Thomas Dörner
Treatment Goals and Disease Activity Assessment in SLE
Georg Schett
Rik Lories
Piet Geusens
Bone Biology and Novel Osteoporosis Agents
Stephen Hall
Nicolò Pipitone
Managing Vasculitis
Dominique Baeten
Updates in Basic Immunology
Athol Wells
Interstitial Lung Disease
Clinical Implications of Scientific Breakthroughs
in Immune-Mediated Diseases
21st to 23rd February 2013, Prague, Czech Republic
Chaired by Peter Nash
CME accreditation applied for
This meeting is sponsored by UCB.
CME accreditation applied for.
Date of Preparation: October 2012
Code: IMNL-SCT-016659-102012
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Dear Colleagues and Friends,
On behalf of myself and our faculty of distinguished specialists I am delighted to invite
you to join us at the Fourth International Immunology Summit.
Within the field of immunology, analogous to the challenge of climbing a mountain, we
have faced a steep climb in the treatment of our patients. Our initial goals of symptom
control and disease modification have been surpassed in many cases, and we continue
to advance up the treatment pyramid as our focus increasingly shifts to remission and
drug-free remission. This meeting will consider the scientific data and clinical guidance
that can help us to continue this advance, and will close with discussions of our hopes
for the future, of reaching the peak of management through the cure, and ultimately
prevention of immunological conditions.
This meeting will review the latest scientific developments across immune-mediated
diseases and consider how these novel updates can be implemented in the clinic to
improve the care of our patients. The programme will cover a wide range of relevant
topics including:
• New pathways and targets in immunology
• Managing comorbidities in rheumatologic diseases
• Scientific approaches to early aggressive treatment in RA and translation of clinical
trial data into daily practice
• Pathogenesis of axial SpA and PsA and novel management approaches
• Future developments in rheumatic disease imaging
• Novel pathways and therapies in SLE
• Novel pathways and therapies in osteoporosis
The Summit will provide the opportunity for discussion, interaction, networking and
debate with many leading experts in their respective fields.
The meeting will start at 11am on the morning of Thursday 21st February and finish at
lunchtime on Saturday 23rd February. In addition to the main plenary sessions you will
have the opportunity to attend up to four highly interactive ‘mini-symposia’ sessions,
providing the opportunity to consider the most novel developments across a wide range
of topics most relevant to the management of our patients.
I very much look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a highly exciting,
interactive and enjoyable meeting.
Kind regards
Thursday 21st February 2013
0940 – 1010
1000 – 1100
Arrivals and Coffee
1010 – 1040
Axial SpA – Pathogenesis and Burden of Disease
1100 – 1110
Welcome and Introduction from the Course Director
Désirée van der
Heijde (NL)
1040 – 1110
Update on Trials and Novel Therapies in SpA
Filip van den Bosch
1110 – 1120
Questions and Answer Session
1120 – 1250
Mini-Symposium Session 2
1250 – 1420
Future Developments in Rheumatic Disease Imaging
Robert Landewé (NL)
1500 – 1530
Basic Science – Pathogenesis of SLE
Thomas Dörner
1530 – 1600
Novel Therapies in SLE
Joan Merrill (USA)
1600 – 1615
Questions and Answer Session
1615 – 1645
Peter Nash (Australia)
Updates in Immunology
1110 – 1140
New Pathways and Targets in Immunology
Dominique Baeten
1140 – 1210
Introduction of Novel Agents – Implications for
Clinical Practice
Peter Taylor
1210 – 1220
Questions and Answer Session
1420 – 1500
1220 – 1330
Management of Rheumatological Diseases
1330 – 1400
Managing Comorbidities in Rheumatologic Diseases
Len Calabrese (US)
1400 – 1430
Family Planning and Pregnancy in Immunological
Speaker to be
1430 – 1500
Advances in Interstitial Lung Disease – Classification,
Investigation & Management
Athol Wells (UK)
1645 – 1815
Mini-Symposium Session 3
1500 – 1515
Questions and Answer Session
Summit Dinner
1515 – 1545
Saturday 23rd February 2013
Rheumatoid Arthritis
1545 – 1615
Biologic Agents – An Update of Safety Data
Xavier Mariette
1615 – 1645
Early and Aggressive Management of RA
Speaker to be
Josef Smolen (Austria)
0830 – 1000
Mini-Symposium Session 4
1000 – 1030
Bone Biology
1030 – 1100
Updates in Osteoporosis
Eugene McCloskey
1100 – 1130
Novel Pathways in Osteoporosis
Christian Roux
1645 – 1715
Translating Trial Data into Clinical Practice
1715 – 1730
Questions and Answer Session
1730 – 1900
Mini-Symposium Session 1
1130 – 1140
Questions and Answer Session
Buffet Dinner
1140 – 1210
Reaching the Summit – The Future of Immunological
Disease Management
1210 – 1230
Meeting Summary and Close
1230 – 1330
Friday 22nd February 2013
axSpA and PsA
0830 – 0900
Pathogenesis and Novel Targets in PsA
Chris Ritchlin (US)
Peter Nash MBBS (hons) FRACP (Course Director)
0900 – 0930
Update on Trials and Novel Therapies in PsA
Doug Veale (Ireland)
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Queensland
Director of the Rheumatology Research Unit, Sunshine Coast, Australia
0930 – 0940
Questions and Answer Session
Programme may be subject to minor changes
Speaker to be