Railcon Leaflet Heavyrail ENG Product specification sheet



Railcon Leaflet Heavyrail ENG Product specification sheet
Heavy rail
Partner in rail track projects
Heavy rail
De Meteoor is a reliable partner in the construction of
heavy rail track projects. A big player with a lot of knowhow and experience that has been involved in extensive
railway projects such as the HSL (high-speed rail link) and
the Betuwelijn. We supply a wide range of standard products but also offer customised solutions.
Wide range of rail supports
De Meteoor produces and supplies an extensive range of
prefab concrete products for the rail market. We are flexible
in this. Many of our products are available from stock.
De Meteoor pre-stressed rail supports enjoy an excellent
reputation. Our standard product range includes among
other things mono and points sleepers for a wide range of rail
types at home and abroad. At the moment we produce mono
and points sleepers for the Dutch, Belgian and German
Flexible in points sleepers
We also supply special sleepers for use in pre-assembled
points on concrete. The construction of points systems
requires specific qualities. No two points are the same.
De Meteoor not only manages the production of the required
unique products but also the logistics concept coupled with
this. The points sleepers are supplied to the points
constructor in the right order. De Meteoor stands out because
of its great focus on service and short delivery lines.
Track slab concept
For flooring railway tracks and level crossings we offer a
complete track and level crossing concept. This consists of
complete sets of prefabricated concrete slabs for the flooring
in, between and alongside the tracks. For points and
crossings in tramways we make special spacer slabs. The
level crossing slabs for the Dutch market were specifically
developed for ProRail, but can also be used in other railway
Rail supporting slab
We have developed our rail supporting slabs specially for use
in crossings of road and railway traffic and on industrial
estates that are subject to heavy loads. The rail supporting
slab is a heavy duty reinforced concrete slab that
incorporates recesses for the rails. Rail supporting slabs can
be adjusted in length, width and strength, so that they suit
your requirements. The fluid-tight version is the rail
supporting tank. This is intended for track locations where
environmentally polluting substances may be used.
Station environment
De Meteoor not only feels at home on the main railway track
but also in the station environment. See for this our special
leaflet on the station environment. Among other things we
produce the ProRail 1980 model and standard mode
platform elements. These are perfect for combination with
Esticon platform slabs for paving the platforms and station
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