Bartop Brochure


Bartop Brochure
A full line of stylish Vangura® Bartops featuring the classic, time-tested Hargenrader Arm Rail.
The name has changed from Hargenrader to Vangura® but the spirit of quality remains the same.
In the summer of 2008,
Vangura® acquired Hargenrader
of Oil City, Pennsylvania, a key supplier of Chicago Rail
Core Bartops for nearly forty years. Hargenrader retired
after a long successful career which helped form the Bartop industry
with honest, hard-working people and the belief that success comes from
building products and relationships that last a lifetime.
By acquiring Hargenrader, Vangura® strengthens its product offerings,
accelerates innovation, meets customer demand more rapidly, and expands
opportunity. An integral part of Vangura’s philosophy is its strong commitment
to customer service and product support and creating value
for our dealers.
We at Vangura® share Hargenrader’s passion for long-term success and will
proudly carry on their tradition with the tools of the trade.
As a world leader in countertop surfaces, Vangura® provides the inspiration you need to create the perfect Bartop.
Vangura® manufactures a full line of stylish Bartops featuring the classic, time-tested Hargenrader Arm Rail, complete and ready for installation or sold separately.
Our functional and esthetically pleasing entertainment Bartops and Arm Rails utilize high-depth, high-drama, and high-durability laminates by Arborite®, Formica®,
Nevamar®, Pionite®, Wilsonart® and several other brand name suppliers.
Vangura® carefully selects the best-of-the-best laminates to create an extensive in-house stock palette. This palette is composed of hundreds of choices and is constantly
expanding as new patterns become available. In fact, industry experts often look to Vangura® as a key source to test and aide in the research and development of new products.
Make a virtual connection with technology and nature to create an amazing optical dimension in clarity like no other. Select simulated hardwoods, natural stones,
organic textures, or any eye-catching combination of color and texture that’s weathered or smooth, rough or polished.
Even better, Vangura® Bartops and Arm Rails will add beauty
and durability to any project without
extending manufacturing time.
Bartop Features:
• 12 – 60 Deck (18 Standard)
• 4 Standard Glass Rail
• 6 Standard Hargenrader
Arm Rail
• Seamless Arm Rail up to 10
• Deck and Glass Rail
Seamless up to 12
• Chicago Rail Edge-Profile
• Create a Custom-Crafted
Bartop Without Extending
Manufacturing Time
Even though Vangura’s surfaces are beautiful,
it’s what you don’t see that makes them strong,
durable, and impact-resistant.
Advanced thermal fusion permanently wraps and chemically bonds the
Chicago Rail Core and laminate sheeting together in a form-fitting compression
chamber operating under enormous pressure. This level of technology and thought
that goes into producing our products is the most trusted and well-regarded in our
industry. Built with everyday wear and tear in mind, Vangura® Bartops and Arm Rails
deliver a strong resistance to moisture while providing a durable, stylish design
that’s available in hundreds of colors and textures.
Make your own combination – mix and match hundreds of decorative laminate surfaces
including simulated hardwoods, natural stones, organic textures, or many other unique color
and texture combinations to achieve a weathered, smooth, rough or polished appearance
without extending manufacturing time!
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