ITS Konferansen 2007 - ITS


ITS Konferansen 2007 - ITS
De-regulation of the Norwegian Rail operation market
Seminar on Tuesday 28 April 2015
- Ingeniørenes Hus, Oslo, Kronprinsens gate 17
The Norwegian Government is deregulating the railway market In Norway according to EU policy. An
open rail market will put requirements and challenges on several critical systems and services on the
various stakeholders in this industry. The main focus for this event is to discuss how new technologies
can be adopted to support this new policy, as well as discuss experiences from other countries.
Preliminary program
08:30 Registrering og kaffe
09:00 Welcome, by Trond Hovland, ITS Norway
A deregulated Rail operation will be a challenge and an opportunity.
By John Ragnar Aarseth, Ministry of transportation [invited - to be confirmed].
Experiences from deregulation of the rail market in Sweden,
by Kajsa Rosen, ÅF
What’s the point with an open rail market?
By Gunnar Lindberg, TØI
How to manage Ticketing & Reservation for multiple operators?
By Lorenzo Soggiu, IBM Italy
What’s the main problems for “New Kids on the Block”?
by Robert Westerdahl, MTR Nordic
How to free rail capacity for more train with Big data and Analytic
by Ron Burke or Julie Shainock, IBM
12:00 Lunch to go
ITS Norge – Foreningen for Intelligente transportsystemer og tjenester