Brushcutter Brochure Spring 2015


Brushcutter Brochure Spring 2015
HyTracker™ Rail Cart System
A member of the Morsky Group
Brush Cutting
HyTracker™ Services
Culvert replacement and
Ditch cleaning
Slope protection utilizing
rip rap
Response to slides and
Derailment cleanup
Brush cutting
Working with Ingenuity and Integrity
The HyTracker ™ Rail Cart System utilizes a CAT 320 excavator; which is selfpropelled and capable of a travel unit speed of up to 25 mph.
The CAT 320 excavator has the ability to work on and off the rail line and does not require a railway crossing to dismount.
When rail traffic needs to get through, the hydraulic lines with quick couplers can be
disconnected, the equipment and rail cart can be lifted from the tracks in minutes.
Each cart is equipped with knuckles and an air system. The air system is capable of
operating side dump rail cars.
Equipment is designed with a fail safe air braking system.
The HyTracker™ gondola has a 20 cubic yard capacity for aggregate and is also designed with stakes to transport culverts.
Contact Information
Marty Willfong
Chief Operating Officer
Office: 306.924.1065
Mobile: 306.531.9707
Email: [email protected]
Larry Hogelie
Project Manager
Office: 306.924.1065
Mobile: 306.536.5506
Email: [email protected]
Working with Ingenuity and Integrity