July 10 – 154th Sunday of Ordinary Time



July 10 – 154th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Bishop of the Diocese
Most Reverend Gerard P Bergie, D.D.
Father Benjamin Weber
Sunday Masses
Saturday 5:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 and 11:00 am
Children’s Liturgy: September - June
Diocese of St. Catharines
St. Patrick
Catholic Church
Weekday Masses
Monday through Saturday 8:30 am
Rosary/Adoration before Weekday Masses
Sat 4 - 4:45 pm or before weekday Masses
Sunday 12:30 pm by appointment
Arrangements should be made at least 6
months in advance.
Marriage preparation course required
Sacrament of the Sick
Communion for the Sick and Shut-ins
Please call the office.
Sandy Johnson
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Enter on Victoria St.
Parish Established
Church Dedicated
123 King Street
Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 4G3
Telephone: 905-834-6426
Fax: 905-834-1215
St. Patrick Elementary School
Lakeshore Catholic High School
Email: [email protected]
Mount St. Joseph’s, 712 Lakeshore Rd E
Website: stpatrickcatholic.ca
Diocesan Website: www.saintcd.com
Ministry Schedule - July 16/17
5:00pm - Joe Attard & Bill Vanruyven
9:00am - Joe Gatt & Lisa Shibley
11:00am - Brenda Deaves & Hunter G
Minister of Communion:
5:00pm - Joe Attard & Dino Sicoli
9:00am - Lisa Shibley & Tony D’Uva
11:00am - Mary Ayotte & Maxine C
Children’s Liturgy:
No Children’s Liturgy until September
15th Sunday of Ordinary
Time - Year C
“What must I
do to inherit
eternal life?”
5:00pm - C - Dino S. & L - Bettina D.
9:00am - C - Kim G. & L - Theresa A.
11:00am - C - Jackie G. & L - Barb B.
Altar Servers:
5:00pm - Needed
9:00am - Ella, Olivia & Morgan
11:00am - Needed
11:00am - Kim, Cheryl & Pat
July 10, 2016 A.D.
The 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C
Monday July 11 - 5:00pm (St. Benedict)
+For the peaceful rest of Rita Gatt as requested by
Theresa Azzopardi
+For the peaceful rest of Louis and Cart Attard as
requested by Joe Attard
Tuesday July 12 - 8:30am
+For the peaceful rest of Rita Gatt as requested by
Kathleen Finamore
Wednesday July 13 - 8:30am
For the health and healing of Janette as requested by
Mary Ayotte
Thursday July 14- 8:30am
+For the peaceful rest of Rita Gatt as requested by
Annette Azzopardi and family
Friday July 15 - 8:30am (St. Bonaventure)
For the special intentions of and God’s blessings
upon Barb Koiter as requested by Mary Ayotte
Saturday July 16 - 8:30am
+For the peaceful rest of Rita Gatt as requested by
Annette Azzopardi and family
Sat July 16 - 5:00pm (16th Sunday of Ord Time)
+For the peaceful rest of Peter Toth as requested by
Erta and family
Sun July 17 - 9:00am (16th Sunday of Ord Time)
+For the peaceful rest of Gladys Tonnos as requested by her family
Sun July 17 - 11:00am (16th Sun of Ord Time)
+For the peaceful rest of the deceased members of
the DiPasquale and Longarini families as requested
by their families
Lord may the request of our
people rise before you like a fragrant offering
Last Sunday’s Offering: $2082.50
Thank you for your generosity
to the House of God.
Please remember St. Patrick’s in your wills
and may God Bless you as you do so.
~Property Maintenance Collection: July 16/17
~Carmelite Mission and Collecton: July 30/31
~Civic Holiday: August 1st
~Arrival of
Some years ago I read a book that discussed the
deterioration of the legal system in western
It rightly
pointed out that the majority of people in the
legal profession have
become more concerned with what is legal than with what is
just. By way of support, it pointed out how
often criminals who are
knowingly guilty of
horrendous crimes are
being set free from prosecution due to legal technicalities. Are they legally being set free? Certainly.
Is it just and right that someone who is knowingly
guilty does not have to account for their crime?
Certainly not!
The lawyer who confronted Jesus in this week’s
Gospel Reading, in a similar way, was not concerned
about what was just and right, but about what was legal. His question had to do with what was the legal
minimum requirement necessary to get into heaven.
There is a difference between what is legal and what
is just and Jesus did not get trapped into playing the
“legality” game. His answer provided the Scripture’s
legal minimum, however the Scripture’s legal minimum is a broad, all encompassing, statement of heavenly justice; “You shall love the Lord
your God with all your heart, and with all your soul,
and with all your strength, and with all your mind;
and your neighbor as yourself.”
This answer points out that the legal minimum is
total surrender to loving God and loving people. So
in an attempt to avoid the uncomfortable position of
examining the wholeheartedness of his love, the lawyer endeavors to change the subject by asking Jesus
to clarify the legality of, “Who is my neighbor?” Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan once again
points out the difference between a legal definition of
“my neighbor” and a just definition. Each of the participants who passed by the injured man undoubtedly
could have given a legal excuse as to why they couldn’t stop and render aid, but they couldn’t justify their
indifference. Your love for God cannot end at the
steps of your neighbor, and your love for your
neighbors cannot end with the exclusion of strangers.
The love of God, of
which Jesus speaks, encompasses all of our
heart, soul, mind and
strength, and when present will of necessity
overflow and touch all
whom we encounter.
Neither the lawyer,
nor we, can meet the
legal demands necessary to “inherit eternal
life.” It is beyond our
capacity. So the Father
provides a Sacrificial
Lamb, the Lord Jesus, not primarily to meet only the
legal requirement of our redemption, but rather to
make “just”, the nature of our heart, soul, mind, and
strength. Only when he redeems us, and brings about
that inner change, can we love God with all our being. Only then will his love in us flow over into unselfish love for our neighbor. When our thinking
shifts from concern about what is necessary as good
Catholics to escape perdition and attain heaven, to
what is possible for good Catholics to express our
love through Christ, only then will we see our love
for God growing and overflowing from our life to
“Neither of these two kinds of love is expressed
with full maturity without the other, because God
cannot be loved apart from our neighbor, nor our
neighbor apart from God. Hence as many times as
Peter was asked by our Lord if he loved him, and as
he attested of his love the Lord added at the end of
each response , ‘Feed my sheep,’ or ‘feed my lambs,’
as if he were clearly saying: ‘There is only one adequate confirmation of wholehearted love of God - laboring steadily for the needy in your midst, exercising continuing care of them.’” (Bede in Homilies of
the Gospels)
Emmaus Journey Reflections
When a minister of the Church brings Communion, the
sick or elderly person shares in the Eucharistic meal of the community. This Holy Communion manifests the support and concern
of the community for its members who are
not able to be present. Holy Communion is a bond to the
community for its members who are not able to be present.
Holy Communion is a bond to the community, as it is a union with Christ. If you know of any sick members of this
Parish Community or shut-ins who would like to receive
Holy Communion at home or in care facilities, please contact the office so arrangements can be made to bring to them
the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
Dear St. Patrick’s Parishioners - Thank-you for the generous
gifts you have given during the “South Niagara
Life Ministries’ Baby Bottle Campaing
2016!” St. Patrick’s Parish donated $698.90, to
date! Your giving hearts have helped provide
for those in crisis/need. May the Lord bless
each of you it is truly appreciated. We “count on you” to
assist us in reaching out/helping others with the grace of
Christ. This year we had 31 faithful Churches take part in
the Campaign. Praise God for His goodness! 2 Corinthians
9:8 “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so
that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you
will abound in every good work.”
On Wednesday July 13th, there will
be a Mass celebrated in honour of Our
Lady of Mount Carmel. We will begin
with an opening prayer at 6:00 pm at
the grotto outside. We will then process into the church and recite the rosary
in Italian. Mass will begin after the rosary. All are invited and welcome to
attend. There will be light refreshments
and coffee after the Mass in the downstairs meeting room.
A Grief Recovery Outreach Program sponsored by Armstrong Funeral Home and Davidson Funeral Home, starts on
Tuesday, July 5, 2016 - Northland Pointe, Port Colborne
(Board Room), 2 Fielden Ave. Port Colborne. From 6:20
pm - 8:00 pm and will continue every Thursday for 10
weeks. This is a FREE seminar for the public. An RSVP is
required. You can contact Armstrong Funeral Home at
905-834-3483 or Davidson Funeral Home at 905-8344833.

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