LeThe Wilvy_7 - Camp Wilvaken


LeThe Wilvy_7 - Camp Wilvaken
Vol. 2 Issue 7
A drawing of the overnight by Sophie in France.
Amazing Overnight Gone Wrong
Sunday, August 9, 2014
Volume. 2 Issue 7
Page 2
By Maddy Bienvenue The Sing Along Song
9 o’clock canoeing
The wind is strong but we ain’t
Haha! Those sailers must be
While we’re busy with our
soccer canoein’
No motor boat at 9 AM, no
They see us sternin’, they hatin.
Don’t believe me just watch.
- The 9 o’clock canoe - crew Sunday, August 9, 2014
Last Sunday morning, while the rest of camp was sleeping in and savoring breakfast in bed, seven campers and two hilarious staff members took off on a wonderful journey, with nothing but a few packs, (not enough) food, three canoes and of course a big bag full of hot muffins. From forgetting our very first lunch chips and salsa in a little circle to beaver hunting, watching a squirrel eat its way into our jam, wiggling, singing and tipping over and over again, we without fail made every minute of goofy Gouche worth reliving. Our little inseparable family the vast blue lakes of Mauricie, pumping bottle and bottles of water, we cooked some delicious meals powered through a 3 kilometer portage, bathed in the glistening water and played one too many games of Durak. While Ali and Julien learnt that there is no such thing as packing too much food, we [Thomas, Tommy, Kyle, Molly, Myriam, Kaitlyn and Me] saw just how lucky we really are to have all that we do and how important our friendships are to one another. To all future gouchers: you won’t regret it. 

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