Help us build a Finnish Cordwood Sauna


Help us build a Finnish Cordwood Sauna
Wednesday 14th – Sunday 18th March 2012
Learn to build a sustainable building
Sustain your body whilst learning new skills!
Help us build a Finnish Cordwood Sauna
with Jamie Miller, low impact building specialist
and Pablo Troccoli, registered somatic movement therapist and educator.
This will be a 5 day, hands-on course that will introduce you to making a structural framework, preparing and infilling with cordwood, roof construction, and preparation for stove installation. We will make
time for review and discussion of stove design options, drainage and plumbing, and water and solar
powered lighting.
Caring about the world around us, we remember to attend to the world within.
Unique to this course, and included in the cost, is a 1:1 session in movement and body awareness,
so that you begin to understand how to achieve your maximum potential and efficiency with
minimum effort.
You will be treated to warm accommodation in shared rooms + serve yourself breakfast, and delicious
lunches and dinners will be prepared for you. The sauna is sited in beautiful surroundings in woodland,
by a dramatic waterfall with views across the Cothi Valley and direct access to the Brechfa Forest.
If you are local, you are welcome to join us on a daily basis, which includes lunch.
5 days :
£200 non-residential
SA32 7BH
£300 residential (Tuesday pm to Sunday pm)
Weekend only:
£120 residential (Saturday am – Sunday pm)
£80 non-residential
Talk to us if money is short, we can exchange other resources.
To book a place, call Maggie on 01267 202725
Or email Kerstin: [email protected]
For more information about the course go to