November 03, 2012


November 03, 2012
Your day is
without a pink
Logically, pants
are unnecessary,
This guy brought the
fabulous with so much
relish and gusto that
we just had to publish
two pics of him.
The offspring of
Cousin “It” and
an unidentified
So, how many kids really can get lost in one weekend?
Here’s betting that record was broken as well last weekend
with a seeming sustained rate of several per hour. On a
related note, we’re happy to report that no security
officers were injured while assisting a lost pint-sized
Mutant Ninja Turtle on Sunday.
The entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well on Sunday as
an enterprising posse of patrons reportedly decided to
capitalize on the privy woes and tried to actually charge
folks to enter and use the privies that were working. This
racket was broken up before it really got going. What is
really sad, is we might have actually tried that ourselves if
we had thought of it first. Damn.
Speaking of money, apparently some loser on Saturday
didn’t have enough to dunk the Drench-a-Wench in the
accepted fashion and proceeded to trespass his way behind
the scenes and all the way up to where the wench sat and
then actually *pushed* her into the water. Just when you
think you’ve seen it all… This dumbass was perp-walked out
the front gate in handcuffs and good riddance.
And… Sadly… We have to report that there was another
attempt at a dumpster fire in the campground on Sunday.
After hearing of this, we are forced to conclude that we are
immersed in evil around here and just let it go at that.
We are still accepting nominations for Vendor and
Entertainer RockStars for 2012. Submit your nomination
to [email protected] and include a bit about why you think
this person deserves the award!
The Church
Proudly praying for
your soul while taking
your money for almost
2000 years
Oct 27th - AM: 6.2
Oct 28st - AM: 6.8
NOON: 4.3
NOON: 4.0
PM: 6.4
PM: 4.6
TRF(WTF?) ©2012 Fluffy Bunny Productions. All Rights Reserved

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