the toast - Pottstown Elks



the toast - Pottstown Elks
September 2011
Voted the Best Lodge Bulletin in PA 2009/2010
Among Lodges with 800-1200 members
Message from the Exalted Ruler
My Fellow Elks,
Opportunities abound for each of us to enjoy Elkdom, and several are approaching this fall.
Individual Boosters
The State Association Fall Convention will be held in Harrisburg in October. This
is close enough for a day trip to enjoy some fellowship with Elks from across the
Secretary Pen
October 3rd, we will be visited by our local Elks leadership for their annual visit.
This often attracts Elks from other Lodges, so come to the Meeting and enjoy visiting with these esteemed brother and sisters from other Lodges in our District.
License Plate
The Charity Ball Committee is forming to prepare for this gala event to be held in
January. I speak from experience that this is a fun committee to be on and the
results are extremely satisfying.
Veteran’s Committee
If you haven’t made your annual $10 contributions to the Elks National Foundation and the State Home Service, please drop it by the Lodge or mail it in today.
Mark Your Calendars
Sunday Breakfast for Home Service starts up again on the last Sunday of each
month. Put it in your calendar to come in and help or to enjoy the huge variety
of items available on our buffet. This is a good time, great meal for a great cause !!
Breakfast is open to the public, so bring a group and tell your friends and
neighbors to stop in.
The best part of being an Elk is the feeling you get from participating in the good
work we do!!!!
Timothy Barrett
Exalted Ruler
Save The Date
Committees Chairman
Doe Doings
Side Door
Capital Fund
Phone Numbers
Page 2
Patron boosters
Al Kutz 5-12
Ed & Marlene Zerbey 6-12
Joel Mitchell 5-12
Richard Sackman 5-12
Alan Ebersole II, PER 5-12
Ed Lindenmuth 5-12
John & Robin Durchin 5-12
Richard G. Wells 5-12
Alvin Baudot 5-12
Ed Pedrick 5-12
John & Joanne Durchin 612
Robert (Ted) Baer. PER 5-12
Alan & Teri Jensen-Sellers 5-12
Edgar Herbine 5-12
John M. Galloway 5-12
Robert Levengood 6-12
Amy Holden 5-12
IMO Edward Hydock 9-12
John H. Griesemer 5-12
Robert Moyer 5-12
Anthony & Bonnie Paladino 5-12
Eleanor S. LeVeille 10-11
John Keilman 5-12
Robert Rhoades 5-12
Aram Ecker 5-12
Elmer Clawges 5-12
John Nester 5-12
Robert Steinle 5-12
Art Fizz 5-12
Elmer Pollock PER 5-12
Joseph Phillips 5-12
Robert Strauss 5-12
Barb & Neil Gazzillo 5-12
Eugene Cogdill 5-12
Joyce & Richard Devaney 5-12
Ron & Barb Mertz 2-12
Ben & Carol Eckroth 5-12
Floyd L. Edris 5-12
Kathleen Bortz 4-12
Ron Nace PER 5-12
Bill Bruns 5-12
Fran Guinan 5-12
Kathleen Dunn 4-12
Ron & Nelda Reynier 3-12
Bill & Jean Christy 5-12
Frank Lucard 5-12
Keith Reinhart 5-12
Ron Sekellick 5-12
Bill & Sharon Johnson 7-12
Frank & Pat Madeja 5-12
Kenneth H. Garner 5-12
Ron Squibb 5-12
Bill Schmoyer 5-12
Frank Matalavage 5-12
Kevin & Patti Grimm 6-12
Russell Gresh 4-13
Bill & Tina Ludy 8-12
Frank Smith 5-12
Lawrence J. Pillar 12-11
Russell Wade 5-12
Bob “Fritz” Fillman 5-12
Fred Hildenbrand 5-12
Lee R. Weil 5-12
Sam Armbruster 5-12
Bob & Marie Kelly 5-12
Gabe Fieni 5-12
Leonard & Carol Smith 5-12
Scott Braunsberg 5-12
Bob & Sandy Artim 5-12
Gary & Judy Frisoli 5-12
Leon Borneman 5-12
Stanley Giniewski 5-12
Bob McCormick 7-12
Gayle Kramer 5-12
Levi Wolf 6-12
Stanley & Nancy Long 6-12
Brian Durchin 5-12
Gene Green 3-13
Marie Stahl 12-11
Stephen Sabol 2-12
Butch & Joan Bartman 5-12
George & Doris Reed 5-12
Mark Dunyak 4-15
Steve & Jane Hamilton 5-12
Butsy McElroy 6-12
George L. Stranick, Jr. 5-12
Matt Dever 5-12
Steve & Sally Ditlow 3-12
Cathy McDevitt 5-12
Gina Custer 5-12
Melanie Seeders 6-12
Sue & John Bigham 7-12
Carol Cusamano 6-12
Glenn Letcher 6-12
Michael Mauger 5-12
Sue Nace 5-12
Charles & Liz Saylor 5-12
Gregg S. Catagnus 5-12
Michael Medvetz 5-12
Terry Embody 6-17
Charles J. McCarthy 1-12
Gregory Krasnick 5-12
Paul Hughes 5-13
Terry Sell 5-12
Charles Steinle 5-12
Harry Leister 8-12
Paul Lederer 5-12
Theresa Flemming 4-12
Charles A. Weller 5-12
Heather Raugh 5-12
Paul D. Mizic, PER 5-12
Tim & Kim Barrett 5-12
Charles D. & Mildred Weller 11-11
Jack Bucciaglia 5-12
Paul Reinford 5-12
Tim Reed 5-12
Clyde & Mary Unstead 8-12
Jack Schondelmaier 5-12
Paul Strauss 5-12
Tony Detri 5-12
Connie Kramer 5-12
Jake & Mary Ann Dailey 5-12
Pete Himmelreich 5-12
Tony & Lois Iezzi 5-12
Dale L. Drake 5-12
James Armstrong 5-12
Penny Searfoss 3-12
Warren & Donna Saylor 5-12
Dave & Kitty Detar 5-12
James Longacre, PER 5-12
Peter S. Lord 2-13
Willard & Margaret Bickel 6-12
David Czarnecki 5-12
James Tarlecki 10-11
Randy Thomas 5-12
William Ebinger 5-12
Dennis Slifer 5-12
Janice Konowal 5-12
Ray Boone 5-12
William Lindauer 5-12
Don Ronnie 5-12
Jared Nace 5-12
Raymond S. Drumheller 8-16
William Welsh 6-12
Duke & Marlene Kinckiner 5-12
Jim Berrang 5-12
Richard Francis 5-12
Woody Boarman 2-12
Earl & Ginny Mock 8-12
Jim Flemming 5-12
Richard Lawrence 5-12
Woody Embody 5-12
Earl L. & Mary Anne Decker 11-11
Jim & Marlene Smale 8-12
Richard Ludwick 5-12
Zelda Swenk 5-12
Earl Swavely 5-12
Jody Zeleznick 4-12
Richard Riegner 5-12
Ed & Jesse Early 11-11
Joe & Wendy Shuick 5-12
Richard Reazor 5-12
Boosters Needed—
Respond Today !!!
Please use your Membership Card
to open the Lodge door.
If you ring the bell, you donate $1 to the PIG
PIG funds support
Children’s Holiday Parties at the Lodge
Clip & Send Coupon
$ 10.00 per person per year
Name you’d like printed
Payable to BPOE # 814
61 High Street, Pottstown PA
Page 3
A combined indoctrination and initiation was held on Monday, August 1, 2011.
Six candidates were initiated into our Lodge – Joseph M. Dobry, II, Deborah Heffner, Michele Olinger, Deborah Penrod, Kimberly Ward and Richard Ward. Welcome into ELKDOM. Please try to become involved in
our Lodge. There are many committees in which you can participate.
The Lodge Officers would like to see the sponsors attend the indoctrination and initiation, thus showing
support to the applicant. Many times a member sponsors an applicant, but does not attend the indoctrination and initiation.
We have two people who have applied for membership into our Lodge – John F. Brooks, IV proposed by
John Keilman and Karen B. Glahn proposed by James Tarlecki. Upon a favorable interview, they will be eligible for balloting.
Kerry Schutz and Scott Breidenbach have applied for reinstatement into our Lodge.
There are 59 members that have not paid their dues. Please make an effort to take care of this delinquency
so that you can continue to enjoy the amenities of our Lodge.
Marie A. Kelly
Lodge Secretary
Put your name in now for opportunities to help guide and
lead our Lodge during the
2012-2013 Lodge Yr.
Lodge Officers
Committee Chairs
Home Officers
Just drop a note to the Secretary or speak to
one of our current officers.
All Pennsylvania Elk members (In Good Standing) are eligible to apply for the official PA Elks License plate issued
by the Department of Transportation. The cost of
each plate is $31.50. $5.00 from each plate purchase
will be put towards the PA Elks Legacy Trust Fund. To
place your order, please contact Special Elks License
Plate Coordinator Mark Shepperd.
(610) 247-9244
Page 4
On Saturday, August 20th the Elks Veterans’ Committee
held its annual picnic at the Southeast Vet Center in
Spring City. I’d like to thank everyone who volunteered
their time and I’m sure that the veterans all appreciated
the food.
The monthly bingo at the center will be starting again
on Tuesday, September 20th. Come out and spend an
hour or two helping those who served our country enjoy
a night of bingo and food.
It is hard to believe that summer is over. We can stop
complaining about the heat and humidity and get ready
to complain how cold it is and what a pain shoveling
snow is.
I hope everyone had a good summer.
League play is scheduled to begin
on September 27, 2011.
Anyone interested in Bowling as a
regular or as a substitute, please
put your name on the sign up
sheet in the Lounge.
A Captains meeting will be scheduled in September.
Ron Nace, Chairman
ENF—Sharon Johnson Veterans—Ron Nace Coming in February
Americanism—Rich Sackman Building—Rich Sackman Breakfast—Nancy VonHohen Charity Ball—Nancy VonHohen Details to follow
Grant—Nancy VonHohen Drug Awareness—Jen Ruhl LapSation—Marie Kelly Stuarts—Pete Richards Capital Fund—Neil Gazzillo Toast—Kim Barrett Flag Day—Alan Ebersole Page 5
Mark these upcoming events
on your calendar!
October 21st Tommy Zito
October 29th Halloween Costume Party
November 24th Thanksgiving Eve Party
Sausage is yummy. Join us
for Breakfast!
September 25th
Special Dinner
Wednesday September 21
4pm to 6pm Every Day
$. 25 OFF
Don’t forget to sign
Fish Dinner
Special Dinners Benefit a Different Elks Program Every Month
Let’s talk about it
The Steward’s Committee is dedicated to making every
experience in our social quarters an enjoyable one.
Please feel free to contact any of the Stewards
to discuss any issue.
Your Lodge Stewards are:
Pete Richards
[email protected]
Jerry Rhoton
[email protected]
Neil Gazzillo Sr.
Email contact with detailed information is preferred or
Rob Moyer
we can talk in a quiet place at the Lodge.
Paul Mizic
[email protected]
[email protected]
no email address
Page 6
I hope everyone made their reservation for the past president's picnic on September 8th. What a great way to end
the summer!
The picnic will be at Cheryl Baro's, 765 Constitution Ave, Stowe and will begin at 6 p.m. Please call Cheryl for directions. A Country BBQ buffet will be served followed by home made goodies provided by your board members.
B.Y.O.B- Mixers will be provided.
We are set to begin selling the "Friends Helping Friends" 25% off Boscov's shopping pass for Tuesday, October 4.
We will have a table in the store that day and we need help manning the table. Please call me if you can spare at
least 1 hour to help us out.
Our next regular meeting will be October 5 and we will have Michael Snyder, Author of "Remembering Pottstown"
as our guest speaker.
Your President,
Sandra Artim
District Meeting
Fall State Convention
September 11, 2011
North Penn Lodge
October 13-16, 2011
Holiday Inn/Conference Ctr.
Harrisburg, PA
The side door is now available for all Members to use…...
Gene Hogan, Jerry Rhoton and Tim Barrett donated their time
and skills to install a new card lock on the side door of the Lodge
at the ramp.
So feel comfortable parking in the back lot with the convenience
of using the side door.
Thanks Guys !!!!!
Page 7
We now have ONE(1) Major Project to do.
1– Evaporator for the walk in Refrigerator– $2517.50 (Finished)
2– New Ice Machine $3174.50 (Finished)
3– New Beer Tap System — 6 or 8 Taps
4– Repair the Roof $1125.00 (Finished)
We need continued contributions to continue to maintain and improve our facilities
Balance on 4-14-11 $745.31
Deposits Totaling
September Balance of
- $6817.09
Total as of 8-15-11
$ 651.22
The Lodge Social Quarters are for Members Only
Proudly show your membership card
and ALWAYS sign in your quests.
If you ‘buzz’ in, please “PAY THE PIG” $1.00
to support our children’s programs
Your yellow Key Card now works
at the side door !!
Contributions are needed to meet our Lodge goal of $4.50 per person.
It’s Easy—We have 740 current members. The Foundation would like
each member to contribute $10.00 or more per year.
It’s Tax Deductible!
Your contribution can be sent to the
Elks #814 @ 61 High Street , Pottstown Pa, 19464
Make checks payable to Elks National Foundation or pay online at
Thank you for your support.
Sharon Johnson—ENF Chairperson
Pottstown Lodge # 814
61 High Street
Pottstown Pa, 19464
Phone: 610-326-0884 (Lodge Secretary)
Fax: 610-326-3392
Lounge Hours
Mon– Thu
OFFICERS: Exalted Ruler—Tim Barrett Esteemed Leading Knight—Jerry Rhoton Esteemed Loyal Knight—Kim Barrett Esteemed Lecturing Knight ‐ Rich Sackman Tiler—Robin Moyer Secretary—Marie Kelly Treasurer—Open Esquire—Ron Nace PER Chaplain—Gene Hogan Inner Guard—Jen Ruhl Organist—John Dolan The lounge may open early upon request for special occasions like class luncheons, funerals, etc. Monday
Lounge Phone/Reservations
Kitchen Open
4pm– 9pm
4pm— 9pm
4pm —10pm
According to Sports
And/or other events.
Trustees: Robert Kelly ‐ Chairperson ‐2013 Bill Johnson ‐2016 Robert Wilhelm ‐2014 Nancy VonHohen ‐ 2015 Cathy McDevitt ‐ 2012 Deadline for October Toast Articles is September 12th
The Toast Committee will meet September 20th at 4PM in the lounge
to assemble & prepare the Toast for mailing
To become a Business Booster,
please contact Kim Barrett at 610-404-2088 or [email protected]
Bruce Brown Home Improvements
1890A Yarnall Rd
Pottstown, PA 19464
All your home improvement needs
Beer • Ice • Soda
Cigarettes • Snacks
375 N. Hanover Street
Pottstown, PA 19464-5345
and Bill
Ludy Owners
PA Lottery
Daily Instant Games
September 2011 "Elks Share, Elks Care"
Phillies Festival Wednesdays Sept. 7th, 21st & 28th $1 hotdogs & $1 drafts Sun Mon Tue Wed Oktoberfest Ken and Rick Sept. 23rd 7‐11 PM Indoor Yard Sale Sept. 24th 10‐5 Sept. 25th 9‐2 Comedy Show Bob Levy Sept. 24th Home Service Breakfast Sept. 25th 8‐11 Sat 1 Eagles Vs. Jets 7:30 Ambucs 2 3 4 5 Club Closed 6 Kiwanis 7 Phillies vs. Braves 7:05 pm $1 hotdogs & $1 drafts 8 Doe Club Past Pres. Event 7 pm Ambucs 9 Music 7:30 to 10:30 Rummo & Koko 10 11 Eagles vs. Rams Football Menu 12 PHS 44 Home Assoc. Mtg. 7 pm 13 High 12 Stowe Lions Kiwanis 14 15 PHS 41 Trivia Ambucs 16 17 18 Eagles vs. Falcons Football Menu 19 Lodge Mtg. 7 pm 20 Veterans Bingo 7pm @ SE Veter‐
ans Center 21 Phillies vs. Nationals 7:05 pm $1 hotdogs & $1 drafts 22 Ambucs 23 Music 7‐11 Ken & Rick 24 Indoor Yard Sale 10‐5 Comedy Show (RR) 25 26 PHS 50 27 High 12 Stowe Lions Kiwanis 28 PHS 47/48 Phillies vs. Braves 7:10 pm $1 hotdogs & $1 drafts 29 BIE Network 5‐7 (BR) Ambucs 30 Trivia Thurs. Sept. 15th Fri Eagles Sundays Sept. 11th, 18th & 25th Draft beer during game $1.50 Football Menu Thu Home Service Breakfast 8‐11 Indoor Yard Sale9‐2 Eagles vs. Giants Menu Kiwanis Pottstown Elks 2 Day Indoor Yard Sale & Flea
Saturday September 24th: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday September 25th: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Food available for purchase both days:
Kitchen opens Saturday at 12:30 p.m.
Elks Home Service All You Can Eat
Breakfast Sunday 8-11 a.m.
Stay and enjoy the Eagles vs. Giants game in the lounge
Reserve your table now! Only $10 per table
Limited Tables Available
When placing your reservation include:
Your name, telephone number and the number of tables requested Payment options:
1. Submit to the bartender in the lounge 2. Mail your check to:
Pottstown Elks Home Association
Attn: Yard Sale
61 E. High Street
Pottstown, PA 19464
Questions? Call 610‐326‐3258 and leave a message