X-Zec 5-W Schenck/Horiba dynamometers controller


X-Zec 5-W Schenck/Horiba dynamometers controller
X-Zec 5-W
Schenck/Horiba dynamometers controller
Plug for plug drop in replacement controller for
Schenck D-Series water brakes.
The X-Zec 5-W is a National instruments cRio
based controller implementation for
Schenck/Horiba water brake dynamometers.
The controller has the ability to run in Speed
and Torque control modes. The controller
acquires the following signals;
• Speed
• Torque
• Power
All functions of the controller are activated by
either a free windows based software
aplication called ( X-Tract terminal ) included or
via a Modbus/TCP/IP connection to the
Optionally a full measurement and automation
suite is available called X-Tract, please contact
JAD Systems for details.
• Suitable for;
◦ Schenck D130, D230,D360,D400,
D630, D700, D900, D1200, D2100
• Blind 19 inch rack mountable.
• Upgradeable to include DAQ for;
◦ 8 x 4-20 mA signals
◦ 8 x -10 to 10V signals
• Built on National Instruments cRio
• Control accuracy;
◦ ± 5 RPM averaged over 3 seconds
speed control.
± 5Nm on 0 - 1000Nm range
averaged over 3 seconds.
• Measurement accuracy for;
◦ Speed : 0.1 Rpm for 0 – 20000 Rpm
◦ Torque 0.1Nm for 0 – 1000Nm
• Controller modes;
◦ Speed control
◦ Torque control
◦ Absolute control for diagnostics
• Modbus enabled
• Free X-Tract terminal software
• Robust reliable and cost effective.
• Internationally supported hardware
• Free control software for simple
• Software upgradeable to X-Tract or any
Modbus/TCP/IP enabled measurement
and control solution.
• Supported by a dedicated and
passionate team of professionals.

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