Sale Catalogue



Sale Catalogue
For Sale by Auction
to be held at
St Edmund’s Court, Okehampton Street, Exeter
01392 413100
TUESDAY 23rd JUNE 2015
Works of Art, Collectables and Pictures
Sale Commences at 10.00am
Buyers are reminded to check the ‘Saleroom Notice’ for information
On View:
Saturday 20 June
9am – 12noon
Monday 22nd June
9am – 7.00pm
and morning of sale
E: [email protected]
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Order of Sale:
Works of Art, Collectables
Furniture, Rugs
Catalogue £1.50
1 - 160
Lots 161 - 425
Lots 426 - 494
Lots 500 - 668
Tuesday 23rd June 2017
Sale commences at 10am
A 1930's-style glass figure of a
dancer and an amber glass vase.
A Lalique Crystal menu stand
modelled in the form of a frosted
fish on a clear stepped base,
diamond point etched Lalique
France, 9 cm high.
A Lalique vase Avallon the sepia
stained opalescent body moulded
on the exterior with birds amongst
blooms, wheel cut R. Lalique
France, 14.5 cm high,
[significant crack].
A Bohemian flashed glass stein
and a glass vase engraved with
A circular glass dome and an oval
glass dome, both on ebonised
A part suite of harlequin overlaid
coloured drinking glasses, together
with two decanters and stoppers
and miscellaneous glasses, etc.
A collection of various master cut
drinking glasses, two decanters
and stoppers and miscellaneous
glass ware.
A Murano-type glass fish and a
similar vase.
Fourteen various glass rummers
and two ale glasses of various
sizes, plain and decorated, early
19th century and later.
10 .
Two clear glass vases one of
swollen form with raised flaring
neck the other of trumpet shaped
form the exterior moulded with
flowering iris,
32 and 39 cm high.
11 .
A Royal Brierley large cut glass
flower vase of ovoid form, with
training foliate decoration and
sunburst to the base, 27cm. high.
12 .
A Vetri della Arte (Vedar) glass
wine goblet enamelled with a
continuous frieze of nudes and
peacocks, 19.5 cm high.
13 .
Nineteen various champagne flutes
primarily clear with some pale
green each of drawn trumpet form
with a variety of plain and knopped
14 .
A 19th century clear glass tazza of
circular form on straight stem and
spreading foot.
15 .
A collection of cut glass vases,
bowls, etc.
16 .
A quantity of coloured glass
to include drinking glasses, bowls,
end of day vase, etc.
17 .
A quantity of glassware to include a
mahogany decanter box, drinking
glasses, a collection of stoppers,
18 .
A quantity of glassware to include
condiment jars, salts, inkwells, etc.
19 .
A quantity of glass epergne
trumpets, etc.
20 .
A pair of glass lustres and three
others, together with a quantity of
glass droplets, etc.
31 .
A modern Japanese Imari shallow
dish with shaped border, together
with one other and an early 20th
century shallow dish decorated
with four panels of stylized foliate
decoration and dogs of foe.
32 .
A Japanese porcelain teapot and
cover with bud finial and painted
with flowering plants and foliage,
six-character mark, 15 cm high,
together with a bottle vase painted
with birds and flowering plants [2].
33 .
A Japanese Imari charger.
34 .
A collection of fourteen Japanese
Imari shallow dishes decorated
with typical designs and colours on
white grounds, (some damage).
35 .
A Chinese blue and white
crackleware vase, together with
two blue and white teapots and a
quantity of various other oriental
36 .
A Booth's pottery blue and white
part service and a floral decorated
tea service.
37 .
A Suzie Cooper part tea service,
one similar and a Shelley part tea
38 .
A Mintons porcelain cream
and gold part dinner service,
monogrammed DGK, with retailers
stamp for Lawleys, Regent Street,
39 .
A Royal Doulton natural
foliageware jardiniere together
with one other smaller design
compressed marks to the base.
40 .
A Kishere salt glazed stoneware
jug with raised ribbed neck and
grooved strap handle sprigged with
stag hunting scenes, acorn sprigs,
a windmill and other buildings,
circa 1820-40, 18 cm high, minor
rim chip.
20A. A modern table lamp.
21 .
Two 19th Century Chinese famille
rose dishes (damaged).
22 .
A Chinese celadon vase lamp of
baluster form on ebonised base.
23 .
A set of eight Chinese porcelain
horses decorated in turquoise and
aubergine, 6 cm [some damage].
24 .
25 .
26 .
27 .
28 .
A Chinese famille rose teapot and
cover, miscellaneous ginger jars,
A pair of Chinese blue and white
shaped circular plates painted with
sprays of peony, the rim with
similar smaller sprays within diaper
borders, Qianlong, 26 cm diameter
[minor frits, one with rim chip and
related hair crack].
Three crackleglaze vases, a
Chinese blue and white baluster
vase and two oriental plates.
A Chinese porcelain tureen and
matched cover and a group of
plates and stands each painted in
blue with flowers or landscapes,
Qianlong, [some plates with small
rim chips]
A pair of early 20th century
Satsuma vases, painted in colours
and highlighted in gilt.
29 .
A pair of Meiji period Imari plates.
30 .
A Chinese crackle glaze lamp base
with brass mounts and shade
41 .
A mid 20th Century Danish pottery
vase, of flattened baluster form,
with geometric blue glaze
42 .
A 20th century Devon pottery jug,
decorated with a Scraffito design of
acorns and leaves on a brown and
yellow ground.
43 .
44 .
A collection of nine Royal
Copenhagen porcelain figures,
including penguin, owl and female
A Chinese blue and white small
tureen, cover and stand.
45 .
A Continental porcelain inkstand, a
Wedgwood jasper box and cover
and a 'delft' box and cover.
46 .
A Doulton Lambeth natural
foliageware vase together with one
other vase and two tobacco jars
and covers.
47 .
A Lladro figure of a girl picking
flowers, one other of a girl with
ducks, a Nao porcelain figure of
geese and a Goebel figure of a
48 .
A Wedgwood white, blue and gilt
banded dessert service.
49 .
A pair of Spode transfer printed
plates and two similar items, most
probably Spode the former of
circular form printed in blue in the
Mandarin and Rock pattern within
multiple borders, circa 1815-20, 21
cm diameter, the latter being a pap
boat and a small dish printed in
blue in the Longbridge pattern,
circa 1800-20.
50 .
A William Greatbatch saltglazed
cornucopia embossed with a
portrait of Flora holding a horn of
flowers on a pierced and foliate
moulded ground, circa 1770, 30 cm
long, restoration to rim, glue repair
to terminal.
* A pair are illustrated as plate 8,
page 94, William Greatbatch a
Staffordshire Potter, David Barker.
51 .
A Limoges porcelain dessert
service, of shell form, with gilt
highlighted floral decorated
52 .
A Royal Crown Derby 'Imari' part
coffee service, 22 pieces, together
with two similar Coalport saucers
and one cup [25].
53 .
A Carlton Ware condiment set and
a Carlton Ware wall pocket [2]
54 .
A Moorcroft Collectors Club vase in
the Blue Rhapsody pattern of
waisted cylindrical form, tubelined
in turquoise, blue, fawn, green and
brown on a bottle green ground,
impressed Moorcroft Made in
Stoke on Trent England, datecode
for 2001 and signed Philip Gibson,
26 cm high.
55 .
A Moorcroft Collectors Club jar and
cover in the Noah's Ark pattern of
oviform with domed cover tubelined
in grey, black, green, cream, light
and dark brown with animals and
foliage, impressed Moorcroft Made
in England, 15 cm high.
56 .
A Sitzendorf porcelain comport
decorated with fairies to the floor
encrusted stem, 28cm high.
57 .
A Spanish porcelain figure group of
giraffes, two geese groups and four
58 .
A pair of porcelain figurines of a
gallant and lady, 13.5cm high.
59 .
A collection of various glass ware
and ceramics including a pair of
Whitefriars vases, Dartmouth
pottery jug etc.
60 .
61 .
68 .
A porcelain cabaret set with brass
two handled tray, muffin dish and
cover and slop bowl.
69 .
A Hummel porcelain lamp Girl in
tree (damaged), together with a
group of Hummel mugs.
70 .
Thirteen green Majolica leaf plates.
71 .
A pottery rum barrel converted as a
lamp together with a modern
Oriental lamp
72 .
A porcelain Noritake vase
decorated with a desert scene,
together with three other smaller
73 .
A Jones & Sons 'British History'
series pottery tureen stand transfer
decorated in blue 'The Seven
Bishops Condemned to the Tower',
blue cartouche mark, circa
1826-28, 39 cm long, [light stain].
74 .
A pair of Continental porcelain salts
each of circular form painted in
blue in the Mimosa pattern,
underglaze blue 'T', 6.5 cm
75 .
A mixed quantity of ceramics
including Copeland, majolica,
stoneware, etc.
A Royal Doulton Robert Burns
plate, a chintz plate and a Royal
Doulton figure 'The Orange Lady'
HN 1953.
76 .
A continental porcelain tea service,
colour transfer decorated with
classical scenes on a white ground
to include side plates, cups and
saucers, cream jug, etc.
An early 19th century pearlware jug
probably Bovey Tracey, painted in
Pratt colours and moulded with a
horse, topers and foliage, 15 cm
high [crack and two chips to rim].
77 .
A Nao porcelain figure - girl on
78 .
A Wedgwood blue jasper part tea
79 .
A Wedgwood Strawberry Hill part
dinner service.
A Gouda pottery jug of baluster
form, a similar vase, a Continental
basket of pomegranates, together
with a swan jardiniere and a
Beswick snow drop decorated
A Rockingham-style ten-piece
dessert set decorated with floral
sprays on a green and gilt ground,
comprising of eight side plates, and
two serving dishes.
62 .
A small group of Dutch polychrome
and blue and white tiles.
63 .
A St. Ives stone ware dish and one
smaller of circular form the larger
with tenmoku rim and wave motif
flanked by linear blue brushwork on
an oatmeal ground, the smaller
with similar decoration, [chipped],
impressed studio seals, 31 and
11.5 cm diameter.
64 .
65 .
66 .
67 .
A Chinese porcelain teapot of
lobed ogee form enamelled in the
famille rose palette with peony,
chrysanthemum and other
scattered blooms, Qianlong, 15 cm
high, [cracked with glaze loss to
A porcelain cabaret set with
mahogany tray.
80 .
A mixed group of ceramics
comprising six Royal Worcester
coffee cans and saucers decorated
in black and gold, a Lladro figure of
a bird, a Capodimonte cockerel
and a posy.
81 .
A 19th Century Staffordshire tea
service, decorated in the
chinoiserie taste.
82 .
A Copeland part tea service,
together with a Booths part tea
service of Lowestoft border pattern.
91 .
Two large double spouted teapots
comprising a Mearsham example
sprigged with primroses and foliage
[minor chips to spout] and a
presentation teapot of Jackfield
type inscribed in gold 'Presented to
John Graham, Christmas 1902'
92 .
A Meissen porcelain single
93 .
A Brannan (Barum) pottery two
handled jardiniere with stylised
mask handles together with a
Victorian jubilee mug and one
other pottery jug.
94 .
A Coalport figure 'Ladies of
Fashion', a Royal Worcester figure
'Annabel' and two Coalport figures,
'Loretta' and 'Kerry'.
95 .
A Japanese porcelain part tea
96 .
A Booths silicon china Old Willow
Pattern dinner service.
97 .
An Empire porcelain part tea set
comprising of four cups and
saucers, six side plates and a cake
plate. (slight damage).
98 .
A Royal Doulton figure 'Natalie
HN3173', 'Helen HN3601', 'Pretty
as a picture HN4312' and 'Dinky
Do HN2120' (4).
99 .
A Meissen butterboat painted in
blue in the onion pattern.
82A. A Booths Westoft Border pattern
tea service.
83 .
A Royal Doulton figure 'Elyse
HN2474', 'Top O The Hill HN1834'
and 'Flower of Love HN3970'.
84 .
An Aynsley Edward VIII Coronation
loving cup, together with a Welsh
tea party teapot and a Japanese
eggshell teacup and saucer.
85 .
86 .
A French porcelain and bronze
mounted urn on a marble plinth.
A Moorcroft pottery charger in the
Sunflower pattern of circular form
boldly tubelined with three heads of
sunflowers and foliage in brown,
orange and yellow and green on a
pale blue ground, impressed
Moorcroft Made in England and
painted WM, 34 cm diameter.
87 .
A Shelley Edward VIII Coronation
88 .
A Royal Doulton figure - a Victorian
lady HN727.
89 .
A Clarice Cliff lily bowl, together
with two Lorna Bailey limited
edition pottery cats.
90 .
A collection of childrens and
miniature teawares including
Coalport, Derby and others.
100 . A Coalport dessert service
comprising; a dish and five plates,
together with a tureen.
101 . A collection of Mason's green
transfer wares of Chartreuse
pattern including graduated jugs
and serving dishes.
102 . A blue jasper ware style fruit bowl
with silver plated rim and sprig
decoration after the classical.
103 . A mid 20th century Studio pottery
oil lamp.
104 . A Doulton pottery blue and white
wash jug and bowl of Wattau
105 . A Limoges floral jug and basin set,
together with a blue and white jug,
an oval meat platter and a
porcelain lozenge dish.
116 . A Doulton Chien ware jardiniere,
together with a Doulton Old
Moreton jug and a quantity of
various other jugs, etc.
117 . A Royal Doulton trapper character
Jug, together with a Lladro figure of
a cherub playing a flute, a carved
Oriental wooden figure, etc.
106 . A Melba China Dolly Varden part
tea service.
118 . A Royal Doulton part dinner
service, together with a collection
of 19th century and later tea wares,
miscellaneous ceramics, etc.
107 . A Japanese blue and white Seto
porcelain basket in the form of a
water bucket, circa 1900
119 . A collection of crested ware to
include St Paul's Cathedral,
various makers. (a lot).
108 . A Fischer, Budapest, pottery ewer
in the Persian taste.
120 . A Brannam Barum pottery vase
of baluster form decorated with
panels of birds and flowers
inscribed to base as per title and
dated 1960.
109 . A pair of Noritake pedestal vases
with landscape decoration.
110 . A reproduction Art Nouveau
epergne with blue and white vase
and bowl, raised on a figural stand.
111 . A Copeland Spode powder blue
part coffee set, together with a
Masons part set.
112 . A large collection of 20th Century
blue and white Delft ornaments
including egg cups, dressing table
tray, coffee pot, beakers, etc. (a lot)
113 . Ten various pottery jelly moulds
and a quantity of Faience
114 . A Copeland Indian Tree pattern
dinner service including soup
tureen and stand a set of
graduated oval meat plates, etc.
115 . An Indian Tree part dinner service,
together with Poole pottery part
coffee service and a quantity of
miscellaneous ceramics, etc.
121 . A continental encrusted ware vase
in the Rococo taste with cherub
122 . A Faience two handled vase with
farm and wild game decoration
together with a Cantagalli jar.
123 . An early 20th century part tea
service, together with a quantity of
various ceramics and
commemorative wares, etc.
124 . A Paragon part tea service with
pink and black decoration, together
with a quantity of various ceramics.
125 . A pair of Wedgwood jasper ware
brass mounted cylindrical table
lamps with Adams style decoration.
126 . A Royal Worcester blush ivory
vase date code for 1894.
127 . A Sampson porcelain rectangular
box and cover, together with a
similar porcelain example.
128 . W H Goss - Model of
Shakespeare's House.
129 . Two Chinese ceramic parasol
handles painted with flowering
plants on a mottled green ground
between diaper bands, 4.5 and 5
cm [2].
141 . A collection of various blue and
white ceramics together with a
collection of miscellaneous
ceramics and glassware including
a modern Chinese ginger jar and
cover and a silver plated tea caddy.
130 . A Carltonware Guiness advertising
figure of a Toucan.
142 . An extensive Wedgwood malabar
pattern dinner tea and coffee
service, together with a collection
of table glass and cutlery.
131 . Two W H Goss Parian busts Derby
and Granville.
143 . A pair of Chinese porcelain teapots
in basket weave cases.
132 . A Russian porcelain Easter egg
decorated in gilt with a band of
flowers and foliage between key
pattern bands, late 19th/early 20th
century, 6cm.
144 . A Poole pottery vase.
133 . Three W H Goss models
comprising model of oven in which
Goss porcelain is fired, model of
Wordsworth's birthplace and a
small model of Shakespeare's
134 . A late 19th century Berlin porcelain
dressing table box and cover
decorated with rural scenes and
figures to the hinged lid dressed in
18th century costume.
135 . A Royal Doulton dinner service of
Camelot pattern.
136 . Two Royal Doulton figures, Adrian
and Simone, together with a
collection of miscellaneous
ceramics and glassware.
137 . A Masons part dinner service of
Strathmore pattern.
138 . A Cantonese Famille Verte dish,
together with miscellaneous
oriental ceramics.
139 . Five cranberry glass tumblers,
together with a decanter and
stopper and miscellaneous
140 . A collection of various blue and
white ceramics.
145 . A collection of Royal Worcester
oven to table ware.
146 . A Tuscan china part tea service of
Windsor pattern and a quantity of
miscellaneous ceramics and
147 . A mixed quantity of ceramics
comprising a Royal Worcester
porcelain thimble painted with
flowers, a small pair of
Staffordshire poodles with baskets,
sundry Staffordshire and similar
items, [some damages].
148 . A Royal Worcester porcelain
cabinet cup and saucer the interior
of each enamelled with pink roses,
puce marks and datecode for
149 . A small group of Wedgwood,
primarily pale blue jasperware
comprising a pair of small tazzas,
a Christmas decoration (boxed),
three table lighters and a Susie
Cooper Wedgwood trinket box, all
but the latter with sprigged white
decoration. (7)
150 . A Wedgwood pale blue jasper ware
part coffee service comprising six
cans, six saucers, sucrier and
cover and milk jug, each sprigged
in white with an encircling band of
classical figures, impressed
Wedgwood Made in England.
151 . A Wedgwood glass, silver and blue
jasper ware mounted paperweight
of circular form engraved to
celebrate the Silver Jubilee of
Queen Elizabeth II around a
central portrait, 7.5 cm diameter,
in presentation box.
152 . Two Wedgwood Royal Silver
Jubilee commemorative decanters
the former a pottery Don Decanter
for Sandeman Port, with original
box together with a glass decanter
acid etched with the Royal Cypher,
also with original box.
160 . An Arita porcelain bowl and three
others, the former of fluted form
decorated with figures and peony,
the latter including Spode, George
Jones, Wedgwood printed in blue.
161 . A pair of Indonesian carved and
polished wood busts of natives,
together with a patchwork, bead
and mirrored Indian elephant. [3]
162 . A 19th Century leather fire bucket.
153 . Eight various Prattware plates.
154 . A group of glassware comprising
three champagne bowls, medicine
and other bottles, studio pottery,
155 . A Meissen cup and saucer and can
the former of quadrilobed form
decorated in the 'Full Green
Wreath' pattern, the can finely
painted with sprays of wild flowers,
20th century, blue crossed swords
to both.
156 . A collection of Oriental porcelain
comprising four cups enamelled in
the Mandarin pattern with mother,
child and other figures, a similar
pair decorated with a pheasant on
pierced rocks, another and four tea
bowls, Qianlong and later. (11)
157 . A French faience armchair in the
Louis XV manner with scroll arms,
cabriole legs and shell and mask
apron, painted with courting
couples in pastoral settings, red
fleur de lys mark, later 19th
century, 23 cm high, [glue repair to
one leg].
158 . A Boehm model of a Queen
Elizabeth Rose.
159 . A part set of Denby Greenwheat
teaware and a set of eight cut
glass sundae dishes.
163 . A Georgian mahogany and inlaid
cutlery box interior altered.
164 . A set of Mansell's Sandwich
Indicators, together with a group of
Art Deco carved and painted wood
table decorations in the forms of
fashionable ladies.
165 . Two plated rectangular entree
dishes and covers, together with a
single two division entree dish.
166 . A silver plated ovoid roll-over
breakfast dish with ivory insulator,
together with a plated oval twin
handled tureen and cover.
167 . A plated circular punch bowl,
together with a pair of plated
campagna wine coolers.
168 . An early 20th century Japanese
gilt lacquer and blossom decorated
part coffee service of rectangular
outline with canted corners,
includes coffee pot, sugar basin,
cream jug, five coffee cans, six
saucers and serving tray.
169 . A silver three-piece cruet set,
Birmingham 1933, cased
170 . A pressed silver plated tray in the
W.M.F. manner decorated with Art
Nouveau blooms and sinuous
foliage, 28 cm long.
171 . A Birmingham silver child's spoon
and pusher, Alexander Clark & Co,
172 . A Victorian silver and tortoiseshell
jar and cover, makers mark worn,
London, 1889 with gadrooned
strapwork decoration on a
spreading circular foot, some
damage,12.5cm. high.
173 . A porcelain cased mantel clock.
174 . A cloisonne vase, together with a
copper hunting horn a pair of opera
glasses, lead toy battleships and a
painted photograph.
175 . Two brass hanging oil lamps with
opaque glass shades.
183 . An Art Nouveau Kayserzinn pewter
flagon, with founder mark and
numbered 52P 4085, 40cm high.
184 . A collection of fifteen ebony
185 . A pair of Art Deco bookends in the
form of female nudes with arms
raised on rectangular marble
186 . A glass three tier lustre chandelier
with faceted drop suspensions.
187 . An early 19th century Bible with full
calf leather binding.
187A. A quantity of Art and Architecture
related volumes.
176 . A large brass bowl and cover.
177 . An oak and mahogany crossbanded candle box of rectangular
form with single drawer and sloping
lid, with pierced and scrolling back,
47 cm high.
178 . A late 19th century Chinese silk
jacket with a separate collar.
179 . An Art Deco period mantel
timepiece of arched outline with
replacement battery operated
movement, 21cm. high.
180 . A pair of Sheffield Plate twinbranch candelabra.
180A. Ralph Lord Bishop of Rochester
A vellum manuscript relating to
relics - dated 1067 [ but later ].
181 . A 19th Century French mantel
timepiece in a black marble case.
182 . An Edwardian walnut humidor
having single arched glazed door
enclosing three drawers on a plinth
188 . A mid 20th century lady's evening
bag with compact interior and one
other evening bag with gilt mounts.
188A. A quantity of Art and Antique
reference books.
189 . A Kashmiri lacquer box with two
inner boxes containing shells,
counters etc, together with a
Middle Eastern decorated mother
of pearl bracelet in parquetry case.
[a lot].
190 . A lacquered brass and mahogany
balance scales, together with an
191 . Seven leaded and stained glass
panels, together with a copper
kettle, frying pan, etc.
192 . A 19th century mahogany cheese
193 . A pair of spelter Marley horses.
194 . A harlequin set of five graduating
copper kettles with brass overhead
handles (two hinged), two stamped
'James', largest 36cm high.
195 . A brass piercework picture frame.
195A. A pair of Italian gilt metal twin
branch wall lights leaf decorated.
196 . A Canton enamel dish the centre
decorated with figures in a pavilion
with yellow peony ground.
197 . An Edwardian inlaid mahogany
mantel timepiece, together with an
inlaid clock.
209 . A pair of Chinese soapstone
figures of immortals on wood
stands, 16cm. high.
210 . An alabaster figure of a baby on a
marble base. (some damage).
211 . After Bayre, a reproduction bronze
model of a bull on an oval
naturalistic base.
212 . Two large door locks and keys.
213 . Four German white metal goblets.
198 . Two oak cased mantel clocks.
199 . A cast brass box containing a small
parcel of costume jewellery,
together with a copper measure.
200 . A 19th century bronze figure of
Pan, together with an Indonesian
brass figure, an oval brass box and
cover and a Japanese cloisonne
jar and cover.
201 . A brass cased carriage timepiece
with enamel dial and Roman
numerals, signed, Angelus to dial.
202 . A 19th century brass tripod
203 . A Near Eastern carved hardstone
and brass mounted mythical bird,
36cm. long.
204 . A Ceylonese porcupine quill box of
hexagonal form.
205 . Three pewter lidded jugs in the
early 18th century-style.
206 . A bronze figure of an alsation in
the Art Deco taste mounted on an
oak base, 21.5cm. long.
207 . A faux pink granite Egyptian style
statue of Horus on a rectangular
base, 17.5cm. high.
208 . A gilt metal acanthus leaf oval
214 . An Art Nouveau period German
bronze inkstand of pierced oval
outline with two clear glass
inkwells, 39cm. wide.
215 . A matched Liberty pewter three
piece tea service.
216 . A reproduction brass sextant,
together with a brass dry card
217 . A quantity of miscellaneous brass
and copperware to include trivets,
coal scoop, etc.
218 . A Chinese woodstand, together
with a Chinese wooden hand held
dancer's dragon mask , 15cm.
219 . A North African chip carved spoon
with incised geometric pattern
decoration and dated 1923, 53cm
220 . A Yoruba tribe ibeji wood figure of
traditional design with facial
scarification's, on a plinth base,
33cm. high.
221 . A Northwest Canadian native
Indian carved totem of a Beaver,
on square plinth base, inscribed to
the back, 20.5cm. high, together
with a carved wood box.
222 . A small Fijian inlaid pearl shell
carva bowl raised on four peg feet,
23cm. diameter.
223 . A continental Art Nouveau copper
flared vase on spreading circular
224 . A brass four glass mantel clock.
225 . Four various clocks comprising; an
Edwardian mahogany timepiece an
oak timepiece an alabaster clock,
226 . A copper kettle, together with a jug
a pewter mug and a brass spittoon.
227 . A Japanese ivory tobacco purse,
together with an ivory parasol
237 . A brass and copper coal bin,
together with a firescreen, etc.
238 . A group of various plated wares,
including a gallery tray, cruet stand,
sauce boat, etc.
239 . A group of various trade tins, toffee
tins, etc.
240 . Fifteen Peggy Nisbet costume
241 . A Willcox and Gibbs sewing
machine and accessories.
242 . A pair of 19th century brass
pineapple door stops.
228 . An Indo-Nepalese bronze statue of
a multi armed god with consort
standing on attendants, 27cm.
243 . A pair of 20th century Chinese
bronze vases.
229 . An African tribal wood neck rest
and two anthropomorphic double
and triple headed catapults.
245 . An oval oak and electroplated
gallery tray.
230 . Humidif, a hardwood humidor of
rectangular form with brass hinges.
231 . A collection of twelve pewter plates
and warming dishes, together with
various pewter tankards, etc.
232 . A rosewood vanity case, together
with three other decorative boxes.
233 . A four piece silver plated tea
244 . A modern students microscope in
fitted carrying case.
246 . A group of Corgi model vehicles
etc including J type bus, Austin
Healey car etc and a group of
commemorative medallions.
247 . A telescope in a wooden box with
tripod stand.
248 . North African School early 20th
century - a pair of oil portraits
character studies, four
watercolours and a print (7).
249 . A collection of various silver plated
234 . Bell(Isaac) Foxiana Ill. G D Arnous,
Nimrod's Hunting Tours, Ill. 1926,
Gallico(Paul) Thomasina,1957 d -w
together with four other volumes.
250 . A three piece plated tea service,
together with a large collection of
plated wares.
235 . A ceremonial tribal spear, with
incised geometric decoration,
177cm. long.
251 . An Edwardian brass and iron gong,
together with a quantity of
236 . A rolled up wall map of the United
252 .
A Dutch pressed brass and iron
fire cowl, a copper warming pan
incised with a male portrait and a
crown in profile flanked by
diamond, almond and heart
shaped piercing, together with a
copper kettle.
253 . A pair of brass photograph frames
in the classical taste with cherub
decoration, together with two
bronze pestle and mortars, a pair
of candlesticks, a mid eastern
brass scribes case, a similar
guillotine, two moulding planes,
diorama, etc.
254 . A small collection of cloisonne
vases. etc.
255 . A large collection of various
reference books and novels.
(fifteen boxes).
256 . A quantity of Art and Architecture
related volumes.
257 . A silver cigarette case, together
with a set of silver teaspoons, an
electroplated toast rack, tea
service, etc.
266 . A brown leather Gladstone-style
267 . A collection of cut glass tumblers,
pottery goblets and other drinking
268 . A gold mounted walking cane,
together with a similar silver
walking stick and miscellaneous
walking sticks, etc.
269 . A carved wood and polychrome
painted duck.
270 . A pair of loudspeakers in
mahogany cabinets.
271 . A Victorian oil lamp, together with
various other oil lamps and glass
272 . An Oriental hardwood stand with
marble top insert.
273 . His Masters Voice wind-up
gramophone in oak case, together
with a Mecca example in vinyl
274 . Three Edwardian Carte de Visite
albums, together with a print.
258 . An oval framed mirror.
259 . A dolls house with accessories.
260 . A collection of miniatures in three
261 . A silvered metal six branch
275 . An oak tantalus box with two
decanters, together with a leather
clerks writing slope and two other
boxes. (4).
276 . A pair of plated Corinthian column
table lamps.
262 . A turned wood and fluted standard
277 . A quantity of brass and copperware
to include two coal buckets, three
bed warmers, pans, etc.
263 . An Edwardian torchere, together
with a standard lamp and two table
278 . A Parker & Co illuminated glazed
display cabinet for fountain pens,
57cm. wide.
264 . A brass standard oil lamp with
green opaque glass shade.
279 . A quantity of miscellaneous copper
and brass ware to include kettles,
trays, bowls, etc.
265 . A leather cased telescope,
together with a pair of binoculars, a
ship in a bottle, lorgnettes, etc.
280 . A large brass pan, together with a
Bakelite radio, a copper pan, a
mahogany till, etc.
281 . A 19th century circular mahogany
and inlaid footstool with beadwork
282 . One bottle Taylors Quinta De
Vargellas Vintage port, 1972,
together with one bottle Warres
Port, 1974 and one bottle Warre's
10 year old Port. (3).
283 . One bottle Chateau d'Yquem 1959,
together with one bottle Chateau
Climens 1er Cru 1959 and one
bottle Chateau Haut-Brion, 1959.
284 . One bottle Chateau Latour 1er
Grand cru,date faded possibly
1956 two bottles Chateau Vieux
Gandineau,1987, together with ten
other bottles of red wine. (13).
285 . Nine bottles of assorted white table
wines, cider and mulled wine.
286 . One bottle of Moet & Chandon
Champagne, 1982, one bottle
Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial,
together with ten other bottles of
champagnes and sparkling wines.
293 . A mid 19th century rectangular
papier mache tray decorated with
exotic birds, flowers and foliage
around a gazebo.
294 . A dolls house and accessories.
295 . A collection of various sugar bowls,
tongs, etc.
296 . A collection of electroplated sugar
tongs and various teaspoons, etc.
296A. A plated oval fruit basket together
with two sets of teaspoons.
297 . A silver plated oval serving dish
and cover, together with a silver
plated circular chaffing dish a
copper kettle and a copper bed
298 . A three tier cake stand.
299 . A Midella piano accordion cased.
300 . Three 19th century giltwood twin
branch wall lights.
301 . A pine wool winder, on platform
and splayed supports united by
turned stretchers.
287 . A collection of African and Zulu
artefacts including a bowl, bangles,
cane, etc.
302 . A small panelled oak cupboard.
288 . A set of four miniature oval
engravings after Bartolozzi.
304 . A fruitwood grain scoop.
289 . A pair of 19th Century gilt gesso
girandoles of circular form.
290 . A Persian carpet bag facing with
four rows of hooked lozenge
medallions, enclosed by a
geometric border, with wine red
field, 60 x 53cm.
291 . A mahogany rectangular stool
raised on turned legs.
292 . Two oak stools, together with an
oak magazine rack and a mirror.
303 . A group of seven various
embroidered pictures.
305 . A five branch chandelier, together
with two teapots.
306 . A set of four gilt metal rose
decorated wall lights.
307 . A Corinthian column silvered metal
standard lamp.
308 . A faux burr wood framed bevelled
glass rectangular wall mirror.
309 . A Dutch copper and brass pail,
together with a copper preserve
pan and a school bell.
310 . A Florentine gilt-framed wall mirror
with bevelled glass.
324 . A brass and cranberry paraffin
311 . A brass fender and two 19th
century copper warming pans.
325 . A quantity of plated flatware, etc.
312 . A quantity of brass and copperware
to include a jardiniere,
candlesticks, ashtrays, etc.
313 . LOCKYER, J. Norman - The
Meteoritic Hypothesis, Illustrated,
cloth. 4to. damp-affected, 1890;
Dunne, J, W - The Serial Universe,
cloth in d/w, 1934. With 2 boxes of
mainly astro physics text books.
314 . Robinson, W. Heath (illust) - A
Song of the English by Rudyard
Kipling, colour plates, org. cloth,
4to, n.d. With a box of books.
315 . A Victorian rosewood onion top
316 . An aneroid barometer in a carved
wood case.
326 . A silver three piece cruet set,
together with a small Mexican
silver tray, various souvenir
spoons, plated ware, etc.
327 . A group of miscellaneous
collectables to include two
travelling ink wells, costume
jewellery, propelling pencils, etc.
328 . Two silver compacts, together with
a boxwood and brass customs
ruler, a brass paperknife, a
needlework case, etc.
329 . A set of six silver pepperettes,
together with a silver mounted
parasol handle a napkin ring, an
18th century silver spoon a WWI
War Medal, coins, etc.
330 . An Empire clock garniture with gilt
classical figure decoration.
317 . A copper preserve pan, together
with a copper naval rum measure,
an oval kettle, a Victorian toilet
mirror and a quantity of stoneware
jars and casks.
331 . A Victorian inlaid walnut drop dial
wall clock.
318 . A small group of fishing equipment
including rods, dry flys and
Allcocks Bakelite reel, etc.
333 . A pair of silver plated figures of
fighting cocks, mounted on a
polished wood base.
332 . Two musical boxes and an inlaid
319 . A pair of electroplated candelabra.
320 . A doll's wicker pushchair.
321 . A large Gladstone bag.
322 . A rosewood writing slope, together
with a pair of brass candlesticks, a
bronzed model of an athlete a
marble mantle clock and a small
group of items in black box,
including five lamps.
323 . Two alabaster jardiniere stands.
334 . English School [19th Century]
A miniature portrait of a gentleman,
head and shoulders, together with
a decorative miniature of a
fashionable lady.
335 . English School [19th Century]
A miniature portrait of a lady,
bust length, wearing a yellow silk
bonnet, with hair plait reverse.
336 . An album of first day covers
relating to Bermuda, together with
two part volumes of engravings.
337 . A mixed group of first day covers,
together with sundry coins and
338 . Two silver cigarette cases, an
enamelled mirror and brush set,
spoons and two lighters, etc.
339 . A 19th century rosewood box and
a group of miscellaneous
collectables to include opera
glasses, drawing instruments, etc.
340 . A collection of various G.B
topographical postcards in albums
and loose.
341 . A mixed quantity of cigarette and
tea cards in albums.
342 . A Royal Mail Millennium Citizens
Tale Philately Collection. (36 sets).
343 . A large quantity of cigarette and
tray cards.
344 . A collection of various sets and
part sets of cigarette cards to
include Wills, Players and others,
many of high value and some rare
345 . A set of six silver teaspoons
together with two Chinese silver
teaspoons, fruit cutlery, grape
scissors, etc.
346 . A silver Christening mug, maker
Adie Bros, Birmingham 1956,
347 . A group of silver cutlery including a
butter knife, a dessert spoon and a
set of six teaspoons, etc., various
makers and dates, 20.12ozs.
348 . A continental silver circular box and
cover, a silver box, a tobacco box,
and ten various boxes.
349 . A mixed quantity of costume
jewellery and other collectables.
350 . A mixed lot of Chinese and other
collectables including a group of
postcards, a group of five
decorated leaves, three bamboo
brushes, two brass locks, etc.
351 . A group of silver comprising a card
case, purse, two hinged bangles,
compact, pocket watch, spoons
352 . Two Mauchline Ware boxes, a
Tunbridge Ware box, one other
and three pen knives.
353 . A carved Indian ivory ceremonial
elephant together with various
carved ivory, Tunbridge Ware etc.
354 . A draughtsman's drawing set, one
other and a Hanimex Guinness
355 . A group of costume and designer
jewellery, together with a vintage
evening purse, ornaments, etc.
356 . A mid 20th century Chinese hard
stone teapot with cover, six horses,
five bowls and one cup, in a jade
green colour.
357 . A collection of Roman and later
English coins and tokens.
(mainly in poor condition).
358 . A bottle of 'Something Special'
whiskey and three miniatures.
359 . A miniature gold plush teddy bear
with glass eyes and jointed body.
360 . A miniature gilt oval timepiece, the
dial inscribed Matthew Norman.
361 . Three silver spirit labels, various
makers and dates with foliate and
scroll decorations 'Brandy', 'Port'
and 'Bourbon', together with a
plated label, total weight of silver
1.71 ozs.
362 . A silver pepperette of faceted
baluster form, Birmingham 1929,
weighted base.
363 . An Italian silver cigarette case with
foliate decoration, 3oz.
364 . An early Victorian silver snuff box,
maker Edward Smith, Birmingham
1843, 1.76ozs.
365 . A pair of Georgian silver openwork
sugar tongs and a silver pocket
fruit knife/orange peeler.
366 . A mother of pearl and silver
mounted snuff box and a silver gilt
and enamelled cigarette case.
367 . A small gold pocket watch and
two white metal pocket watches.
368 . A silver mounted glass stamp box
in the form of a book, maker G Y &
Co., Chester 1912, with
personalised inscription to front.
369 . A gentleman's continental 935
silver cased pocket watch with
second hand, another silver cased
pocket watch, signed to dial I
Stone, Leeds and a plated pocket
watch (3)
370 . An electro plated miniature tea
caddy and a cased miniature.
371 . A silver mounted glass inkwell.
372 . A rat tail spoon and six silver
napkin rings, various makers and
dates, 6.22ozs.
373 . A group of silver comprising two
slave bangles, ingot and chain,
aide memoire, two sovereign
cases, a locket and a cigar holder.
374 . Four silver vesta cases and two
silver cigarette cases, various
makers and dates, 8.76ozs.
375 . A Royal Botanic Society of London
bronze medal dated 1886.
No Lot
377 . A 9ct gold ladies fob watch.
378 . A continental sifter spoon and
three similar pieces.
379 . An amber and silver mounted
cheroot holder and an ebony pin
380 . A small group of carved ivory and
similar pieces.
381 . A pair of Gibraltar cast white metal
shoe buckles with thistle
382 . A box of assorted replica coins.
383 . A Japanese ivory circular box
carved with lions, 65mm diameter,
a carved ivory figure of young
woman wearing a kimono 103mm
high, signed and a small group of
384 . A collection of ivory, bone and
other collectables including a 19th
century gold inlaid tortoiseshell
tatting shuttle, a Victorian silver
mounted boar's tooth scent flask by
Samuel Mordan, a reticulated bone
box and cover etc.
385 . A group of medals including
1939/45 medal, 1939-45 star,
Atlantic Star, dog tag and St John's
Ambulance badge.
385A. A postcard album containing 20th
century topographical views of
386 . A Japanese carved ivory okimono
of a man with a toad on his back.
386A. A mahogany and brass three draw
387 . A gilt metal necessaire within a
walnut, a Dutch silver box, one
other box and a thimble.
387A. A quantity of assorted volumes,
including PUNCH, works of
388 . A quantity of various coins.
389 . A Chinese engraved brass and
hardstone mounted cigarette box,
a Japanese lacquer inro and two
Chinese lacquer bangles the fourcase inro with one side decorated
with a beast drinking from a river,
a pine tree and rockwork to the
other, signed, late Edo/Meiji period,
7.5 cm [some damage] 4.
390 . Les Must de Cartier gold plated
pen and lighter.
391 . A coconut shell flask 15cm. long.
392 . A geometry set contained within a
shagreen case.
393 . A 9ct gold and tortoiseshell artillery
badge, a Primrose League stick pin
and an Armed Forces veteran
401 . A pair of Thai prints depicting
402 . A pair of printed silks with French
cavalier decoration.
403 . WWII Trio awarded to Sidney Hill
Jeffs, framed, together with an
associated album of photographs.
404 . A group of eighteen
commemorative bottles of Bells
405 . Two boxes of mixed spirits and
liqueurs, sherry, etc.
406 . A Vienna wall clock in stained
beech case.
407 . A silver plated serving tray of oval
408 . A 19th century fencing foil.
409 . A plated oval serving tray.
394 . A group of five silver mother of
pearl penknives and two others.
410 . Three decorative swords including
an Indian talwar.
395 . A mother of pearl silver folding fruit
knife, a mother of pearl preserve
spoon and tweezers etc.
411 . A pair of cast iron horse door
396 . A carved ivory netsuke decorated
with scaly dragons.
397 . A Ronson Touch-Tip table lighter, a
Calibri table lighter, together with a
collection of smoking related items,
including Art Deco style ashtrays
398 . A small framed silk rug.
399 . A 19th century embossed and
gilded leather panel decorated with
finches amongst flowering shrubs,
with polychrome decoration
heightened with gilt, 60 x 60cm.
400 . A beadwork picture of birds and
another of flowers (2).
412 . A collection of modern porcelain
413 . A copper kettle and a group of
414 . A 19th century gilt framed oval wall
mirror with grapevine decoration.
415 . A Regency giltwood pier mirror of
small size, the cornice with
ebonised ball ornament and with
lattice frieze.
416 . A photograph album circa. 1900 including images of naval/nautical
interest including the crews of
H.M.S Somme and H.M.S. Africa
417 . Two bottles of Chateau Grande
Puy Lacoste 1964, Pauillac
Bordeaux, Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd.
418 . Two bottles of Corton Les
Marechaudes 1969 Berry Bros &
Rudd Ltd.
419 . Two bottles of Chateau Grande
Puy Lacoste 1964, Pauillac
Bordeaux, Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd.
420 . A pair of early 19th century brass
and iron fire dogs and three fire
irons and a brass and iron trivet.
421 . A porcelain and gilt metal table
422 . A German Tom Thumb accordion.
423 . A collection of Moorcroft Collectors
Club newsletters dating from Issue
12 December 1993 to Issue 59
May 2009, in six binders with some
424 . Southwell, Henry - The Universal
Family Bible 2 vols, illust, leather,
folio, front board detached and
lacking title-page to volume one,
no date [late 18th cent].
425 . Two 19th century Eastern root
wood and polychrome decorated
fans of circular outline with painted
floral leaf enclosed by a mica and
metal border, 57cm long 47cm
426 .
. Harry Edmunds Crute
Babbacombe; Oddicombe; Anteys
a group of three, all signed, oils on
board (3)
427 . W. Richards (19th/20th Century)
A Highland loch, Lochearnhead
signed, oil on canvas .
428 . Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale
Portrait of William Hunter, C.B.,
M.D., F.R.C.P.
signed with a monogram, further
signed and inscribed with the
artist's address at 55 Holland Park
Road, Kensington on a fragment of
a label attached to the reverse
oil on panel, 44 x 35cm.
* Exhibited. The Royal Academy
1920, No.547
429 . British School
Highland deer stalker
oil on canvas, 29 x 39cm.
430 . Maryann Parris [19th Century]
A Gleam of Sunshine in the Old
Garden at Langley
signed and dated 1878,
watercolour, 23 x 33cm, together
with a small folio group of Victorian
lepidoptery studies, an album of
dried and pressed sea weed
specimens, etc.
431 . John Fitz Marshall [1859-1932]
Farm trailer and barn
signed and dated '87 bottom
right,further signed and dated 1887
on the reverse
oil on canvas, 31 x 21cm.
432 . Frederick Spencer [c.1891-1924]
Plums on a mossy bank
signed, watercolour, 19.5 x 18cm.
433 . E. Bellini [Italian School,19/20th
Portrait of a boy
signed, watercolour, 31 x 21cm.
434. No Lot.
435 .
William Greaves [1852-1938]
River landscape, figures crossing a
small bridge
signed and dated 1882
oil on canvas, 24 x 17cm.
436 . British School 20th Century
Still life of flowers in a pot
initialled PHT bottom left
oil on board, 45.5 x 48.5cm.
437 . Frederick John Widgery
A Spring Day in Hoopern Field
signed bottom left, further signed,
inscribed and dated April 1911 on
reverse. board, 22 x 33cm.
438 .
.Mary E Richey {Exh.1927-1938]
Figure carrying watering on a
signed, oil on board, 34 x 25cm.
439 . A pair of decorative lithographs of
terriers in burr wood frames. [2]
440 . William Widgery (1822-1893)
Upland River Landscapes, a pair,
both signed, watercolours,
each 37 x 25cm. (2).
441 . British School
Fisherman at an upland pool
oil on canvas, 29 x 39cm.
442 . Abu Bakar Ibrahim [1925-1977]
Malaysian coastal landscapes
a group of three, each signed
watercolours, each 26 x 36cm. [3]
443 . Frank Holmes (early 20th century)
signed, gouache, 13.5 x 28.5cm.
444 . S Concurren [?]
A shipwreck
signed pastel drawing, 38 x 56cm.
445 . Frederick James Aldridge
The fishing fleet leaving harbour
signed and dated '87
watercolour, 18 x 35cm.
446 . Philip Mitchell [1814-1896]
A Dartmoor River Valley
signed and dated 1868,
watercolour heightened with white
and with scratching out,
40 x 64cm.
447 . After Salvador Dali
Woman with Flower Head, 1937
coloured print, 47 x 68cm.
448 .
. Fred Schimmel [1928-2009]
Pink Bird
lithograph, signed and dated '74
numbered 58/65 and blind stamp
bottom left sheet size 65 x 49cm.
449 . Thaus [20th century]
Looe, Cornwall
signed, oil on canvas, 59 x 120cm.
450 . P W Berrisford [20th Century]
Still life of wine bottle and fruit on a
signed, oil on canvas.
451 . European School 19/20th century
Figure gathering wood
indistinctly signed Hape[?]
oil on canvas, 54 x 37cm.
452 .
. Bruno Guaitamacchi [b.1931]
Still life of Summer flowers
signed bottom right,
oil on canvas, 49 x 49cm.
453 . Russell Flint
signed in pencil on the margin.
454 . English School 19th century
The Breakwater at Bude
watercolour 32 x 50cm, together
with a watercolour beach scene by
Alfred J Warne Browne. [2]
455 . After Arthur Elsley
Grandfather's Pet
a Pears print in a maple wood
456 . English School late 19th century
A tiddler from the stream
oil on board, 34 x 25cm.
457 . Attributed to Eric George Fraser
Frog cartoons
three framed in one mount one
signed with initials
pen, ink and pencil drawings,
largest 15 x 10cm.
458 . C. J. Blackaller [early 20th century]
Eventide Tintagel
oil on board, signed and dated
1924, together with
Wesley Burtt
oil on canvas, signed and dated '79
459 . Daphne Vaughan [20th century]
The Chelsea Flower Show
signed. watercolour, one other and
a lithograph of the OldeTrent
Bridge. [3]
460 . G Salter
[British School 19/20th Century]
Scottish Lake Scenes
three framed as one,
oils on board 8 x 12cm & 8 x 9cm,
together with a Cricket cartoon
after H M Bateman [2]
461 . A coloured map of Monmouthshire
and two later maps.
462 . Robert Thornton Wilding
[early 20th Century]
Shepherd and sheep in a village
signed, watercolour, 30 x 20cm.
463 . Reginald Daniel Sherrin
Rain Clearing, Sheeps Tor,
Dartmoor; The Moors at
Poundsgate, Dartmoor,
two, both signed,
watercolours and bodycolour
each 26 x 37cm. [2]
464 . William Collingwood [1819-1903]
Beverley Minster inscribed and
dated '39, pencil and watercolour
drawing, together with a William
Nicholson architectural lithograph
and a Hugh Casson lithograph of
the Palace of Westminster. [3]
No Lot.
466 .
. Robert James Lugg [1877-1951]
Moorland Streams
a pair, both signed, watercolours,
each 23 x 13cm. [2]
467 . Six decorative pictures including a
watercolour, Ray Balkwill print, etc.
468 . Attributed to Henry Martens
[19th century]
Low Tide, Dawlish
watercolour, 15 x 20cm.
469 . British School 19th century
Wooded lake scene with figure
signed 'Fielding' to reverse
oil on panel, 13 x 16cm.
470 . A decorative print of The Thames
in the 18th century.
471 . Henry G. Walker
Torquay Harbour
a coloured etching and two others
472 .
Frank Walters [early 20th century]
Ansteys Cove
signed, watercolour.
473 . Attributed to J.G. Philp [1816-1885]
A Westcountry Harbour, possibly
signed, watercolour, 32 x 54cm.
474 . John Shapland [1865-1929]
Figure in a dinghy by a moorland
signed, watercolour, 22 x 50.5cm.
475 .
.Robert James Lugg [1877-1951]
Dartmoor Streams
a pair, both signed, watercolours,
each 27 x 36cm.
476 . English School 19th Century
Travellers by a camp fire; Figure on
a path
a pair, oils on canvas,
each 35 x 44cm. [2]
477 .
.Frank Watson Wood [1862-1952]
Portrait of Constance Isobell
France-Hayhurst as a girl, holding
a doll
signed and dated 1911, oil on
canvas, together with an oil portrait
of her father Commander Cecil
Halstead France-Hayhurst, R.N.,
and a small watercolour portrait of
her sister Elizabeth Mary. [3]
478 . Mabel A Kingwell [1890-1924]
Dartmoor Ponies
a group of three watercolours all
signed and dated 1914. [3]
479 . Alwyn Crawshaw [b.1934]
The Ploughing team
signed. oil on canvas.
480 . Arthur Suker [1857-1902]
Rocky Coastal Scene
signed, watercolour.
481 . Jim Paterson
Old Bideford Bridge and Tantons
482 . Patricia Alvis
The River Barle above Lanacre
watercolour, together with a large
group of various decorative
483 . A large collection of decorative
pictures and prints.
484 . C L Shayer (19/20th century)
A Winter Village Scene
signed, oil on canvas.
485 . Herbert Kingsford
[19/20th Century]
The Orchard Ferry, 1904
signed, watercolour, 30 x 41cm.
486 . A small oil painting of a highland
scene together with a group of
decorative watercolours.
487 . Mrs A Blake [20th Century]
Plants, Stones and Sea,
watercolour, signed, together with
a group of decorative pictures (8)
488 . English School
Horse and Groom
watercolour, together with a
painting of a harbour.
489 . English School [20th Century]
A pencil drawing of a gentleman,
signed and dated 1938.
490 . English School 19th Century
View of a river and ruined castle
watercolour; and Tatton Winter
lithograph. (2)
491 . George Cruikshank after Swebach
published by John Fairburn - a set
of nine Napoleonic aquatint
engravings comprising Napoleon &
Kleber Defeating the Mamelukes at
The Battle of Mount Thabor,
Napoleon Receiving the Sword of
General Mack on the Capitulation
of Ulm, Napoleon Defeating the
Mamelukes at the Battle of The
Pyramids near Cairo, Napoleon &
The Emperor Alexander Upon the
Raft on The Niemen after The
Treaty of Tilsit, Napoleon &
Augereau in the heat of the
Tremendous Battle of St George,
Napoleon's Decisive Victory over
The Austrians at The Battle of
Marengo, Napoleon's Entrance into
the City of Berlin, Napoleon
Defeating The Prussian Army at
The Battle of Eylau, The Attack &
Capture of Naples by The French
after a Most Obstinate Resistance,
each image size 19 x 27.5cm,
together with one other engraving
of The Duke of Wellington at The
Battle of Waterloo. [10]
492 . R Caton Woodville
The Taking of the Guns,
monochrome print.
493 . Old Ironsides, a coloured print,
together with a quantity of fashion
494 . H*** W.B. - H.R.H. Duke of
Cambridge, watercolour; with
another painting.(2)
503 . A Georgian fruitwood hanging
corner cupboard.
504 . A five-section Globe Wernicke type
505 . A Victorian oak and burr oak
pedestal sideboard in the Arts and
Crafts manner.
506 . A 19th century carved dark oak
three tier buffet of canted design.
507 . A pair of regency style torcheres
with green and gilt painted
508 . A regency style mahogany two-tier
509 . Two pairs of Victorian mahogany
dining chairs and a set of four
Victorian oak dining chairs.
510 . A Dutch marquetry dining chair on
cabriole legs and claw and ball
511 . An oak and astragal glazed
hanging corner display cabinet.
512 . A Victorian mahogany extending
dining table on reeded legs with
two extra leaves.
513 . A Georgian mahogany circular
three tier graduated dumb waiter.
495-9. No Lots.
514 . A George III mahogany washstand.
500 . A Georgian mahogany bureau with
associated bookcase upper
501 . A Georgian oak corner cupboard
with panelled door.
502 . A 19th century mahogany tea
515 . Two Regency mahogany elbow
chairs (damaged and reduced).
516 . Six 20th century oak dining chairs
with drop in seats including two
arm chairs.
517 . Twelve Harlequin chairs with
shaped backs and slip-in seats.
518 . A large George III mahogany
bureau bookcase.
531 . A Victorian inlaid walnut octagonal
games/work table with fitted
519 . A reproduction walnut bow bedside
532 . A regency mahogany card table
with canted corners and on four
splayed legs with brass caps and
520 . A 19th century continental style, gilt
wood framed and upholstered arm
521 . A Georgian mahogany tripod table.
522 . A Victorian rosewood oval
breakfast table, the snap top with a
moulded edge and shaped apron,
on central fluted baluster column
and quadruped moulded splayed
legs, carved with floral foliate
stems, terminating in whorl and
shell feet and castors, the top
148cm (4ft 10 1/4in) x 105cm
(3ft 5 1/4in).
523 . Two Georgian-style mahogany
524 . A set of six Victorian carved
rosewood dining chairs, the
cartouche shaped open backs with
foliate scroll horizontal splats,
having stuff over seats in gros point
floral needlework, on turned and
tapered legs.
525 . A reproduction walnut veneer sofa
526 . A Regency cross banded
mahogany card table.
527 . A Victorian mahogany linen press.
528 . A mahogany triple wardrobe in the
529 . A Victorian ebonised card table.
530 . An early 20th Century tub chair
with caned seat and back and on
cabriole legs.
533 . A 20th century triple
534 . An Edwardian satin walnut bedside
cupboard with carved door.
535 . An inlaid mahogany corner cabinet.
536 . A beech three fold screen with
mirrored panel and French prints to
537 . A stained beech stick back boudoir
538 . A 19th century Windsor kitchen
armchair with elm seat.
539 . A reproduction walnut veneered
chest of four drawers.
540 . A 20th century oak chest of five
541 . A late 19th/early 20th century
corner tub chair with tapestry seat.
542 . A 20th century mahogany circular
occasional table with under tier,
together with another table with
octagonal top.
543 . A leather and iron bound steamer
544 . A 20th century rectangular coffee
table and similar smaller
occasional table.
545 . A continental marquetry inlaid side
546 . A set of six oak dining chairs with
embossed leather seats.
547 . A 1930's pedestal desk with inset
leather top.
548 . An Edwardian inlaid music cabinet.
549 . A Georgian-style double width
dressing stool on claw and ball
550 . A set of six Victorian Aesthetic
walnut and ebonised salon chairs.
551 . A Regency-style twin-pillar dining
552 . A mahogany and inlaid spinet
converted to a sideboard.
553 . An oak gateleg dining table.
565 . A nest of three occasional tables.
566 . A 19th century mahogany
secretaire chest with later brass
swing handles and on bracket feet.
567 . A set of six hardwood dining chairs
with cane panel seats on cabriole
568 . A Queen Anne-style walnut
dressing table.
569 . A 19th Century oak lowboy.
570 . An early 20th Century continental
oak dining table. (3 extra leaves)
571 . A 19th century mahogany drop flap
554 . A 1930's walnut cocktail cabinet.
555 . An oak plate rack.
556 . A Victorian mahogany oval tripod
occasional table.
572 . An oak gateleg table with oval top
and single drawer on turned and
knopped legs, late 17th Century
and later, 105cm. wide
557 . Three Tapley 33 units.
573 . A pair of Windsor wheel and stick
back elbow chairs.
558 . A pair of Edwardian Sheraton-style
salon chairs.
574 . An Edwardian mahogany bureau
on cabriole legs.
559 . A Victorian mahogany rectangular
side table on bobbin supports.
575 . A pair of three drawer bedside
560 . A 19th century mahogany pedestal
Pembroke table.
576 . A pair of 1950's oak armchairs of
Heals type.
561 . A set of four Queen Anne style
dining chairs.
577 . An Edwardian carved oak
extending dining table on foliate
carved legs.
562 . An Edwardian oak extending dining
table and two leaves.
563 . An Edwardian/1920's inlaid
mahogany dressing table.
578 . A carved and stained walnut
bureau bookcase with glazed
upper section.
579 . A mahogany bedside cabinet.
564 . A George III mahogany serpentine
fronted tea table on fluted
580 . A mahogany music cabinet.
581 . A mahogany hanging corner
cupboard and an occasional table.
582 . An early 20th Century carved oak
599 . A walnut veneered tripod sewing
583 . A Georgian-style mahogany
600 . A Chinese carved hardwood chair.
584 . A fire screen with beadwork panel,
two 20th century stools and a
rough hewn stool.
601 . An oak cricket table.
585 . A 19th Century mahogany pedestal
603 . A canvas trunk and small
occasional table.
586 . A Victorian mahogany chest of
602 . A 20th century oak side cupboard.
604 . A nest of three reproduction
occasional tables and a coffee
605 . A marble top washstand.
587 . A Victorian mahogany rectangular
chest of two short and three long
606 . A reproduction carved oak court
cupboard - (1920's).
588 . A 19th century mahogany
sideboard with cross banded top
above an arrangement of five
drawers with later swing handles
and on square legs with spade
607 . A set of six wheel back chairs with
rush seats including two armchairs.
589 . A George VI Coronation stool.
609 . A Georgian-style mahogany
bureau bookcase.
608 . A 19th century mahogany astragal
glazed corner cupboard on a later
glazed base.
590 . A walnut drop-leaf bedside table.
591 . A nest of three Regency-style
occasional tables.
592 . An oak circular gypsy table raised
on bobbin turned legs.
593 . A mahogany dressing table mirror
in the Georgian-style.
594 . A Regency mahogany serpentine
610 . An oak and fruitwood dresser.
611 . A reproduction oak dresser in the
18th century-style.
612 . A pine dresser with shelved
613 . A Queen Anne-style walnut wall
595 . A pine and glazed cupboard.
614 . A late Victorian satin walnut single
596 . A 19th Century mahogany corner
washstand and stool.
615 . A 1930's green lacquer chinoiserie
card table and two others.
597 . A Victorian carved walnut armchair.
616 . A reproduction mahogany pedestal
598 . Two open bookcases.
617 . A pair of Edwardian boudoir chairs.
618 . A 19th century mahogany dressing
619 . An Edwardian mahogany
rectangular chest of two short and
three long drawers.
620 . A late 19th/early 20th century oak
chest of four drawers.
621 . A 1920's mahogany extending
dining table with one extra leaf, a
set of six chairs and a sideboard.
633 . A 19th century Continental walnut
standing corner cabinet.
634 . A walnut chest on stand, early 18th
Century and later.
635 . An early 19th Century North
Country mahogany rectangular
chest, with concealed frieze drawer
and two short and three long
drawers below, on ogee bracket
636 . A George III mahogany bureau.
622 . A mahogany and glazed display
cabinet having shaped bar glazed
doors, raised on bracket feet.
637 . A Georgian-style wing armchair on
claw and ball feet.
623 . A Victorian mahogany rectangular
chest containing two short and
three long drawers.
638 . A Victorian green upholstered
settee on turned feet and castors.
624 . A stained wood bookcase.
639 . An Afghan Turkoman rug having a
triple row of medallions on a blue
625 . An Arts and Crafts open bookcase.
626 . The upper part of a 19th century
continental mahogany bookcase
enclosed by a pair of glazed panel
627 . An Edwardian oak four tier open
628 . A Victorian mahogany mirror-back
pedestal sideboard.
629 . An early 19th century mahogany
secretaire bookcase.
630 . An 18th century inlaid oak triple
front coffer.
631 . A large oak corner cabinet with
open front above a two door
632 . A Georgian oak floor standing
corner cupboard.
641 . A mahogany circular tripod
jardiniere stand and an antique oak
hanging corner cupboard and a
pine blanket box (3).
642 . An Edwardian corner chair and a
Georgian style open armchair.
643 . An HMV wind up table top
644 . An elm and painted wooden stool
of circular form, on turned leg,s and
residue of original paint, 19th
645 . An Edwardian rectangular oak
occasional table and a mahogany
urn table.
646 . A swat valley wooden chest, of
rectangular outline, having a
hinged lid and incised circular
roundel decoration, 79cm. wide.
647 . A Georgian oak food cupboard with
central, double panel doors.
648 . A Georgian provincial oak plate
rack, with four open shelves,
192cm. wide.
659 . An Edwardian carved mahogany
kneehole desk.
649 . A beechwood long stool with grospoint needlework seat.
650 . A Victorian painted pine
rectangular chest of drawers of two
short and three long drawers.
661 . A late 18th century mahogany
gateleg table with carved hoof feet.
651 . An oak refectory table on turned
supports united by a stretcher.
652 . An inlaid oak sewing table.
653 . A matched set of five rosewood
hoop back dining chairs, together
with two Victorian balloon back
dining chairs.
654 . A Victorian upholstered button
back armchair.
655 . An oak and astragal glazed
hanging corner display cabinet.
656 . A granite bird bath in the neoclassical taste, together with a foot
657 . A late Victorian upholstered
658 . A pair of Queen Anne style chairs,
a stool, a bedroom chair and an
open bookcase.
A Victorian piano stool on carved
tripod base.
662 . A Kashan rug, the brick red field
with a central lozenge medallion
and all over floral foliate design
and urns (worn)
663 .
664 .
A reproduction mahogany mule
chest raised on bracket feet.
An Edwardian mahogany display
665 . A 19th century mahogany chest of
three drawers.
666 . A Regency mahogany D-shaped
side table.
667 . A stained wood chiffonier and a
pair of chairs.
668 . A 19th century mahogany
sideboard of breakfront outline.

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