Copper State Rubber


Copper State Rubber
Copper State Rubber
SEC Roosevelt Street & 105th Avenue
Conditional Use Permit for Screened Outdoor Storage
(Application PL-15-0196)
City Council Public Hearing
September 21, 2015
Presenter: Ken Galica, Senior Planner
Central Ave
1st St
• 1986: Property Annexed
Hill Dr
• 2007: 35 Acre parcel created by Three
Rivers Final Plat
• February 2015: Parcel zoned CP
(Commerce Park)
• General Plan Designation: Business Park
• Located within Freeway Corridor Specific
Plan area
Western Ave
Central Ave
– Decorative Screen Wall
– Berming
– Landscaping Western Ave
1st St
• CUP Approval for screened
Hill Dr
storage ancillary to a permitted
manufacturing use
• Intent of CUP: Ensure proposed storage is
adequately screened and does not detract
from the surrounding area
Summary of Required Findings
1. Consistent with General Plan and helps to further the
City’s objectives.
2. Compatible with adjacent land uses.
3. Site is adequate in size to accommodate the proposed
4. Site has sufficient circulation and accessibility; minimal
traffic impact to surrounding streets.
5. No adverse effects; four stipulations recommended.
1st St
Central Ave
• Consistent with General
Hill DrPlan
• Meets all Zoning Ordinance requirements
for screening
• Compatible with the character of the
immediate area
• Minimal impact on public streets
Western Ave
Recommended Stipulations
Hill Dr
1. Conformance with provided plans
Central Ave
1st St
2. Expiration of CUP
3. Height of stored materials limited to 8’
4. Gates to be opaque and complementary to
wall; final design at Site Plan/Design Review
Western Ave
Public Participation
• Neighborhood meeting
– Held September 2, 2015 at City Hall (Sonoran
– All public notification requirements were met
– No attendees
• Planning Commission & City Council
– All public notification requirements were met
– No public comment to date
Approval of Application PL-15-0196
With 4 Conditions of Approval
Planning Commission
Hearing on 9/17
Public Hearing & Discussion
Conditional Use Permit
Copper State Rubber Screened Outdoor Storage
Application PL-15-0196