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Drug dealers
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21 J ULY 2009
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Fired over
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Skosana rugby
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“The mere taking of photographs is not an obstruction” – Magistrate Judith Roberson
SAPS Captain Tommie Jafta. Photo: Steven Lang
“The arrest highlighted the need
for guidelines on how police and
reporters should do their work.”
Jonathan Ancer, former editor of
Grocott’s Mail
rocott’s Mail journalist, Stephen Penney, has won his case
for wrongful arrest against the Minister of Safety and Security. Magistrate Judith Roberson awarded Penney R20 000
in damages and costs for his wrongful arrest while taking photographs at the scene of a road accident on 14 November 2007.
Roberson described Penney’s arrest as “a frightening and distressing one and the seriousness of a deprivation of liberty cannot
be understated”.
During the court proceedings, Grahamstown police Captain
Tommie Jafta testified that he had seen Penney inside the cordoned off area and that the police had been distracted by his presence. Jafta said that he arrested Penney for obstructing the police
in the performance of their duties.
Penney said he had never been inside the cordoned off area
and he had not in any way obstructed the police in their investigation. On the other hand, Roberson said there were significant
discrepancies between police testimonies and Penney’s account of
the events that led up to his arrest. She described the police allegations of obstruction as “vague and imprecise” while Penney’s
evidence was “clear, precise and detailed”.
“Jafta’s attempts at formulating an obstruction were transparently contrived and most probably an afterthought. It is significant
that in his opinion the plaintiff caused an obstruction merely by
his presence,” she said. In her judgement the magistrate said the
police were not able to explain exactly what Penney had done to
distract them. She said, “In fact, nothing that they said the plaintiff
[Penney] did came anywhere near to an obstruction of the police in
the performance of their duties”.
It is significant that in the light of a number of recent incidents
police have been instructing photographers not to take pictures. As
Roberson says, “What does emerge clearly from police evidence
and their statements is that they thought that taking photographs
at the scene was not allowed and that this was the offending conduct of the plaintiff ”.
Jonathan Ancer, Grocott’s Mail editor at the time of Penney’s
wrongful arrest described the incident “as completely outrageous”
and that “police need to understand that we have a job to do”.
Ancer said that following the incident in November 2007 he
had extensive communications with the local police spokesperson,
Milanda Coetzer and he tried to transform the situation into an opportunity to repair relations with the SAPS.
Continued on Page Three
Grocott’s Mail journalist Stephen Penney. Photo: Steven Lang
“Ever since this case began, I have
had mixed feelings about going out
to crime scenes – now I can carry
on with my job without policemen
threatening me.” - Stephen Penney,
Grocott’s Mail journalist
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Grocott’s Mail Tuesday, 21 July 2009
News in brief
Car crash kills pupil
A 17-year-old Port Alfred High
school pupil died after a vehicle
veered off the road near Horse
Shoe Road in Bathurst. Horse
Shoe Bend is on a T-junction of
where the gravel road meets the
road to Grahamstown.
The youth was a passenger
and died instantly while the driver only sustained slight injuries.
The details are not clear but it
is believed that the collision took
place at approximately 9pm on
Friday 10 July.
The deceased has been identified as Johan Welgemoed from
Kenton-on-Sea. A case of culpable homicide is being investigated
by the Bathurst SAPS. – ENATHI
Bakkie hits cow on N2
The driver of a bakkie escaped
without injuries when his vehicle
collided with a cow on the N2 towards Peddie on Thursday night.
Grahamstown traffic officer Denzel Rooi confirmed that the driver
was not injured but that the bakkie was severely damaged.
The cow was “shredded into
pieces,” said Rooi. He added that
thieves tend to steal farm fencing,
causing animals to stray onto the
road and cause accidents.
“The accident is a result of
the stolen fence along the road
which made it easy for the cow to
just walk into the road,” he said.
Local farmer Peter Wylie,
alerted Grocott’s Mail to the accident. He said the crash was
“bad” and that there was a lot
of blood and meat on the road.
No principal at Nyaluza
Learners at Nathaniel Nyaluza
Senior Secondary will have to wait
even longer before they learn the
fate of their school principal.
Washington Mushwana was
removed from his post by the
education department in May, as
a “safety precaution”. Yesterday
the school started its third term
without their principal at the
Nkwinti said they are waiting for
feedback from the department as
whether the impasse has been resolved or not. – KWANELE BUTANA
Drug dealers feel the heat of
Operation Firefly
15-day operation code-named Firefly aimed
at cracking down drug dealers came to a
close last week after having netted 11 suspects and R24 910 worth of drugs.
According to a report released by SAPS
spokesperson Inspector Milanda Coetzer on Sunday, hashish, ecstasy, cocaine, mandrax, LSD,
magic mushrooms and dagga were among the
drugs that were confiscated. The operation was
initiated by Grahamstown Intelligence Collections
and focused on combating drug sales during the
recent National Arts Festival. Operation Firefly
was a joint operation by the Grahamstown SAPS
visible policing, Detectives and Crime Intelligence
Collections as well as the Port Alfred Dog Unit. “It
formed part of 11 busts that took place during the
period, which saw a total of 11 suspects arrested,
detained, charged and brought to court on charges of dealing in drugs,” said Coetzer. The suspects
were all men aged under the age of 35 years.
“In an interesting turn of events, it was found
that more South Africans were involved in the sale
of drugs during this year’s Arts Festival than ever
before,” Coetzer said.
She added that in the past, the SAPS noted
that mainly foreign nationals were involved in the
sale of so-called hard drugs. However, this year it
was found that young South African men under
the age of 22 were mainly responsible for the sale
of these drugs and that many of them, although
born elsewhere, have made their home in Grahamstown.
Inspector Danny Brits is the investigating
officer in the 11 cases. Director Vakala Moyake,
We want better pay, say Ext 9 workers
A NEW community hall being built in Extension 9, due to be completed by
September, has hit another delay. Building came to a temporary halt due to
workers protesting against unfair wages on Wednesday. The crowd of defiant workers stood outside the partially completed hall, refusing to work until
their complaints were heard.
This followed after a meeting was called by the technical team and a committee of workers from ward 5. The previous day, the technical team consisting of ward 5 councillor Luyanda Nase, Makana Municipality and Strydom &
Kroqwana contractors, held a meeting to discuss the discipline and safety of
the workers.
However, this was not what the workers had put on the agenda. According to Thami Bhelwana, who is representing the workers, the meeting was
supposed to involve the workers’ demand for a wage increase. Bhelwana said
the manager of Rhini developers, Sipho Dyibishe wrote down their grievances about low wages and promised that he will raise these issues at the meeting on Tuesday. Before long it became clear that he had not done so.
Before construction started, workers were divided into skilled and unskilled labourers which affected how much they were to be paid.
According to Fezile Ngxakaza, a worker at the site, the skilled workers
THE Cacadu District Municipality (CDM) launched the Seven Wonders Of
Our World last week. This tourism campaign is to draw attention to seven
tourism destinations found within the district, with the intention of contributing to the quality of life and sustainability of urban and rural communities in
the Eastern Cape. The launch took place at Temba Game Reserve, located
just outside Grahamstown, where the portfolio councillor for Economic Development, Phindile Faxi, and MEC of Finance, Economic Development and
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were told they would earn between R150 and R160 per day, while the unskilled
labourers earn R80 per day, which will be paid out each week. But the workers soon realised that to make ends meet they will need to be paid R180 per
day (for skilled labourers) and unskilled labourers should earn R120 per day.
Ngxakaza says that so far management has failed to meet their demands,
instead they offered R160 for skilled workers and R90 for unskilled. The workers’ final offer was R170 (skilled workers) and R100 (unskilled). “The protest
will carry on until they satisfy our demands,” Bhelwana said.
When contacted last week, both Nase and Strydom & Kroqwana construction company refused to comment on the meetings, as well as the protest. Makana municipality spokesperson, Thandy Matebese said that the municipality is aware that the workers are demanding a wage increase and that
they are concerned about the delays the protest will cause.
“It is not our intention to strike and for the hall not to be finished. We want
peace between the workers and the employers,” Ngxakaza said in defence of
their actions.
Yesterday morning the workers called a meeting with management to
discuss the matter. According to Bhelwana, management has agreed to meet
the demands of the workers.
The skilled workers will now earn R170 per day and unskilled workers will
earn R100 per day. Construction resumes today.
The seven wonders of the Eastern Cape
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and Family Welfare: .. 046 636 1355
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Grahamstown cluster commander, deemed it important to have operations focused on drug dealers to “combat the vicious cycle of drug abuse and
the ready sale of drugs to innocent members of
the community, particularly during the National
Arts Festival”.
Moyake commended the SAPS members and
emphasised that drug dealers will not be allowed
to roam free.
The total breakdown of the drugs is as follows:
Dagga - R7 410
17 units of hashish - R2 500
110 liquid drops and 24.5 units of LSD - R11 300
2 units of cocaine - R600
31 ecstasy tablets - R1 600
5.5 mandrax tablets - R550
7 bankies of magic mushrooms - R950
Total: R24 910
Source: and
Environmental Affairs, Mcebisi Jonas addressed guests on the vision for the
seven wonders campaign. Also present was the newly elected Makana Mayor,
Vumile Lwana. Jonas says that there are a lot of opportunities in the Eastern
Cape. “We are a province where real development can take place, if we work
The Seven Wonders consist of the Addo, Baviaans and Gamtoos valleys,
Grahamstown, Jeffreys Bay and St Francis, the Karoo, Sunshine Coast and
the Tsitsikamma area. These destinations appeal to an array of interests,
from extreme sports and history and culture to the natural environment.
The campaign was designed at the hands of Boomtown Strategic Brand
Agency and was piloted at s recent travel show in Berlin as well as at the 2009
Tourism Indaba in Durban. As a result of the campaign, the CDM was nominated for a Swiss Tourism Award in the adventure tourism sector, which will
enable the CDM to showcase the Seven Wonders campaign to a rich market
on Swiss, Italian and international territory.
Glen Meier, creative director of Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency said:
“Boomtown’s strategy for the design of the Seven Wonders campaign is
aligned to the CDM’s aim of influencing both economic and social development in the region, especially among the community. The campaign draws
on the uniqueness of each area, which together forms the Seven Wonders
Of Our World.”
OUR EASTERN CAPE... Makana Mayor Vumile Lwana and the MEC of
Finance, Economic Development and Environmental Affairs, Mcebisi
Jonas rub shoulders at Temba Game Reserve, where the Cacadu District’s
Seven Wonders of our World was launched. Photo: Stephen Penney
Grocott’s Mail Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Yes, we can take pictures
Continued from Page One
ancer did his best to cooperate with the police because he
knows how important it is to maintain a constructive relationship between the media and the police.
He aimed to find a common ground between the functions
and duties of the police force and those of the newspaper.
Ancer said that Grahamstown is a small enough town that if
a problem arose it could easily be dealt with by an effective
liaison person before it escalated as it did in November 2007.
He said it appears that generally the police force presume that reporters are “up to no good” suggesting that this
is the reason why police officers are so hostile towards the
media. He also said that it appears that many policemen do
not understand the rules of what is allowed to happen at a
crime scene.
In a Thoughtleader column published a few months after
Penney was arrested, Prof Guy Berger, head of the Rhodes
School of Journalism and Media Studies wrote, “It's not just
the unpleasantness for the journo that is the problem when
such things happen, but also the denial of the public’s right
to know.
The story becomes at best what happened to the press,
not what the journalist was trying to report.”
Holiday fun in Fingo library
Melissa Radebe
“If I’m not here, I don't
know where I would be,” said
Makeba, a Grade 5 learner
who was one of many children
being entertained through
holiday activities at Fingo
A holiday reading club
called “Everyone can play
with letters” is a literature
programme run by Hanna
Wadefalk and Annelie Gustavsson, two Swedish interns
working with the Centre for
Social Development (CSD) to
promote literature as well as
give children something stimulating to do during the school
holidays. Every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
volunteers such as Andisiwe
and Anelisa Songongo from
Mary Waters High School,
gather at Fingo Library to
play a series of intellectually
stimulating games with the
children. The volunteers appreciate being part of such
an initiative and know what
it means to their community.
Anelisa says, “Teenagers don't
like to involve themselves. We
see school children roaming
around dirty on the streets
and in town, stealing and getting into trouble. This is a
good programme because we
are giving them some of our
knowledge and at the same
time they are teaching us in
many ways too.”
The children range from
Grades 3 to 6 and have the
opportunity to sit and read
as well as play educational
games, which encourages
them to learn while having fun.
“We hope that children start
to enjoy reading”, says Gustavsson, who is a secondary
school teacher in Sweden who
planned the programme. The
positive attitudes of school
teachers, principals and more
importantly, the students con-
What is the
Cacadu District?
tributed to more than 90 children wanting to take part in
the programme. “I wanted to
get involved to see career development in the future and
to prove to the world that our
children still want and have
the potential to be and do what
they want to,” says Andisiwe.
The CSD has been in contact with Farnebo Folk High
School in Sweden, and brought
Wadefalk and Gustavsson on
their four month Development
Studies and Human Rights
internship in South Africa.
“When we got here we didn't
know what we were going to
do, we had no job description, but we soon knew that
we wanted to be involved with
literacy and children”, says
With such an enriching
initiative, the children of Grahamstown have much to look
forward to in the future, not
only while waiting for their
holidays to begin.
Rhodes LLB students set to work at top SA court
Enathi Mqokeli
Staff Reporter
'Cacadu' is a Khoi name, describing the landscape as
marked by semi-arid plains that lead to undulating mountains that stretch to the sea. The Cacadu District Municipality is the district local authority for the western portion of
the province of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The area extends over about 60 000 square kilometres from the town of
Graaff-Reinet in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south
and between the Bloukrans River in the west and the Great
Fish River in the east.
The Cacadu District Municipality operates at the third
tier of government in terms of the Constitution of South Africa. There are nine local municipalities and four other portions collectively known as the district management area
within its area of jurisdiction. The nine local municipalities
in the Cacadu District and the towns they incorporate are:
• Baviaans (Steytlerville and Willowmore)
• Blue Crane Route (Cookhouse, Pearston and Somerset
• Camdeboo (Aberdeen, Graaff-Reinet and Nieu Bethesda)
• Ikwezi (Jansenville and Klipplaat)
• Kouga (Hankey, Humansdorp, Jeffreys Bay, Oyster Bay,
Patensie and St Francis Bay)
• Kou-Kamma (Joubertina and Kareedouw)
• Makana (Alicedale, Grahamstown and Riebeeck East)
• Ndlambe (Alexandria, Bathurst, Boknes, Bushmans River,
Cannon Rocks, Kenton-on-Sea and Port Alfred)
• Sundays River Valley (Addo, Kirkwood and Paterson)
By the time the fool has learned the
game, the players have dispersed.
– Baguirmi proverb
LITERATE LITTLE ONES... Learners of all ages took part in stimulating holiday activities at
Fingo Library as part of an initiative of the Department of Social Development (CSD). Two CSD
volunteers from Farnebo Folk School in Sweden also helped out. Photo: Melissa Radebe
ACHIEVER... Nelson Mandela
Rhodes scholar Chris McConnachie will be working
for Chief Justice Pius Langa
of the constitutional court.
Photo: Supplied
Rhodes University LLB final year students,
Chris McConnachie and John Shija have been
chosen to work as clerks in the Constitutional
Court in Johannesburg. McConnachie will
take up his new position in January while
Shija will occupy his post from June 2010 till
July 2011.
McConnachie has been appointed to the
office of Chief Justice Pius Langa and Shija to
Justice Yvonne Mokgoro. “I am very excited.
It is going to be an incredible time to be at the
court,” said McConnachie. Shija is also proud
of his achievement, “I am looking forward to
working at the Constitutional Court, it is a
great honour.”
The post is advertised annually to Rhodes
students mainly from the Law faculty. Out of
the candidates that have applied from across
the country, 50 were chosen for interviews.
Shija and McConnachie were the only successful Rhodes students.
Being a clerk involves different tasks including research, drafting memorandums,
working in court with the judges and taking
note of arguments, administration work and
assisting in the preparation of judgements.
After his year in practice, McConnachie
hopes to obtain a scholarship at a university
abroad so he can do his Masters in Law. Shija
will start working for a law firm called Webber
Wentzel in Johannesburg in January in 2010.
TO 046 622 8815
The staff of
St Andrew’s College and DSG
cordially invite you to
A Music Concert
Where: The Music School
When: Tuesday 21st July 2009
Time: 19h30
Queries: [email protected]
All are most welcome to join us.
Cheese and wine will be served
Grocott’s Mail Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Write to: The Editor,
Fax to: 046 622 7282
Liberty and Progress
Established 1870
One for press
t takes some courage to face an angry
man who is carrying a gun and clearly
relishes intimidating law abiding citizens. This is particularly so if that bully,
who is used to shoving others around, is
supported by a group of other men who
have guns and know how to use them.
Stephen Penney has been a Grocott’s
Mail photographer and reporter for a long
time. He showed the courage of his convictions (armed only with a camera) to do his
job in spite of the gun-toting bully doing
everything in his power to stop him.
There are a number of police officers in Grahamstown who routinely try to
block media access to crime scenes. Since
Grocott’s Mail journalists have strict
instructions not to interfere with nor obstruct police investigations, there can only
be one reason why the police do not want
our photographers to take pictures – and
that must be because they do not want the
public to know what they are doing.
A few months ago, police detectives
arrested several members of a shoplifting
syndicate in Church Square. The police
officers were correct, and even polite while
arresting the suspects and explaining
their rights to them. Yet when our journalists began taking photographs the same
well-mannered detectives began shouting
and verbally abusing Grocott’s Mail staff
Policemen who believe that they have
a right to arbitrarily tell journalists not to
do their work are wrong.
In passing judgement in the case
where a local police officer wrongfully
arrested Penney for taking photographs,
Magistrate Judith Roberson said, “The
mere taking of photographs in not an
It would greatly enhance the public’s
right to know if the Grahamstown station commander could explain this rather
simple concept to those who are supposed
to protect the public.
Policemen that wilfully harass journalists who are carrying out their legitimate
duties are practising a form of censorship
- this type of random police censorship is
diagnostic of a police state.
Sympathy with the
I have every sympathy with ‘Sleepless Night’
(10 July) who endured the racket from Brickfields tunnel. He/she should have asked Mr
Davies to provide alternative accommodation
for the neighbours affected. I myself hate mindless cacophony.
Quiet please
Why prostitute our
There is a lot of debate around this year’s
National Arts Festival (NAF) and I consider
this both necessary and healthy. I have also
always thought that the Festival needs to be
flexible and continually in flux. Clearly one
cannot continue repeating the same paradigm
ad infinitum with the notion of ‘if it aint broken
don’t fix it’. In some respects I feel the Festival
has suffered in the past from this stance and
has not been pro-active and inventive enough.
It is unfortunate though that now that changes
are being attempted, however misguided some
may or may not be, that they are received
with kneejerk reactions from some (dare I
say jerks) who are suggesting that we should
boycott the Festival! This is obviously not going
to solve anything or contribute positively both
to the future of the NAF, our city and the local
economy. I would suggest that the Festival
Committee and municipality engage with a
meaningful process of review and consultation
with all stakeholders and community members
as a matter of urgency – this could be done
partly online if necessary and through public
There are certainly many areas that need
interrogation including logistical problems
of traffic, security, venues, and especially
exhibition spaces which are abysmal. The
issue of informal trading is another matter that
reared its head again this year – yes the move
of the sanitised Village Green has created or
perpetuated an unfortunate (albeit maybe
inevitable) divide. The fact that this lead to the
local authority being held ransom and reneging
by allowing the largely unregulated invasion
of the CBD needs urgent attention. While one
cannot ignore or dismiss the important reality
of how a large percentage of our population
puts bread on their tables the municipality and
Festival committee must take responsibility
for this unacceptable situation and regulate
it appropriately. Our world renowned Church
Square and High Street cityscape which are
invaluable tourist attractions have become
obliterated, inaccessible, unhealthy and unsafe
during this peak tourist period. We should be
showing off these assets, not prostituting them!
Local business also suffers as hawkers pitch
their tents and attend to ablutions literally on
their doorsteps – no ‘bed nights’ are accrued
here as there were as many as 50 camping
tents on High Street and the majority of the
profit generated here leaves town.
Grahamstown is left to pick up the
pieces (and the local ratepayer the tab!) for
this misguided and fast growing free for all
marketplace in our main street. One has only
has to look at the decimated centre islands
of High Street with uprooted and denuded
trees and shrubs, the open fire places left in
front of the Drosdy Arch, and the stench of
human excrement to get a measure of the
resultant fallout. An urgent and proactive effort
is needed before 2010 to try and solve these
issues. No unconstructive negative boycott will
have any effect – appropriate action is what is
Concerned and Committed Resident
Thank you
AJ Gysman and his family wish to thank our
Heavenly Father who made this whole liver
transplant possible and successful. It is now
four months since AJ had his liver transplant
and everything is going well.
The family wants to thank the following
people for their assistance and loyal support
towards this little boy:
• Colin Meyer – owner of Makana Brick
• The owner of Pennypinchers
• Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints
• All other churches praying for AJ
• Owner of D&A Timbers
• The manager of Pick n Pay
• P Brown Construction
• Wallaces and Grahamstown pharmacies
• United Cash and Carry
• Mr Cassels
• Jerome - the manager of Shoprite
• Melanie Hendrichs
• Eldred and Brend Lamont
PO Box 103 Grahamstown 6140
Email: [email protected]
• Rose Nortje and the Valentine family
•. Poppie and Che Freeman
• Daisy and Andre
We also want to thank all family members
and friends for their support throughout the
transplant. Mr Gysman hopes that all other
families with sick children know that there
is hope if we have faith. He also encourages
people to make themselves available as organ
donors. Thanks to every person who gave a
donation. This was not for the family to benefit
from, but was a good deed for a little boy who
suffered from a chronic illness.
AJ Gysman and family
Guns must be banned
We as the Azanian Youth Organisation send
our heartfelt condolences to the family of Oscar
Dondashe. It is with deep anger and resentment that we join the Dondashe family in
mourning for their beloved son.
The recent incidents vindicate Azapo’s call
in its manifesto about gun ownership by civilians. It is one of the avoidable tragedies that
were are forced to endure because our country
and government fails to recognise the dangers
of a nation littered with guns. Azapo believes
that we should be informed about this scourge
and insist on the freedom and right of our people to live in a safe and peaceful environment,
ensuring our collective right to security and
integrity of people against violence.
Azapo wishes to call all our people to action, wasting no energy in assising the police
to bring the perpetrators of these evil acts to
book. Even more important is for us as a nation
to call on legislators to ban gun ownership of
any kind. The struggle continues.
Mziyanda Bulani, Azapo
What kind of mother
It is with huge sadness that I witnessed the police
removing the body of the infant found in the rubbish bin on Wednesday morning as I work across
the road from the library.
I am sick to my stomach, does the mother
not have a heart, did she really not care enough
to have left her baby in the freezing cold in the
bin with no clothes and only a nappy on? What is
she feeling today? Can you imagine how the baby
must have cried, is what I am thinking about the
whole time.
I truly pray that the police find this woman
very quickly and that she must be put away for
life, she does not deserve to be called a mother,
let alone bear another child! What drives a
mother to do things like this? Maybe we will
never know all the answers. However, the baby is
now in safe hands with God and He will see to it
that the mother answers for her actions one day.
Distraught mother of two
South Africa’s Oldest Independent Newspaper
Incorporating The Grahamstown Journal
(1831 – 1920) Vol. 140 No. 55
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Grocott’s Mail Tuesday, 21 July 2009
New mayor to focus council on service delivery
Kwanele Butana
akana Mayor Vumile
Lwana says his role
is to mobilise the
council to be much more focused on service delivery. He
concedes that the ANC caucus
in the council is still divided.
“How do voters feel when they
hear about the mayoral elections ending in a 12-11 vote? It
doesn't augur well with their
He says the level of conflict in the council is unprecedented in Makana. He also
says that in the interest of
attracting investors to the
town, the municipality’s political leadership should interact
more with the public.
He attributes the frequent
power and water outages to a
lack of preventative mainte-
nance on the municipality's infrastructure. The municipality
relies heavily on intergovernmental grants such as the municipal infrastructure grant
(MIG) but Lwana emphasises
that these grants cannot be
spent on the maintenance of
the existing infrastructure itself.
He also says that the municipality has a problem with
revenue management in that
there is a “lack of debt collection”. At the end of March, the
debt owed to the municipality
in rates and services was over
R142-milllion. Thus a simple
accounting principle can be
applied: “Don't spend money
you don't have when doing
budget and let your expenditure be determined by your
income,” he says.
Lwana reckons that the
After joining the Masifunde project as a programmes co-ordinator in
1989, he looked after almost
every aspect of the organisation before he became its director in 1994. In 1999 and in
2000 he was voted chairperson of the Eastern Cape NGO
His highest qualification
is a National Diploma in Human Resources Management
and he also did some studies
in rural development at the
University of KwaZulu-Natal
which he could not complete
due to high levels of political
violence in the province building up to the 1994 general elections.
Lwana was voted as the
first Makana executive mayor
in December 2000 following
the phasing out of transitional
electricity tariff hike of 31.3%
approved by the national
electricity regulator will be
a challenge for the municipality to bring into effect. He
says the unemployed majority
in Makana are going to find
it extremely difficult to cope
with the latest increase. In so
doing, the municipality has to
improve its communication
strategies with the public and
the mayor promises that the
municipality has immediate
plans on how it can achieve
this goal.
Lwana was born in Grahamstown to a large family with strong African values.
However, he does not like to
discuss his immediate family
or siblings. He matriculated
at Nathaniel Nyaluza Senior Secondary School during
the 80s.
local councils and the amalgamation of councils in Grahamstown, Alicedale, Riebeeck
East, Sidbury, Sevenfountains
and Fort Brown.
He was the only mayor in
Makana to have completed his
full term when he handed over
the baton to his successor
Pumelelo Kate in 2006. However, he returned to the helm
after Kate resigned following a
vote of no confidence from the
ANC. The party’s caucus in
the council filed the motion of
no confidence on the grounds
that Kate's leadership failed to
guide the council to realise its
developmental goals.
During Lwana’s term as
mayor the municipality won a
Vuna Award from the Department of Provincial and Local
Government for excellence in
service delivery. The awards
were introduced in 2003 to reward municipalities who exercise innovation and excellence
in fulfilling their service delivery mandate.
Another highlight of his
first term of office was the successful application for the certification of its Quality Measurement System (QMS) from
the South African Bureau of
The municipality was
subsequently awarded the
Certification ISO 9001: 2000
QMS which recognises the top
quality of the provision of community and social services as
well as corporate and financial
meant to, among other things,
increase the efficiency of service provided by the municipality to its residents.
G'town Residents’ Association
Clive Whitford
Auditors are normally associated with checking books and money but an audit is also defined as any thoroughgoing check or
examination. The internationally recognised firm of auditors, Price
Waterhouse Coopers, are retained to check, examine and report
on the organisation and efficiency of the municipality. They are indeed thoroughgoing business efficiency experts. After their check
and examination they make recommendations and then return
three months later to see that action is being taken.
Their latest report is illuminating and the Municipal Manager
says she places great store on these reports. Some interesting
aspects are that there must be pointers to the Integrated Development Plan in decisions and actions of the municipality.
This plan is required by law and drawn up and amended
where necessary each year as the indicator of direction for development. Government by whim of what seemed a bright idea at the
time is definitely out! Staff records are not in a good shape: copies of letters of appointment and photostats of ID books missing,
some tax deductions are incorrect and in one case there is no information on a worker other than his/her name. Some hard working staff members have well over 30 days accumulated leave. Are
they aware that anything over 30 days is forfeited? A cash recompense in lieu of accumulated leave may be negotiated.
Director Thabiso Klaas has a hefty but essential clean up
job on his hands. A sensible recommendation is made for getting the bogged down housing schemes moving. This overhaul of
our large and cumbersome organisation cannot be accomplished
overnight, but it is comforting to know that it is on track. The 57%
of the budget awarded to technical services is good news. Let us
hope that this is all spent on our troublesome infrastructure.
Here come the goats! No, really.
No news yet from Infrastructure Development on the construction of an extra reservoir for the inadequate water supply
to the East of Grahamstown. Traffic lights, including pedestrian
lights, around the Cathedral will definitely be erected. Fortunately
they are of the more expensive type which can be reprogrammed
if the setting proves unsatisfactory. The Railway Station is let and
leases expire in 2011 so it is not an immediate option for a bus
stop. Moody’s, the international credit rating agency, have maintained their middle of the road rating for the Makana. They note
that the salary bill is high for a municipality of this size. We all
know that!
The GRA committee is concerned about the number of meetings which start late or very late or are not held at all because
there is no quorum. This must be very demoralising for the eight
or ten council employees required to attend the meetings, and
lack of morale is infectious. A bad example from the top is not
aided by the hullabaloo over the change of mayor.
Clive Whitford
046 622 4630
[email protected]
Where are the
Staff Reporter
Kwanele Butana and
Sungeni Chithambo
The Makana Goat Project
was on the verge of collapse
but is now back on track following interventions by the
provincial treasury.
Makana economic development director Riana Meiring told Makana Municipality’s economic development,
tourism and heritage portfolio committee last week that
the goat project will resume
operations in two stages. “To
achieve the first stage the revised action plan and budget
was finalised and submitted
to the provincial treasury last
month,” she said.
She added that a project
manager, responsible for coordinating and implementing
activities, has also been appointed as well as a project
management team. Meiring
also said that a project monitoring committee consisting of representatives from
the Makana Farmers Goat
Cooperative, the Municipality and the project's funder,
Thina Sinako has set up last
month. Thina Sinako is also
the regional fund advisor for
Cacadu District Municipality.
The project management
team reports to the project
monitoring committee and
will be generally responsible for providing the project
manager with advisory and
technical support.
With regards to the the
second stage, a revised partnership agreement had been
signed between the Goat
Farmers Cooperative, Sombhulula Management Services, Makana Municipality and
Scientific Roets. In a letter to
Thina Sinako last month, the
Makana Goat Farmers Cooperative wrote, “the long delay
(12 months) in getting the
project back on track necessitated a revised approach to
achieve self efficiency”.
The committee's chairperson Nombulelo Masoma
announced that the herd of
goats would be coming to
town this week. After a twoyear-long wait, R60 000 worth
of goats are expected to be
delivered in Grahamstown
from the Cape Town-based
Stillerus Bokmelkery.
"In discussions with Mr
Smith from the Bokmelkery
it became apparent that the
delivery of the goats could
possibly be delayed depending on how far are the ewes
pregnant," warned Meiring.
She said Smith promised that
he would scan the ewes to determine if it is safe to transport them.
The committee resolved
that Meiring sends a letter
of appreciation to Thina Sinako and the provincial chief
financial officer for what she
described as “their dedicated
support and commitment to
get the goat project back on
The project's funds have
been withheld by Thina Sinako for the past 12 months and
are expected to be released
later this month. Members
of the farmer's co-operation
did not attend the meeting,
something which the councillors did not take kindly to.
Meiring promised everyone peresent at the meeting
that she would tell the cooperation that their attendance of committee meetings
is compulsory.
A visibly irritated Councillor Whisson emerged from
City Hall at 2.40 last Tuesday,
following the cancellation of a
labour forum meeting due to a
lack of quorum.
“This is the second meeting in succession to lack a
quorum,” he said. “Two weeks
ago it was an important special meeting of ecomomic
development and tourism to
discuss the goat fiasco. Today
the directors were too busy
tucking into their lunch after
a mayoral committee meeting
to put in an apology, let alone
an appearance and half the
ANC councillors simply did
not pitch. If this is to be the
way that the new mayor disciplines his troops, we can only
expect the worst over the next
two years.”
Asked on his views on the
Festival arrangements, Whisson commended the electricity and water sections for their
efforts in avoiding outages,
and officials for the speedy
resolution of the Fiddlers
Green issue.
“The High Street chaos
will have to be addressed,
however with adequate twenty four hour lavatories and
hosing down the streets each
Is an orphanage in Nompondo st, Joza which supports HIV/AIDS orphans
& affected children between the ages of 2 -14yrs
Donations of the following will be highly apreciated :
Nappies, milk, vegetables, toys, blankets, toiletries & clothing,
food stuff etc.
For more information, please contact Tamie at 046 622 7222
Grocott’s Mail Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Fired over Facebook
Kathrin Koebke
he next time you update your Facebook status or
MySpace account, think twice. Your social networking
could cost you your job.
Being fired on the basis of a Facebook status update is a
relatively new phenomenon in South Africa. However, a 23-yearold administration clerk at a clothing factory south of Durban
was recently fired for calling his boss a “serial masturbator”
on Facebook. A clerk was suspended for venting about his employer’s alleged laziness. In the United Kingdom, a teenage girl
lost her job after describing it as “boring” on Facebook.
One would think that if the Constitution states that everyone
has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom
to receive or impart information or ideas, then the employees
should not have been fired. However, Willem de Klerk, Law Clinic
Professor at Wits, argues that the Constitution promotes freedom of expression so long as what is expressed is based on fact.
However, even a true statement can be seen as defamatory,
which is why De Klerk warns that “malicious social networking
comments are as illegal as verbal defamatory statements”. A
defamatory statement injures the reputation of a person in his
character, business, profession or office. According to De Klerk,
if an employee deliberately makes comments to be malicious,
then he or she should be fired.
Robert Brand, Journalism and Media Studies lecturer at
Rhodes, believes that the problem is not the “tool of communication” being used, but rather the message being communicated by the individual. “Posting such messages is the same as
writing a letter to a newspaper,” says Brand.
When we use these social networks we fail to realise that
what we post extends beyond our intended social circle. Deshanta Naidoo, content manager at the social and mobile media
company Cerebra, points out that unlike verbal comments, the
use of technology means that web entries can be located and
linked back to you.
Therefore when it comes to social networking, especially if
used to voice opinions about the work place, it is best to stick
to company policies. Otherwise “the employer has a legal right
to mete out appropriate discipline,” says Naidoo. Nonetheless
there exists the need for companies to change their workplace
policies to cover issues such as social networking to mitigate
the chance that they can be defamed online.
Thomas Stone
Reporter Maria Sibiya seen here trying to access Facebook. However, Grocott’s Mail is one of many South African
companies that has blocked access to the social networking
website. Photo: Kathrin Koebke
According to labour lawyer Johann van Zyl, many South African companies have blocked Facebook and are considering
labour policies designed to prevent employees from bringing
the company into disrepute in their private time. Therefore
think twice when you update your account. Follow Brand’s advice: “If you can’t say it in public or to your boss’s face, then
don’t say it at all.”
For the love of music
Stephane Meintjes
Though the Arts Festival is fading in
our memory, Grahamstown has more in
store for music lovers. Sixty musicians
from around the country will come together for a three-day musical delight of
the highest standard on 31 July.
The Rising Stars competition was
launched in 2007 and was spearheaded
by renowned concert painist Mariel Illusorio of the Rhodes Music Department.
This time the competition has a strong local focus, however the competition base
has now broadened to include musicians
from around the country.
This year’s third national Grahamstown music competition is now firmly
set in the national circuit.
This year Hubert van der Spuy, a
renowned adjudicater of competitions,
eisteddfods and music fesitvals, and
Bridget Rennie-Salonen, one of South Africa’s finest flautists, will be judging the
competition and ensure that the quality
standards set by previous years will be
The first round starts on Friday 31
July from 9am for both the junior and
senior sections and will go through to
Saturday, 1 August from 10.30am for tertiary performers.
Constructing a threat of degeneration:
“teenage pregnancy” in academic and
popular rhetoric
in the
on Wednesday 29 July 2009 at 18:30
All who are interested are invited to attend.
Refreshments will be served after the lecture.
A fresh perspective
on the price of fruit
and vegetables
Both sessions will be held at St Andrew’s College Drill Hall off Worcester
Street. The first concerto session will
be held in the Beethoven Room at the
Rhodes University Music Department at
2.30pm on Saturday.
The second round for junior, senior
and tertiary entrants will take place in
the Drill Hall from 12.00pm on Sunday,
2 August. All these performances will be
free of charge.
The final prizewinner’s concert for all
the entrants will take place at the Drill
Hall on Monday, 3 August at 7.30pm. The
tickets for the final concert costs R40 and
will be available at the door.
ately there has been a lot of reporting regarding our high
food prices resulting in unacceptable food inflation figures.
It was the main article in The Sunday Times of 12 July as
well as featuring prominently on Carte Blanche on the same
evening. Interspersed between all the foodstuffs mentioned, the
prices of fruit and vegetables are touched on here and there. The
purpose of this article is to lay bare the pricing mechanisms of
the fresh produce industry so that consumers can decide if they
are being ripped off.
Prices paid to the farmer for fresh produce are largely determined by the prices fetched on the main national fresh produce
markets. These prices are determined on the market by supply
and demand. To illustrate how this works I would like to give a
simple example.
The agent on a fresh produce market essentially sells on behalf of a farmer at a fixed commission (so no pointing fingers at
him!). This commission is generally around 5 to 7% on actual
sales, so no sale, no commission.
Firstly, the oversupply situation. Mr Farmer delivers his 100
cabbages to the market. Only two buyers visit his stall and one
wants 10 cabbages and the other none. The market agent has a
problem because he will be throwing most of the cabbages away,
so he offers the buyers the cabbages at a lower price in order to
entice them to buy more.
Hopefully these cheaper prices will be passed on to the consumer as the farmer grinds his teeth because his input costs have
been higher than the prices he is fetching on the market.
Mr Farmer then radically cuts down on his cabbage plantings
and rather plants something else like lucerne so that he can hold
back if the prices are too low. He now sends 10 cabbages to the
market. Both buyers arrive at the market and because cabbages
have been selling well both want to buy 50. The market agent can
now push the prices up to the level that the buyers are willing to pay,
which is obviously much higher than the first scenario. This is the
short supply situation.
So we cannot point fingers at the farmer because he has to
accept the prices he receives from the market. If the farmer consistently receives low prices due to oversupply, he is eventually
forced out of the market.
This is the actual scenario that has been playing itself out all
over South Africa over the last couple of years. There are other
factors as well, such as the uncertainty of land claims making
farmers nervous to invest in infrastructure, for which the costs
might not be recouped. Exports of produce is also a factor which
reduces local supply, but earns valuable foreign currency.
But what do the actual facts tell us about price increases
of fresh produce? The figures I am about to quote are averages
made up from the fresh produce markets of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth during the month
of June this year.
Potatoes averaged R31.25 per 10kg pocket. This includes
third grade and small potatoes, which is between R6 and R4
lower than first grade medium potatoes on average. Your average first grade medium pocket of potatoes thus costs about R36
on the market. This price is a whopping 63% higher than for the
same period last year!
Onions averaged between R46 and R48 per 10kg pocket.
The same applies as for potatoes whereby the lower grade onions would be going for about R42 per pocket while first grade
medium onions would be going for about R52 a pocket. Here
the price of onions has increased by 82% compared to last year.
Tomatoes have shown an increase of 14% over the same
period last year. The average price for this year is R3.59 over the
full range (including under grades and small tomatoes).
Carrots showed the greatest increase at 110% higher than
last year and cabbages showed an increase of 58% in price.
From these figures it is clear that your friendly fresh produce
peddler is not involved in a conspiracy to rip the public off. That
is it for the bad news.
The good news is that matters should show a marked improvement by next year the same time. Many of the farmers that
planted less due to weak prices last year should increase crops
with these good prices (from a farming perspective). This should
result in prices softening dramatically within the next couple of
Next week I would like to share some tips on how to save on
your fresh produce budget.
Grocott’s Mail Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Street children learn life skills through arts empowerment
their repetoire during The
National Arts Festival due to
a series of workshops. The
response was overwhelmingwhen Sakhuluntu Cultural
Fri July 17 to Thurs July 23
Animated. Life begins to change
for Manny and his friends. Scrat
is still on the hunt to hold on to
his beloved acorn, while possibly
finding a new romance.
FRI at 12pm, 2.45pm, 5.30pm & 8.15pm
SAT at 12pm, 2.45pm, 5.30pm & 8.15pm
SUN at 12pm, 2.45pm, 5.30pm & 8.15pm
MON at 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm
TUES at 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm
WED at 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm
THURS at 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm
FRI at 12.30pm & 3pm
SAT at 12.30pm & 3pm
SUN at 12.30pm & 3pm
MON at 3pm
TUES at 3pm
WED at 3pm
THURS at 3pm
Ben Stiller
Daily at 5.30pm
A bachelor is haunted by the
ghosts of his past girlfriends at
his brothers wedding. Mathew
McConaughey and Jennifer Garner.
FRI at 12pm, 2.45pm, 5.30pm & 8.15pm
SAT at 12pm, 2.45pm, 5.30pm & 8.15pm
SUN at 12pm, 2.45pm, 5.30pm & 8.15pm
MON at 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm
TUES at 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm
WED at 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm
THURS at 2.30pm, 5.15pm & 8.15pm
Daily at 8pm
Radio & T V Services
73 High Street
Tel. 6227119
sabc 1
8Puzzle 1 (Very hard, difficulty rating70.78)
The solution will be published on
Friday, 24 July
7 5 63 1 4 6 7
6 8 12 4
tuesday, 21 june 2009
Puzzle 1 (Hard, difficulty
rating 0.63) AGENTS
3 1 48 8 3 9 6
Puzzle 4 (Very hard, difficulty rating 0.77)
HOW TO PLAY: Fill in
3 6 9 2 1 5 8 7
the grid so that every
8 4 5 7 9 3 6 1
row, every column and
every 3x3 box contains
5 8 3 6 7 4 9 2
the digits 1 through 9. No
2 7 6 9 8 1 5 4
number cn be reapeated
9 4 0.61)
3 5 2 7 6
in any row,
3 (Hard,
Solution for Friday, 17 July
for the meal but was surprised to see the level of commitment the youngstars had
for their work. As a result of
their circumstances the children were ill-disciplined at
They and only looked out
for themselves, often pushing
each other around to be first
in line for an orange or to be
chosen to play the guitar. But
the Art Factory volunteers
were patient and tried to
teach the children that caring
for each other is more important than looking out for yourself, helping them develop a
sense of togetherness. “On
the last few days the children
would actually queue up, letting the smallest children go
first,” says Marr. “I was astounded at how much they
had grown in one week.”
While the project was suc-
cessful, Marr says that there
were many challenges.
Bridge results
Results of duplicate at #6
played at the Grahamstown
Tennis Club on Friday, 17 July:
1st: Holiday & Southwood - 68%
2nd: Fitzhenry & Thomas - 60%
3rd: Birt & Shepherd - 51%
4th: Pair 6 - 48%
5th: Pair 4 - 44%
6th: Pair 2 - 29%
Times and shows were correct at the time of going to press
For all your electronic requirements
HAVING FUN... Art Factory children build a human pyramid. They spent a week learning life
skills from professional artists through various art forms, and hope to continue the initiative
thoughout the rest of the year. Photo: Sakhuluntu Cultural Group
wednesday, 22 july 2009
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Thabang Thabong, 10am
Takalani Sesame, 11am
Mind The Gap, 12.30pm
Dr. Phil , 2.15pm Judge
Mathis, 4pm Hectic Nine-9,
6pm Askies, 6.30pm 7de
Laan, 7pm Nuus, 9.30pm
Dube on Monday.
Puzzle 4 (Hard, difficulty rating 0.69)
5.30am Tour de France,
7.30am SuperSport Variety,
10am Binnelanders, 11am
Andromeda Strain, 1pm
Infomercials, 2.45pm
Roary, 3.30pm Drake &
Josh, 4.30pm Class Of The
Titans, 5pm Army Wives,
6pm Binnelanders, 6.30pm
EGOLI - Place Of Gold, 7pm
Clipz, 7.30pm Chuck, 8.30pm
Prison Break, 9.30pm Dexter.
6.30am Takalani, 12pm
8am AM Shopping, 10am
5.57am Op Pad, 6am
Kwakhala Nyonini, 1pm
7de Laan, 11.30am The
Morning Live, 9.10am
Shift, 1.50pm Infomercials,
View, 1.30pm Africa News
Thabang Thabong, 11am
2pm Study Mate, 3pm Jam
Update, 2pm Knock Knock,
Umnotfo Wami, 12.30pm
Puzzle 2 (Very hard, difficulty rating 0.82)
Puzzle 3 (Very hard, difficulty rating 0.87)
Alley, 3.30pm Batman,
2.30pm The Replacements,
Dr. Phil, 1.30pm Days
9 4pm
7 Wild
3 Space,
8 4 2 5 Of1 Our Lives, 3.30pm
8 2 5 1 3pm
3 All 9My Children,
7 6 4
5.30pm News, 6pm The
4.40pm Days Of Our Lives,
Muvhango, 4.30pm
2 5 8 7 1 6 9 3 4
9 3 7 6 8 4 2 5 1
Bold And The Beautiful,
5.30pm The Oprah Winfrey
Iketsetse, 6pm Zwahashu,
1 7pm
4 Jika
3 Majika,
9 28pm5 7 8 6.30pm
1 7pm
6 4 7 Show,
5 6.30pm
2 3 Isidingo:
8 9The
7de Laan,
Generations, 8.30pm
4 8 9 1 3 7 5 6 Nuus,
2 7.30pm Pasella,
7 5 3 4 Need,
2 7pm
6 News,
1 97.30pm
Shakespear: Macbeth, 9pm
Adventures of Old Christine,
8.30pm News, 9pm Mu7 Khumbul’ekhaya.
3 6 5 4 2 1 9 vhango,
2 4 9 8 8pm
1 Flash.
3 5 7 6
10pm Artcha.
e - TV
8am African Language
News, 9am Rhythm City,
12.30pm Judge Judy, 1pm
News Day, 1.30pm The
Steve Wilkos Show, 2.30pm
Summerton Mill, 3.30pm
Frenzy, 5.10pm The Young
And The Restless, 6.30pm
Rhythm City, 7.30pm Scandal!, 8pm WWE Afterburn,
9.30pm 3rd Degree, 10pm
6am Morning Live, 8am
180 Degrees, 9.30am
Dora The Explorer,
11.30pm Talk SA, 12pm
Motswako, 12.30pm Dr.
Phil, 1.30pm Days Of Our
Lives, 2.15pm Judge Mathis, 4pm Hectic Nine - 9,
6.30pm 7de Laan, 7.30pm
Plek Van Die Vleisvreters,
8.30pm News, 9pm Muvhango, 10pm Afro Café.
Puzzle 2 (Hard, difficulty rating 0.61)
thursday, 23 july 2009
street buskers had the
opportunity to expand
Group teamed up with the
Festival organisers to provide
workshops where these children could learn life skills as
well as various art forms from
professionals artists. Now
that Festival is over, the children have been bitten by the
creative bug and Sakhuluntu
hopes to continue presenting
workshops to street children
throughout the rest of the
Sakhuluntu is a non-profit
organisation which aims to
teach underprivileged children life skills through participation in the arts. They had an
interest in joining the Festival
as a fringe act but when Festival Director Ismael Mahomed heard about the project,
he challenged Sakhuluntu to
draw up a proposal and if he
liked it, he would fund it. The
proposal was drawn up, Mahomed approved and the Art
Factory was born.
According to Merran
Marr, chairperson of Sakhuluntu, the Art Factory project
was a huge success. “Not because we produced a Broadway worthy play,” she says,
“but because we managed to
keep the children engaged
the entire week”.
Marr was concerned that
the children would just come
friday, 24 july 2009
Celeste Kriel
9 8am
7 AM5Shopping,
4 3 10am
Grocott’s Mail Tuesday, 21 July 2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY... Agnes Groats recently celebrated her 84th birthday with her family members. Seen in the
picture are, back row, from left, Veronica Adams, Natalie Groats, Denise Groats and Anthony Groats, middle row
are, Sarah Jemieson, Shiela Groats and Rosemary Groats, front row are, Agnes Groats and Jenikle Groats.
Photo: Supplied
SPEAK OUT... Just before the schools holiday VG held an English Best Speakers competition which was adjudicated by student teachers from Rhodes.
These are the junior best speakers winners, 1st Kathrine Gillam, 2nd Nanamhla Geza, highly commended Iviwe Mona and Ajowa Atombe. Photo: Supplied
JUST US... Grocott’s Mail interns having great time in the office. From
left, Busisiwe Hoho, Zimkhitha Mbunge and Maria Sibiya.
Photo: Steven Lang
PASSING THROUGH... Pauline Stanford and Imran Valodia, with their
children Rubina, Aneesa and Zunaid, popped in to Grocott’s newsroom
en route back to their home in Durban. Photo: Steven Lang
CULTURED... These VG girls were recently awarded cultural half colours.
Seen above from left are Alisa Lochner, Luvuyo Hlatshaneni and Hannah
Smith. Photo: Supplied
HELLO!.. Lamila and Lihle Maqhugula of King
Williamstown enjoying themselves at Grocott’s in their recent visit. Photo: Steven Lang
SOOTHING SOUNDS... Local jazz musician, Monwabisi Sabani, aka Sarha, entertained audiences at the
Dakawa Jazz Festival recently. Photo: Alexia Berger
SMILES ALL ROUND... A local fan embraces Zolani Mahola,
Freshly Ground lead singer, in a happy Festival moment.
Photo: Grocott’s Mail photographer
Grocott’s Mail Tuesday, 21 July 2009
Mini Motoring
Volvo S40 DRIVe awarded green car of the year
The Volvo S40 1.6D DRIVe, featuring the new start/stop
technology, has received top honours in the 2009 What Car?
Green Car Awards. The ceremony took place at London City
Hall in June and the award was handed over by Boris Johnson, the mayor of London.
The Volvo S40 DRIVe beat the BMW 118d and the Renault Megane to the top spot in the Small Family category
and then stormed ahead to achieve victory over all the other
category winners, including the Audi A8 and MINI Cooper S,
to be awarded the overall What Car? Green Car of the Year
Offering exceptionally low CO2 emissions of just
104g/km and fuel consumption of just 3.9 litres per 100 kilometres, What Car?’s judges praised the S40 DRIVe’s unique
combination of low emissions, practicality, safety and driver
enjoyment as key reasons for the win.
South Africa is looking forward to receive its first DRIVe
model early next year with the launch of the very car that
won this prestigious award – the S40 1.6 DRIVe.
Engine of the year
Scoring outstanding wins in the three categories of the International Engine of the Year Award, the BMW Group once
again highlights its top position this year as a manufacturer
of particularly powerful and, at the same time, efficient engines. In the world’s most significant engine contest, four
engines have all scored victories in their respective classes.
They are the V8 powered unit featured in the BMW M3, the
straight-six with twin turbo technology to be admired, among
other models, in the BMW 3 Series, the BMW 1 Series and
the BMW X6, as well as the four-cylinder twin-scroll turbocharged engine in the MINI Cooper S.
In the engine category between 3.0 and 4.0 litres the V8
power unit featured in the BMW M3 successfully defended
the title it had already won last year. This 309kW/420hp 4.0litre makes a substantial contribution to the success of
BMW’s high-performance sports car in the market, now
available in the guises of the BMW M3 Coupé, the BMW M3
Saloon, and the BMW M3 Convertible.
The decisions on the International Engine of the Year
Award are taken by an international jury made up of renowned motoring journalists.
Opel Corsa Utility achieves 100 000 sales
The Corsa Utility achieved a significant milestone as it
passed the 100 000 unit sales threshold to record a total of
100 621 sales since its launch in August 2004.
With average sales of just under 1 800 units a month over
the period, the Corsa Utility is also the second most popular
light commercial vehicle in the market since introduction.
An amazing 50 months as the top selling ¾ ton bakkie in
South Africa – over four years as the market leader !
When this second generation model entered the market,
the Corsa Utility held a market share of 28% as the third
most popular vehicle in its class.
By the end of its first full year in the market it held a 41%
market share at the top of the sales log in its class. That grew
to 43% over the next two years and then reaching up to 49%
in 2008.
Locally produced at the GMSA facility in Port Elizabeth,
the Corsa Utility has also won the industry benchmark for
quality. The Corsa Ute has achieved the top accolade – a gold
award for quality, during both the Synovate 2007 and 2008 independent Quality Survey, for best quality ½ ton bakkie.
Alfa Romeo for Sasha Martinengo
5FM Jock, motorsport commentator, Topgear MPH host
and local celebrity, Sasha Martinengo, recently took delivery
of a brand new flaming red Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6 courtesy
of Arnold Chatz and Alfa Romeo South Africa (Fiat Group
Automobiles SA).
An avowed ‘Alfista’, Sasha is already the proud owner
of a Rosso Red Alfa 156 GTA, but Martinengo’s garage has
through the years accommodated a veritable vehicular feast
of Alfas, including a GT Junior, several GTVs and Spiders, a
145,147, 156 Sportwagon, ’55 Guilietta Veloce and many more.
Rolls Royce Ghost
Rolls Royce Motor Cars will ensure that the new Ghost model delivers peerless riding dynamics by making use of the
very latest developments in chassis engineering.
At the heart of the Rolls Royce Ghost’s magic carpet ride
will be a state-of-the-art chassis which uses an intelligent
four corner air suspension system and multi link aluminium
front and rear axles.
Designed to be fully integrated, each of the car’s dynamic
handling and safety systems has been engineered to work
together in harmony.
Systems such as active roll stabilisation, four corner air
springs and variable damping control operate as one. They
are imperceptible to the driver and passengers and provide the best possible comfort for occupants, ensuring that
the tyres maintain optimum contact with the road, even on
rough surfaces.
The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class
he new Mercedes Benz
E350 V6 was the latest
buzz in the Maritime
Motors showroom last week,
attracting lots of interest.
While the E350 was only in the
Maritime Motors showroom
for a short while, it will return
at the beginning of August.
The new E-Class from
the innovator when it comes
to safety, comfort and environmental compatibility in its market segment. With its unique
combination of driver assistance systems, the new E-Class
further consolidates the leading position of Mercedes-Benz
in the luxury class. Its features
include a drowsiness detection
system (Assistance Assist),
Adaptive Highbeam Assist and
the proximity control system
which is capable of performing
automatic emergency braking
when there is acute danger of
a collision.
Mercedes-Benz has improved the already exemplary
long-distance comfort of the
E-Class even further in the
new sedan. This is principally
through the use of intelligent
bodyshell technology with up
to 30% greater rigidity, further improved seats and a
newly developed suspension
whose shock absorbers automatically adjust to the current
driving situation. The optional
air suspension now works in
combination with an electronic
damping system.
The four- and six-cylinder
engines are direct-injection
units, and consume up to 23%
less fuel than before.
The new E-Class is the
world’s most aerodynamically
efficient luxury sedan, with a
drag coefficient of only 0.25,
making it 4% better than the
already excellent Cd figure of
the preceding model. This represents a fuel saving of around
0.25 litres per 100kms when
driving at a highway speed of
130 km/h. The new E-Class
has an unrivalled combination
of the very latest assistance
and protection system whose
concept and development are
based on what actually happens during accidents.
These technologies make
the E-Class an “intelligent
partner” able to see, feel, react
reflexively in critical situations
and if necessary act independently to prevent accidents or
mitigate their consequences.
The new Mercedes-Benz model not only protects its own
occupants, but also contributes decisively to the greater
safety of other road users. It
is the first car in the world to
be equipped with headlamps
which adapt to the traffic situation and respond automatically to avoid dazzling other
The optional Adaptive
Assist uses a
camera on the
windscreen to
recognise oncoming traffic
and vehicles
moving ahead
and to control
the headlamps
so that their beams
do not reach the other
vehicle. This achieves the
best possible road illumination
ard equipment, is equipped
with highly sensitive sensors
that continuously monitor
more than 70 different parameters. Observing the driver’s
steering behaviour has proved
to be a particularly strong indicator.
These corrections are recognised by a highly sensitive
steering angle sensor.
in a given situation. The Lane
Tracking package for the new
E-Class includes Blind Spot
Assist, which is a new development and Lane Keeping Assist
which seeks to prevent the vehicle from leaving the road unintentionally. The new E-Class
is very sensitive to its driver’s
attention level, and warns him
or her of drowsiness in good
time. This new Attention Assist drowsiness detection system,
The new
Benz E350
seen in the
Maritime Motors
showroom last week.
The vehicle will be
back in the showroom
at the beginning of August. Photo: Stephen Penney
A relationship with us is built on trust and commitment
Calcite White
Iridium Silver
Classic White
Cubanite Silver
9 000km
21 000km
15 000km
55 000km
73 000km
105 000km
R229 000
R295 000
R275 000
R335 000
R175 000
R209 000
Triton 2.5 Di-D D/C 4x4
Triton 3.2 Di-D D/C 4x4
Lancer 2.0 Mivec GLS
Colt 300i V6 Club cab 4x2
Platinum Blue
20 000km
21 000km
10 000km
15 000km
R255 000
R269 000
R169 000
R179 000
Sebring 2.4 CUT
20 500km
R179 000
B170 M Avantgarde
C200K Elegance
B200 CDI
C320 CDI Elegance
C180K Elegance
E270 CDI Avantgarde
Mitsubishi Motors
Maritime Motors
1a Hill Street Grahmstown
Email: [email protected]
• Tel: 046 622 7110 • Fax: 046 622 3833 •
Contact: Mitch Nash 083 299 0348
For branded finance contact your local dealer.
Approved dealer for Mercedes-Benz and Mitsubishi Motors
5 Howse Street
Grahamstown 6140
Tel.: (046) 622 8448, & 622 9120
•Tow bars
Come to EP Mufflers for the best price in town
Grocott’s Mail Tuesday, 21 July 2009
The Cathedral
Grammar School
Good Shepherd
Fingo residents learn about their housing rights
ingo Village residents gathered in numbers at BB Zondani community hall last Wednesday to hear what the housing department had to say about their housing rights.
The residents were hoping to hear the outcomes of their
applications for RDP houses as they have been waiting for adequate housing for many years. However, the meeting was called
to educate residents about the procedure of applying for houses
and the criteria needed to do so.
“We’re here to give you knowledge and better understanding, and when we have knowledge, we are in the light, and when
we’re in the light, we will do things better,” promised Lindelwa
Mngathwa, the manager of housing in the Eastern Cape.
Mngathwa said applicants may only be South African
citizens (proven by a certified identity document); be over 18
years of age; be married or have a dependent child, even if it
is a relative. As Mngathwa was speaking some members of the
audience were grumbling as it became clear that not everyone
meets these criteria. One concerned resident from an informal
settlement put his hand up and asked, “Because I’m single and
don’t have a child, does that mean I’ll be staying at endlovini for
the rest of my life?”
Another concerned resident, Ntomboxolo Dama said, “I’m
a single mother to one child who is over 21 years old, but still
in high school, can I apply for a house with a dependent that is
over 21 years old?”
To answer these questions, Mngathwa went back to what
she had said, telling them to follow the criteria even if this
means a dependent relative who is not your own child.
She advised home owners to report any damages that may
occur to their houses within five years to the National Home
Builders Registration Council (NHBRC), which they can do via
the municipality. She also warned them not to sell their houses
or rent them out before eight years of ownership as this is illegal. Moreover, housing consumer practitioners, Dumisani Zono
and Pheliswa Soxujwa will be available to assist residents with
any queries at BB Zondani Hall from Wednesday to Friday.
They will also assist residents in their applications. This
information is also due to be broadcast on Radio Grahamstown
“The follow up meeting will be held at BB Zondani next
Tuesday with important information for those whose names
have been screened and also educate more people of their right
of to a house,” says Zono.
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Tuesday, 21 July 2009
In Memoriam
WILLEMSE Maggie. In loving
memory of our dearest mother
who left us 9 years ago, on
the same date of our fathers
birthday, we will always love and
treasure your memories. From
family and friends.
IN memory of KHOLIWE SUNNERS (nee ANTONI) who passed
away on 20 July 2008 after a
long illness. She is sadly missed
by her husband Peter, her son
Mark and all her family and
friends. We all miss her vitality
and her dynamic approach to
life. Rest in peace, Kholie.
FARM workers and dwellers.
Former and current farm occupants would you like to tell
your story to a Swedish Masters
Student? Please call 079 424
yers & Seller
TSHUNI Sandy Kholekile. Our
dear friend, the Professor, may
your heaven be a library full of
books. Louise and Peter Vale.
046 622 3233
EMERGENCY: 079 037 3466
Select 2nd Hand Furniture
TSHUNI Sandy Kholekile passed
away Tuesday 14 July at Livingstone Hospital. Missed by all his
sisters and brothers. Funeral on
Saturday 25 July at Tantyi Hall.
es & Collecta
2A Cawood Street
(Up the road from Village Green)
Tel: 046 622 5171
Home Maintenance
Marius Barnard. Plumbing & renovations. Roof,
gutters, watertank, driveway
steamcleaning. 24hr service.
Cell: 079 968 7299
FOR all your building, paving,
tiling, roofing, waterproofing,
Xolani Tyatya is a call away.
Contact 071 714 0148.
Miscellaneous Sales
Saturday 25 July 2009
Scout Hall, African Street
Looking for more items to
Please contact Mike
046 636 1137 or
073 264 8845
St George’s Hall, 10am
Saturday 25 July
Renew your membership &
Join the winning team.
Phone: 046 622 4650
Before they repossess
your car
Phone Shirley @ Alpha Debt
Counselling on 082 083 5709
or 046 622 8064.
Tel: 046 622 3527
Cell: 082 552 3829
For Well Cared-for,
Happy Pets
40 High Street
Grahamstown 6140
Room 15 EPBS
Building Cnr of 87 High & Hill Street
Need a advert in
the local
To advertise here
contact Tamie on
046 622 7222
with civil/structural
engineering background.
Send CV to
PO Box 509,
Grahamstown, 6140.
Closing date:
24 July 2009
• Black and Brown Dachshund found
Milner Street
• Brown Dachshund found Worcester
• Beige Dachshund found at Grocott’s
• X Breed Black and Tan with collar found
• GSD puppy found EspinDrive.
• Pretty cream and gold X breed puppy
about 5 months old, must be homed,
medium size.
• 3 Maltese found and never claimed,
now looking for good homes.
• Jethro, white and tan neutered mixed
• Young Husky female, a really lovely
• German Shepherd, needs a family to
look after and a family to care for him.
• Many puppies, all shapes, colours and
sizes, just waiting for good homes.
• Tabby adult cat with beautiful green
eyes, a ginger adult and a calico adult,
friendly natures, fluffy white cat, and
many others.
• Three ginger and white teenages all
they want in life is loving comfortable
SPCA says: A very big thank you as well
as our appreciation to the Grahamstown
public who responded to our plea. Our
thanks and appreciation to D Thompson
for fibre glass sheeting, Vanessa for
blankets, Pick n Pay customers for dog
and cat food. C Pretorious for dog food.
Cash donations, M Ridden, Amy Turner.
Thank you all again, we are delighted
and appreciate your generosity.
Employment Wanted
AN energetic, reliable and honest lady is seeking for full time
job as domestic worker with
good references. Contact 072
980 5584.
ALL facilities available in
serviced rooms. Phone 046
To Let
UPSTAIRS 1 bedroom, sunny
balcony. Available 1 September.
082 477 9236
In Memoriam
East Cape
Access Systems
ADRIAAN Gina. You were my sister and dearest friend. You left
us without saying goodbye. We
will always remember you with
much love. Margaret and Nicky.
Call 046 622 5668 or visit
us in Anglo-African Street
for a free quotation
Sterilise your guys
id you know that one
female cat and her
offspring can produce
420 000 cats in just seven
years? It’s true. And one female dog and her pups can
produce 67 000 dogs in six
years? Take a look at the stray
dog and feral cat populations
in our area and it’s easy to believe. If that’s not enough of a
reason to have your pet sterilised, read on.
Contrary to some beliefs,
sterilisation does not affect
protective instincts. It does
however minimise unwanted
territorial behaviours such as
urine marking and excessive
barking. It also eliminates
sexual aggression, and the
associated roaming, fighting
and unwitting encouragement
of unwanted visitors to your
Sterilised animals tend to
be healthier, more affectionate and relaxed. They have
no chance of developing certain cancers and diseases
and females have less labour
Electic gates, burglar bars,
pallisade fencing, VESAapproved car alarms/
“For all your access control
and vehicle security needs”
Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm. Sat
9.30am - 12noon & 3pm - 4pm. Sun 9.30am
- 10.30am & 3pm - 4pm. Public Holiday
PART-TIME registerd VCT nurse
required. Drivers licence essential. Tel 046 622 8831.
complications, all of which can
make medical bills skyrocket.
The expense of the operation
may seem high, but dealing
with litter after litter can be
more so. There is also the
moral cost of welfare groups
having to euthanase unwanted animals due to lack of loving homes.
Giving away or selling litters can have disastrous consequences. Although their
new homes may seem fine,
circumstances change and for
various reasons your animals
can end up on the street, at
the pound or worse. Recent
SPCA investigations show
that cats and kittens can end
up as bait in training dogs for
illegal racing and hunting.
So if you give your newborns
away, first consider what may
happen to the next generation
…and so on. After this point,
you have no control over what
happens to any of them. But
you have control now. Sterilise
your pets. It saves lives. And
don’t forget that sterilising the
males is just as important as
females, as they can fertilise
more females in a year than a
female can have litters in her
All animals adopted from
the SPCA are sterilised, at
significantly reduced rates. If
you are unemployed or a low
income earner, you may qualify for SPCA help. Contact us
at: SPCA Grahamstown
046 622 3233
[email protected]
THE funeral of the late BENNIE BIKO will be Saturday 25
July 2009, St Mary’s Catholic
Church, 9am.
Employment Offered
Earn extra money in your spare
time. We’ll show you how!
All from the comfort of your
home you can make
R3 000 - R12 000p/m extra.
Contact by sms your name and
surname, address, contact
number or email address to
084 502 7804/
Fax 086 560 7675.
Agents required all over SA.
- No registration fee
- No experience needed.
HB 783 5944
Become an agent for Mon Cheri
Perfume for above average
income. For further information
contact Marlene Gerber on 082
556 7946, feel free to visit our
website www.moncheriperfum.
Helping the person with
a disability and his/her
support system, adjust
to the disability.
Tel / Fax 046 622 5359
PO Box 274
email: [email protected]
“FAMSA builds
(Family & Marriage
Society of SA )
Contact us for: relationship
counselling for individuals,
couples, families
Tel 046 622 2580
Fax 046 622 2545
Ian Roberts and his
‘orkes’ in Hogsback
WELL-KNOWN South African actor, Ian Roberts and his Radio
Kalahari Orkes will perform at the Hogsback Country Inn from
24 to 26 July.
Roberts was born in Fort Beaufort and has been part of the
Radio Kalahari Orkes since its début in 2005. The “orkes” is
well known for its foot tapping mix of Afrikaans songs with lyrics written by My Traitor’s Heart author, Rian Malan, and the
Roberts cousins, Ian and Dan.
This year, the Radio Kalahari Orkes will return to Hogsback
with their guitars, banjo, kazoo, violin, pennywhistle and some
songs of the boeremusiek rebel of the 40s, David de Lange, who
is also from the Eastern Cape. “Fruits of Glory” is the theme of
this year’s Hogsback Christmas in July festival and the supported charities are HIV HOPE and the Hobbiton Christmas Camp.
21 J uly 2009
Skosana shines as part of SA team
Stephen Penney
he South African Rugby Union (SARU) announced at
the conclusion of the Coca-Cola U18 Craven Week that a
30-man SA U18 high performance squad are to take on
France and Argentina next month.
Four Grahamstown pupils represented the Eastern Province Country District side, and Brian Skosana of St Andrew’s
College was named as part of the SA schools team. Skosana is
the only player from the EP Country District side to make it
onto the team.
The squad will assemble in Cape Town to prepare for three
internationals, facing France on 22 August and 29 August
and the Baby Pumas from Argentina on 26 August, as part of
SARU’s elite player development programme.
“We have changed our strategy and our intentions are now
to include international participation for our elite players,”
said Herman Masimla, the South African high performance
rugby manager.
“Our aims are to give U18 players some international exposure. Only when guys compete will we know who the possible players are that could make it on the international stage.
Hopefully there will be guys that have attended this workshop
who will one day represent the SA U20 team, Springbok Sevens side or ultimately play for the Springboks,” he said.
Competing teams at the Coca-Cola U18 Craven Week also
participated in a rugby high performance workshop and were
briefed by South African national selector Peter Jooste and SA
U20 coach, Eric Sauls.
Each player received a DVD which included an all-year
conditioning programme and electronic software to rate himself against the country’s best players in his age group. The
training programme and software were provided by the Sports
Science Institute of South Africa.
“A player’s talent is one thing, but the focus on looking after the conditioning of players is something that is of equal
importance to the development of successful junior players.”
In their three matches played during the Coco-Cola Craven Week, the EP Country District side lost their first match
against the Leopards 20-27, they won their second match
against Boland 25-18, and in their last match, narrowly lost to
South Western Districts 35-34, with Skosana scoring a number
of tries throughout the tournament.
Western Province were crowned the champions following their 19-17 victory over the Free State in East London on
RISING STAR... Brian Skosana, with ball in hand, performed well against Boland during the Coca Cola U18 Craven Week.
Skosana was picked as part of the SA Schools side at the conclusion of the Craven Week. Photo: Coca-Cola
Inter-Varsity action in town For the enduring racers
Stephen Penney
The FNB Eastern Cape Inter-Varsity, formally known as Tri-Varsity, will take place from
14 to 15 August, and will be hosted by Rhodes
University this year.
A major development regarding this
event is the inclusion of Walter Sisulu University (WSU) as a fourth partner, thus the
name change to Eastern Cape Inter-Varsity.
The other universities taking part are Nelson
Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU)
and Fort Hare University. Most of the fixtures
will be the same as the previous format, except for soccer and rugby where there will be
two finals instead.
In the soccer matches, NMMU will play
WSU at King Field on Saturday morning and
then Rhodes will play against Fort Hare at
Great Field on the same day at 1pm as a curtain raiser to the second rugby final.Winners
of these matches will then play the main soccer final in 2010 at NMMU.
In the rugby fixtures, NMMU will play Fort
Hare on Great Field on Saturday morning and
Rhodes play against WSU on the same day at
3pm as the main inter-varsity final. Winners of
these matches will then play the main final in
2010 at NMMU.
Entrance to the Rhodes astro for the various hockey matches on Friday, 14 August, will
be R5, and gates open at 3pm. Entrance to the
Great Field on Saturday 15 August will also be
R5 and the gates will open at 8.30am.
Mandla Gagayi, assistant manager at
Rhodes Sports Administration and Chairperson for the 2009 FNB Eastern Cape InterVarsity, said that Rhodes University “will exercise zero tolerance and any individual(s)
found guilty of contravening university rules
will be severely dealt with”.
The Rhodes Student Representative
Council will host an after party bash in the
beer tent on the Great Field on Saturday, 15
August from 6pm to midnight.
First National Bank will continue to be the
main sponsor of Inter-Varsity and SAB and
Coca-Cola will also continue their involvement.
For the first time in the history of this
event, the Department of Sport, Recreation,
Arts and Culture has shown interest, and are
having talks at an advanced stage with regards to finding ways in which they can get
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Stephen Penney
The annual Talisman Pineapple Endurance
Cycle Race, also known as the pineapple cycle
race, takes place on Sunday from Shaw Park
Country Club near Bathurst.
There are three races offered: the 43km
main event, a 18km and a 5km fun run. The
two longer routes takes participants through
farmlands, pineapple lands and are both very
The 43km is also known to be very technical taking participants through river beds and
indigenous forest, and this ride is not for the
faint-hearted. The shorter 18km event is for
those who don’t take to technical single track
The event is a fundraiser for Shaw Park
Primary School, and food and refreshments
will be on sale throughout the event.
Late entries will be accepted on the day
from 7am to 8:30am.
The races begin at 9am. For more information, contact Jane on 082 4709807 or visit the
website on www.shawparkprimary.ecape.
Mountain Drive in August
Stephen Penney
The Mountain Drive half-marathon, hosted by
Albany Road Runners, will take place on Saturday, 15 August starting at the Albany Sports
Club and follows the same route as in previous
The Mountain Drive half marathon is the
only running event in Grahamstown that is
on the Eastern Province Athletics (EPA) calender which is also an EPA league event. All
finishers in the 21km event will each receive
a medals, while the first 200 finishers will
each receive a t-shirt.
Walkers are welcome to take part in the
event, and start at 7am, while the running
event starts at 8am. Cut-off for runners and
walkers is at 11am.
Walkers will need to carry their own water
for the first hour. Refreshments will be on sale
throughout the event, while all participants
stand a chance to win spot prizes which will be
handed out after the race.
Entry forms are available from Dennis
Wicks and Albany Sports. For more information contact Christine on 083 391 0460.