Janome Memory Craft 6600P



Janome Memory Craft 6600P
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Memory Craft 6600
• Acufeed: System for Built-in Layered Fabric Feeding
• 5 memory banks
• Default Favorite Stitch Setting
• Elongation
• Sewing speed maximum: 700 spm for zig-zag and 1000 spm for straight
• Turn over memory
• Stop-Start Button
• Recall for last stitch and resumption set
• Bobbin winding with independent motor
• Quick command keys for Needle Up/Down, Lock-A-Matic, Auto-Lock
• Lever for speed control
• 71 different needle positions
• Arm & bed space: 9”x 5” (225 x 120mm)
• Dual thread guide bar for the Vertical Thread delivery system
• Dual Sewing Lights
• Needle threader that is built in
• Memory capable automatic thread cutter
• Presser foot lift that is extra high
• Backlit LCD screen with additional stitch details
• A Knee lift
• Top-loading magnetic, jam proof full rotary hook system
• Twin needle guard
• External feed balancing dial
• Guide for extended seam allowance
• Seven point feed dog
• Beep indication shut off
• Feed dog Up/Down control with frontal access
• Block and script monogram stitches
• Dual Feed
• 14 standard feet: Overgauge, Zipper; Satin; Stitich; Zig-zag; Rolled hem; Blind
Hem; Cording; Darnin (open )toe; Overcasting; ¼ “seamButtonhole, Quilting
• Seven 1-step buttonholes
• Large Bonus Extension table
• Combination stitch editing
• Ten on screen languages
• Stitch width adjustable from 0 - 7 mm
• Foot control that is Electronic
• Stitch length adjustable from 0 - 5mm
• Dust cover (soft)
• Stitch editing that is individualized
• A weight of 26.5 lbs (12kg)
Where Control and Precision Meet
• 163 decorative stitches
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Memory Craft 6600P
Powerful and professional
with many features to
save you time!
Featured: AcuFeed- Feeding
System for Layered Fabrics
We’ve got the market
covered when it comes to
precision and control.
Your fabric is guided perfectly, from the
top and the bottom. Janome’s innovative
Acu-Feed foot is integrated with
7 point feed dog system,
moving all fabrics smoothly.
Even slippery velvet, batting
and thick quilting fabric
including heavy home decor
yardage will move smoothly.
A great hit amongst quilters, professional sewers, garment specialists and home decor
aficionados, the Memory Craft 6600 Professional seems hard to improve on. With
professional style arm and bed space and easy, quiet operation as well as precision and
speed, the only way to make things better is by adding more great new features.
The Memory Craft 6600 Professional has all the features you need to finish your
projects quickly and with excellent results. The added control and new features refine the
expert finish even further. The Memory Craft 6600 Professional brings home professional
power with features that save you more time with all the precision and control that
Janome is known for in the market. Acufeed’s Layered Fabric Feeding System makes
certain that whatever fabric you use you will always have a smooth, even and precise
sewing experience. Your stitching will be at fingertip control with the Start/Stop button
and your entire 9”x 5” (225x120mm) workspace will be brighter with the dual sewing
lights. When you turn your machine on, the favourite stitch settings default will mean you
will be ready to go!
Press a Button to Stop/Start
This handy button helps when you
spend long periods at your machine
doing long seams or are doing large
areas of free motion quilting with the
feed dogs. You can finally give your
pedal foot a rest!
Light Up Your Work
Memory Craft 6600 Professional boasts
world famous, superior stitch quality
and precision. The dual lighting
system’s brightness sheds light on the
professional quality of your work.
Manipulate 163 Stiches More Easily On Screen
With the choice of dozens of quilting and decorative
stitches, enhanced screen detail and clarity, you can
easily choose your stitches, customize them and store
them in memory. When you find your favourite
stitch setting, you can save it to memory so you won’t
lose it when you turn off your machine. You have
the choice of dozens of quilting and decorative
stitches. You can easily choose and save to memory
your customized stitches with the improved screen
clarity and detail. Use the default setting for your
favourite stitch so it is not lost when you turn off the
AcuFeed: Layered
Fabric Feeding System
For Control
Everyone’s Favourite
AcuFeed: Layered
Fabric Feeding System
For Precision
Professional control, creativity and speed
Loved by quilters for precise stitching and
ample arm and bed space, and by sewing
professionals for the quiet yet quick
performance, the Memory Craft 6600P makes
sewing easy and enjoyable whether it is for
your orders, or just for you!
Open, Wide Spaces
This model has the ergonomic,
intuitive design and the most
arm and bed space with 9” x
5” (225mm x 120mm), of all
household sewing machines.
Up To 1000 Stitches in
One Minute
With the choice of 4 modes
and 163 stitches, what a
pleasure it will be to watch
beautiful and precise
stitches fly past at up to
1000 every minute!
Automatic Thread
You can manually snip your
thread by simply touching the
key or even have it
programmed to snip at the end
of a stitch..
Independent Bobbin
Save time with this
ingenious feature. Thanks to
the bobbin winder’s
independently functioning
motor, you won’t need to
rethread in the middle of
your work..
Knee Lift
Now you can keep your
hands on your work.
When you raise the
presser foot, it acts like
another hand. This is a
great feature when you are
quilting or doing other
projects that require
repetitive or long seams.
Bonus Extension Table
The Memory Craft 6600
Professional is known for its
big bed space, but for times
when you need a little more,
this generous table comes
standard and is a welcome
Visible Pressure Gauge on Your
Pressure Regulator
integrated the 7 point feed dog
system with the innovative
Acufeed foot seamlessly guiding
your fabric smoothly from top
to bottom.
This option automatically sets
decorative stitch widths for twin
needle applications so that they
are not too wide.
Flip Stitch Chart
This clever flip chart on the
back of the machine help you
easily find all 163 stitches.
Acufeed: Layered Fabric
Feeding System Janome’s
Twin Needle Guard &
Bright LCD Screen
For times when bulky layers of fabric
require more foot pressure or when sheer
fabrics need less pressure, the MC 6600P
allows you to determine how firmly the
foot presses on your fabric. You can get
the same great results every time as the
visible pressure gauge shows you the exact
position of your favourite setting.
Handy Shortcuts You Love
You can easily reach the Needle Up/
Down, Automatic thread cutter, Start/
Stop, Lock Stitch and Reverse Quick
Keys. The needle up/ down keys and
automatic thread cutter have handy
indicator lights that let you know when
they are on.
Dual Thread
Guide Bar
This option caters to
a variety of spool
sizes and types.
9”x 5” (225 x 12mm)
Sew faster and save
time with this great
feature. Push down
the lever and loop
the thread in, and
when you release you
can start to sew.
More Needle Positions
Janome is known for
precision stitch quality, but
the MC 6600P takes
Janome’s stitch quality and
precision even further by
offering a choice of 71 needle
positions. Now your
decorative stitches will have
the quality and detail you
Two Lettering
Systems in Two Sizes
You can enter up to 50
characters and select
from Script or Select
Block in 5mm or 7mm.
Each alphabet includes
alternate letters used in
foreign alphabets and
lower case and capital
Easy Access Feed Dog
The lever at the front of the
machine makes dropping the feed
dog for free-motion sewing and
quilting nice and easy.
Easy Needle
Of all household sewing machines,
the MC6600 offers the largest arm
and bedspace.
Choose From Seven
With the MC6600P you have the
choice of 7 Janome buttonholes that
are advanced of which six are onestep sensor buttonholes giving you the
perfect size every time. The seventh,
automatic buttonhole is best used for
difficult or bulky fabrics. You have the
choice of keyhole, rounded or square.
Also shown are the eyelet, bar track
sewn with the buttonhole foot, and
the darning stitch.
163 Stitches In Four Modes
From decorative to utility, the MC6600 stitch collection encompasses
beautiful heirloom and quilting stitches like the French Knot. Divided
into 4 quick access modes the selection includes Monogramming, Quilt,
Direct, and Utility. Just the Quilt mode has a choice of 84 patterns
including hand-look stitches.
MC6600P Stitch package

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