Enabling High- Productivity Computing with



Enabling High- Productivity Computing with
Microsoft Partner Solution
Enabling HighProductivity
Computing with
Cloud Scalability –
Superior usability makes
end-users happy and
The true end-user problem
Techila Technologies Ltd is
a provider of an autonomic
high-performance and technical
computing (HPTC) solution.
Techila enables organizations
to create a green and scalable
HPTC infrastructure without huge
capital investments and operating
expenses required by new
computing server hardware.
Nowadays business, research and product development projects rely heavily on
embarrassingly parallel computation in its many forms, for example, optimization,
modeling, simulations, or data analysis. The nature of business-critical and
technical computing is to continuously address the next most difficult problems.
Organizations that need to solve computationally heavy tasks can easily identify
a number of problems that would require ten to thousand times more computing
power than is available.
From traditional high-performance computing
to high-productivity computing
Techila’s flagship solution is architected based on the IBM Autonomic Computing
Manifesto to manage the entire distributed environment; it reduces remarkably
the complexity of managing and using computing environments by offering state
of the art self-configuration, self-healing, self-protection, and self-optimization
Comparing to traditional HPTC solutions like server farms/datacenters, Techila in
cloud environment offers great benefits like:
• system deployment in a couple of hours,
• near zero-level administration required,
• extreme scalability of computing resources,
• pay-as-you-use,
• really low total cost of ownership (TCO),
• no more hidden cost like power, cooling and real estate, etc.
Superior usability makes end-users happy
and innovative
The close and long cooperation with the end-users and the autonomic
architecture of Techila have made it possible to maximize the usability by
”Techila enables us to
try out completely new
kinds of strategies as we
are no longer limited by
computing time.”
Techila is highly scalable and efficient: it works in heterogeneous environments
utilizing the capacity from low-end workstations to cloud instances, high-end
servers and computer clusters.
Techila requires near-zero level of administration due
to its autonomic system architecture. Techila is easy
to use: seamless integration to all major computing
environments like MATLAB and R.
Techila provides full integration with private and
public cloud capacity – easy and dynamic computing
capacity as a service.
shielding the end-user from the complexity. In Techila’s ideology end-users need
to have computing capacity as easily as they can have electricity from the socket.
Techila offers, for example, seamless integration to the existing familiar tools and
applications so that the solution is easy to learn and existing applications don’t
need to be redesigned.
Outstanding performance gives competitiveness
When computing can be done in days instead of years and in minutes instead of
days it gives huge competitive edge by:
• shortening the time to market of products and services,
• enabling to solve the next most difficult problems,
• allowing to compute order of magnitude more accurate results,
• making R&D projects more agile,
• increasing the productivity and innovativity of people, and
• making impossible possible.
“Many of our new
algorithms could not
be developed or run
at all without Techila’s
The basis for the scalability and cost-efficiency is
formed by an optimized application platform
Techila solution is implemented on the Microsoft® Windows Azure™ cloudcomputing platform. Windows Azure is the cloud platform that empowers
you to develop and run applications with unbounded scalability and easeof-use. With this flexible platform you can easily scale up or down to meet
the demands of your business.
With the pay-for-use business model, you don’t waste money on services
you won’t use. And Windows Azure allows your developers to develop
and run applications quickly, while leveraging current skills to develop
applications with .NET, PHP, or Java.
Applications are used directly from the Internet, without the need to
purchase server environments or to manage such environments. Windows
Azure scales out as needed. There is no need to make advance investments
to provide for peak loads. You therefore only pay for what you use.
Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 Espoo
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EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, IN THIS DOCUMENT. © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Azure,
Windows and Windows Azure are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. All
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