February 2012 Newsletter - Rogers Christian Church


February 2012 Newsletter - Rogers Christian Church
“Loving God...Loving Others…”
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February 2012
Attention Junior High and High
School Students!!!
Heritage Park Nursing Center
Wants Your Help!
Come Join The Residents For A Night
of Dancing and Fun!!!
Formal Attire Is Appreciated!
Tuesday, February 14th
Meet at RCC at 6:00pm
We will return by 7:30pm
The Freedom of Forgiveness
Loved ones, the following article is one that I received from Harvest Prayer Ministries. I hope
it ministers to you. In your own prayer time with our Lord, I encourage you to include the
prayer and prayer points.
“Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors” (Matthew 6:12).
“Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. But your
iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that
he will not hear” (Isaiah 59:1-2).
“An acquaintance of mine had a disagreement with his daughter that led him to break off all
contact with her. This man’s wife reminded him that he couldn’t expect God to forgive his sins if
wouldn’t forgive his daughter. He said he never realized that. So he asked God for the opportunity to make contact with his daughter, who lived on her own, so he could try to straighten
things out between them. Shortly thereafter, he was driving and saw a young woman whose
car had broken down. He stopped to help her only to find out it was his own daughter. This
“chance” meeting gave him the opportunity to forgive her and to renew their relationship.
–Adapted from Giving Ourselves to Prayer: An Acts 6:4 Primer for Ministry (Chapter 10,
The Lord’s Prayer by Thomas L. Constable).
“Giver of Life, there are times when forgiveness is so difficult because I have been so wronged
by another. Yet, I am always aware of the ultimate act of grace-filled forgiveness as You
prayed for those responsible for Your painful death…including me. Because You love me, You
have forgiven my sins and set me on a path towards a holy life. Please keep my heart soft
and filled with a deep desire to pardon those who damage me with their actions or
words. Every time I choose to love others through forgiveness, draw their hearts closer to
Your kingdom!”
Prayer Points:
Praise the righteous God whose face shines upon you (Psalm 4). Thank him for setting apart
the godly for himself. Confess any unresolved anger that causes you to sin. Commit yourself
to bringing to God gifts worthy of his name. Ask the Lord to surround you with his favor and
spread his protection over you so that you may rejoice in him. Pray that the Spirit may thrust
believers into worldwide mission, impelling young and old, men and women, to go next door
and far away, into science and art, media and marketplace with the good news of God’s grace.
“Prayer is the most vital force in world evangelism.” —Anonymous
See you Sunday,
We are offering incredible opportunities for our guests and members to plug
into an Adult Bible Class. Read the description, time and invitation of each
class to decide which one is right for you!
9:45am Meets every Sunday
Room 114
All interested
9:45am January 8th
Teacher: Bob Brown
Room 113
In this class, we will focus on book studies and welcome all ages
of adults. Each week, we will take a portion of Scripture from a
designated book and discuss how it impacted people then, and
how it impacts us now.
All interested
12 Doctrines of Christian Faith
9:45am January 8th
Room 115
All interested
Radical Together
Teacher: Paul David
Writing to everyone who desires to make an
impact for God’s glory. Whether you are an involved member, leader, or a pastor, Dr. Platt
shares six foundational ideas that fuel radical obedience among Christians in the church. With compelling Bible teaching and inspiring stories from
around the world, he will help you apply the
revolutionary claims and commands of Christ to
your community of faith in fresh, practical ways.
Teacher: John Meyer
This second class, focuses on many of the questions that go
“unanswered” for the new Christian concerning basic biblical
doctrine truth.
Genesis—Part 1 “Risky Creation”
Journey Through the Gospels
11:10am Meets every Sunday
Room 113
All interested
11:10am January 8th
Teacher: Zach Davis
Room 113
All interested
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Four gospels
written to different audiences with slightly different
angles on the life of Christ. In this class, we will
look at how the gospels harmonize with one
another. We will also spend significant time
looking at the original meanings of key Greek
phrases as well as the historical context of some
of Jesus' most well known moments.This is quite
a Journey, and you are invited to join!
Facilitator: Rick Pierson
This is a DVD series focused on chapters 1-9 of Genesis. Bob
Russell, the author of the curriculum, blends down to earth
humor with Biblical scholarship to make difficult passages easy
to understand. He speaks to the new Christian as well as the
seasoned believer.
2501 West Oak Street
Rogers, AR 72758
For up to date information on Sunday
services, including weather cancellations,
sign up by texting: RCCSERVICEALERT
to the number 41411.
Phone: 479-636-9067
Email: [email protected]
Web: www. rogerschristianchurch.org
Also, please check these local
TV and radio stations for a list
of closings and cancellations:
Ladies Fellowship!
Soup & Chili CookCook-Off!
February 6th at 6pm
Saturday, February 18
KURM 790
KLRC 101.1
KFAY 98.3
The library has several Bibles
located on the bottom shelf by the card
catalog in the non-fiction room. These
are Bibles that have been donated or
left at the church, and are available,
free, to anyone.
Come and enjoy soup & chili and vote for your
favorites! The teachers from Westside Elementary have been invited to join us and we’ll be
presenting them with school supplies.
Help us Organize the
Bridge Storage Room!
KHOG 40/29
Tuesday Nights!
Prayer Meeting! 6:30
Bob Brown
Paul David
Leland Judd
Bob King
8:00AM until completed
Kent Langum
Signup in foyer–All ministry team
members are encouraged to be
John Meyer
Jim Mote
George Panter
Ministry Staff
Senior Minister
Dates To Remember
Jack Galbraith
2/3-4—Junior High Believe
[email protected]
2/5—Wow Kids Leader meeting 2pm
2/5—HOAMYH 5-6:30pm
Youth Minister
January 2011
[email protected]
2/6—Women’s Fellowship 6pm
2/10-11—High School Lock-In 7pm-7am
1/1— 237
2/12—Board Meeting 3pm
1/8— 287
[email protected]
2/14—Heritage Park Dance 6pm
Children’s Director
1/15—High School Battle of the Sexes
Isaac King
2/18— Organizing Fellowship 8am
2/22—Jr. High Battle of the Sexes
Avg- 275
Avg- $7,416.00
General Fund
Zach Davis
Weekly Budget: $8,340
Worship Minister
Allen Williams
[email protected]
Sue Senty
[email protected]