A Boutique Talent Agency exclusively focused on the Luxury and


A Boutique Talent Agency exclusively focused on the Luxury and
A Boutique Talent Agency exclusively focused on the Luxury and Fashion Industry
In the 21st century, companies have to deal with a very competitive framework where Human capital is the key to succeed. Find the brightest talent among a multitude of potential candidates is a major challenge for the players of our
sector. Besides, preserve the heritage of tradition and maintain a culture of excellence by facing a global innovative
market is a must. That’s why we place at the heart of our recruitment strategy, an approach that combines savoirfaire and technology.
Our domains :
Fashion and leather goods
Jewelry and watches
Perfumes and cosmetics
Hospitality, travel and leisure
Wines and spirits
Interior design and property
At G &M, we aim to take a long term, consultative and customized recruitment vision. As a Luxury & Fashion specialist, we
have placed remarkable talents into a wide range of Métiers within the industry. Making the best use of our expertise,
we deploy all the necessary resources to become a strategic partner in your market positioning.
Our Services :
Tailored Screening
Talent Search
Recruitment Consultancy
How we make the difference
A true devotion to Luxury and Fashion
At G &M Talent Management, we ensure exclusivity because we are completely dedicated to our passion : the Luxury
business. We keep our eyes open and we are constantly updated on the last trends and forecasts. This world is our
priority and we only recruit for.
An in-depth knowledge of the market
After several years working with prestigious brands, we acquired a clear picture of our professional environment.
We have gained a solid expertise about the “métiers” from creation to sales, and developed a strong understanding
of our client’s culture. This empowering experience is an indispensable element to satisfy all your specific requirements.
A Made to measure solution
We are keenly aware that each brand is unique and that’s why we only offer services perfectly adapted to your needs.
As a tailor, we will hear with special care your demand to fully understand your recruitment project. This fundamental
step will allow us to design the pattern of your ideal applicant profile and in this way, to elaborate the most effective
plan of action.
An international and targeted network
Because the talent you are looking for may be anywhere around the globe, our mission is to convert the world in a
place where only the most skilled candidates will be introduced to you. Having an extensive network, we have no frontiers and we communicate in multiple languages. Our dedication to the industry and our incessantly presence on social
media will connect you with exceptional individuals able to meet and exceed your expectations.
A person-oriented approach
At G &M, we believe that an efficient partnership is based on honesty, respect and transparence. For this reason, we are
particularly attentive to each one of our aspirants. We are committed to deeply analyzing personality, motivation but
also skills and performances to guarantee a perfect match with your corporate values.
Let us find your perfect match
G&M Talent Management Ltd.
40 Gracechurch Street iplan London EC3V 0BT - England
UK: +44 (0)20 81 44 31 51
[email protected]

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