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Material To Your SuccessTM
Material To Your Success
Reliability System
The Manufacturing Reliability System
Extensive Talent Driving a Systematic Approach to Reliability
International Paper
Company Overview
• Global paper and
packaging company
• 115+ years in business
• 70,000 employees world-wide
• Manufacturing operations in:
- North America
- Europe
- Latin America
- Russia
The Manufacturing Reliability System is an enterprise-wide process driven by the most
extensive group of manufacturing talent in the industry – talent who track key metrics
called Special Procedures and Instructions (SPIs).
When an issue occurs, our team uses an electronic tracking system to review customer
incidents, credits, and MRS non-conformances. A single member of our team is assigned
responsibility for that issue and uses lean tools including RACI charts to investigate the
root cause and implement an effective corrective action. Our team then communicates the
­issue’s resolution to our customer using the tracking system’s standardized reports.
Because monitoring drives compliance, auditors from plant management and corporate
Blackshirts verify proper and timely root cause analyses and corrective actions.
- Asia
- North Africa
We want to make sure that our entire team understands our system’s direction and
performance. Each plant holds tactical Weekly Reliability Meetings that focus on reviewing
So many things of value are presented
in, or surrounded by the substance of
the plant’s compliance with the MRS – making sure that our extensive talent is delivering
consistency and reliability to our customers.
International Paper. Whether you want
to grow retail sales or get your products
safely through the global supply chain,
our industrial packaging solutions bring
innovation to and protection around your
products. International Paper brings you
value beyond a box, display or package –
real value that’s material to your success.
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Special Procedures and Instructions
Our extensive talent tracks, audits, and reviews the following SPIs:
A detailed checklist with over 20 division-mandated items is required for inspection on a
weekly basis. The results of the checks are entered electronically allowing the data to be
analyzed quickly and regularly.
Equipment Centerlining
One element of centerlining is nip point calibration, a process that ensures converting rolls
are parallel and the “nips” between rolls perfectly match the machine’s instrumentation.
Centerlining ensures corrugating equipment is mechanically optimized for consistent, high
quality board. Examples of corrugator centerlining include vessel temperature checks,
operator instrument calibration and adhesive system regulation.
Maintenance and Benchmarking
Our maintenance system directs a broad range of activities centered on predictive,
­preventive, and repair work. Benchmark data gathered annually assists with predictive
­machine analysis and is conducted on all major machine centers. We use both simple
dial indicators and advanced electronic instrumentation to measure the actual tolerances
of key mechanical components and compare them to acceptable benchmarks.
Waste Tracking and Reduction
Waste is an indicator of reliability and quality. Lower waste equals shorter lead times and
an improved environmental footprint. Accurately reporting waste helps us understand true
system performance. Our waste measurement system was recently recalibrated for
increased accuracy of waste tracking in each facility.
Product Safety
Ensuring product safety requires coordination across business units and facilities. Because
our product safety program is an SPI within our MRS, the program is consistent across all
corrugated manufacturing facilities. Our product safety program is consistent with many
governmental guidelines including: Good Manufacturing Practices; Food Defense; and the
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). The product safety SPI is a preventative
approach to potential food borne hazards.
When you buy International Paper products, you can be assured that you have a supplier committed to
environmental responsibility. In keeping with our position as a company that has long been at the forefront
of sustainability efforts, we seek constant improvements in water and energy usage and the reduction of
emissions. Add to that our longstanding policy of using only wood from responsibly managed forests,
and you have a company that is clearly as concerned about the environment as it is
with producing the packaging products the world wants and needs.
International Paper stands firmly behind our commitment to the brown box, green globe
equation and to making even greater strides toward a more sustainable world. To learn more
about our commitment and our actions, along with important facts about what makes
packaging sustainable, visit
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