Packaging – just a bare necessity?


Packaging – just a bare necessity?
Packaging – just a bare
Branding in a changing market
Packaging – just a bare necessity?
If transport packaging could be avoided, manufacturers of
industrial pre-products wouldn´t use it. But their products have to
be transported from A to B somehow.
m/e has created the branding of Duttenhöfer, a medium-sized
producer of hazardous goods packagings. The branding represents the
position of the company in the market.
In the last years, the market for hazardous goods packaging has gone
through tremendous changes: pricing pressure of European manufacturers, movement of concentration, new environmental regulations,
new ways of purchasing, marketplaces for bidder, increase in the price
of steel, new types of bulk packaging.
The communication tasks:
• positioning as a leading producer
• creation of a unique visual concept
• creation of brands for new products
• manual including design guidelines
The expectations of hazardous goods producers have changed as
well – extending to logistical aspects and services, which packaging
manufacturers have to meet.
The communication media
• advertising
• direct mailings
• literature for clients and distributors
• website
Advertising: target groups identified, and attention-getting campaign
with high recognition rates.
Design manual: redesign targetting international markets.
World premiere: event for clients and press when introducing a new
logistic system.
Visual branding: Brochures and catalogues
eMedia – website and template in one look
Trade show – the product is the hero

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