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ABOP - MarBorg Industries
Spring 2009
A Publication of MarBorg Industries
Earth Day.
Please remember that antifreeze,batteries,
oil, paint (ABOP) and other Household
Hazaradous Waste (HHW) materials are
NOT allowed in the trash.
antifreeze batteries oil paint
Materials Accepted at the
MarBorg ABOP Facilities
Every Day.
At MarBorg Industries we believe that every
day is Earth Day. That’s why we are leaders in
Santa Barbara County’s efforts to increase waste
reduction and recycling. Together, with the help of
residents and businesses, we can work to keep
Santa Barbara County’s environmental future
MarBorg recycles 70% of all
the material we touch. We reduce
waste and our carbon footprint
with the following programs:
Paint – Water Based
CD’s and DVD’s
E-Waste – including:
Monitors, Computers,
Lap Top Computers,
TV’s, VCR’s,
Stereos, Copiers, and
Fax Machines
• Residential Commingled Recycling Program
The hours of operation for the facilities are:
• Residential Greenwaste Recycling Program
Monday through Saturday 9 am – 4 pm
• Buy Back Recycling Centers
• Commercial Mixed Recycling Program
• Construction, Demolition and Bulky Item
Recycling Program
725 Cacique Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
• Free Mulch Program
• Solar Energy Program
20 David Love Place
Goleta, CA 93117
Questions? Call 963-1852 or visit www.MarBorg.com
County of Santa Barbara
Recycling Resource Guide
This Guide provides useful information and resources to help
you learn how to prevent the creation of waste, to reduce the
amount of waste that you do create, and to reuse or recycle
products and materials that you have used.
The Guide also provides a step-by-step process for business
owners on how to start a recycling program. To obtain a hard
copy of the Guide, please contact the Resource Recovery &
Waste Management Division of the Public Works Department
at (805) 882-3600.
Spring Cleaning is Easy
Feel like cleaning out the garage? Getting rid of an old couch? Or just want to downsize?
There are several options for getting rid of old, unwanted, or broken stuff.
FREE once-a-year pickup
If Marborg is your hauler, please call us to schedule your free once-a-year “Big and Bulky” pick up.
We can pickup appliances, couches, etc. Call to schedule your appointment and get the details
about what we can haul away—for free.
Take it to a one-stop facility
MarBorg operates two ABOP Recycling Facilities (ABOP stands for Antifreeze, Batteries, Oil and Paint).
The Santa Barbara facility is located at 725 Cacique Street, and the Goleta facility is located at 20 David Love
Place. The ABOP facilities provide a FREE, convenient, one-stop location for recycling. Residents can also
recycle household hazardous waste items,such as, fluorescent lights, compact discs, cell phones, computers,
televisions, and other electronics.
The ABOP facilities also accept basic recyclable items such as glass, aluminum, cardboard, scrap metal,
tin cans, and plastic. ABOP is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, 9 am – 4 pm.
Buyback Recycling Centers
Remember MarBorg buyback centers (located at 725 Cacique Street
in Santa Barbara and 20 David Love Place in Goleta) accept recyclable
materials. Bring in your materials to get the California Redemption Value
or just drop them off if you’d like. We accept aluminum, plastics, glass,
cardboard, paper (including newspaper), and cell phones. Please contact
us with any questions you may have at 963-1852.
As a reminder, the following are DO’s and DO NOT’s for your green waste containers:
Grass, leaves, flowers, yard trimmings,
ivy, plants and small branches.
Palm fronds, pampas grass, food,
animal waste, plastic bags, nursery
pots, dirt, rocks or smelly socks!
The week of Memorial Day 2009 (May 25 to 30), recycling, greenwaste, and trash will be collected
on the day following your regular service day. Customers who would like to receive email alerts
can call 963-1852 and request that their email address be added to their account information.
MarBorg Industries
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MarBorg Industries. Earth Day, Every Day!
This newsletter is printed on recycled paper!
Questions? Call 963-1852 or visit www.MarBorg.com