February 2015 - Pū`ōhala Elementary School


February 2015 - Pū`ōhala Elementary School
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Pūpūkahi i holomua “Unite to move forward - work together to make great progress”
February Events
9—Shoeboxes for the Homeless due
11—Valentine’s Lunch 11 a.m.
11—PE Meet Tryouts 1:20 p.m. for
students in gr. 3 to 6 in the field
13—Fieldtrip: La Pietra (A5)
13—District Science Fair
14—Ho‛omau Concert 5-9 p.m. at
the Bishop Museum Great Lawn
16— No School: President’s Day
19—SCC 2nd Coffee Hour at 4 p.m.
in the library
20—Jump Rope for Heart at 1 p.m.
20—Read Across America begins
26—Fieldtrip: UH Kennedy Theatre
(HLIP classes)
March Events
2— Read Across America forms due
4—Picture-taking Day
4— Read Across America Assembly
in the Cafeteria during lunch
6—Fieldtrip: Hawai‛i Theatre (A2,
A4, A8, A9)
6—POPS Assembly
continued on page 2
Save Your Metal and Cans!
Student Council is sponsoring an Aloha ‛Āina Recycling Drive.
Please help our school by collecting your recyclables now and bring
them to Pū‛ōhala Elementary on Saturday, March 7th from 9 a.m. to
12 noon. A flyer with more information will be sent home. Mahalo!
We Especially Need:
Ø All types of scrap metal, appliances (even refrigerators, washers,
etc.), metal cans, used cooking oil, and HI-5 bottles/jars/cans.
Other Items Accepted:
• Computers, printers, scanners, monitors
• Printer cartridges and toner
• Laptop, game systems, fax machines, cameras
• All types of batteries
• TVs
• Reusable clothing & household items (Goodwill)
• Paper, Corrugated Cardboard
• Plastics (#1 and #2)
This event is also sponsored by Schnitzer Steel in partnership with
the Kōkua Hawai‛i Foundation’s 3R’s School Recycling Program.
Second Quarter Sensational Scholars
Principal’s List:
Kaipo Akioka, gr. 2
Chanel Awai, gr. 3
Daniel Criss, gr. 4
Honor Roll:
Maluhia Cambra, Ho‛ola Coelho
Grade One
Kealoha Akiu, Chelsea Awai, Roxy Caballero,
Florita Espina, Owen Gillis-Davis, Zaedan-Jahzion
Jones-Kau, Nanea Kahoʻiwai-Helm, James
Kaneshige, Uʻilani Pā‛ao‛ao, Dylan Pestano, Troy
Ponimoi, Makamae Pūnohu-Freeman
Grade Two
Leelah-James Abelaye, Kahale Ano, Cetan Bad
Mocassin, Shanelle Bartlett, Charlee Kahanaoi,
Cassidee Lorico, Hōʻailona Mahuka, Kiaʻi Naluai,
Kahiau Paik, Kama Sardinha-Viloria, Kaikoʻo
Singlehurst, Xyrenn Slate, Zion Tenner
Grade Three
Nohea Kaowili, Kaiao Kauahikaua,
Kailey Kuhlman, Latai Malohi,
Luseane Malohi, Ian Myrick, Kilinahe
Naluai, Alika Onaga, Kapiko Walk
Grade Four
Maimiti Arboleda, Hannah Colotario, Kyza-Rae Duenas, Winuna
Eschenberg, Pūnohu Judd, Kamea Kaeo, Kammilei Kahanaoi, Kekoa
Kiefer, Brooke Kubo, Brandon Kumalaa, Liahona Manning,
Maddison Priddy, Maxi Schleinkofer
Grade Five
Haliʻalaulani Crail-Naluai, Jaime Cummings, Ola'akea Gaudia,
Nuʻuanu Hoʻokano Pelekai, Joie Kāne, Paʻia Ka'ohelauliʻi,
Kaena Pestano, Keale Rivera
Grade Six
ʻĀlohilohi Coelho,
Kamuela Kaeka,
Chaelee Lorico,
Conner Nakamura,
Nanealoa Pearlman,
Kalāwela Saffery,
Anuhea Smith
March Events continued
6-12—Spring Book Fair
11—Fieldtrip: Waikalua Loko
Fishpond (rooms A8, A9, C11)
12—Windward District PE Meet at
Castle High (selected students)
13—Fieldtrip: Whale Watch (rooms
A2, A4, C4) Navatek
16-20—No School: Spring Break
26— No School: Kūhiō Day
View front page for the
complete group photo.
Celebrating our POPS Citizens!
January Citizens
Candace Cummings and Mark Fangon –grade 6 –A-9
Kawehi Johnston and Haliʻa Sardinha-Viloria –5/6 –C-11
Jamie Cummings –grade 5 –A-8
Callie Hart and Cherish Naki –grade 4 –B-3
Kauanoe Pamatigan and Nāhōkū Tuilemoa –papa 4 –C-9
Luseane Malohi –papa 3 –C-10
K-syn Parubrub-Kawelo and Aubrey Pate –gr 3 –C-7
Cetan Bad-Mocassin and Kaipo Akioka –papa 2 –C-1
Shina Azama and Keahi Naber –grade 2 –C-2
Troy Ponimoi –grade 1 –A-4
Uʻilani Pāʻaoʻao –papa K/1–C-4
Zaedan-Jahzion Jones-Kau and Allison Kumalaa –gr. K/1 –A-2
David McNorton and Dominique McNorton –grade K –B-1
Brooklynn-Hailey Ines –preschool A-3
December Citizens
Mark Baptiste and Faith Daguro –grade 6 –A-9
Paia Ka‘ohelauli‘i–5/6 –C-11
Lia Baptiste and Nu‘uanu Ho‘okano-Pelekai –grade 5 –A-8
Kaya Parubrub-Kawelo–grade 4 –B-3
Kūha‘o Baker, Winuna Eschenberg –papa 4 –C-9
Kapiko Walk –papa 3 –C-10
Angelita Bascas and Sione Lokotui –gr 3 –C-7
Hōʻailona Mahuka and Kāne Shuman –papa 2 –C-1
Isaiah Combis –grade 1 –A-4
Maluhia Cambra and Kekoa Texeira–C-4
Dylan Pestano –grades K/1 –A-2
Bailey Hirokawa and Eric Michael –
kindergarten –B-1
Logan Belluomini –preschool A-3
Our citizens demonstrate the five Rs:
Respect, Responsibility, Resiliency,
Resourcefulness, and positive
These behaviors help students learn and solve problems in
productive ways. Our keiki are able to set learning goals which
they strive to achieve. Awesome job, citizens!
Get Ready for Read Across America
enjoy reading
Dr. Seuss
books over
and over
again —
they're fun! The rhyming
helps young children develop an
ear for language and encourages
word play. Older kids will learn
important lessons and concepts
without realizing it. Theodore
Geisel’s books are timeless and
Green Eggs and Ham
In this most famous of
cumulative tales, Sam-I-am
insists that this unusual treat is
indeed a yummy snack
to be savored
everywhere and in
every way. Dr. Seuss
created his stories to
encourage children to
read all by themselves,
with simple words and
illustrations that give
clues to their meaning.
Horton Hears a Who!
A city of Whos on a speck of
dust are threatened with
destruction until the smallest
Who of all
helps convince
Horton's friends
that Whos
really exist.
"Think left and
think right and
think low and
think high.
Oh, the Thinks
you can think
up if only you
The Lorax
Fox in Socks
When a fox in
socks meets Knox in a box,
you're sure to get your words
twisted. This book comes with
the following warning: "This is a
book you READ ALOUD to
find out just how smart your
tongue is. The first time you read
it, don't go fast! This Fox is
a tricky fox. He'll try to get
your tongue in trouble."
Oh, the Thinks you can
This book celebrates the
imagination and encourages
readers to think . . . about
Long before "going green" was
mainstream, Dr. Seuss's Lorax
spoke for the trees and warned
of the dangers of disrespecting
the environment. In this
cautionary tale, we learn of the
Once-ler, who came across a
valley of
Truffula Trees
and Brown
and how his
harvesting of
the tufted
trees changed
the landscape
Mark Your Calendar! Upcoming Events!
Ho‘omau Concert- Saturday, February 14 at the Bishop Museum Great Lawn from 5 to 9 p.m. Aha Mele
Ho‘omau Akua Hawai‘i benefits all O‘ahu Hawaiian language immersion schools. The concert will feature
Maunalua, Kaiholu, Hu‘ewa and the 13 Hawaiian Language Immersion Schools. Presale tickets are $10, Keiki
(ages 5-17) $5 and Kupuna (65+) $5. Tickets the day of concert are $14 for the General Public, Keiki and
Kupuna $7. Keiki four years old and under are free. Gates open at 4 p.m.
SCC Coffee Hour- Thursday, February 19 at 4 p.m. in the Library. All Pū‛ōhala ‛ohana are invited to talk about
how we can make our school a better learning and social environment for our children. Our first meeting was wellattended with interesting sharing about our after school program, possibility of school uniforms, and resources
available to parents to help their keiki.
Jump Rope for Heart- Friday afternoon, February 20 at 1 p.m. under the blacktop.
Read Across America- February 20th to March 1st. " You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a
book and read to a child.” Stay tuned for more info!
Spring Book Fair- March 6 to 12 in the Library. ‘Imi Pono - Saturday, April 11 on our school grounds.

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