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Commercial Trench Drains
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Overview Leaflet
A Summary of the ACO Drain Product Line
The ACO Group
Founded in 1946, the ACO Group
manufactures products for the
building and construction industry.
ACO is the global leader, and
pioneer, of modular trench drain
systems. ACO drainage systems are
used in a variety of applications
- from domestic environments to
airports. ACO products have been
used at many prestigious locations,
including Olympic stadiums, since
ACO USA was founded in 1978 and is
America’s foremost manufacturer of
trench drainage products.
ACO Drain
ACO Drain is North America's
market leading, modular trench
drain system and is produced at the
company’s modern manufacturing
facilities in Ohio and Arizona.
ACO. The future of drainage
ACO Drain offers the most
System Chain
comprehensive range of trench drain
solutions for every application. ACO
ACO is a global leader in water management, with products to collect,
Drain products come in a variety of
clean, hold and release water; addressing all phases of the water cycle and
widths, depths, lengths, and load
supporting sustainable drainage and LEED principles.
ratings with grates to suit.
ACO Drain focuses on products that address the collection phase.
Service Chain
To support this extensive product range ACO provides full support from before
design conception to product after care.
Services include product training and continuing education seminars,
continuous product innovation, full in-house design layout service, field
support and post-installation advice and support.
Product Overview
KlassikDrain - K100/K200/K300
General purpose steel edged, single lock, modular trench system
A general purpose modular drainage system, in a choice of 3 internal widths - 4”, 8" & 12”.
Ideal for pedestrian, commercial and light industrial applications.
Wide choice of grates - in various materials and styles
(including ADA-compliant) for applications from
Load Class A to Load Class E (up to 60 tons) EN 1433.
‘Anti-shunt’ lugs - recesses in underside of grate
fit around lugs on the edge rail to prevent
longitudinal movement.
QuickLok - a patented, boltless locking system
that provides quick fitting and removal of grates.
Dramatically reduces installation/maintenance
time and cost.
12" internal width
8" internal width
4" internal width
Polymer concrete - a durable, yet lightweight
material made from polyester resin binder
reinforced by mineral aggregates and fillers.
Steel edge rail - provides additional strength and
protects channel body from damage. (Galvanized
or stainless steel rail available.)
Sloped (0.5%) channel units - meter long units
provide 131'-3” (40 meter) continuous slope. This
equates to 1/17" fall per linear foot. Five neutral
channels extend run lengths. Four half-meter units
and accessories also available.
On occasion, installation constraints are of greater
concern than hydraulics. The most common constraint
is lack of depth. To offer solutions where shallow
trench drains are required, SlabDrain is available in
3 edge versions and 3 widths - all neutral depth.
Loading varies for each system, depending upon
edge rail and grate, up to heavy duty Class F (90
tons) EN 1433. All grates are secured to the channel
body by either QuickLok or PowerLok.
Brickslot is a discreet, drainage solution for use with
brick or stone pavers up to 2.5” (63mm) deep. The
ADA-compliant 0.44” (11mm) slot blends in with
paving joints giving an aesthetic solution.
Problem Solving Products
FlowDrain - FG200
A high capacity, fiberglass 8” (200mm) internal
drainage system with choice of bolted grates, ideal
for long straight runs in concrete slab applications
requiring large volumes of fluids to be removed.
Twelve 9ft (2.74m) channels provide a 1% built-in
slope and invert depths from 6.75" to 20.25" (172
- 514mm); creating a 108ft (32.9m) continuous
sloping run. Neutral channels in choice of 9ft
and 3ft lengths, and a choice of catch basins and
accessories, provide a complete modular system.
The slot cover is typically used on the KlassikDrain
K100 channel, but can also be used on the H100K
if depth restrictions are a concern. An access unit
provides discreet access to the channel or catch
basin for maintenance.
PowerDrain - S100K/S200K/S300K
Heavy duty iron edged, multiple lock, modular trench systems
An extra heavy duty modular drainage system, in a choice of 3 internal widths - 4”, 8" & 12”.
Ideal for industrial and heavy commercial applications.
‘Anti-shunt’ lugs - recesses in grate fit around
lugs on the edge rail to prevent longitudinal
PowerLok - is a patented, boltless locking system
that provides quick fitting and removal of grates.
Helps reduce installation/maintenance time and cost.
Ductile iron grates - heavy duty ductile iron
grates in choice of slotted or ADA-compliant
longitudinal, rated up to Load Class F (90 tons) EN
12" internal
8" internal width
4" internal width
Polymer concrete - a durable, yet lightweight,
material made from polyester resin binder
reinforced by mineral aggregates and fillers.
Ductile iron edge rail - integrally cast-in rail
provides maximum strength and protection for
channel body.
Sloped (0.5%) channel units - meter long units
provide 131'-3” (40 meter) continuous slope. This
equates to 1/17" fall per linear foot. Five neutral
channels extend run lengths. Four half meter units
and accessories also available.
A 2” (50mm) internal width system for high profile,
aesthetic applications where a barrier is required
to separate wet and dry areas. Choice of grate
styles and materials.
Specifically for use in non-habitable suspended
slabs where any liquid permeating through the
paving is collected on a membrane and directed
into the trench drain. Available with galvanized
or stainless steel edge rail. Used in conjunction
with SlabDrain H80 or H100 channels. Loading is
determined by grate, up to Load Class C (25 tons)
EN 1433. Uses standard KlassikDrain K100 grates.
For habiltable suspended slabs use ACO ProfiLine.
ChemDrain provides solutions for use in
chemically aggressive environments. C100 has no
metal edge rail, is suitable for loadings up to Class
C (25 tons) EN 1433, and is ideal for use in areas
where no metals can be used (plastic grates are
available for such applications).
All KlassikDrain, PowerDrain and SlabDrain
polymer concrete parts are also available in
Vinylester polymer concrete.
Grates have been load tested in accordance with
EN 1433 guidelines. Loading is determined by
grate up to Load Class C (25 tons).
Choosing the Correct Trench Drain
Trench drains are designed to capture
and carry surface water; however,
failure is typically more critical if the
product 'physically' fails rather than if the
'functionality' fails. If channel sizing isn't
correct the result will be either short term
ponding (channel too small) or lower flow
velocity/sedimentation in the channel
(channel too big).
It is a priority to address where and how the
product will be used to ensure the correct
load rating and materials are selected for a
long service life.
In applications where flood damage to
property or personal risk are of concern,
then it is prudent to focus closely on the
hydraulic requirements of the project. ACO
offers several hydraulic support services to
accurately determine correct channel and
outlet sizing and layout to address these
concerns (see below).
1. Application
- where and how product to be used
1a) Loading
- traffic type and frequency
1b) Durability
- address liquids to be drained and
surrounding environment
1c) User Requirements
- project specific site, user,
legislative and aesthetic
2. Hydraulic Performance
- volume of liquid to be removed in a
given timeframe
ACO Service and Support
ACO has an established Technical Services
Department with many years experience
advising on surface drainage.
This free service is offered with no
obligation and is supported with extensive,
high quality information, brochures and
technical documentation.
Services include advice at project design
stage through to on-site advice when
1. Trench Hydraulic Service
Flow calculations to ensure correct sizing
of trenches
2. Grate Hydraulics
Intake calculations provide grate
catchment data
3. Run Layout Service
Plan and profile layouts complete with bill
of materials
4. Ponding Analysis
Risk analysis of flood situations, including
5. Chemical Resistance
Choosing correct materials to withstand
work environment
Other ACO product lines
Surface drainage and building
accessories for track & field,
used at Olympic sites since
Custom designs and manufactures
fiberglass trench drain systems
to meet individual project
Surface drainage products
engineered for the unique design
and performance demands of
highways, urban roads and bridges.
ADA compliant, detectable warning
devices, in a choice of sizes and
Oil water separator and spill
containment systems.
Tunnel and fence system designed
to guide amphibians and other small
creatures safely across roads.
Simple plastic and polymer concrete
trench units for use around the
home, garden and office.
Stainless steel shower drains
and accessories for tiled
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