Use In Correctional Facilities As High Strength Pick


Use In Correctional Facilities As High Strength Pick
UV Resistant
Impact Resistant
Available In White Or Gray
Semi-Flexible High Strength Epoxy Sealant
Great For
• Use In Moving Cracks
• Bonding Metal To Metal
• Cinderblock Joint
• Marine Repairs On
• Pickproof Sealant
Product Description:
Ultrabond FE2315 Flexible epoxy specifically formulated for use as a Pick-Proof Sealant for sealing joints in facilities that require
pick-proof and tamper resistance. This product is ideal for use in correctional facilities to
prevent the hiding of contraband and other
related items. The Ultrabond FE2315
WHITE is pigmented white so the sealant
material is camouflaged with the paint within
the facility.
Moving Crack Application
Ultrabond FE2315 can be applied at temperatures ranging from 40° F. to 110° F.
which provides engineers and facility managers with a choice when specifying and applying pick-proof sealants in high and low temperature environments.
Ultrabond FE2315 100% solids epoxy has a
35 minute gel-time (at 75°F.) providing the
installer ample time for sealing joints in security area’s and correctional facilities.
Use In Correctional
Facilities As High Strength
Pick-Proof Sealant
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