Resume - El Equipo Mazzanti


Resume - El Equipo Mazzanti
Bachelor of Architecture, 1987
Architecture history and theory, and Industrial design, 1991
University of Florence. Italy
Working experience
Master degree professor at Princeton University, New Jersey, New York 2012
Latin American Studies program professor at Princeton University, New
Jersey, New York - 2012
Bachelor professor at Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota, Colombia 2012
Master degree professor at Graduate School of Design Harvard University,
Boston, Massachussets – 2014
Master degree professor at Penn University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 2015
Winner of the XX Colombian Architecture Biennial in the category of public
space, Colombia – 2006
Winner of the Ibero-American Biennial in the category of Best Architectonic
Work, Lisbon, Portugal – 2008
Winner of the Panamerican Architecture Biennial in the category of
Architectonic design, Quito, Ecuador – 2008
Winner of the Lapiz de Acero Prize in the category of best architectural work
- 2008
Winner of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture, Paris, France –
Chosen for the MOMA permanent collection exhibit. New York, U.S.A.
Winner of the Colombian Biennial, Bogota, Colombia - 2012
- 2013
One of the 35 projects chosen in the Mies Van der Rohe Americas Prize,
Chicago, U.S.A. – 2014
Reenchant the World exposition. Cité de l´Architecture, Paris, France – 2014
– 2010
Centre Georges Pompidou. 7 projects and 1 research for the permanent
collection. - 2015
Speaking Architecture. Chicago Architecture Biennial - 2015
- Invited speaker at Università di Roma, Italy
- Invited speaker at Ping Pong de Domus Milano, Italy.
- Invited speaker at Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
- Invited speaker at Harvard University, USA.
- Invited speaker at Cornell University, USA.
- Invited speaker at Strelka Institute, Moscú, Rusia.
- Invited speaker at FestArch magazine Abitare, Italy
- Invited speaker at Instituto Cervantes, Chicago, USA.
- Invited professor to the summer workshop at Florida University, Gainsville,
- Invited speaker at Princeton University, USA.
- Invited speaker at Yale University, USA.
- Invited speaker at CCA (Centre Canadien d’Architecture), Canada.
- Invited speaker at Ryerson University, USA.
- Invited speaker at Pratt Institute, USA.
- Summer proffesor at Universidad de Venecia, Italy
- Invited speaker at Columbia University NYC, USA.
- Invited speaker at Berkeley University, California, USA.
- Invited speaker at University of Miami, USA.
- Invited speaker at Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico.
- Invited speaker at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- Invited speaker at Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile.
- Invited speaker at Colegio de Arquitectos de Panama, Panama.
- Invited speaker at taller internacional de Arquitectura de Cartagena.
- Invited speaker at Universidad Católica, Lima Peru.
- Invited speaker at Universidad Palma, Lima, Peru.
- Invited speaker at University of Texas, Austin, USA.
- Invited speaker at Cité de la Architecture, Paris - France
- Invited speaker at Texas University, Dallas, USA.
- Invited speaker at Más por Menos, Pamplona, Spain
- Invited speaker at Universidad de La Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay
Relevant projects
-Proyecto Polideportivo Bosque de La Esperanza Fundacion Pies Descalsos
(shakira) | Soacha, Colombia
-Pies Descalzos School | Cartagena, Colombia
-El Porvenir Kindergarten | Bogotá - Colombia
-Timayui y La Paz Kindergarten | Santa Marta, Colombia
-Public Library Park Spain | Medellín, Colombia
-Library park Leon de Greiff| Medellín, Colombia
-Plaza Mayor Convention Center | Medellín, Colombia
-Four Sport Scenaries for Southamerican Games | Medellín, Colombia
-School prototype system | Bogotá, Colombia
-Parque cultural del Caribe y Museo del Caribe | Barranquilla, Colombia
-Parque tercer Milenio | Bogotá, Colombia
-Transmilenio pedestrian bridges structure | Bogotá, Colombia
-Prototype kindergarten system | Bogotá, Colombia
-Master Plan Parque Nacional Olaya Herrera | Bogotá, Colombia
-Chairama SPA | Bogotá, Colombia
-Biblioteca José Vasconcelos| México D.F
-Parque Tulio Ospina | Medellín, Colombia
-Parque la Aurora | Bogotá, Colombia
-Parque Lineal Rio Fucha | Bogotá, Colombia
-Museo de Arte Moderno | Barranquilla, Colombia
-Plan Maestro y espacio público de Usaquén | Bogotá, Colombia
(more than 700 national and international publications)
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Revista A+U - Japón
Revista Space - Corea
Revista Architecture & Culture – China
Revista Arquine - Mexico
Revista Achitectural Digest - Rusia
Revista Domus - Italia
Revista Home Rewiew – India
Revista Icon - Inlaterra
Revista Mark Magazine – Holanda
Revista Metalocus - España
Revista Monitor – Rusia
Revista Wallpaper - Inglaterra
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Periódico China Times - China
Periódico New York Times - USA
Periódico el Tiempo - Colombia
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