What`s Bloomin?


What`s Bloomin?
Fall 2012
What’s Bloomin?
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Where thoughts become flowers
Help Us Celebrate 20 Years in Business
on Thursday, September 27th
8:30 AM:
Festivities kick off with a ceremony featuring
VIP guests from the Frederick Chamber.
9:00 AM:
Doors Open with the return of one of Abloom's best-loved traditions-Good Neighbor Day!
Each guest will receive a dozen roses in beautiful, vibrant mixed colors
FREE...with one request: keep one, and give the rest away!
This will be our 13th year of participating in this nationwide event,
and we are always astounded by the creativity and compassion
of our customers during this special event. (While supplies last)
Please plan to join us at our upcoming Holiday Open House
Watch for your postcard in the mail later this Fall!
Fall Home Decor in Store!
OWLS, OWLS, OWLS! Turns out this wise bird is all the
rage in fall decor this year. Owls are everywhere-- made
out of feathers, grasses, sisal, glitter, artboard and lots
more. Tuck them in your plants and throughout your home
for a whimsical decorating touch-- we even have a beautiful,
handmade owl backpack!
Twenty years later, we feel blessed every day by how
completely Walkersville has embraced us. Lifetime
relationships have been the basis of our business. We
are now doing wedding flowers for young women for
whom we made First Communion headpieces and
prom corsages. And when grieving families need help
creating a meaningful final tribute to a loved one, we
know how to help them-- because, very often, we
know them and will miss them too.
Thanks to your support, we now own our building and
employ a total of 12 people. We've made thousands of
arrangements for hundreds of occasions, and driven
untold miles to bring them to you and your loved ones.
And we have loved absolutely every minute of it!
So here's to many more years in business-- thank you
for making it possible!
VINTAGE: Attention Collectors: Check out our selection
of McCoy Pottery and antique linens.
HALLOWEEN HEADGEAR: 10/31 is a Wed. this year. If you're working
but still want to get in the spirit, pick up one of our orange, black or purple
headbands, complete with cat, spider, pumpkin or witch motifs. So fun!
PUMPKIN-HEAD KIDS: Foyer decor with moveable arms and legs.
In 1992, Todd and I had a dream to start
a flower shop in our hometown of Walkersville.
So in September of that year, we opened our doors.
Abloom began in a rented space on the corner of
Frederick and Main Streets with a staff of two. We used
the family mini-van for deliveries, and we kept track of
our orders and our books by hand. We didn't have an
advertising budget. We just concentrated on doing
quality work at fair prices, and getting involved even
more with the community we hoped would embrace
us, especially the schools. We put our faith in the
golden rule: treat others as you would be treated, and
then we just crossed our fingers and hoped for the best!
SILKS & DRIEDS: Bring a little of the outdoors inside with
one of our unique table or wall arrangements.
CANDY CORN: Non-edible but adorable desktop decor made from
unique “bottle brush” plants.
- William Cullen Bryant
Dear Friends,
Did we have what it would take? We knew we had
each other. We had passion for the industry and good
customer service. And we had incredible support from
of our families and friends.
TREATS GALORE! If you're going to splurge, we say do it
right...with delicious, hand-made Fudge Bites or our
ever-popular, sweet & salty chocolate covered popcorn.
Looking for something new? Try some realistic-looking
Chocolate Rocks, or a trio of choco-dipped strawberry
twizzlers. Can you say YUMMMMM?
Halloween is HUGE!
“ Autumn, the year's last and
loveliest smile.
Enjoy incredible savings on special gift items throughout the store:
October 4th
October 5th
October 6th
Discounts on selected merchandise and red-lined items.
No coupons apply.
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$10 Off In-store Purchase
Enjoy this $10-off coupon with our compliments in September & October. When the coupon is used, we will place it in a jar for a drawing for a
free flower arrangement for September & October. Jar will be emptied on October 31, 2012.
Name ________________________________________________________________ Phone __________________________________
Good on take-with-you or local delivery items. Does not apply to wire orders, cash-and-carry $9.99 deals or blow-out sale items. Valid through October 31, 2012.
Love Me (and You Too!) Bouquets
Best Wishes to Our Brides & Grooms—
May you live
happily ever after!
September: Sunflowers-The international flower of Friendship
October: “Boo-Kay” Bunches-a frighteningly good value
November: Harvest Mums-over-sized blooms like Red Rover & Fuji
December: Million Star Baby's Breath-- perfect to add to Christmas trees.
Another Side
of Floral Design
Flowers are often a part of the happiest moments of our lives-births, graduations, weddings--but they can also provide comfort
and connection at some of the saddest times as well.
When a loved one dies, and the family chooses traditional funeral
arrangements, many decisions must be made quickly. At Abloom,
we encourage families to come in and talk to us about funeral
flowers. We take the time to learn about what you would like to
have for your loved one, and your budget considerations. We know
how difficult these choices are, and we promise to do our very best
to help you make them with as little stress as possible.
With 40 percent of families now choosing cremation for their loved
ones, memorial services or celebrations of life are taking place
weeks-- sometimes months-- later. This can allow people who wish
to do so the time to work with our floral designer to create a final
tribute that truly reflects who that person was in life, and will always
be in their hearts and minds.
Families often bring special mementos to work into floral tributes,
and sometimes we have things we can use on hand. We also work
closely with a special company who can also provide materials based
on hobbies, occupations and other affiliations to uniquely personalize his or her final floral tributes.
The loss of a loved one is very difficult, but we will do our
best to make at least the part we can help you with as
stress-free and comfortable as possible..
August 5th: Tara Ernst & Mark Casagrande
August 11th: Sara Maxey & Sean Sanders
August 18th: Cheryl Shaffer & Patrick Castleman
September 1st: Stephanie Kolb & Jon Machiran
September 15th: Kate Farley & Sheldon Trice
September 22nd: Brittany Chmelik & Joseph Koehle
September 23rd: Rebecca Cressman & Cory Peel
September 29th: Sarah Herbst & Ben Steelman
October 6th: Alison Binder & Ben D’Andelet
October 14th: Emily Shadur & Jim Braman
October 20th: Shannon Lakin & Tim Bowman
October 21st: Sarah Paulino Finch & Thomas Jonathan Jackson
October 23rd: Alissa Kahler & Shaun Gunter-(Yes, it’s on a Wednesday!)
October 27th: Ginny Scott & David Frederick
November 3rd: Jessica Nye & Richard Kugler
Gorgeous Outdoor
Fall Plants
Mix and match these fall favorites in groupings
on your porch or patio to create the perfect seasonal display!
Most Popular 8” Pots of Mix & Match Hardy Garden Mums,
Hardy Asters & Ornamental Kale & Cabbage
$9.99/each * 2/$15 * 3/$18 * $4/$24 * 5/$28 * 6/$30
More Beautiful Hardy Garden Mums!
$19.99 • 12” Pot-- $24.99 * 14” Pot-- $39.99
Flower Arrangement of the
Month Winners
May—Raymond Free
June—Bobbie Denn
July—Nancy King
August—Bonnie Beall
Pack of 6 plants--$4.99 * Flat of 36 plants-- $19.99
“Autumn Magic” Patio Pots
12” Bowl-- $24.99 * 14” Bowl--$29.99
12” terra cotta pot-- $34.99 * 14” terra cotta pot--$49.99
Don’t forget the perfect finishing touch to your autumn display—
gourds & pumpkins! Stocked as they become available.
· Saturday Hours Resume October 6th
· Save the Date: Holiday Open House: Friday, November 16th &
· Saturday, November 17th
· HUGE INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE: Save up to 75% off selected items
· $10 Off Coupon on in-store purchase
Look Inside:
301-898-5550 * www.abloomltd.com
Open: Monday-Friday: 9-5; Closed Saturdays & Sundays
Starting October 1st: Mon-Fri., 9-5 PM.
Open Saturday 9-12. CLOSED Sunday.
301-898-5550 * www.abloomltd.com
P.O. Box 206
51 Maple Avenue
Walkersville, MD 21793-0206
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