The Old Bar Idol - Old Bar Public School


The Old Bar Idol - Old Bar Public School
Old Bar Public School
Success by the Sea
Term 4 Week 2
18th October 2012
Dates to Remember
Term 4 2012
19 Oct
Loud Shirt Day
25/26 Oct Stage 2 - Camp Elim
22 Oct
Kinder 2013 Visit
29 Oct
Kinder 2013 Visit
5 Nov
Kinder 2013 Visit
12 Nov
Kinder 2013 Visit
Principal’s Message
This week has been very exciting
for the children who are starting
‘big’ school next year at Old Bar
Public School. Our kinder ‘buddies’ have been visiting the preschools and enjoying some special
time getting to know our newest
students on familiar territory. The
older students really love this part
of the orientation! I think they enjoy
reliving their own preschool days.
Our extensive transition program
ensures a happy, confident start
to kindergarten – just what parents and teachers want for our
students. The ‘buddies’ have been
well trained by Mrs Symonds and
are taking their responsibilities
very seriously!
Stepping up…
This week we have ‘inducted’
Blake Elford from year 6 into the
role of school leader. Blake is not
replacing, but ‘deputising’ for Patrick Bulbert. Patrick and his family
have relocated to another state.
Patrick was a most respected
school leader and carried out his
official duties with enthusiasm and
persistence. We certainly miss his
cheery disposition and his quick
wit! At this point in time, Patrick
and his sister Taylor are planning
on returning for the Y6 farewell in
week 11 this term. Blake was the
David Street Old Bar NSW 2430
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candidate with the next highest
vote count in the leader elections
held last year. He will assist Britany, Chloe and Joel perform their
duties as school leaders until the
end of the year. Congratulations
Blake for accepting this important
this with being a ‘healthy’ school
and our students will be jumping
out of their skin! Thank you to Sheryl and all the volunteers who are
making this happen.
Canteen capers….
My mouth waters when I think
about the food ideas that have
been explored as part of the
changes that are being made in
our school canteen. Yes, we are
ditching the preservatives and additives but not the flavours! As part
of these changes, students will be
taught the importance of eating
healthy food and of tasting new
flavours. A passionate group of
parents are meeting weekly to create an amazing menu that will tick
all the boxes – healthy food, creative presentation, variety, energising! We already pride ourselves on
being a ‘sporting’ school – combine
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Term 4 Week 2
18th October 2012
Riding bikes to
I’ve had some concerned parents
approach me about young children riding bikes to school. What
are the rules? How old should a
child be before he/she is allowed
to ride independently? I did a little
research and found some wonderful advice on a variety of websites.
The Department of Education
advise that students under the age
of 10 should not ride on the road.
It also states that students under
10 should be accompanied by an
adult. I think this is pretty fair advice. Helmets are of course mandatory. We have in the past held
‘bike safety’ courses at Old Bar
which have been well received.
We might try to get this happening
Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page! It’s now got links to
some great information – and you
will always get reminders of things
‘coming up.’ Craig Green and a
few of our clever parents are updating and maintaining it daily.
Have a great week!
School Calendars
Students and staff have combined
to produce a 28 page full colour
calendar for 2013. A pre-order form
is accompanying this newsletter
today. The cost of each calendar is
only $15.00.
P&C News
Thank you to the families who supported the raffle at Club Old Bar
last Friday night. Your assistance
is very much appreciated.
Loud Shirt Day
OCTOBER.Gold coin donation
in aid of the deaf. Donations can
also be done via The Loud Shirt
website. For more information
visit their facebook. PS. Loud
means bright and colourful !!
David Street Old Bar NSW 2430
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[email protected]
Term 4 Week 2
18th October 2012
3 Winbins - Emily (KS)
2 Winbins - Kade (KS)
1 Winbin - Lachlan (1/2B)
Rewards available : money boxes,
booklights, pen pods and USB
sticks. 10 tokens are required to
purchase any of the above rewards. Keep saving, not long until
That’s exactly what Alistair Williams, 2G, did during the school
holidays. Alistair competed in the
world’s biggest surf Grom comp,
the Barton Lynch Blast Off, Whale
Beach. He took on solid and
gnarly 5ft waves receiving positive comments from the judges for
being the only 8 year old to paddle out without parent assistance.
Alistair wowed the judges, 6 times
world champion Layne Beachly,
Kirk Pingiley of INXS and Cooper
Chapman, 2nd ranked junior world
pro, and a packed Palm Beach
RSL at the Barton Lynch Idol winning second place. The Barton
Lynch Blast Off is much more than
a surf comp – it is an event no
grom should miss. Yeoooow!
For Sale
Tuckerbox Freezer $130.00 o.n.o.
For enquiries phone:65537767 quick sale.
The Old Bar Idol
Once again the Old Bar Idol singing competition at Club Old Bar
will commence with a Preliminary
Heat on 4 November. This year we
have divided the competition into
four divisions - Tiny Tots(3-5yrs)
with first prize being $100, Junior
(6-12yrs), first prize of $150, Teen
(13-19yrs),first prize of $250 and
Duo/Trio/Adult Solo, first prize
$250. Entries close on Thursday
26 October, 2012.
David Street Old Bar NSW 2430
6553 7248
[email protected]
Term 4 Week 2
David Street Old Bar NSW 2430
6553 7248
18th October 2012
[email protected]