21 Newsletter, Term3, Week 6 Week 34


21 Newsletter, Term3, Week 6 Week 34
William Rose School Newsletter
2015 Term 3 Week 6
‘Excellence in Sensory and Special Education’
Adidas Fun Run 2015
William Rose School students had a fantastic time
participating in the Adidas Fun Run. Students enjoyed
activities in the sensory garden including bubbles, dancing,
parachute games, dress ups and chalk drawings as well as
using the new instruments in the garden, donated by
Emma Canavero’s family in her memory.
Students were accompanied by Blacktown Police officers
around the Fun Run course. All students received a Fun Run
participation certificate which was handed out to groups by
Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism and
Local Member for
Greenway, Michelle
Rowland. We
would like to say a
huge thank you to
our visitors and
parents for their
help on the day.
Location: 1 Morris Street, Seven Hills NSW 2147
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8035, Seven Hills West NSW 2147
Telephone: (02) 98384893
Fax: (02) 98384873
Website: www.williamros-s.schools.nsw.edu.au
Email: [email protected]
Group 8 celebrates NAIDOC week
Angelique, Joshua, Bradley, Celine and Luke celebrated
NAIDOC week with great enthusiasm. We learnt about
Aboriginal flag, music, food, culture and various art forms.
Students participated in a lot of activities including cooking
super tasty damper with some coconut, rubbing stones to
create some mud paint for our beautiful face paintings ,
created artwork on tree bark which was absolutely fabulous
and also made a beautiful totem pole artwork for the whole
school competition and display!!!
Luke makes an Aboriginal flag.
Celine creates a dot painting on tree bark.
Yummy damper!
Joshua creates a dot painting on tree bark.
Angelique rubbing stones for paint.
Parent Share
Thank you to Sarah, Heath’s mum, for sharing
‘Zortex Orthotics’ with us. They are a company that makes
shoes for children who have
AFO, DAFO braces and custom inserts. Their shoes are called
“Hatchbacks” which feature Easy Fit system for putting on shoes.
For more information, check out
Phone: (02) 9438 5003.
Visit them at: Shop 3, 41Oxley Street Crows Nest NSW 2065
For mor
e inform
BRING IT ON” the crowd chanted at the Every Australian Count’s NDIS
Launch held at Panthers Exhibition Centre on the 1st July.
NADO is a community-based charity that supports people with
disabilities, their families and carers in the Nepean region, including the
Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, Penrith suburbs and surrounding areas.
The NDIS early roll out only applies to children and young people 0-17 in
the Penrith, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Lithgow LGAs at this stage.
For us at NADO, we have a wonderful opportunity to understand how to
operate within this framework and adjust our systems and practices
accordingly. It also means we will probably get a lot of new enquiries as
half of the 2,000 new entrants have not had any services before.
Diary Dates
Book Week
24th - 28th August
Blacktown Music Festival
Tuesday 25th August
Working Bee
Saturday 5th September
August Birthdays
WRS Sports Day
9 August
Wednesday 16th September
13 August
R.O.S.E Charity Night
15 August
Friday 18th September
16 August
Last day of Term 3
19 August
Friday 18th September
Help Us Win $5,000 to Improve Our School
At William Rose School we think it’s very important to encourage our students to lead active and healthy
lifestyles. Through our participation in the Adidas School Fun-Run – a healthy alternative to the traditional
chocolate fundraising drives – we are eligible to enter a program called ‘CUA Community Care’ that gives
us the chance to win $5,000 for a school or community project of our choice.
We’re up against 11 other schools in the area and we need your votes!
Voting ends: 24 August and you can register your vote online at
and in CUA’s Parramatta branch. Each person can make one online and one in-branch vote. Also, voting
is open to anyone so please feel free to get friends and families involved and voting. Please give us your
support and help us win $5,000 to improve our school!
Library has gone World Wide!
During Library sessions, both junior and senior students have
gone global in their learning! Students have been reading
books and creating artworks that celebrate a range of diverse
and exciting cultures.
While learning about Chinese culture, junior students learned
some common phrases in Mandarin and made lanterns and
dragons. Some students watched New Year celebrations on
the interactive whiteboard and used the switch adapted paint
spinner to make paintings inspired by Chinese fireworks.
Luke spins colours around.
Senior students have been busy learning about the various
cultural communities within Sydney. While learning about
Greek culture, students explored ancient Greek mythology.
Last week, students were introduced to fabric printing and
pottery making while learning about Lebanese folk art.
Michael engages in clay making.
Principal’s Message
Joshua creates some fireworks.
Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,
We had a fantastic science week and the theme of 2015 was titled “making waves”, the science of light
based on the international year of light. Each class was asked to recreate a story using photography or
shadow puppetry which was showcased during block assemblies. An outstanding effort by all students and
staff this week, well done!
You would have received a letter regarding our Working Bee which will be held on Saturday 5 th September
where our aim is to clean around the school grounds to ensure the best possible learning environment for
our students. Alisha Hudson one of our classroom teachers will be organising this event, if you can make it
and give us a hand that would be wonderful.
I would like to briefly mention some information in relation to students, parents and community members
bringing their own equipment and resources into the school grounds, such as iPads, musical instruments,
student belongings etc. It is advised that any piece of equipment that is brought into the school grounds is
brought in at their own risk, as a general rule no responsibility will be accepted for the loss or damage to
private property brought into the school. If you have any concerns relating to equipment or resources
please contact me on 9838 4893 and I would be happy to discuss/ negotiate further.
Please make a note in your diary regarding our next parent and community group which is on respite
services to be held Tuesday 25th August at 10am. Thank you to those individuals and families who have
already responded.
‘Children are likely to live up to what you believe in them’ Lady Bird Johnson
Mariane Youness
Each year St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, hosts the Marist Sony
Children’s Holiday Camp.
This year the four-day camp will commence on Saturday, 5th December
2015 to Tuesday, 8th December 2015.
This camp is open to boys and girls aged 5-15 years who have special
needs. There is NO cost to parents/ carers.
For more information and to receive an application form please call William
Rose School on 98384893 and ask for Amanda Bosevski before