Celebrating 40 years - Big Brothers Big Sisters


Celebrating 40 years - Big Brothers Big Sisters
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2012 Annual Report
Celebrating 40 years
White Logo below
Dear Friends,
2012 was an exciting year for us. A couple of the
highlights for 2012 were:
•We celebrated 40 years of serving children in
1-to-1 mentoring relationships.
•We, once again, received the High Performance
in Quality Award from Big Brothers BIg Sisters
of America. We were only 1 of 15 nationwide
affiliates (340 total affiliates) to receive this
•Thank you to our Board of Directors, whose
leadership and support lead the way to our
•Thank you to our donors for none of this could
happen without you.
We will be able to continue to serve the children
of Northwestern Wisconsin for another 40 years
because of everyone’s help and support.
•Once again had huge positive impacts on the
children we serve:
Craig Monson
Erin Andresen
Business & Customer Relations
Nicole Benson
Match Support Specialist
Michele Dostal
Enrollment & Matching and Match
Support - Chippewa Valley
•Re-opened a physical office in Menomonie.
•Had the largest Bwol for Kids’ Sake event in our
agency’s history.
2012 Staff
Craig Monson
CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern
Kathy Gjesfjeld
Match Support Specialist
Micaela Goebel
Customer Relations Specialist
-50% demonstrated an increase in their
educational expectations
Stephanie LaBarge
-83% improved or maintained their level of
school attendance
-Over 66% showed improvement in their
ability to avoid risky behaviors
-Over 65% improved or maintained their
That is just to name a few of the impacts.
Received 2012 Quality Award
Enrollment & Match Support Specialist Chippewa Valley Community-Based
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America recognized our
agency as one of the top achieving affiliates from
the 340 affiliates nationwide.
Match Support Specialist
We received the High Performance in Quality
Award for exceeding the national average in
match length and match retention. Match length
is a significant factor for success in the mentoring
This kind of impact on children doesn’t happen
without the dedication of our staff, volunteers, Bigs,
Board Members, Committee Members and donors.
So a huge thank you to all of you.
Vanessa Moessner
Quality Assurance Specialist
Janet Proctor
Program Director
Jill Seichter
Laura Sonday-Zeimis
Program Coordinator - Chippewa Valley
Christina Thrun
Development & Marketing Director
•Thank you to all of our various committee
members: Advisory Committees in the St. Croix
Valley and Dunn County, our Bowl for Kids’
Sake Committes in each city where we hold
an event, Fundraising Committee Members,
Marketing Committee Members, and the Big/
Little Activities Committee.
•Thank you to our amazing staff who work
tirelessly to maintain our high quality standards.
Kysa Marten
Match Support Specialist
Customer Relations Specialist
•Thank you to all of our Bigs. You make the
difference in the life of a child and we wouldn’t
be here without you.
-You help raise the resources, plan the
events, and recruit the volunteers necessary
for us to bring our life changing mission to
children across our service area.
Tonja Lesmeister
Lisa Thompson
Program Coordinator - St. Croix Valley
Michel Tigan
St. Croix Valley Branch Director
Alyse Brunella
Marketing & PR Intern
Brooke Borgrud
Pictured: Craig Monson, CEO of Northwestern
Wisconsin with Charles Pierson, Big Brothers
Big Sisters of America President and CEO.
Special Events & Marketing Intern
Allison Cegla
Marketing & PR Intern
Jill DesCamps
Special Events & Marketing Intern
2012 Officers
John VanDeVoort
Mike Falk
Development & Marketing Intern
Tammy Amoth
Scott Milne
Katie Hamel
Bob Binczak
Tim Olson
Event Planning Intern
Vicki Seltun
2nd Vice President
Brad Blechinger
Brian Roeker
Tanya Malaney
Kris Crowe
Mandy Runge
Tim Cruciani
Pamela Speckien
Development & Marketing Intern
April Dodge
Brandon Casto
Dunn County Advisory
Committee Chair
St. Croix Valley Summer Intern
Dawn Yarrington
Vicki Hoehn
Past President
2012 Board of Directors
Cody Filipczak
Ron Hager
Mark Miller
Amy Bast
St. Croix Valley Advisory
Committee Chair
Amanda Richert
Event Planning Intern
Brandon Robinsin
Chris Scott
Samantha Way
High School Service Learning Intern
Sheng Xiong
Development & Marketing Intern
Celebrating 40 years
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin celebrated it’s 40th anniversary in
2012! It started as a simple conversation between Judge Tom Barland and Attorney
Jerry Aubry. They saw a great need for something like the ‘Big Brothers’ program
to help boys stay on the right track. After finding other support in the Eau Claire
community, Kinship of Eau Claire County was founded in 1972.
The agency started the process to become a Big Brothers Big Sisters affiliate in
1992 - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eau Claire County. The agency continued to
grow expanding to cover Chippewa and Dunn counties in 1997, St. Croix and Pierce
counties in 2000, and most recently in 2013 five new counties were added in the
Northwoods (Ashland, Oneida, Price, Taylor, and Vilas).
About Us
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin matches children who face
adversity with caring adult mentors. The focus of the program is on developing a
strong friendship between the child and the volunteer. This friendship then becomes
the basis of impact on the child, providing the child with a caring adult who they can
talk to and trust. The volunteers (Bigs) are there to help guide the children and help
keep them on the path to success in life.
In 2012, 482 children were served in 1-to-1 mentoring relationships.
20 children in Chippewa County
32 children in Dunn County
232 children in Eau Claire County
138 children in Pierce County
60 children in St. Croix County
Our Mission
To provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring,
professionally supported 1-to-1 relationships that change their lives for
the better, forever.
Our Vision
That all children achieve success in life.
Accountability Statement
We partner with parents/guardians, volunteers, and others in the community and hold ourselves accountable
for each child in our program achieving:
• Higher aspirations, greater confidence, and better relationships
• Avoidance of risky behaviors
• Educational success
Office Locations
Chippewa Valley &
Administrative Office
St. Croix Valley Office
Menomonie Office
Northwoods Office
424 Galloway Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703
82 Coulee Road, Suite 106
Hudson, WI 54016
2602 Hils Court
Menomonie, WI 54751
Toll Free: 800-648-1696
Fax: 715-835-2636
Fax: 715-531-0862
170 N 4th Ave
PO Box 142
Park Falls, WI 54552
www.bbbsnw.org • [email protected]
Toll Free: 866-839-2843
Our Programs
Community-Based Mentoring
ere a part of t
Big Couples
Husband and wives can volunteer together in our
community-based program. They are matched together
with a child (boy) in the area. This allows couples to get
involved together and make a difference in a child’s life.
“My Big Sister is my diary, I can tell her
anything. I believe all middle school girls
could use a positive adult they can tell
anything to.” - Little Sister Amber
Big C
The community-based mentoring program is how the agency started and continues to be the
largest program. Community-Based mentoring is offered in all of the communities served by our
agency. Bigs and Littles spend time together each week at a time that works for everyone’s
schedules (usually evenings and weekends). They enjoy their time together doing activities
they both enjoy, some activities include: going to ball games, fishing, hunting, crafts, baking,
volunteering, watching movies, and more!
re n
h ad a
Site-Based Mentoring
Site-Based mentoring is a relatively newer program where the child and the volunteer meet
at a specitic location on a set day and time. There are currently four site-based mentoring
programs: Lunch Buddies, Club Buddies (in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls), and the UWRiver Falls Friends Program.
Lunch Buddies
The volunteers and the children meet over lunch and recess
at a participating school in Eau Claire, Pierce, or St. Croix
ere a part of
counties. The child and the volunteer participate in activities at
the school, such as: shooting hoops, playing a board game, working
on a puzzle, crafts, and more.
Club Buddies
n had a ‘Lun
The volunteers and the children in this program meet at the Boys and Girls Club in
Eau Claire or Chippewa Falls. Typically the volunteer and the child meet between
3:30 and 6pm. The matches in this program enjoy activities available at the club
such as: basketball, carpet ball, computer games, cooking, crafts, games, and
re n
h ad a
Friends Program (UW-River Falls)
In this unique program the children are bused to the UW-River Falls
campus every other week by the River Falls School District. Children
in third through eighth grade spend time with their college Big and
participate in different on-campus activities such as: rock climbing, visiting the
re in the Frien
planetarium, crafts, and more!
On November 13th, 2012 about 275 people
joined in celebrating 40 years of changing
childrens lives through the power of mentoring at
the Florian Gardens.
aulson and Kristin Gilpatr
y of a life long match by Kristy P
starting as Kinship...
d heard the inspiring stor
We revisted our 40 year history...
The event was presented by:
and featured music by the North
gh School Orchestra.
ulig from WEAU...
The evening wa
40th Anniversary Gala
s emceed by Meghan K
Bigs and Littles of the past...
and the present attended...
e & Neil Bauer were the 2012 Kell aw
Cora Overbo
d recipients.
Vicki Seltun receiv
ed the 2011 Kell award (pictur
gave the invocation.
ed with Little Sister).
Little Sister Taylor
The 2011 & 2012 John Kell “Making a Difference” Awards were presented by
Betsy Kell and Board President John VanDeVoort. The “Making a Difference”
Award was created in honor of the late John Kell and his commitment to
changing the lives of children through mentoring.
as did many of our supporters.
Photography by Morning Light Photography
2012 In Review
Polar Bear Plunge - New Year’s Eve
49 Brave souls rang in the New Year with an icy dip in Lake Wissota at The View. Normally
this event is held on New Year’s Day, but for one year only (because New Year’s Eve was on a
Saturday) the event was held on New Year’s Eve day. Over $6,000 was raised at the annual event.
Start Something BIG Day - January 27
In January 2012 we held our first Start Something BIG day in conjunction with National Mentoring
Month. Supporters of Big Brothers Big Sisters throughout our service area were encouraged to
wear their Big Brothers Big Sisters apparel to show their support for mentoring. Pictured is some of
our Bowl for Kids’ Sake bowlers at Peoples State Bank in Boyceville.
Night at the Eau Claire Express - May 31st
Our annual night at the Eau Claire Express, sponsored by EO
Johnson, was held in May this year. Matches came out to this annual
event to enjoy a night of baseball, and maybe a hot dog or two.
Erbert & Gerberts Golf & Tennis Outing - July 16
We were excited to join forces with Erbert & Gerberts for the first time in
2012 with a Golf & Tennis outing. Golfers and tennis players came out on
one of the hottest days of the year to support Big Brothers Big Sisters. $10,882 was
raised at this first annual event and we are excited for this new partnership.
Chippewa Valley Summer Picnic - July 26
Around 170 Bigs, Littles, family members, staff, Board, and volunteers participated in the annual
summer picnic held at Carson Park. The largest event of the year, the 2012 event featured
carnival style games complete with prizes, 3-legged and sack races, and grilled hot dogs.
Great Xpedition Triathlon - September 8
2012 was the 2nd year of the Bloomer Great Xpedition Triathlon hosted by the Bloomer
Lions Club. The funds raised support Big Brothers Big Sisters and other local community
organizations. 2012 was a huge year, than doubling in size from 2011 and raised $7,500 for
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin.
New Menomonie Office Re-Opened - September 13
In September we celebrated the re-opening of a physical office in
Menomonie. We partnered with The Arc of Dunn County to rent an
affordable office space with conference room and copying use. This
space will allow us to better serve the Menomonie community.
Fall Adventure Day - October 20th
Camp St. Croix hosted a Fall Adventure Day for matches in Hudson. Matches got
to participate in various team building activities including a ropes course.
Start Something Breakfast - November 27th
About 85 people joined us at Camp St. Croix for a delicous breakfast and to learn
more about the impact of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Those in attendance heard about the
work of Big Brothers Big Sisters in the St. Croix Valley by Branch Director Michel Tigan,
learned about the educator’s perspective on mentoring from Tom Westerhaus (River Falls
School District Superintendant) , and got to hear the story of Amber and Maggie.
More Big/Little Events
Each year Big Brothers Big Sisters plans activities to provide matches with some unique and different things to do. In 2012,
Bigs, Littles, and sometimes families participated in 13 different activities throughout the year. In addition to the events already
featured, other Big/Little events included:
•Action City (Jan 26) - Almost 100 Bigs and Littles participated
in the annual favorite event held in conjunction with National
Mentoring Month.
•Hawk’s Ridge Ranch Horse Therapy & Rain Barrel (Aug 22)
- This event, sponsored by Sustain Hudson, allowed matches to
work 1-on-1 with horses, paint rain barrels, and enjoy dinner.
•Hoffy’s Skate America (March 8) - Over 60 Bigs and Littles
laced up their skates for a birthday party themed skating party.
•Halloween Hustle (Oct 13) - Almost 30 Bigs and Littles
participated in the 1 mile walk/run. Matches dressed up on
Halloween costumes to participate in the annual costume contest.
•Bowl for Kids’ Sake Big/Little Bowl (May 1) - Over 40 Bigs
and Littles raised money as a part of the annual Bowl for Kids’
Sake event and participated in their own Big/Little Birthday Party
bowling event.
•Night at the Cavaliers (June 18) - Each year matches come out
and cheer on Eau Claire’s local team, the Cavaliers.
•Summer Craft Night (Aug 14) - Around 40 Bigs and Littles made
vase centerpieces for the 40th Anniversary Gala along with some
other fun take home crafts.
•Holiday Craft Night (Nov 9) - Over 40 Bigs and Littles created
ornaments to thank some of our important donors and got to make
their own ornament to take home.
•Bridge to Wonderland Parade (Dec 1) - For the first time in
years we were able to invite matches to pariticipate in a parade so we chose the Chippewa Falls holiday parade!
•Winter Blast (Dec 7) - Over 90 Bigs, Littles, and family members
joined us at UW-Eau Claire for a holiday party featuring singing,
crafts, cookies, and more!
2012 Bowl for Kids’ Sake
The 40th Anniversary celebration continued with the year’s largest 40th
Birthday Party at Bowl for Kids’ Sake! This year Bowl for Kids’ Sake
grew to make up 41% of the annual budget, raising over $186,000!
Presented By
Top Fundraiser - John Knutson ($5,055)
Pictured on the right
Top Business - Precision Pipeline ($24,500)
Thanks to our Sponsors
Event Sponsors ($2,500+)
American Family Insurance
Clear Channel Radio
The Metropolis Resort
Powertex Group
Shawtown Productions
Alley Sponsors ($1,000-2,499)
Cody Limousines
Eau Claire Macaroni Kid
Edina Realty
Edward Jones
Erbert & Gerberts
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
Larson Companies
Mogie’s Pub
Nor-Lake Inc.
Showtime Entertainment LLC
Wells Fargo
WESTconsin Credit Union
Xcel Energy
Lane Sponsors ($500-999)
Aquistition Realty & Development
Broadway Pizza
Citizens Community Federal
Commonweal Development Corporation
Eau Claire Auto Parts
EOG Resources
Globe University
Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire
Hardee’s & Taco John’s
Heartland Homes
Kwik Trip
Lake Hallie Golf
Luxury Limo Service
Sammie Bostrom - State Farm
Volume One
Weld Riley Prenn & Ricci
YMCA Camp DuNord
Strike Sponsors ($250-499)
Advanced Laser Machining
Banbury Place
Bauer Built Inc.
BioLife Plasma Services
Bravo! Salon & Spa
Central Bank - Hudson
Citizens State Bank
Dairy State Bank
Discount Realty Works
Dunham Associates
First American Bank
Great Wolf Lodge
L&M Mail Service
Lasker Jewelers
Log Jam
Mark Phillips
Marketplace Foods
Mason Companies
Mayo Clinic Health Systems
Peoples Bank of Wisconsin
Phipps Center for the Arts & Phipps Inn
Rhom Construction
Royal Construction
Sacred Heart Hospital
Sylvan Learning Center
Two-Way Communications Inc.
Wal-Mart Distribution Center
Wisconsin Metal Fab Inc.
Pin Sponsors ($100-249)
AKB Marketing LLC
Bauman Construction
Christensen Vision Care
Cray Cares
Document Solutions
Dunn Energy Cooperative
Eau Claire Realty
Eau Claire Therapy & Fitness
Fabco Equipment Inc.
Gavic Construction Corp
Great Northern Corporation
Indianhead Plating
Jimmy John’s Menomonie
Mayo Clinic - Red Cedar
River Falls Optimist Club
Quality Computer Services
Short Elliott Hendrickson
Silver Springs Foods Inc
Sweeney’s Pizza
TTM Technologies
Welcome Home Assisted Living
Financial Report
Statement of Activities - Modified Cash Basis
Unrestricted Support
United Way $144,953
United Way Greater Chippewa Valley 121,000
Foundations &
United Way of Dunn County
United Way of St. Croix
United Way Other
Donated Facilities 12,000
Donated Services 12,060 Annual Giving
Annual Giving - Individual & Corporate 65,580
Special Events 276,302
Bowl for Kids’ Sake
Other Fundraising Events
Direct benefits to special event attendees
Investment (loss) gain
Total unrestricted revenues, net of direct benefits
United Way
Bowl for Kids'
Mentoring Program Expenses 355,270
Salaries & Payroll Taxes
Group Activities
Program Supplies
Management and General 77,977
Salaries & Payroll
Fundraising Expenses* 129,541
Salaries & Payroll
Publicity / Marketing
Fundraising &
Total expenses 562,788
Change in net assets
Net assets at beginning of year 230,745
Net assets at end of year 213,250
*Note: Fundraising Expenses also include all expenses related to
marketing and volunteer recruitment.
“Kristin supported me in everything I’ve ever done. She
always loved me and was always there for me. I don’t know
where I’d be today without her. She’s one of the only people
in my life that accepted me for me.” - Little Sister Kristy (pictured right
at her graduation from college with Big Sister Kristin)
2012 Donors
Thank you to all of our donors.
Your gifts allow us to match and support children
facing adversity with caring adult mentors, helping
the children in our community reach their potential.
As a part of National
Mentoring Month, awards
were given to many of
our generous supporters.
Denotes Start Something Society Member - Pledged
at least $100 per year for 5 years.
Pictured left to right: Cynthia
Jahnke (United Way St. Croix
Valley Board Member), John
Coughlin (Director United Way
St. Croix Valley), Michel Tigan
(Big Brothers Big Sisters St.
Croix Valley Branch Director),
& John Knutson. (Big Brothers
Big Sisters St. Croix Valley
Advisory Committee.)
Miracle Maker $100,000+
United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley
Friendship Maker $25,000-99,999
Fred C. & Katherine B. Andersen Foundation
Dream Maker $10,000-24,999
Erbert & Gerberts Golf & Tennis Outing
United Way St. Croix Valley
Magic Maker $5,000-9,999
C&M Properties & Construction
Great Xpeditions Triathlon
United Way of Dunn County
Impact Maker $2,500-4,999
Andersen Corporate Foundation
Arnold & Lois Domer Foundation
Hudson Daybreak Rotary Club
In December
2012 some of our
matches made
ornaments to
thank some of our
generous donors.
Match Maker $1,000-2,499
12 Bars of Christmas
Tammy Amoth
April Dodge
Dunn Energy Cooperative
Eau Claire Community
Gagnon Inc.
Tom Hanson
Herbert H. Kohl Charities
William Heth & Jeanie
Vicki Hoehn
John & Rose Knutson
Kohl Cares
Paul & Jill Kulig
Heidi Liedl
Macy’s Foundation
Milne Family Foundation
Craig & Patti Monson
Stan & Sharon Monson
Nathan & Julie Novak
Brent Sirianni
Thomas Thelen
John VanDeVoort
Eau Claire Baseball LLC &
Marshfield Clinic
Greendoor Graphics - Joe
Jamie Grupe
Allen & Karen Homeier
George & Cindy Hopkins
Marnie Marie Photography
Scott Milne
Tim & Myrna Murphy
Mark Nealy
RealityWorks, Inc.
Brian Roeker
Shred Away USA
Pamela Speckien
T&J Concrete Foundation,
Christina Thrun
Jason Vance
Pamela Veith
Cori Wahl
Wal-Mart Foundation
WESTconsin Credit Union
Vicki Hendrickson
Allan & Ruth Hofland
Gayle Holte
Daniel & Carolyn Johnson
Tara Johnson
Karma Yoga
James & Patricia Klabough
Amy & Chris Lokken
Pat LuCore
Theresa Mackey
Main Street Haircare
Tanya Malaney
Deborah Marshall
Mark Miller
Tom Morgan
Optimist Club 09-044
Trudy Popenhagen
Ben & Janet Proctor
Bryan Renton
Royal Construction Inc.
Mandy Runge
Laura Schick
Paul Shirilla
Roy & Lana Sjoberg
Amy Tlusty
Truist Employee Giving
United Bank
The View on Lake Wissota Chow Down for Charity
Steven & Patricia Vogelsang
Dawn Yarrington
Friend $500-999
Christopher & Kelle Anderson
Janice Ayres
Ban Tara Holdings
Adam & Amy Bast
Bob Binczak
Bo’s ‘n Mine Grilled Cheese
Thomas & Kristine Crowe
Helping Hand $250-499
3M Foundation
911 Dispatchers of Eau Claire
Susan Anderson & Tim Morris
Judy Dekan
Eau Claire Anesthesiologists
Eau Claire Crush
Eau Claire Optimist Club
Cedric Ellingson
Linda Feirn
Nicolette Hanna
2012 Donors
Supporter $100-249
AKF Martial Arts Academy of
Eau Claire
Ameriprise Financial
Employee Gift Matching
Steve & Ellen Anderson
Arby’s Restaurant Menomonie
AT&T United Way Employee
Giving Campaign
Rick & Sandy Ayres
Jeff Barthman
Celia &Thomas Bethke
Russ Blasius
Gregg & Barbara Bohlig
Mary Bowen-Eggebraaten
Michael & Cindy Bowman
Tim Burns
Samuel & Teresa Cari
Darlene Crandall
Catherine Davis
Rolando Del Valle
D’Lass Dent Company
Tom & Barb Duffey
Eau Claire Cavalier’s
Baseball Association
Arthur & Sandra Ebbinger
Don & Jan Etnier
Charles Falch & Diane
Festival in the Pines
Chad Fett
Sally & Bill Friedlander
Jean & Lawrence Gagnon
Craig Gibson
Susan Gilbert
Joanne Graaskamp
GSI Commerce Call Center,
James & Ardyce Hagen
Carla & Lyle Hansen
Thomas & Stephanie Harvey
Rachel Henke
Henry G. Meigs, LLC
Erik & Kim Hill-Phelps
David Hopkins
Ralph & Peggy Hudson
Lynn Inhoff
Dorothy Jensen
Alfred & Peggy Jones
John & Kristine Kempf
Jim Kivlin
Kiwanis Club of Chippewa
Falls, Inc.
Todd Kostman
Wendy Kramer
Jay & Jill Mayer
Cynthia McCarthy
Helaine Minkus
Linda & Mike Monson
Max & Catherine Neuhaus
Deborah Nissen & Steven
Nutri-West Midwest LLC
Michael & Julie O’Brien
Optimum Therapies LLC
Francie Peardon
Judy Proett
Kari Rambo
Jamie Rebman
Red Dragon Academy
Resultants for Business, Inc.
Graydon Richartz
Steven Rosauer
Steven & Vicki Schroeder
Dr. Richard Schwartz
Victoria Seltun
Terry & Flo Sheridan
Carol Skinner
Smiling Moose Deli
Andrew Smith
Nancy Sorenson
Phillip Stickler
David & Jeanette Suchla
Swanson’s Commercial
Taco John’s - Menomonie
Kyle Tennis
Mike & Lisa Thompson
Rebecca Turnbull
Sarah Tyler
Gary & Kathie Vander Vorst
Donald & Kathleen Weber
Tom Westerhaus
Dan & Mary Wieser
Randall & Linda Wollmer
Keith & Deb Zehms
Larry Zorn
Norbert Gaier
Nikki & Brian Geisler
GoodSearch & GoodShop
Marty & Mary Green
Diane Gruhlke
Ron Hager
Virginia Hansis
Holcombe Methodist United
Patricia Hopkins
Denise Horsman
Mitch Irwin
Kurt & Karen Jacobson
Joseph Jenkins
Karen Johnson
Scott Jones
Just Local Food Cooperative
Luke Keene
Craig Kowalczyk
Mary & James Kubiak
Virginia & Gary Kuehn
Richard & Barbara Kuss
Peter Lefeber
Dale Langer
Kevin Malnory
Kelly Markrof
Dan Martineau
Christine Mattson
Herbert McMillan
Memorial High School
Menomonie Food Co-Op
Andrew Neborak
John & Evalyn Nerbonne
Brian Nodolf
Howard Novotny
Peter & Julie Oberholtzer
Toot Penovich
Mary Plank
RiverBucks Fundaiser
(Central Bank)
Lindsay Rongstad
Erika Schewe
Jane Schwalbe
State Cinema - Menomonie
State Farm - Gregg Bohlig
Thomas & Victoria Stumm
Nicole Suchy
Kimberly Unser
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Chippewa Post No 1038
Mark & Jean Wespetal
Michael Zammit
Donor $1-99
Marlene Arntson
Samatha Bakken
Katie Bloome
Buffalo Wild Wings
Paul & Sharon Bussard
Lamont & Judith Bygd
Kristen Cooan
Joe Coughlin
Cub Scout Pack 211
Larea Diehl
DJ’s Vending
Brian Dunn
Richard & Katherine
David Eslinger
Falcon Appraisal
Rita Fitzsimons
Heather Foote
In Memory
Leonard Gibbs - by Mary (Betsy) McDougall Gibbs
John Kell - by Betty Ann Kell
In Honor
Jared Lemminger - by Janice Lemminger
Maura Schwaegel - by Comforts of Home
Patrick Roberts - by Mayo Foundation for Medical Educaton &
Lowayne Rust - by Tim & Lori Cruciani
Lisa Thompson - by Stacey & Patrick McCusker
Simon & Shelah Wallace - by Kathleen Mitchell
Zah Huse - by Christina Strand
Mark Degner - by US Bank
Erin Abbott
Shayla Abel
Ken Adler
Christine Allen
Emily Aller
Danielle Anderson
Kailin Anderson
Kim Anderson
Nathan Anderson
Whitney Anderson
Erin Andresen
Marilyn & Shamim Anwar
Carey Applegate
Jodi Aubart
Erin Bachaus
Lynn Bartholomew
Ann Bauer
Neil Bauer
Melanie Becker
Jessie Behrman
Debra Bejin
Amber Belohlavek
Aaron Bembnister
Kristen Bendt
Mary Bennett
Richard Bennett
Joan Benson
Kirk Benson
Chase Benzine
Marshall Benzine
Teri Berlin
Jamie Beskau
Kacie Besser
Charles Billman
Kimberly Blaney
Nathaniel Bloechl
Samatha Blohm
Amanda Bohatta
Barbara Bohlig
Gregg Bohlig
Joshua Bonnell
Dana Book
Brooke Borgrud
Michael & Cindy Lee
Heidi Boysen
Jeffrey Boysen
Barbara Brandt
Amanda Brash
Robin Brauner
Brittany Brody
Alexis Brown
Melissa Brown
Elise Browne
Rebecca Brunnquell
Celia Burgraff
Corey Burton
Katherine Campbell
Steven Carlson
Joseph Case
Brian Casey
Karen Cauble
Taylor Chandler
Lisa Cheever
Jacob Chihak
Dena Clark
Shawna Clough
Lisa Colburn
Kristen Cooan
Susanne Cook
Alyssa Cornelius
Justine Cornelius
Claire Couillard
Racheal Cowan
Dalene Crandall
Carl Cronquest
Gloria Crossman
Kristine Crowe
Thomas Crowe
Sam Cunningham
William Cunningham
Adam Czub
Miranda Czubakowski
Aubree Dahl
Jamie Dalluge
Bryce Dankers
Diane Daughterty
Catherine Davis
Leah Davis
Heather Day
Mark Degner
Adam DeLaForest
Beth DeLaForest
Carolyn Derksen
Jeanine Dickinsen
Sue Diel
April Dodge
Stephanie Doose
Michele Dostal
Taylor Dressen
Colleen Duffy
Melissa Dunlap
Arthur & Sandra Ebbinger
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Lauryn Engleman
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Derek Evenson
Nene Eze
Rosalie Fischer
Geraldine (Betsy) Fish
Lindsay Fisher
Nathaniel Fix
Jim Flory
Kelsey Forbes
Chad Forde
Holly Forst
Erin Foucault
Angie Franco
Bradley Frederickson
Erin Freigang
Brad Freiherr
Nancy Friederich
Gina Froemming
Natalie Gahan
John Gainey
Fatima Gales
Anna Ganter
Lauren Ganter
Kate Gardner
Brett Geboy
Jessica Geis
Derek Gilbert
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Melissa Gleason
Klaudia Glowacka
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Diane Gustafson
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AJ Hansen
Lyle & Carla Hansen
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Jamie Hanson
Henry Hanten
Joseph Harbouk
Garrett Harden
Holly Hassemer
Kristen Hatzinger
Catrina Hawkins
Hannah Heckman
Elspeth Helblad
Linda Henderson
Arlan Henke
Brittany Hentsch
Jacob Hertaus
Andy Herting
Mike Heth
Meghan Hibbard
Ryan Hicks
Rebecca Hiekel
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Margaret Hoffman
James & Gayle Holte
Karen Homeier
David Hopkins
Ellen (Beth) Hougen
Laura Houliston
Chelsey Huppert
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Amy Johnson
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Hailey Johnson
Melissa Johnson
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Johanna Kadlec
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Jimmie Kaska
Jessop Keene
Morgan Kelley
Tyler Kennedy
Shelby King
Alex Kizewski
Andrew Klanderman
Emily Klanderman
Brook Klemp
Danielle Klingbeil
Tamra Knight
Rachel Knopps
Vergene Knudson
Tim Knutson
Sarah Koch
Nicole Koehler
Adam Kohls
Amanda Kozik
Jessica Kraker
Kathryn Krause
Ryan Krebsbach
Christian Kressin
Shanna Kropp
Courtney Krug
Emily Kuhn
MIchael Laatsch
Stephanie LaBarge
Jamie LaBerge
Elizabeth Lamb
John Langdon
Anna Langer
Michael Lao
Jeffrey Larson
Jinette Lau
Benjamin Leadholm
Christopher Leffner
Traci Leffner
Meghan Lehman
Dan Leibham
Mary Beth Leibham
Suzanne Leroux
Ronald Lewczyk
Mary Lewis
Jared Ley
Trisha Libansky
Jackie Liebl
Lee Ann Lien
Beth Lilly
Kyle Lintner
Kayla Loew
Megan Lofquist
Calli Longsdorf
Amy Lonsky
Emily Lucas
David Ludgatis
Sarah Lundeen
Leah Lundquist
Zac Luther
Marc Lybeck
Dan Lytle
Charles Mabie
Julie Maciosek
Jill MacRae
Denise Madland
Nick Madrinich
Gwen Magnuson
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Sarah Mago
Nancy Major-Olson
Mark Malisheski
Brenda Mallek
Megan Mallory
Jordy Maloney
Ashley Maluegge
Stephanie Marek
Heather Market-Sullivan
Allison Marquardt
Kristy Martinson
Loren Mastin
Anna Matchey
Kristina Mayer
Vicki Mayer
Cindy McCarthy
Michael McDonough
Mallory McFee
Patrick McGuire
Allyson & Radar McManus
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Kathy Mehls
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Nick Moelter
Lacey Moen
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Camryn Nelson
Connor Nelson
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Katie Nelson
Lisa Nelson
Katherine Neuman
Makayla Newberry
Kristine Newman
Sarah Newman
2012 ‘Bigs’
Michael Nielsen
Al Noll
Brittany Nordland
Roman Nordland
Sandra Northway
Rob Okonek
Gloria Olguin
Ashley Olson
Cora Overboe
Jamie Paige
Brianna Passofaro
Jill Passofaro
Kristy Paulson
Jennifer Paxton
Carole Pechacek
Matt Pechacek
Denise Pedersen
Elizabeth Perkins
Linda Petersen
Donna Peterson
Dan Piehler
Sarah Plank
Eric Plude
Laura Pochardt
Jeremy Pohlen
Liz Polster
Casey Pottebaum
Patty Procknow
Ann Raid
Jeffrey Ralph
Katy Rand
Barbara Rasmussen
Chelsey Rasmussen
Josh & Stepanie
Mark Rasmusson
Matthew Reddy
Shannon Regan
Alice Reid
Rhiannon Remy
Grady Richartz
Ben Ricketts
Caleb Riedeman
Marie Ristow
Teresa Ritzinger
Sarah Robertson
Joel Roesch
Tanner Rognholt
Anna Romportl
Adam Ross
Paul Ruble
Mindy Rudiger
Wade Rudolph
Corita Rueden
Mandy Runge
Ann Rupnow
Patrick Rusinak
Jessica Saari
Jake Salm
Erin Salter
Barbara Santolin
Alyssa Sauter
Amber Sawyer
Andrea Schaefer
Kia Schilling
Gretchen Schultz
Mary Schutz
Johneen Schwab
Kelly Schwaegel
Maura Schwaegel
Vicki Seltun
Andy Sersch
Nathan Servey
Rachel Severson
Jane Seymour Kunick
Cora Marie Shafer
Timothy Shaw
Jennifer Shull
Melissa Simon
Lesley Simons
Joseph Simonson
Dan Sivertson
Annette Smetana
Lindsay Smutney
Nicole Snider
Richard Solum
Shana Soul
Pamela Speckien
Carolyn Spoerl
Elizabeth Sporrer
Emily Stankevitz
Kelly Stanley
Tara Stefanson
Taylor Steger
Tanya Steinhoff
Phillip Stickler
Donna Mae Stohlmann
Christina Strand
Jennifer Strasburg
Karen Strasburg
Andrew Straszkowski
Eric Strojny
Arlen Stuber
Alison Stueber
Paula Sullivan
Andrew Sutter
Kelsey Swanson
Jim Swift
Maloree Switlick
Blake Sykora
Jocelyn Syrstad
Tracy Taylor
Kristin Tessendorf
Brittany Thayer
Lisa Thom
Kristi Thompson
Christina Thrun
Jacob Thunander
April Timm
Elisabeth Tirado
Amanda Tomczak
Olivia Tomfohrde
Courtney Tomlinson
Patricia Travis
Joel Trepczyk
Cailin Turner
Dana Turner
Ranndi Tutor
Dana Underdahl
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Kaitlin Valenziano
Viet Van Dong
Amanda Veith
Fong Vue
Anna Wagner
Kathryn Wahl
Jason Wahlberg
Brianna Waldvogel
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Matthew Warren
Nicholas Wasmund
Patti Weber
Curt Weese
Jeremy Wendtland
Brian Wert
JoAnn Wert
Cheryl Westad
Jean Westberg
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Kara Wettstein
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